OK Bomb Far From Okay


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OK Bomb Far from Okay
Timothy Spearman
The first thing to note about the chart is that there are two Squares in close aspect. The first Square is formed by Mars at 16° of Capricorn in the Third House, the Moon at 25° of Sagittarius in the Seventh House, and Venus at 26° of Pisces in the Tenth House.

This suggests an act of war through business activity that will affect the homeland through travel or a vehicle of travel affecting humanity and goodwill in the public domain. It also points to a homeland operation by a homeboy, a local. The other Square is formed by Mars at 16° of Capricorn, Jupiter at 14° of Sagittarius in the Seventh House, and Saturn at 20° of Pisces. This suggests an act of war through business activity as a result of travel from abroad that will have a destructive and debilitating effect.

The two Squares in close aspect suggest that there are two covert operations, one foreign and one domestic. They Squares also appear to be like arrowheads aimed at the DC (Descendant) Seventh House as though it were the outcome of the energy of the AC (Ascendant), which is under the rulership of Gemini. Since Gemini rules communications, the message being sent into the public domain is through an act of terror or war.

The basis of the message is that Uranian freedom is being undermined by Neptunian deception, symbolized by the conjunction of the two planets in the Eighth House, while humanity and goodwill are concurrently undermined in the public domain by violence and death, symbolized by the conjunction of Saturn and Venus in the Tenth House under the rulership of Pisces.

The AC (Ascendant) is at 9° of Gemini. The Sabian symbol for 9° of Gemini is “Aroused strikers around a factory”. Sabian symbols are based on archetypes invented by an astrology practitioner who meditated on the significance of each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. Gemini rules communications and the message conveyed by the media was that Timothy McVeigh was a member of an anti-government militia group. “Aroused strikers around a factory” would represent the sentiments of such a group, a grassroots movement of blue collar activists who see their cause as a just one aimed at fighting those who hold a monopoly on power.

Jim Keith and other researchers later exposed the fact that Timothy McVeigh was working for the CIA and was a member of the Confederate Lodge of Freemasonry. These shadowy connections call into question the official line promoted by the mainstream media depicting him as being affiliated with an anti-government militia group. In hindsight, he appears to be more like an agent provocateur meant to infiltrate a militia group as part of a counterintelligence operation. 9° of Aquarius, which is one Sabian symbol over from the AC represents “A quiver filled with arrows”. This suggests a weapon or an arrow poised for deployment like a bomb set to explode based on a detonation timing device.

The DC (Descendant) is located at 8° of Sagittarius. The Sabian symbol for 8° of Sagittarius is “Deep within the depths of the earth, new elements are being formed”. Seismic readings taken at the time of the explosion noted that there were two major explosions occurring ten seconds apart. This behavior accords with that of a high tech device requiring military clearance known as a Simtex explosive device. The explosion was of such force that it caused a seismic disturbance large enough for the anomaly to be detected, resulting in a reaction deep within the earth causing “new elements to be formed,” as is the case with violent reactions like a seismic disturbance.

The Sabian symbol for Mars at 16° of Leo is “Brilliant sunshine just after a storm”. A storm is an apt description for a bomb explosion. The reference to “brilliant sunshine” is symbolic of the fiery bomb blast that would have filled the sky the morning of the bombing. The planet aspected at the 16° mark is the one associated with the god of war, showing that the storm is an act of war and the super-effulgent brilliance comparable to “brilliant sunshine” was the result of an act of aggression, a blitzkrieg, a lightning strike, an act of war.

Chiron at 20° of Virgo reveals the Sabian symbol depicting “A caravan of cars headed for Promised Land”. In the wake of the explosion, many motorists fled the downtown core in panic just as an escape crowd will flee the site of danger. The fact that Chiron is the heavenly body aspected here is significant because Chiron is a mythological figure who suffered injury and debilitating illness due to the infliction of a wound. A bomb inflicting a wound on the downtown core of Oklahoma at 9:02 am, when most people are starting work, would have induced a panic resulting in an exodus from the downtown core in a bid to escape the danger and get out of Dodge. Escaping extreme danger is comparable to an escape from bondage and deliverance to a Promised Land, so the related Sabian symbol seems apt in light of the events of that morning.

