Dutch Elm Disease Is Now Dutch Sex Disease

Dutch Elm Disease Is Now Dutch Sex Disease

In Canada, there was once a Dutch elm disease that killed many of the elm trees. Today in Britain there is an Elm House disease. The disease isn’t killing trees. It’s killing something far more valuable. It’s killing our future – our children. Vulnerable kids stolen from their parents in a 21st Century Lebensborn program are being buggered and abused in Elm House and the Sparticus Club by paedophiles in government, entertainment, law societies, brokerage houses, banking institutions, and the stock exchange. In short, the entire interlocking satanic elite of this country are subjecting innocent children to satanic ritual abuse and the criminals running the government, the privatized police force and the judiciary of this country are covering up their own dirty deeds. Not since Rome and Pompeii have we seen this level of sordidness and corruption. No broom on earth is big enough to sweep this mess up. You’d need a dustbin the size of the Grand Canyon to sweep this amount of refuse into the bin.



Royal Bloody Murder by Timothy Spearman

Royal Bloody Murder
by Timothy Spearman

The British Royals are at the top of the Masonic establishment that orchestrates events around the world that we call history, including Royal bloody murder.Jack the Ripper. JACK_THE_RIPPERIt is said that the British intelligence services have the sworn duty of protecting the British Royal Family at all costs.At what cost? How far would they be willing to go in carrying out their duty of protecting the royals and why? The logo for MI5 features a pyramid with a missing capstone, not unlike the Masonic pyramid, missing capstone and All-Seeing-Eye featured on the hind side of the American dollar bill. Why? Are the same controllers in charge on both sides of the Atlantic? What is Masonic symbolism doing on the American one dollar bill and the logo for MI5? Is it not suggestive of overriding control of both these groups by the Masonic fraternity? It is known that a member of the Royal Family of Great Britain has presided as the Worshipful Master over the Grand Lodge of England – currently the Duke of Kent – for generations.

The Grand Lodge is the central or premier Masonic Lodge in the world, to which all other Lodges owe their loyalty and their charters. What precisely is the extent of the British Royal Family’s control over Freemasonry and how far is their influence likely to extend? People often ask me to define Freemasonry.What is Freemasonry? I have researched their role in world history enough to know that the Masons and their parent organization, the Knights Templar, have controlled international banking since its foundation in the 13th century. They were also behind the slave trade and the opium trade. If that is not a scandalous enough connection to confirm they are a crime syndicate that has committed grave crimes against humanity, perhaps the fact that their occult symbolism is found on most of the military uniforms of the world, including the Maltese cross, skull and bones insignia, and double-headed phoenix found on the Nazi officer’s uniform will make the case clearer. Would it not be even more shocking to learn of their connection with royal bloody murder, in particular the Jack the Ripper slayings and the murder of Princess Diana? It sounds incredible, but there is evidence to suggest that in the case of Jack the Ripper and the assassination of Princess Diana, there is both a royal and Masonic connection. In observance of the timeline, let’s go back to the Victorian Period to revisit the first of these cases.

It is known that all the victims had their throats cut, in most cases from ear to ear. One of the victim’s tongues had been removed. One of the murdered prostitutes had her breast torn open and her heart and vitals removed. Four of the victims had their abdomens cut open and their bowels removed, and in one case burned to ashes. Despite the denials of Masonic apologists, the M.O. here described corresponds with the punishment befalling anyone who fails to uphold the blood oath of the First Degree of Freemasonry.

To make the case clear, let us examine these words taken directly from the First Degree oath of Freemasonry: “To all of which I do solemnly and sincerely promise and swear, without any hesitation, mental reservation, or secret evasion of mind in my whatsoever; binding myself under no less a penalty than that of having my throat cut across, my tongue torn out, and with my body buried in the sands of the sea at low-water mark, where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four hours, should I ever knowingly or willfully violate this, my solemn Obligation of an Entered Apprentice. So help me God and make me steadfast to keep and perform the same.” Some have claimed that there is no evidence of Masonic involvement in the killings. True, the evidence is only circumstantial, and in the absence of hard evidence, it would be difficult to obtain a post-mortem conviction. Still, to say there is no evidence, when there is actually a mountain of circumstantial evidence is misleading and highly inaccurate.

The murder of the final victim, for instance, was committed on the final evening of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge #2076, the premier lodge of research in Speculative Freemasonry.The Grand Master of that Lodge was the head of Scotland Yard, who resigned as chief of police immediately following the last Ripper slaying. There may have been a good reason for him doing so, since researchers have identified him as the man who tampered with evidence at the last crime scene. The evidence in question was actually a message scrawled on the wall near the victim’s body, which read, “The Juwes are not the men who will be blamed for nothing.” Masonic apologists have denied that the reference to “the Juwes” has anything to do with Masonic tradition. That claim is shamefully false however. The scrawled message referring to the Three Juwes – Jubila, Jubilo, and Jubulum by name – is a direct reference to the Third Degree of Freemasonry – from which we get the expression “They gave him the Third Degree – and specifically relates to the three assassins of Hiram Abif, the said architect of King Solomon’s Temple.

