Top Scientist: Another Fukushima Quake Would Mean US Evacuation, ‘Bye Bye Japan’

By Anthony Gucciardi Storyleak Award winning scientist David Suzuki has gone on record in a public talk posted online just days ago in saying that in the event of another seven or above earthquake, which he says has about a 95% chance of occurring over…

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Conspiracy Factualists

Conspiracy Factualists
by Timothy Spearman

The truth is a scarcer commodity than gold, so let us prospect for it with the same devotion as the prospectors of old and never relent. And once having sifted and separated it from its baser cousins safeguard and protect it as the precious keepsake it is.
When people think of epic lives, they usually call to mind figures of the past, assuming that greatness was confined to some other time, when men walked taller, conversed with spirits and angels and walked hand in hand with the gods. Confess in all seriousness that you aspire to walk in the footsteps of one of the greats and people will guffaw and issue a hearty laugh at your expense.
Who really does get the last laugh? It is doubtful that any member of the establishment will be able to hold his head up quite so high when the lies of millennia are exposed for what they are. For the first time, we will see that the establishment is really not that well endowed, which is why it has been trying to hide its secret parts for so long. Now that the raincoat has been rent asunder and the sky has opened to drench these scoundrels, we can expect that the lightning rod of divine judgment may not be far behind. The Eastern traditions tell us that gae-byuk and the Age of Kali is upon us. The West tells us that Armageddon is on its way. No bloody wonder.
One thing is certain. We conspiracy factualists will tell our story and the truth will get out. Even if names have been changed to protect the innocent, it is clear that there is nothing sacred about the establishment that has always hidden its decadence behind a veil of hypocrisy and deception. From the royal murders of Queen Elizabeth I, to the Jack the Ripper slayings orchestrated by Queen Victoria to the modern day cover up of the Windsor family’s murder of Diana, it is becoming more and more apparent that the corrupt Royal family-controlled Freemason organization has been behind centuries of royal bloody murder, including the murders of Gandhi and even the man we know as Shakespeare, which is why the Shakespeare Quarterly is located in Washington D.C., so the spooks can keep an eye on Shakespeare research to ensure that the lid doesn’t blow off the simmering pot of lies.
As for the Freemason-controlled establishment, you can see there is no justice when you can’t prosecute a lawyer or a judge or a professor because these fellow initiates of the craft protect each other.And since the university degree system is based on the first three degrees of Freemasonry—Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason—it is absolutely certain that those who do not curry favor with the top Freemason dogs in their departments will not obtain their higher degrees, and even if they do, will certainly not graduate from a prestigious Freemason academy like Harvard, Yale or Oxford because they didn’t tuck their napkins in properly and showed themselves to be disorderly by daring to contravene convention. The prospect of getting tenure track is absolutely out of the question because they have dared to have an original idea instead of quietly complying with the system of refined mediocrity. They would have been far better off refining their gift for wit to keep their colleagues well fed on the customary repast of droll nonsense than to have expended energy on experimenting with new dishes that no one has the nerve to try.
It is the sincere hope of conspiracy factualists that Skull and Bones University Yale, Freemason academy Harvard, and all the fascist New World Order academies of the global elite will be exposed for what they are and that their doors will soon be permanently closed in order to prevent them from closing more minds to the world of possibilities to be discovered by freer spirits. Investigative jounrlaists have the advantage of considerable worldly experience and travel, while academics continue to languish in the dark endorsing so much rot, while stinging the nostrils of the rest of us.
Let us hope that the conspiracy factualists get their facts straight and liberate humanity from the control matrix called higher learning so that we can build our own open-air spirit learning centers beyond the prison houses of modern day academia. Spirit learning would combine the study of history with spiritual science based on esoteric spiritual teachings. In this way, we could understand history through the study of cosmology, astrology and the grand cycles of time responsible for human development and evolution. Spirit learning would be the educational institution of the future. What we are now witnessing is the wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath that accompanies the last death throws of the old order we call higher education, which is actually lower learning directed upon the root chakra known as the maladhara.
It is all about mind control. Socrates was killed for corrupting the youth, so for that matter was Bruno, and very nearly Galileo and Copernicus. To erect a pillar of truth in an edifice of lies means that the truth will stand the test of time, while the rest of the corrupt edifice comes crumbling down around it. Conspiracy factualists are a pillar of truth that will stand tall long after the entire Freemason-controlled academic establishment lies in ruins. They have lied to us about Shakespeare for 400 years, Gandhi for a century, JFK and Vietnam for nearly half a century, the wars in Iraq for a decade and a half, the World Trade Center attack for five years, and AIDS, Ebola, Smallpox, and Anthrax for years and years. Who supports the edifice of lies? The Freemason-controlled academic establishment.
Why do you think your professors tell you not to read esoteric books and occult literature? It is because the non-mainstream is where the truth is. Where else would it be? You really didn’t expect them to tell you who really killed Lincoln and JFK did you? These intellectual prostitutes want to keep their jobs within the Freemason-controlled establishment. They don’t want to be left out in the cold, shivering under some lamppost reading Kafka. They want to stay by the fire in the professors’ lounge where it’s warm. It matters nothing to them that their privilege is the cause of millions of other peoples’ misery and want.
The depraved love to deprive. They thrive on it. It is their daily bread. Let us hope then that the facts unearthed by conspiracy factualists relegate these heartless souls to the cold were the cold-blooded belong. Maybe then they will learn something about the public trust they neglected to uphold when they are in the same state of misery and want with which they once afflicted the other nine-tenths of the population. Let us also hope that the halls of unlearning are converted into museums and libraries for more advanced learning instead of wax museums for the antediluvian dinosaurs currently occupying the vestal halls.