Moon Node at 5° of Scorpio reveals the Sabian symbol of “A massive rocky shore resists the pounding of the sea”. Scorpio represents death and renewal. The fact that the Moon Node is aspected here suggests a fleeting and transitory act of violence, not long-lasting.

The resultant damage was not as extensive as it might have been. The Alfred B. Murrah Building withstood the assault to some degree. Photographs of the wreckage left in the aftermath of the bomb show a damaged building with outer facade destroyed.

The evidence points to a blast originating from within the building, sending debris across the street, as opposed to an external blast being the cause of destruction as the mainstream media claimed. The local news services in Oklahoma reported that two undetonated bombs had been discovered by bomb squad officials inside the building. It is also known that the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Bureau had explosive materials deployed in its work stored in the Federal Building, which only added to the magnitude of the explosion. It is also worth noting that the ATF Bureau staff received prior warning of the blast insofar as they were told not to come into work that day. Despite the magnitude of the assault, much of the building remained intact.

Interesting also is that the degree point next to 5° of Scorpio at 6°, pointing to the Sabian symbol of “A gold rush tears men away from their native soil”. Was it the lure and promise of money as payment for a covert operation that lured Middle Eastern terrorists away from their native land? In light of the fact that Mercury is at 4° of Taurus in the Twelfth House, which represents the Sabian symbol of “The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,” it would suggest that the covert ops walked away with their weight in gold in terms as reward and payment for pulling off the operation.

Witnesses who worked for a local property management company in Oklahoma said the company had hired a group of foreign refugees to do painting and construction work. This group had allegedly fled from Iraq to escape Saddam Hussein’s regime. An employee told the reporter that he saw these “refugees” cheering the Oklahoma terror attack and vowing to die in Saddam Hussein’s service. Was it the lure of money that enticed these poor Iraqi refugees to take part in a covert operation?
Pluto at 0° of Sagittarius has no associated Sabian symbol. Sagittarius rules travel and vehicular movement. The bomb responsible was said to be an ammonium nitrate bomb planted in a Ryder truck vehicle parked outside the building. The vehicle was not in motion, but stationary. The story is highly suspect, however, as there is no bomb crater in the street from the explosion. Dr. Frederic Whitehurst’s allegations against the FBI crime lab sparked a Justice Department investigation that found the lab had provided “inaccurate pro-prosecution testimony in major cases including Oklahoma City.” Retired Air Force General Benton K. Partin, an explosives expert, disputed the FBI’s theory that the damage to the Murrah Building was caused by a single truck bomb. His analyses were later endorsed by numerous physicists, physical chemists, and experts in structural mechanics as well as a series of live tests conducted at Eglin Air Force Base.

