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The Dollar Sign

By Timothy Spearman

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Fair and Square

By Timothy Spearamn


Just to be on the level with those Squares in the Oval Office,
no one has yet managed to put Square blocks in round holes.

Would that they measuring by degree were made to measure
so that installed masonry would square measure for measure.
Worshipful masters unfit for Solemn Temples in them reside.
Hiram Abif knows great headaches do confound the temples.

There are more sore temples among students of Temple Bar;
watch them holding their heads after completing a Bar Exam.
No wonder the twin pillars of the Temple folded in New York;
the masonry of the Temple didn’t square at the right angles;
As a matter of degree, the 33rd Degree was too hot to handle.

Each president knows very well why he gets his fingers burnt.
Being the Grand Master of the Order is just too high an order
to show strength and foundation for the benefit of the nation.


Lyrics by Timothy Spearman
Music by unnamed contributor

“Inspector, have you had a good look at these letters? There seems to be three distinct hands at work.”

Well yes sir, I have and I’ve come to the conclusion, sir, that indeed there are three distinct hands at work. You see, it’s funny you should mention it, because when I was at the last crime scene, there was a message scrawled on the wall next to the victim’s body, and the message said, “The Juwes are not the men who will be blamed for nothing.” And sir, I have been to the library, and I have done research and the three Juwes refer to Jubila. Jubilo and Jubilum, who according to Masonic lore, were the assassins of the architect of King Solomon’s Temple. His name was Hiram Abif. And they confronted him in the Temple of Solomon and asked him to reveal the secrets of the Third Degree, the secrets of the Master Mason; and when he refused, they cordoned off the exits of the Temple and administered three blows: one to each temple and a final fatal deathblow to the middle of the forehead, which took him down. And you see, sir, I believe the Masons were behind these killings.

And do you have a theory, inspector, on who or what is the reason for these killings?

Yes…ye sir, I have given that some thought, and I do have a theory.

Would you care to share it with us, inspector?

Yes sir, you see the rumour has it that the Queen’s grandson, Prince Albert, had an illicit affair with a prostitute in the Whitechapel District; and in order to keep this on the hush, sir, the Queen employed her own family physician, a higher degree Freemason to take care of things, sir. I…I know it’s appalling, sir, to think that something so untoward could take place at the highest level of the British establishment, but this is the true story, sir.

Eight little whores, with no hope of heaven,
Gladstone may save one, then there’ll be seven.
Seven little whores beggin’ for a shilling,
One stays in Henage Court, then there’s a killing.
Six little whores, glad to be alive,
One sidles up to Jack, then there are five.
Four and whore rhyme aright,
So do three and me,
I’ll set the town alight
Ere there are two.
Two little whores, shivering with fright,
Seek a cosy doorway in the middle of the night.
Jack’s knife flashes, then there’s but one,
And the last one’s the ripest for Jack’s idea of fun.


Statue of Tyranny


tim 7.jpg days are numbered




Season Change in Heaven


Lyrics by Timothy Spearman
Music by unnamed contributor

Season change in heaven; leaves change color in the fall; trees shed their canopies and cover; plants succumb to autumn frost and animals go into hiding. Have you ever considered why?

Why do the seasons change? Do they conform to some natural law? Is there some governing principle in heaven? The answer might surprise you. Change is the governing principle of the universe. All living beings are subject to this law. All beings in the universe are born, grow, mature and die. In seed time we are sown; in the growing season, we are matured and ripened; in reaping time, we are harvested; and in times of frost and snow, there is a time of rest, a chance for repose.

These are the four cosmic seasons.
Without season change, there could be no sewing or reaping; without the cool, moist weather of spring, the seeds could not germinate and buds could not form; without summer, the plants could not ripen and bear fruit. But what causes season change? What is the mechanism that determines seasonal change? We know the seasons are caused by changes in the angle of the Earth’s axis. This determines where the direct rays of the sun will be concentrated throughout the year. The position of the sun’s direct rays change according to the angle of the Earth’s axis. The four seasons of the year are determined by these shifts.

But season change is not confined to Earth, nor is season change limited to the 365 day Earth year.
Even in heaven there is season change. How do the seasons change in heaven? The same way they do on Earth. Changes in the angle of the Earth’s polar axis determine the cosmic season. These shifts in the Earth’s polar axis occur every ten thousand years. These pole shifts occur at the cusp of each cosmic season. Amazingly, there is a cycle of cosmic time in the East and the West. The West compares this cycle of cosmic time to a mill wheel. The metaphor is apt, since the purpose of the cosmic year cycle is to harvest the fruit of human civilization.

This cosmic year cycle is the great mill wheel of the cosmos. Through this grand cycle, human civilization achieves ripening and fruition. If the cosmic year cycle is the mill wheel, then the Earth’s axis can be compared to the handle. It is the Earth’s axis that turns the mill wheel of cosmic time. The handle is about to turn the mill wheel of cosmic time once more. Another major pole shift is imminent.

The Earth’s axis is about to shift to a perfect north-south axial alignment. Studies by the Danish meteorological institute indicate the magnetic North Pole has moved over one thousand kilometres closer to the geographical North Pole over the last century. In 1999, the magnetic North Pole was moving northward at a rate of 20 kilometres a year, 2 kilometres faster than in the previous year. This is rocket speed in geological time. It indicates an imminent Pole Shift to a true north-south axial position.