I’m Not Paranoid, Am I?

I’m Not Paranoid, Am I?

by Timothy Spearman

If the leaders of this world really wanted peace, we’d surely to God be doing better than we are now. What is the explanation for elite bodies convening at Bilderberger, IMF, World Bank, and UN conferences ostensibly to pursue policies of security and peace only to move us closer to conflict and war? Are they really meeting for the purposes outlined in their briefs or is there a reason IMF organizers look for more and more remote conference venues? I recommend instead of Outer Mongolia or Timbuktu, they choose a lunar landing for the next conference and since their policies are ill-matched to the needs of the majority of the world’s citizenry, they might consider setting up shop on the dark side of the moon and staying there. I don’t intend anything malicious or mean-spirited by this modest proposal. I really mean it. If the Illuminati gods perceive themselves as an elite body of individuals, superior and of a caste inviolable and unassailable, perhaps they should endeavor to keep their bloodlines clean by pushing off and leaving the rest of us mere mortals to fend for ourselves on the planet the Creator saw fit to hand down to us.
I’m all for sharing, don’t get me wrong. I’m just as happy as the next fellow to have a stranger dine at my table. But if he has the audacity to deny me sufficient elbow room and hogs the potatoes, I get a little chagrined. I’m not inclined to put up with some absentee landlord monopolizing my annual yield, making off with my potatoes and causing my family to go hungry. And this in essence is the nature of the IMF and GATT treaties signed into being by the world’s landlords.And now the absentee landlords are denying our farmers the right to even plant their own seed in the spring. Amazing as it seems, suicide seeds or terminator technology has been widely disseminated by Monsanto, famed war crimes manufacturer of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. Now, I’m not one to complain. Normally, I’d encourage people to render unto Caesar the things that are his, but this is not about paying a mere tribute to Rome. This is our daily bread for Christ’s sake. And while we can’t live on bread alone, you can’t exactly live without it either. No, frankly, my heart is not entirely into relinquishing control over my daily bread and handing it over to Uncle Sam. Not that he has bad manners particularly. I mean normally he’s quite forthright about explaining why he’s trespassing on other people’s land. It’s just that his motives for doing so aren’t quite as clear cut as they once were. And I’m not altogether sold on him blackmailing my government into agreeing to whatever foreign policy is flavor of the month by telling our farmers we might not have a ready supply of seeds in the spring.
As for school administrators and teachers force-feeding kids Ritalin and other pharmaceutical goodies, I can only say that the nutty old man you used to fear would be handing out poison candy on Halloween is now on your school board. Incredibly, parents seem not the least bit worried about 5-in-1 vaccine shots being administered to their three-month-old infant.The fact they post on the bulletin board a recommended timetable for this prescription of induced autism, nervous system dysfunction and early death gives me the utmost confidence in my neighborhood school giving my child the best education for my tax dollar. I’m not in the least worried about my child’s mind being filled with useful facts or better still harmful misconceptions. Instead, I’m filled with the confidence that my neighborhood teaching professionals do their homework and research their subjects