Subsequent research exposed the fact that the amount of ammonium nitrate needed to inflict the required level of damage would have to be one ton’s worth of fertilizer bomb material. This meant that the Ryder truck vehicle would have been too small to house such a bomb. The FBI consequently changed its story twice, increasing the size of the vehicle each time till it eventually turned into a moving van. The Sabian symbol for 1° of Sagittarius depicts “Retired veterans gather to reawaken old memories”. The first obvious conclusion is that this symbol alludes to Timothy McVeigh and his accomplice Terry Nichols, since they were both ex-military. Their participation in a covert operation would have been right up their street and would have seemed like old times. But given that the operation also involved covert operatives posing as bomb squad officials, who entered the facility the morning of the bombing ostensibly to participate in an anti-terrorist bomb drill, the symbolic allusion is quite suggestive. Were they retired army veterans as well? Was the intention to deploy decommissioned ex-military as covert operatives who would be hard to trace? Many witnesses testified that they saw several bomb squad officials entering the Federal Building that morning. Jim Keith and others exposed the fact that a bomb drill had taken place early that morning and that people had been evacuated from the building during the drill.
One of the suspects who fit the John Doe 2 profile was Jose Padilla. It was either during or after serving ten months in the Broward County Jail that the man raised as a Roman Catholic converted to radical Islam with his fiancé, Cherie Maria Stultz. Following Padilla’s release, he and fiancé Stultz worked at a Taco Bell restaurant in Davie, near Fort Lauderdale, close to about twenty Islamic centers or mosques. Padilla disappeared after two years, and the couple later divorced. By 1998, Padilla had moved to Egypt. This explains the Sabian symbol for Jupiter at 14° of Sagittarius, which is “The pyramids and the Sphinx”. There is no greater cultural symbol of Egypt than the Giza pyramids, so the reference to this archetype in the Oklahoma Bombing chart seems a clear reference to Padilla’s activities in Egypt prior to the Oklahoma Bombing. His goal in going to Egypt was ostensibly to further explore Muslim teachings and traditions. He stayed about two years, aligning himself with illegal underground extremist mosques while there.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 25° of Sagittarius is “A chubby boy on a hobby horse”. The Moon rules the home and homeland and Padilla is a homeboy. Born in Brooklyn NY, he moved to Chicago at age five. All the sketches of him show him to be a heavyset and puffy-cheeked man with jowls. As for him having a “hobby horse”, that would have to be his penchant for crime. As a teenager, he was a member of a street gang. He spent time in a juvenile detention center in 1985 for an armed robbery that left one victim dead of stab wounds. Later, armed with a baseball bat, Padilla and his accomplice held up three men. One man fled, but the two thieves gave chase, and Padilla’s accomplice stabbed him in the stomach. As a juvenile, Padilla was convicted of aggravated battery, armed robbery and attempted armed robbery and was incarcerated in Illinois from November 1985 to May 1988. After serving time for murder and assault, Padilla moved to Florida, where he got into trouble again.

This time he was charged with aggravated assault with intent to commit a felony and discharging a firearm from a vehicle. Despite his already lengthy criminal record, he was sentenced to a year’s probation. In 1992, one year after his probation ended, Padilla was convicted in Florida of aggravated assault with a firearm. While serving time in the Broward County Jail, Padilla was accused of battery on a jail officer and resisting without violence in January 1992. He settled the charges with guilty pleas after spending ten months behind bars. All of these light sentences for felony charges indicate he had a guardian angel within the criminal justice system.

Probably his CIA or CIA connections through an affiliate subcontracted intelligence cell like al-Qaeda made him immune to the true rigors of the corrections system, so that he invariably received a slap on the wrist as opposed to a punishment matching the charge.

The next Sabian symbol over from 25° of Sagittarius is 26° of Sagittarius, which depicts “A flag-bearer in a battle”. Given the sideline role he performed, he is more of a flag-bearer than a participant, cheering team members more directly involved from the benches. In many ways, he seems to have been more of a decoy whose function it was to lead investigators away from the true trail and those more directly involved in the operation.

Uranus at 0° of Aquarius suggests that the Uranian-Aquarian energy of freedom is doubly aspected, but Uranus at 0° suggests that the Aquarian-Uranian freedom energy is being held in restraint. Certainly if the operation to implicate the anti-government militia movement by employing McVeigh and Nichols as patsies is true, then the bombing of the federal building did much to restrain the impulse of liberty.

The fact that it also helped the gun-banning initiative and provided inducement for the founding of the security state would have only hampered the Uranian freedom factor even more. Another interesting aspect is the nearby Sabian symbol of 1° of Aquarius, which is “An old adobe mission”. Given the Hispanic roots of Padilla, this could be an important marker in the chart as well, alluding to the ethnic connections of one of the more significant covert operatives employed in the mission.  2° of Aquarius may be another telling marker if we can stretch the chart references that far, since it points to the Sabian symbol of “An unexpected thunderstorm”. A bomb detonation is comparable to a sudden storm as previously mentioned.

