Good Friend, Sweet Friend, Lend Me Your Name

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Good Friend, Sweet Friend, Lend Me Your Name

By Timothy Spearman

A man calling himself Lord Ampthill, who if memory serves, was the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England in the early 20th century, wrote the foreword for Rev. J.J. Doke’s biography of Gandhi.What is amazing about this is that Lord Ampthill actually presided over the laying of a foundation stone for a new Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford in honour of the supposed birthplace of the bard. In other words, this prominent Freemason was so duplicitous that he was not only instrumental in promoting the 400-year-old myth of Will Shakspere, but was in the process of cultivating the new myth of the 20th century concerning Freemason Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi’s actual name was Mohandus, but became Mahatma because Theosophists who happened to also be initiated Freemasons were referred to as Mahatmas, meaning Great Souls.
To understand the Freemason-Rosicrucian-H.M.S.S. operation known as the Shakespeare plays, one needs to read Ignatius Donnelly’s book “The Great Cryptogram: Francis Bacon’s Secret Cipher Code in the So-Called Shakespeare Plays”. Donnelly was an interesting man. He was a U.S. Congressman, who was actually running for the presidency at one juncture. What is incredible is that he cracked the code that reveals a secret biography of Will Shakspere, the frontman Manchurian candidate, who took credit for the plays and details about the gentleman of the court that concealed his authorship as an agent of the crown. At any rate, “A Comedy of Errors” was the first play to be performed and it was staged at Gray’s Inn, one of the Inns of Court in the City of London, where both Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, and Francis Bacon attended law school. The reason this play was chosen as the first to be performed is because it contains the theme of the entire H.M.S.S. Manchurian Candidate operation, which would employ Will Shakspere as the replacement front man, who would take credit for the plays so the British agent could hide behind the stage curtain. The theme of the play thus revolved around two identical twins, who were constantly mistaken for one another, which was in fact the case for the bard and Will Shakspere, whose names were so alike that they were often mistaken for one another.
Shocking though it may be, Bacon and Oxford it happens were half brothers and concealed princes of the realm, Bacon through the secret marriage of Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester, to Queen Elizabeth I and Oxford, the product of a rape then Princess Elizabeth endured at the hands of her stepfather, Thomas Seymour. There is something deeply suspicious about the conduct of court officials in the wake of this rape. In his biography of Francis Bacon, Alfred Dodd records that the queen was secreted away to the country to give birth to this bastard child under the auspices of Lord Burghley, her trusted confidante and friend. The reason this is odd is that it happens to be consistent with the behavious of high-ranking Illuminati families, whose virgin children are raped by a high wiccan priest, in order to seed a Luciferian offspring. Some may find the circumstances of the rape and aftermath suspicious in this regard as there are aspects of the scenario that complement Satanic ritual rape. It is interesting to note that, in the ancient world, it was believed that a wise magus was very often the product of an unnatural birth such as incest. The Earl of Oxford was a prodigy and a wise Magus of the kind only seen once in a millennium. Why the concealment of the queen’s secret issue? It is now believed that she had at least three concealed princes of the realm: Francis Bacon, Edward de Vere and Robert Devereaux, the Earl of Essex. Were the queen and her close officials involved in Illuminati sorcery and Satanic ritual sex magic or were they rather aware of some prophecy pertaining to the fate of her children that required her to take pains on their behalfs and conceal their existence from the world so that the Luciferian faction would not hunt them down and kill them.The latter seems the most likely given the beauty and majesty of Francis Bacon’s and Edward de Vere’s work and the legacy they have spawned, the most miraculous and edifying of its kind.
Together, these concealed princes would start Fra Rosy Cross and the Honourable Order of the Knights of the Helmet, named in honour of Pallas Athena, the Spear-Shaker who wore the helmet of invisibility. The bard is in fact wearing her helmet as one of Francis Bacon’s team of invisibles, who are writing under pen names or anonymously as members of the secret propaganda ministry. Meanwhile, Will Shakspere, who is made great light of in the comedies through such characters as Sir John Flastaff (False-Spear) was a cousin of Edward de Vere through the Arden family. He becomes a figure of fun in the prologue to “Taming of the Shrew,” where a drunken beggar is conveyed to a Lord’s house, placed in his bed, dressed in fine clothes, lordly rings placed on his fingers.When he comes to, he is addressed as My Lord, told repeatedly he is Lord of the manner, addressed by the Lady of the manor as My Lord, until he begins to believe he has in fact been in some distemper that has caused him to forget his true stature. Within no time he begins to fall for the ruse and believe that he actually is the Lord. The whole play is based on mind control. Katerina is mind-controlled by Petruchio, who tells her it’s the moon in the sky when it’s actually the sun at midday and confuses day for night so utterly that her senses are so out of whack she doesn’t know day from night.He then subjects her to food deprivation and sleep deprivation, all three strategies from the author’s intelligence programming manual. Who else would be familiar with such psychological programming techniques but a member of British intelligence and Her Majesty’s government? The Illuminati Bacon cabal had made the Manchurian Candidate into an art form only to employ it as recyclable M.O. for the next 400 years.The All Seeing Eye Cult-controlled intelligence services would then recycle the tried and tested M.O., one that they had refined into an art form for covert operations spanning some 400 years or so.The patsy front man would be used to conceal their covert operations, so that a lone front man would take the credit or the blame for the operation so the true operatives could remain behind the curtain with the puppet masters. Thus, a look alike of Rothschild agent and 33 Degree Freemason, John Wilkes Boothe would die in the barn allowing the assassin to escape unscathed. Lee Harvey Oswald’s look alike would implicate him in a variety of settings, setting him up as the patsy front man for the Kennedy coup d’état.Timothy McVeigh would have a look alike on the ATF Bureau, who would implicate him by association with the Oklahoma Bombing. Osama bin Laden meanwhile has obviously had doubles doing the CIA videos for him. And more recently, Saddam’s look alike would not only go to the dock for him, but would even stand in for him on the gallows. Very generous of him if it were actually a volunteer, but far more likely to be a mind-controlled Manchurian candidate duped into believing he is the martyred Iraqi leader, just one just one more low born figure of fun in Illuminati stagecraft masquerading as statecraft.

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