so thoroughly that they consistently get their facts right, so right in fact that they are in complete line with the Illuminati-controlled governments in charge of the Global Cleanse 2000 initiative to reduce the planet’s population by at least 3 billion. It’s far more important that we should agree with our public servants, since they are there to serve us, than show the slightest dissention or disapproval. We are teaching professionals after all whose sworn duty it is to turn our children into obedient, complaint and upstanding citizens, who like any good cow will bow their heads, knuckle under and go to the slaughter house without the least protest.
The one plus in all this is the war though, the one they call the war on terrorism. I’d say it’s going quite swimmingly really. I mean, when it was first launched, the object was to catch Osama. We didn’t get him so we went after his al-Qaeda minions. When we couldn’t round them up, we sent our cowboys in to corral the Taliban. And when we couldn’t get them, we started blowing up innocent civilians. The plus side is that as the casualty numbers went up, it become obvious that we must have picked off a few Taliban and al-Qaeda agents along the way. Fortunately, we employed smart bombs to reduce the collateral damage, but since the smart bombs were in the hands of our commander and chief and his equally smart boys in the field, the smart bombs didn’t have quite the accuracy we would have normally counted on. Anyway, we couldn’t really catch anyone in the end. Like wild horses, they proved a trifle ornery and a little hard to corral, so we went after the oil instead. The other bonus of course is that no one will really escape because Afghanistan and Iraq are so littered with depleted uranium dust from DU-laced tomahawk missiles and bombs that everyone in the region has had their life expectancy trimmed by at least three decades including our good old boys. When asked how our commander and chief thought he’d be viewed by posterity, he purportedly said, “It doesn’t matter. We’ll all be dead in a hundred years anyway.” He’s probably right, so there’s nothing to worry about anyway.
Amazingly, it was suggested I was paranoid in a radio show interview the other night. Interesting isn’t it that the very people who accuse you of being paranoid because you imagine conspiracy to be real rather than a theory fail to realize that, through the use of language, they embrace a conspiracy of exclusion, ostracism, alienation and expulsion themselves. Like most members of what is called civilized society, they are unwitting co-conspirators who engage in duplicity, backstabbing, and ostracism without the least cognizance of what they are doing because they feel morally justified by what has become established convention. Anyone who does not embrace consensus reality and uphold the status quo is clearly disaffected and dysfunctional and should be put on Ritalin or Prozac immediately, so that if they’re not completely mind-controlled, they soon will be. They use the conspiratorial language of “you don’t belong” and call it a theory. Well, folks I call that denial, and that’s not a river in Egypt, however much those in De Nile would like you to believe so. “Paranoid” conjures up images of a crazed nutcase that endangers the peace and sanctity of the home and might even cause you to have a bad day. No, we mustn’t allow such people to mess up our day, or God forbid, enter the public discourse. The lady who is not paranoid clearly had the right to tell me I was, even though she is the one feeling threatened not me. I know, I know, I’m delusional for having a rapier wit and a razor sharp intellect, but then so was Voltaire.