The evidence that the Oklahoma City Bombing involved a larger conspiracy, employing several accomplices or covert operatives with Middle Eastern connections is compelling. And the trail begins with a mysterious FBI All Points Bulletin. In the week following the bombing in Oklahoma City, a reporter at a television station received a tip about some suspicious activity and began an investigation of a local property management company.

The reporter had been told by several former employees of the management company that they had seen a pickup truck at the office, a truck that matched the description in the FBI APB. The reporter discovered that the owner of the property, a Palestinian expatriate, pled guilty in 1991 to several counts of insurance fraud and served eight months in a federal prison. Court papers indicated that the FBI had investigated the suspect for alleged connections to the Palestine Liberation Organization. Former employees told the investigator that, six months prior to the bombing, the owner of the property management company hired the foreign refugees to do some work.

This group had allegedly fled from Iraq to escape Saddam Hussein’s regime. An employee told the reporter that he saw these “refugees” cheering the Oklahoma terror attack and vowing to die in Saddam’s service. The reporter used surveillance equipment to photograph these foreign refugees, and focused on one man who seemed to match the last FBI profile sketch and description of John Doe No. 2. The reporter later interviewed witnesses who said they saw McVeigh in the company of a foreign-looking man in the days and hours before the bombing. Witnesses also said they saw several of the refugees moving large barrels around in the back of an old white truck. The barrels, they alleged, emanated a strong smell of diesel fuel, one of the key ingredients used in the Oklahoma City bomb. Who was this man, the one who resembled John Doe No. 2? His name was Al-Hussaini Hussain who later filed a defamation lawsuit in Oklahoma County District Court against the television station and the reporter, charging that the news station had falsely accused him of being John Doe No. 2. The lawsuit was later dropped since the station had never directly targeted him as John Doe No. 2. However, Al-Hussaini Hussain is just one of many who were mentioned as a possible John Doe No. 2. Some would suggest that Hussain was given up as a target to deflect attention from the real John Doe No. 2. This is a typical M.O. employed in military intelligence operations, in which a lookalike double is employed to confuse investigators either to set someone up as a patsy or to lead investigators off the scent of a key agent.
These Middle Eastern covert operatives may be what the Sabian symbol for Neptune at 25° of Capricorn signifies: “An oriental rug dealer in a store filled with precious ornamental rugs”. Neptune rules deception and illusion, which points to a duplicitous plot involving “oriental” businessmen, who under the lure of money have agreed to take part in a covert operation to bomb an American federal building. Perhaps one or more of them were employed as rug dealers in their former homeland. Perhaps that’s what gave them the expertise needed to do the decorative renovation work for the property management company.

Despite attempts by the Clinton-Reno Justice Department to enforce the official line that the Oklahoma bombing was a purely domestic terrorist act, Oliver Revell, former FBI Assistant Director in Charge of Investigation and Counterterrorism, was quoted in news accounts as saying, “I think it’s most likely a Middle East terrorist. I think the modus operandi is similar. They have used this approach.” According to court documents filed in the McVeigh trial, an FBI communiqué on the day of the bombing suggested the attack may have been in retaliation for the prosecution of the bombers in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing attempt. The communiqué was clear: “We are currently inclined to suspect the Islamic Jihad as the likely group.” Terrorist expert Neil C. Livingstone stated in The Globe on May 16, 1995 that, “There is a remarkable similarity between the methods used by Islamic terrorists in the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut, the attack on the World Trade Center, and the bombing in Oklahoma. The truckload of explosives is almost a signature or calling card, and it is the weapon of choice among these groups.” Livingstone, the author of several books on terrorism, continued: “Very typically, these terrorists have found home-grown radicals to use as dupes in the actual bombings.

