Numbers Do Count


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Numbers Do Count
by Timothy Spearman

Our days are numbered. Dates are chosen for specific reasons by the dark cabal that controls this world. As for the rest of us, they are trying to ensure that our days are numbered as well. Lucifer’s armies all over the world have the same symbols on their uniforms. We see these recurring symbols all over the world. It is believed by some that in Elizabethan times, Sir John Dee and Sir Francis Bacon were in contact with entities from the 4th dimension. The macrobes or entities offered to grant their human contacts advanced technology and occult power if they agreed to perform mass ritual sacrifices at certain energy grid points around the planet. Tragically, the Illuminati occultists Sir Francis Bacon and Sir John Dee agreed to the pact. A pact or deal was made. The Pentagon building in Washington, D.C. is the inside of a pentagram and is also a Tudor Rose, the rose of the Tudor Royal family of England. It is one of the many sacred geometry sites associated with blood sacrifice around the world. The Maltese Cross, ashlars or cubes on military uniforms referred to as ‘stripes’, oak leaves, swastikas undisguised and disguised as in the NATO logo, the phoenix, skull and bones insignia, etc. all point to our troops being blood sacrifices in Lucifer’s army.It is very important for these blood sacrifices to take place at certain parallels of latitude. The 33 degree parallel for instance is a commonly designated latitude line of Luciferian ritual sacrifice. John F. Kennedy would die in Dallas at that parallel in a blood ritual. Enola Gay would also give birth to “Little Boy” at the 33 parallel of latitude, in a perverse ritual birth of a Luciferian, Anti-Christ child in the form of a hydrogen bomb. This deeply sick ritual was staged be a Luciferian “End Of Times” cult that wishes to ensure that our “days are numbered” as a civilization and a species. The poem “The Hourglass” shows that our days are numbered if we persist in allowing this Lucifer-worshipping cult known as the Illuminati to control our world:

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