No Sympathy for the Devil

No Sympathy for the Devil

By Timothy Spearman

When the Rolling Stones wrote “Sympathy for the Devil,” they envisioned a figure that had been around orchestrating events since the time of Jesus down through the wars and revolutions of the modern era. The Stones were right of course. The Illuminati secret societies have manipulated the New World Order of Lucifer into being. Indeed as the Stones say. And I was ’round when Jesus Christ / Had his moment of doubt and pain. Made damn sure that Pilate / Washed his hands and sealed his fateIn the ancient world, the Medes met in Medea to perform their magic rites. It was an early form of psychological warfare in essence. The Medes or sorcerers would deploy powerful hexes in the form of mantras, thought suggestion, drug-induced programming, talismans, amulets, symbols, etc.These spells could be used to control the minds of followers or enemies alike. Spell the word right and you would cast the right spell. As the word ‘media’ implies, the modern day media is controlled by silicon sorcerers and their apprentices that inherit much from the ancient Medes. The idea that writers and artists exercise free speech and enjoy freedom of speech has never been true. Research has shown that most of our illustrious writers and artists of history have belonged to secret societies or their intelligence agency counterparts, which held their artistic careers to ransom. A glance at the list of ‘navigators’ found on the Priori of Sion list dug up by the researchers of “The Holy Blood and Holy Grail” shows that Leonardo da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Victor Hugo, Claude Debussy, and many other illustrious geniuses of European history were Grand Masters of this secret society, and that some of them belonged to more than one.While attempts have been made to discredit the ‘navigator’ list by Pierre Plantard and others as a hoax, there are more reasons than not to regard it as authentic. The Freemasons have long asserted that the author of the Shakespeare plays was a Freemason. Masons wrongly assert that Sir Francis Bacon wrote the plays. Considering they were responsible for the deception that has caused most of us to believe that the commoner Will Shaksper wrote the plays for the last 400 years, their information can hardly be trusted. The man who wrote the plays was Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, a secret agent employed by the crown and a member of Bacon’s secret writing societies Fra Rosi Cross and the Honourable Order of the Knights of the Helmet.He was paid 1,000 pounds a year as the Lord Chamberlain of England to stage theatrical performances for Queen Elizabeth. One of the greatest writers in history was a slave of the Freemason-controlled establishment and was no freer than the Hollywood artists of today controlled by the Freemasons and their American intelligence affiliates.
Research has shown that Mozart did not enjoy any freedom of speech either and was compelled to write operatic works exalting Freemasonry before the masses, “The Magic Flute” notwithstanding. There have even been suggestions that he was murdered for revealing well guarded Freemason secrets in “The Magic Flute”. The fact that he was buried in a pauper’s grave is compelling evidence for this, since being denied a proper Christian burial was a serious punishment reserved for those who betrayed the Order. There is evidence to suggest that our modern pop icons may be no freer than the great artists of history. Much has been made of the subliminal satanic messages found in the “backward masking” of the LPs of rock bands of earlier eras. In fact, Kate Bush’s song “Experiment IV” seems to be a subtle reference to the MK-Ultra programs she may have been forced to partake in, which according to the lyrics of that song, seem to have involved the use of music “to kill people from a distance.”
Much has been said about the Beatles’ Abbey Road album, mainly because of suggestions that Paul was dead. On the album cover, we see the four musicians crossing a crosswalk. Paul appears barefooted in black and there were suggestions that he may have been killed and that the Beatle’s were subtly informing the public of his death through their album cover. However, we need to be reminded that John is dead, not Paul. They are crossing a crosswalk remember. Think of the passion of Christ and the stages of the cross.The album cover is symbolic of John’s future death, not Paul’s. John leads the procession in pearl white, God’s colors. He is followed by Ringo in a cassock representing the presiding priest. He is followed by George Harrison dressed as the gravedigger and Paul as the corpse awaiting burial. When we consider that Abbey Road Records produced most of the greatest song material of the era, an album of the same title is suggestive. “Abbey Road” and “crosswalk” have interesting resonances. An abbey is a temple. Hiram Abif, hero of Freemason legend, died in the Temple of Solomon. Sol-om-on is not the name of the Isrealite king, but a synthesis of the three names for the sun god in Hebrew, Egyptian and Indian just as Israel stands for Is-Ra-El, representing the sun god triune of ancient Egypt, Isis, Ra and El. According to the legend of Hiram Abif, the purported architect of Solomon’s Temple was confronted by three assassins called the Three Juwes, Jubilo, Jubila, and Jubulum by name, who wished to know the secrets of the Master Mason Degree. When Hiram Abif refused to divulge the secrets, the three ruffians attacked him, administering blows in turns with the architectural devices they