They have supplied the money and the technical expertise and highly skilled operatives to guide a project and then get out of town before they can be apprehended.” One investigator found direct ties linking suspects from the Oklahoma City bombing to an Islamic Jihad cell in Florida.

He believed the Florida cell was tied to the network of Osama bin Laden. Padilla’s whereabouts are unknown from 1994 to 1998. In all likelihood, he was still living somewhere in Florida and could have been involved with some of the Middle Eastern terrorist organizations that had possible ties to the Oklahoma City bombings. Additionally, according to a report from the Associated Press filed on Tuesday, June 11, 2002, Padilla was a protégé of a top lieutenant of Osama bin Laden, where he met other terrorists through his handler and conducted research on how to build a radioactive weapon. The Iraqi terrorists along with Padilla probably all had ties to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, but since Osama was a CIA agent code named Tim Osmond, it is possible to see the entire operation as a subcontracted al-Qaeda operation, which is essentially a branch of the CIA. Zbigniew Brzezinzky, National Security Advisor under President Jimmy Carter, publically boasted about the fact that the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and the CIA were created with 3.5 billion in CIA funding to create a security problem in Central Asia capable of toppling the former Soviet Union.

The fact that there are these unremitting links between foreign and domestic agents and agencies shows inside complicity and the fact that the CIA was subcontracting its covert operations to foreign agents and agencies to hide their hand in domestic as well as international false flag terror attacks. This suggests that the fox was guarding the hen house, which of course it was. The MC (Midheaven), which is an expression of public reputation and public influence, is an especially important factor in this chart considering that the MC is at 17° of Aquarius representing “A watchdog standing guard, protecting his master and his possessions”.

The fact that Saturn is in Pisces means that a malefic planet is aspected in Pisces, the zodiac sign ruling weakness, debility and ill health. The Sabian symbol for Saturn at 20° is “A large white dove bearing a message”. The presence of Saturn under the rulership of Pisces at the MC suggests that the effect of the bombing operation in the public sphere is to undermine the message of peace dispatched by the bird species traditionally associated with peace. In contradistinction, if the occult meaning of the dove is considered, then the dove is a symbol of Isis or Simaramis, which is a dark goddess like Kali, suggesting that the message being sent is of malevolent intent.

Venus in Pisces suggests that the energy of good will and humanity has been weakened in the 10th House. The Sabian symbol for 26° of Pisces is “A garage man testing a car’s battery with a hydrometer”. This suggests that the detonation device may have been rigged to the truck battery in the decoy operation designed to make the Murrah Building Bombing look like an “outside” job as opposed to an “inside” one, the meaning here being both literal and figurative.

The Sun at 29° of Aries shows that the Sun sign is in under the rulership of the god of war. The Sabian symbol for 29° of Aries is “The music of the spheres”. This suggests that the bombing was disruptive of harmony and ushered in an era of disharmony and chaos.  However, there is also the thought that, in keeping with the motto of these Machiavellian organizations ordo ab chao (order out of chaos), greater harmony has been induced for the controlling elite out of this act of chaos and warfare. In near aspect to 29° of Aries is 28°, whose Sabian symbol is “A large disappointed audience,” an apt description for the dismayed crowd of onlookers in Oklahoma who were surely horrified and disillusioned with their world in the aftermath of the bombing.

Mercury at 4° of Taurus suggests “A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,” an apt allusion to the rewards and payouts received by the covert operatives who would take their money and run. In near aspect is 5° of Taurus, whose Sabian symbol is “A widow at an open grave”. The blown out shell of the building is itself analogous to an open grave, but then there are the grieving widows and other relatives who lost loved ones as a result of this terribly unnecessary tragedy. But then aren’t all tragedies unnecessary, for why else would we conceive of them so?

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