Following the Pole Shift, the Earth’s orbit around the sun will change from a 365 degree to a perfect 360 degree circle with an equal number of days per year. The moon will also alter its orbit to a perfect 360 degree circle and an equal number of days per year. The solar days will be equal to the number of lunar days. No longer will the moon be seen during the day. The Man in the Moon will only show his face at night.

Yin and Yang in perfect balance, sun and moon in perfect harmony, night and day, light and dark, male and female, good and evil.
What is the reason the sun rises, casts long shadows and sets? Why do the seasons change? Clearly there is some governing principle to which all life conforms.

That principle is change. Paradoxically, the sea of change is the one constant there is in the universe. If this is so, then each stage of change must be indispensable in some way; each must be mutually dependent on the other. Without birth, golden fields of grain could not grow; without growth, the flesher’s flail would have nothing to reap; and without harvest, there would be no occasion for festive celebration, enjoyment and rest.

The reverse is equally true. Autumn’s golden harvest is the meaning and purpose for which grain is sown. Without the sprouting of vernal buds, there could be no growth or autumnal feast. Once this is understood, the principle of change becomes as clear as the sky at break of day; once the mist of confusion lifts, the moment of true perception dawns.

What then is the purpose of Heaven and Earth? Why were Heaven and Earth brought together and united in the first place? What is the purpose of any marriage? Is it not to create life? Is it not to have children? If the purpose of Heaven and Earth is to give birth to life, a seed and vessel are required. In order to seed life, a womb is needed. Thus, Earth provides the womb, heaven the seed. Seedlings emerge from the womb of Earth, while rain falls from the heavens; fields of grain thrive; rivers and seas team with aquatic life; and animals roam the Earth. But to what aim? What purpose? What is the ultimate aim of Creation? Is it simply to create life or is there some higher purpose? Higher and lower orders of life are observable in nature. Microbes and insects are clearly a lower order of life than mammals.

Thus, life is not an end in itself. There is clearly an evolutionary design built into the food chain. Plants and animals do not have an intrinsic purpose; they are at the service and disposal of human beings; they’re cultivated and bred for our purposes; humanity holds dominion over Heaven and Earth; we assume the position of the most majestic beings. Why do Heaven and Earth want children? Why did they give birth to humanity? Human life must have some purpose, some ultimate aim or goal. Let’s turn to our own experience. Why do parents have children? Is it not to love them and to have that love returned?

What is it that Heaven and Earth seek from their children? Is it not some expression of gratitude or love? What would be the sun’s happiness without the harvest? The ultimate way of repaying Heaven and Earth is for life to attain its full potential. It is no different for children. They want them to achieve their full potential. Enlightenment is the fullest expression of our potential. It is our way of thanking Heaven and Earth.

Osiris’ Penis

By Timothy Spearmn

Osiris has fallen
The WTC’s gone limp
Before Mammon’s altar
Won’t the economy falter?
Before Isis loses her virginity
Won’t it begin to lose its rigidity?
Will the monument appear smaller?
Will good old Osiris become flaccid?
What if the dollar starts losing value?
Won’t we start experiencing deflation?
What if Top Gun starts shooting blanks?
What will happen at the end of the war?
Do they need more oil for their parties?
Are the wars over there really about oil?
What’s their ambition in the Middle East?
Why are they intent on aiming so high?
What’s the big brass’s hard-on for war?
Why is the President getting so excited?
And have you noticed prices shooting up?
Have you been keeping an eye on inflation?
Are they trying to make us feel inadequate?
What’s an Egyptian god’s phallus doing here?
What about the bill of rights for us less virile?
Is it really a must to erect something so high?
Why all the planning way up there at the top?
Made to measure’s a matter of small measure
I’ve heard that some are more than satisfied.
Myself, I really don’t care if it measures up.
It matters to some – perhaps the higher ups?
Why build things so tall if size doesn’t matter?
Who says size doesn’t matter and how come?
The Egyptian fertility god Osiris is impressive.
When you consider it once belonged to a god,
Small wonder it’s called Washington Monument.



The Riddle of the Sphinx
























Oxford Is Shakespeare



The Truth about the Authorship

The Shakespeare plays were written by concealed prince, Francis Bacon, and his half brother, the Earl of Oxford. A portrait painting of Queen Elizabeth I in her maternity dress; a portrait of Queen with one of her sons; etching of Queen with two of her sons; the Northumberland manuscript; secret ciphers of Francis Bacon can all be found at Sir Francis Bacon and half brother, Edward de Vere – also illegitimate changeling son of Queen Elizabeth I – formed the illustrious team of good pens known as the Wild Goose Club, Fra Rosy Cross also known as The Honourable Order of the Knights of the Helmet to write the Shakespeare plays. Shakespearean scholars explain how Bacon was the great impresario who put it all together with the help of his team of “good pens”, particularly with the help of his older half brother, Edward de Vere, another concealed prince and secret son of Queen Elizabeth I. Timothy Spearman’s sonnets are dedicated to the role Lord Oxford played in the co-authorship of several Shakespeare plays under the stewardship of his beloved brother, Francis Bacon. The portrait painting comparison featured adjacent to the lyrics below show the bard on the right receiving back his hair through Powerpoint. Through this method, the portrait of the bard comes to more closely resemble the man on the left he actually was when he sat for a portrait at age 36 under his real name, Edward de Vere. The Earl of Oxford is believed by many to be the actual poetic genius, William Shakespeare, named in honour of the patron goddess of the Greek theatre in Athens, Pallas Athena the Spear-shaker.


Lyrics by Timothy Spearman




By Timothy Spearman



The Clock Is Ticking

By Timothy Spearman


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