carried as weapons. John and the three musicians represent Hiram and the Three Juwes. Remember that it is John who died, not Paul.Forget the media spin and the myths of popular culture. It is well known by those who lived through the Beatles’ era that Charles Manson was heavily influenced by the Beatles. The “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album cover, said to show the face of Aleister Crowley, represents the devil or Satan as the band leader. “Pepsi” is the Egyptian word for Satan. “Dr. Pepper” and “Sgt. Pepper” would be variations on the theme. Manson believed that the Beatles were modern day prophets that were giving him messages through their music and found a multitude of hidden meanings in their lyrics. He would also use his interpretation of chapter 9 of Revelation to support many of his beliefs. It may even be the case that Manson’s MK-Ultra programmers may have even used Beatles’ song lyrics to trigger Manson’s programming.This would grant them plausible deniability as it would merely appear that Manson’s response to the Beatles was delusional and psychotic. The haunting repeated Beatles’ mantra found on the White Album “Number 9, Number 9, Number 9” has puzzled many a code-breaker. In ancient pagan numerology, the number 9 is the number of the circle, which was a symbol of infinity or immortality. Take the zodiac, for instance, which comprised a 360° circle. The numbers 36 and 360 add to 9 if their components are separated and added: 3+6=9 3+6+0=9. Much medieval magic revolves around the number 9. It was considered one of the most potent of numbers because it was composed of the all powerful 3 that representing the Trinity: 3 + 3 + 3 = 9. The number nine was sacred to the pagan goddess of death, the underworld and Hell, the realm of the dead. The hidden occult meaning of “number 9” could not be more disturbing in its implications.
Charles Manson taught his disciples that they were living in the Age of Armageddon, which he referred to as “Helter Skelter.” It may be that Manson took his cue from the revolutionary propaganda of the Beatles. John Lennon of the Beatles was quoted as saying, “Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn’t argue about that: I’m right, and I will be proved right. We’re (the Beatles) more popular than Jesus now…”
A decade after the Tate-LaBianca murders, it was reported that satanic “backward masking” had been detected in some Beatles’ songs. This article appeared in the San Antonio Light, Monday, February 1, 1982.The headline read: “Backward masked Satan promos found on some Rock’n Roll Records.” “Backward masking” consists of the subliminal technique of concealing messages. Such masking was not only found in Beatles’ songs, but also in those of other rock groups, such as Led Zeppelin, Queen, Black Oak Arkansas, and the Electric Light Orchestra. Messages that can only be heard when the song track is played backwards are implanted in the songs. This is done by placing the speed of the turntable in neutral position, then spinning it by finger backwards at sufficient speed to pick up the voice. The Led Zeppelin song, “Stairway to Heaven,” played backwards purportedly contains the words: “My sweet Satan…. the one who will be sad who makes me sad, whose power is Satan.” When played forward, the lyrics say, “Yes, there are two paths you can go by; but in the long run there’s still time to change the road you’re on.”
The Black Oak Arkansas song, “The Day Electricity Came to Arkansas,” allegedly contains the backward message, “Satan, Satan, Satan, he is god.” Although the Beatles make no overt references to Satan in their White Album, the satanist Manson was deeply influenced by the song track “Revolution No. 9”. Charles Manson believed the Beatles were telling him what to do through their songs. Manson’s disciples also believed that the Beatles’ songs were speaking to Manson, especially in the White Album.
On the White Album is a song called “Honey Pie,” The song lyrics state, “Oh honey pie, my position is tragic / Come and show me the magic / Of your Hollywood song.” The song goes on to say: “Oh Honey Pie you are driving me frantic / Sail across the Atlantic / To be where you belong.” In January and February of 1969 following the release of the White Album, Manson and his disciples tried to contact the Beatles through several telegrams, letters, and telephone calls to England to invite the musicians to join them in Death Valley, but their attempts to contact the Four Lads failed.
The Beatles song “Revolution 9” contains a segment that, played backward, has another message. The repetition of “number nine, number nine” in reverse says, “Turn me on dead man.” The lyrics to “Revolution 1,” as shown on the jacket insert, reads: “You say you want a revolution / Well you know / We all want to change the world… / But when you talk about destruction / Don’t you know that you can count me out.” However, when you listen to the record, after the word “out” you hear the word “in”. Later on in the song, the lyrics say, “You say you got a real solution / Well you know / We’d all love to see the plan.” This is most probably a reference to the “Order Out of Chaos” motto of the Luciferians and their Freemasonry. Their Hegelian problem-reaction-solution agenda to advance the New World Order requires destruction or chaos out of which they cause a reaction that requires a solution, which is greater order and totalitarian control. “The plan” probably refers to the “Great Work of Ages” otherwise known as the New World Order of Lucifer that is intended to replace the Old World Order of God.

