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Operation Rose, Operation Ore, Operation Snore

Another Labour MP goes into hiding to avoid Teresa May’s child abuse inquiry

Gordon Brown’s recent announcement that he will soon step down is due to his confidence that former MPs have immunity and impunity from prosecution. Anyone grandfathered or dinosaured goes into the fossil bed and can’t be touched, until some resourceful palaeontologist dogs up their dirty deeds long after their internment. Something has got to give amid the relentless tide of paedophilia scandals coming out against the British government. It is clear that the deeply satanic intelligence services like MI6, featuring the All-Seeing Eye of the Sun God Lucifer on their logo at the top of a pyramid with a missing capstone, are behaving like extortion and protection rackets of the Vatican, for which they work. They trick politicians into participating in something sordid and then once they have them by the short and curlies, they force them into greater depravity under threat of ruining them with the goods they already have on them. Before long they are participants in satanic ritual abuse and even killings of young children, all so they can protect their filthy reputations and hide their dirty laundry. From laundered drug money to laundered paedophile racket money, they’re sterling is freshly laundered, dry cleaned, pressed and hung out to dry. Too bad they are not the ones hanging out to dry with their pants down and their asses swinging in the breeze. Operation Rose, Operation Ore and a host of other black operations have been designed to cover up the scandals and let the MP perps get off Scot-free. Operation Rose stems from the Roscicrucian satanic society’s practice of meeting under a rose-studded ceiling in a private room, where everything in the room stays in the room and cannot be repeated because they met under the rose of the Rosy Cross knighthood organization. Satanists run the world and Satanists run the show and we the goyim, whom they regard as the cattle, swine or rabble are at their mercy, or so they believe. However, what they don’t know is that there is a Judgement and the Judgement is swift because it is the people’s judgement. There’s nothing Divine or Holy about it. It’s the people’s choice and the people’s decision and when enough of them wake up to see what is going on in government, no national security law in the land will hold the people back from exercising Justice. The Excalibur will be pulled from the ground and wielded by some dauntless Knight of Liberty and it shall prevail and heads will roll such as has not been seen since the beginning of the world and as shall not be seen until the end. It is coming. The trumpets have already been sounded. The people’s march for Justice has begun.

Timothy Watson



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Top Tory MP invites paedophile business consultant to House of Commons for lunch meetings

  • Sir Edward Leigh, 64, held meetings in Westminster with businessman
  • Duncan Breeze was jailed after thousands of indecent images were found
  • He is now a consultant to a company of which Sir Edward is the chairman 
  • Meetings in parliament building are not thought to have broken any rules 
  • Sir Edward has defended relationship and said he believes in ‘redemption’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2846185/Top-Tory-MP-invites-paedophile-business-consultant-House-Commons-lunch-meetings.html#ixzz3KA0kOBmS
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