The three ruffians are said to have cordoned off the exits of the temple, demanding that the master mason reveal to them the secrets of the Third Degree. When he refused, each of the ruffians in turn leveled a violent blow to the architect’s head, the first two to the “temples” and a final fatal blow to the forehead. It is highly probable that there are in fact three Jacks involved rather than just one and that these are the three ruffians referred to in the scrawled message found at the last crime scene. Having examined the case report from the British Archives, the letters ostensibly sent by “Jack” to Scotland Yard, show three very distinct hands at work, certainly three different writing hands and indisputably three different voices. One “Jack” uses high English and is probably university educated.The second employs middling English and is probably a commoner of the middle class. The third “Jack” is indisputably working class, employing the Cockney East End London vernacular throughout the letter. Stephen Knight’s investigation of the Jack the Ripper case led him to the conclusion that it was the Queen’s physician, high degree Freemason William Gull, who organized the murder conspiracy in accordance with Masonic ritual. The ostensible motive for the killings was to protect the royal family. ‘What from?’ One might ask. Given the royal family’s penchant for scandal, one might ask why one might ask. According to Knight’s hypothesis, the murders were carried out to protect Prince Albert, the grandson of the Queen, and second in line to the throne, from scandal.

The scandal involved his secret marriage to a young Catholic woman, who had given birth to his child. The royal scandal probably had less to do with her being Catholic and more to do with the child being conceived out of wedlock, followed by a secret marriage between the woman and the prince. Such actions would not have carried the stamp of royal respectability, and were unwelcome given the political climate of the time. As for Princess Diana, there may have been a motive for the murder never before considered.The Mason-controlled intelligence service MI5 may have been called upon to protect the British Royal Family for very similar reasons. The former Princess of Wales was allegedly pregnant with the child of Dodi Fayed. The scandalous nature of this revelation seems lost on the general public, but should be clear. It would further humiliate the already much cuckolded Prince of Wales, and cause further embarrassment to an already disaster ridden P.R. department at Buckingham Palace. The irony is that when the truth comes out, the erupting scandal will be the worst in British history and is certain to consign the scandal-ridden Royals to the dustbin of history.The first thing to note about the assassination of the princess is that it took place in a tunnel with a very similar M.O. to that used in another failed MI6 assassination attempt. The fact that Henri Paul has been linked to French intelligence, and that questions have been raised about the blood tests that confirmed high alcohol readings in the driver’s bloodstream raises still further questions. There is evidence emerging that certain intelligence services may have been involved. In another recent revelation, Diana entertained concerns about her safety, believing that “her husband” was planning a murder he hoped would appear like a car accident. Of all the miles of open road in Paris, a car accident in a tunnel away from the prying eyes of the general public does seem rather convenient. The fact that the surveillance cameras were down for the first time in their history and conveniently failed to film the final moments of the crash is also rather telling. It is also highly irregular that the police channel would fail to broadcast for a whole hour leading up to the fatal crash until just after the accident, when it suddenly burst into frenetic life. Were the Masons involved? Is there any evidence that Mason-controlled elements within the intelligence services of Britain and France might have been involved in the murder of the princess? First, let us examine the presence of the three motorcycle paparazzi that were present at the accident scene and later blamed for the fatality. From a Masonic ritual standpoint, they represent “the three Juwes”. It would not be the first time this Masonic M.O. would be used in a political assassination of a major figure. At the time of the JFK assassination, for instance, three railway hoboes would be apprehended and carted away by police.

Yet none of these suspected felons would be cuffed and the officers in charge merely carted them away with their guns at port arms. This is highly irregular protocol for a major arrest to say the least. The M.O. would pop up again with the murder of William Morgan, a figure apparently murdered for revealing the secrets of Freemasonry he was assigned to keep. Morgan was actually abducted from jail by three Masons prior to his murder. This is Masonic M.O. related to the Third Degree of Freemasonry specifically targeting victims who have revealed secrets in some way threatening to the Freemason establishment. Morgan, JFK and Princess Diana were all whistle-blowers. Each of them posed a threat to the Mason-controlled establishment and each of them planned to reveal damaging secrets before their deaths. It was natural and calculated that the M.O. employed in their specific murders was directly related to their crimes of indiscretion. It should also be noted that the murder of JFK is said to have conformed to the Masonic “Killing of the King” ritual, a fertility rite honoring the sun god of ancient Egypt, Osiris. At the site of the killing, Dealey Plaza, Dallas, stands a stone obelisk comprised of twelve stone blocks with a lighted torch at the top. This commemorates the killing of the sun god Osiris by the Egyptian god Set, who armed with sword, cut the sun god down, scattering his thirteen body parts to the winds. Isis, the consort of Osiris, would reclaim his body parts and hold a necromancy ceremony to raise him from the dead. But the missing thirteenth body part, Osiris’ phallus would never be recovered and is represented by the Egyptian stone obelisk, one of which is found at Dealey Plaza.The killing of the moon goddess Diana would occur exactly thirty-three years, nine months and nine days after the killing of the king in Dallas, who died at the 33-Degree parallel line of latitude on November 22, 1963. She would die inside a tunnel beneath Pont de l’Alma hill, the traditional site of Diana worship for generations of pagans. At the site marking her death lies a lighted torch within a pentacle star, another Masonic calling card. The fact that a member of the Royal Family presides as Grand Master over the central and premier Lodge of world Freemasonry does create disturbing implications in light of the fact that the Masons have left their fingerprints had so many of the world’s great crime scenes.