Transcendence: Taking Good Men and Making Them Better

 Transcendence: Taking Good Men and Making Them Better

By Timothy Spearman

Snapshot of the item below:

The Freemason motto is “We take good men and make them better.” Remember The Six Million Dollar Man? “We made him better than he was before, better, faster, stronger.” It’s a common theme in Hollywood and a common theme in the occult world. It is the theme of the Masonic Christ or the Antichrist. The latest Johnny Depp movie – Transcendence – is loaded with Illuminati symbolism and is really a tribute to the Antichrist himself. As you will find out by the end, the movie tells the story of Dr. Will Caster (Depp) who nearly dies, gets resurrected, and is now far more intelligent than any other human. As we will see in this article, those are ALL classic descriptions of the Antichrist. The elite symbolism is getting more blatant. What makes them so audacious? Aren’t they a little too cocky? Are they so confident that it’s over for us? Whereas they used symbols from various religions in the past, they are now using modern machinery as their prominent symbols like The Transformers.

Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp) is the foremost researcher in the field of Artificial Intelligence, working to create a sentient machine that combines the collective intelligence of everything ever known with the full range of human emotions. Caster’s highly controversial experiments have made him famous, but they have met with the resistance of anti-technology extremists who will stop at nothing to prevent him from realizing his goal.

The name “Will Caster” alludes to Lucifer’s Five “I Wills” as we read from Isiah: “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.” Isaiah 14:12-14 In light of this, we need to be aware that Prince William (Will I am) is Prince William V. Hence, he represents the embodiment of Lucifer as a representation of his “5 I Wills”, making him one of the most likely candidates for the Antichrist.

Thus, Will Caster represents the “Caster” of the spell required to achieve the realization of Lucifer’s “5 I Wills”. This is what is truly meant by the title of the film “Transcendence”. It represents Lucifer’s “5 I Wills” to usurp and take the throne of heaven. In their attempt to destroy Will, his opponents inadvertently spur him on toward “transcendence”. His wife Evelyn (Rebecca Hall) and best friend Max Waters (Paul Bettany), both fellow researchers, begin to question the ethical legitimacy of such a project. Their worst fears are realized as Will’s thirst for knowledge evolves into a quest for omniscience and omnipotence as an expression of Lucifer’s “5 I Wills”. When it becomes terrifyingly clear that there may be no way of stopping him, once this will to power is set in motion even Caster’s wife and best friend begin to get cold feet.

There are echoes of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” in the plot. Like Dr. Frankenstein, Will Caster is also a doctor. Of course Percey and Mary Shelley were both occultists themselves and are known to have belonged to secret societies of the Satanic stripe. It was when they were sojourning in a castle in Switzerland that the Shelley’s, along with occultist Lord Byron, held the storytelling contest that led to Mary becoming the winner with her mad tale of Dr. Frankenstein, a ghoulish doctor who robbed graves to create his abomination, in defiance of the laws of creation.

What is the basis for Caster being identified with the Antichrist? We must bear in mind that Will Caster (Depp) nearly dies, is resurrected, and emerges more intelligent by far. This makes him a perfect match for the Antichrist. The precedent for this is found in Revelations 13:3,4: “The dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority. One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was filled with wonder and followed the beast. People worshiped the dragon because he had given authority to the beast, and they also worshiped the beast and asked, ‘Who is like the beast? Who can wage war against it?’ Like the future king of the world, the Antichrist, Will Caster (Depp), receives a grievous mortal wound to the head. This is no different than the Antichrist King, who was, is not, yet will be again, and will miraculously heal in plain sight of the world, as he rises to become even more powerful as evil incarnate, counterfeiting Christ’s own death and resurrection. Christ, it should be remembered, became low in the eyes of the world, while taking on power from heaven above. The Antichrist, on the other hand, shall become great in the eyes of the world, while taking on power from Hell below.

