David Icke Social Engineers Are Subjecting Children to Criminal Child Abuse


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David Icke’s recent video accurately explains the current social engineering program designed to undermine human being’s sense of identity and being. It represents an ontological assault on our being at the physical, mental and spiritual levels. We have been subject to a biochemical attack through the foods we eat and the water we drink and the air that we breathe. This has altered our testosterone and estrogen levels in both men and women. Sperm counts have declined dramatically worldwide.

The new toy company Ken doll and the Human Ken Doll counterpart shows that we are subject to social engineering that is designed to alter the current generation’s sense of sexuality and self. One school is encouraging boys to wear skirts. There are pharmaceutical companies offering sex change drugs to children as young as 10 so that they can more easily undergo sex change procedures when they are older. Many people consider this to be child abuse. This will effect the children’s health and longevity. It is damaging the body they were born with by altering its entire physiology. Anyone that thinks this is not going to have an adverse affect on human health and longevity is not using their common sense.

Pre-pubescent children who are too young to understand sex or sexuality should not be subjected to this type of chemical assault. Even the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK is endorsing the use of these sex change drugs for children. National Health Service? Since when? They are damaging the mental and physical health of children. And if they can harm children what could they do to the rest of us?

David Icke – The Transgender Takeover – AUGUST




  1. Of course more and more cities are recycling water, contraceptive pill goes into urine peed down toilet gets filtered for solids comes back through the tap water. London has its water recycled about 20 times these days. Men with breast cancer, gender problems, oestrogen too high in most of the population. Not really rocket science. Add to that the oestrogen acting chemicals in plastics and pulses, Phytates and Phytic Acid and you have a massive problem. Mary

  2. Water fowl are changing sex due to the contamination in the water. Medications such as the pill cannot be broken down and are therefore in our water supply. Perpetrators(sex abusers) want easier access to children, so want them sexualised as early as possible, and to accept homosexuality, etc as the norm. Ther is so much more going on that the public need to wake up to

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