For thousands of years, our capacity to reason had remained unmitigated, subject to no deviation or change. Now artificial intelligence enters the fray to change everything. The combined intellect of the neuroscientists, mathematicians and engineers cannot keep up with the most basic Artificial Intelligence. A computer can beat the most adept chess player on the planet hands down. It’s more like hands up – “I surrender”. Once online, a sentient machine will quickly overcome the limits of biology. In a short time, its analytic power will become greater than the collective intelligence of every person born. There are even suggestions by David Icke and others that a supercomputer has been built in Europe called “The Beast” is a kind of Antichrist computer that stores information about everyone on Earth. Don’t be surprised to find that Google is part of that. Check out George Freund’s Google Doodles at the Conspiracy Cafe Blog sometime. He deciphers Google Doodles, which actually reveal what the Vati-can (House of Cain) has planned next in its New World Order agenda as coordinated through the intelligence services it controls. The NSA is controlled by the Vatican, just like the CIA, whose secret name is the “Knights of the Holy See”. The CIA is also called “The Company”, the same name given to the Jesuit Order of the Vatican, which is the military wing of the Vatican. They refer to themselves as “The Company” because they portray themselves as being of “The Company of Jesus”. Nothing could be farther from the truth. They are of The Company of Lucifer and the Fallen Angels and their offspring the Nephillim. They are the House of Cain, hence “Vati-Cain”.

Some scientists refer to the kind of Artificial Intelligence alluded to in the film “Transcendence” as the “Singularity”. “How about E pluribus unum (Out of man one)? Are we all to become subservient to a one world order, the New World Order of the Antichrist? For thousands of years, our capacity to reason has remained unmitigated, subject to no deviation or change. Now artificial intelligence has entered the scene. The combined intellect of the neuroscientists, mathematicians and engineers cannot keep up with the most basic Artificial Intelligence. A computer can beat the most adept chess player on the planet hands down. It’s more like hands up – “I surrender”. Funny that: “I surrender” since that is what Muslims believe they are doing in surrendering before Allah.

Presumably, this is what the New World Order of the Antichrist expects of its adherents, that all bow and surrender before their master, the incarnation of the Lucifer, namely the Dajjal or the Antichrist. Once online, a sentient machine capable of such artificial intelligence would quickly outstrip the collective mental capability of man. In a short time, its analytic power will become greater than the collective intelligence of every person born. The concept of a supercomputer based in Europe operating as a kind of Antichrist computer that stores information about everyone on Earth. This is all the more convincing given the information gathering efforts of the NSA exposed by Snowdon.

Don’t be surprised to find that Google is a part of this. Check out George Freund’s Google Doodles at the Conspiracy Cafe Blog sometime. He deciphers Google Doodles, which actually reveal what the Vati-can (House of Cain) has planned next in its New World Order agenda as coordinated through the intelligence services it controls. The NSA is controlled by the Vatican, just like the CIA, whose secret name is the “Knights of the Holy See”. The CIA is also called “The Company”, the same name given to the Jesuit Order of the Vatican, which is the military wing of the Vatican. They refer to themselves as “The Company” because they portray themselves as being of “The Company of Jesus”. Nothing could be farther from the truth. They are of The Company of Lucifer and the Fallen Angels and their offspring, the Nephillim. They are the House of Cain, hence “Vati-Cain”.

Some scientists refer to the kind of Artificial Intelligence alluded to in the film “Transcendence” as the “Singularity”. “How about E pluribus unum (Out of man one)? Are we all to become subservient to a one world order, the New World Order of the Antichrist?

The Statue Outside Of EU Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium

The coming world government has been portrayed as a woman riding a beast. It is very powerful symbolism and most educated people know what it stands for. Well, guess what is standing right outside of the EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium? It is a giant statue of a woman riding a beast. The woman is supposed to represent the pagan goddess Europa, and the beast is supposed to represent the pagan god Zeus. In the original mythology, Europa and Zeus become lovers. The pagan god Zeus is commonly associated with the entity known as Lucifer or Satan. In the end, Europa (Europe) will be proudly riding high as a willing partner in the world system known as the New World Order of the Antichrist.

trans 1

European Coins

This symbolism also shows up on European money. For example, the following is a picture of a 2 euro coin minted for Greece that has the same symbology of a woman riding a beast, an obvious allusion to the Whore of Babylon riding the Beast of Revelations.

trans 2

Magazine Covers

A woman riding a beast has also been used to represent Europe by some of the most prominent mainstream publications on the continent, as the magazine cover the edition of Der Spiegel shown below clearly demonstrates.

trans 3

The Tower Of Babel

But a woman riding a beast is not the only symbology that the EU has pulled directly out of ancient traditions. Posted below is an image of an official poster that was used to promote the EU Parliament before it was withdrawn due to public outcry. It clearly portrays the EU as an attempt to restart the work that the builders of the Tower of Babel began. So who originally constructed the Tower of Babel? Well, according to tradition, it was actually a ruler named Nimrod that began construction of the Tower of Babel. From his home base in Babylon, he attempted to establish the very first global government.

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Nimrod was a very important figure in ancient history. Many of the pagan religious practices that spread throughout the ancient world originated with the ancient Babylonian religion of Nimrod. In fact, many of our most notable secret societies today trace their origins all the way back to Nimrod. According to some traditions, the very first Freemason was Nimrod. The EU purposely chose the symbology of the Tower of Babel and Nimrod to represent itself.

What is implied by the film title “Transcendence”? It represents Lucifer’s rebellion, his bid to retake heaven. When Lucifer took one-third of the angels with him, it was “Paradise Lost”. “When Lucifer was cast out of Heaven, one third of all the angels were cast out with him.” (Rev.12:4, 9) They were damned. They were considered the Fallen Angels. One-third is 33% or 33 degrees as in the 33 Degrees of Luciferian secret societies like Freemasonry. Now it’s time for “Paradise Regained”. Lucifer or Satan, the ultimate rebellious Fallen Angel wants to regain paradise. He is the counterfeit “Dove” who wishes to transcend and fly back to heaven, to wage war against the Creator and conquer and regain heaven.

New Age and metaphysical authors of late have been telling their ignorant sheep to enter into the 11:11 phenomena where they will become part of the “most dramatic change coming upon this planet” since the earliest ages. Something very cult-like and strange is going on in the New Age world. As one New Age visionary named Solaris claimed: “There is no turning back as 11:11 is our key to unlocking the portal of our Ascension. As the 11:11 is activated, the seventh star is made manifest and the Dove returns. What we are called to do is quickly take our positions within the Body of the Dove. This must be done in a state of full surrender and total commitment to the One as we are to do his bidding.” Notice the admission of their need for a complete and total submissive attitude toward ‘the One’ when he comes, which is another way of saying they are knowingly going to be submissive to this figure they compare with a Dove.

Biblically, the Dove (Holy Spirit) is what came upon Christ at His baptism and gave Him power, so what is clearly being set up here is a Christ counterfeit. Interestingly, the Antichrist arrives in a time of great upheaval, bringing with him a global peace pact designed to deceive the masses. From history, we can determine the Crusader year of 1111 AD saw the formation of the Knights Templar, which was originally founded by nine knights, the most notorious and powerful Secret Society of its time. However, the origins of the code 11:11 travel back much further in time to the very beginning. At some point after the Creation, when all was yet perfect, before Genesis 1:2, before the Sun burned its first ray of light, Lucifer as Ruler of both the Air and of Light, and one of two Morning Stars that governed the ancient Earth (see Job 38:7). These two Morning Stars had a Cabbalistic master number of 11; with 11:11 representing their unison, as the Two Princes of God, one ruling the East, the other governing the West, acting as God’s Twin Suns, the collective Light of the world (See Revelation 21:23 and 22:2,5). In the occult, the number 11 now represents something sinister. It signifies the perversion of the perfect number 10, considered the God number.

Thus, 1111 comes up very often as a satanic number. It was the address of the publishing house on Pennsylvania Ave – a street forming the hypotenuse of Federal Triangle and representing Horus the Sun of the Sun God Osiris/Lucifer – of a group that led a failed rebellion in Bavaria, Germany in 1848 called the 48ers. They worked for the Bavarian Illuminati and were dispatched to Washington DC to publish the propaganda leaflets that were to be handed out on the streets to promote the US Civil War. Their safe house was Peterson House, across from the Ford Theater in Washington, where Honest Abe was taken after he was shot, so that they could finish the job. 11/11 is also the date for the Armistice ending World War One and the date chosen for Remembrance Day. Then there is Flight 11 and Flight 77 (7 x 11) on 9/11 with the Twin Towers forming a number 11. Evil is as evil does Forrest Gump might say.

Obviously, something evil happened, and Paradise was lost, bringing every kind of discord and disharmony throughout the cosmos on a massive scale and Lucifer clearly was the origin of it. The Bible only speaks of this time vaguely, with its clearest account found in Ezekiel 28, providing us with a brief outline as to how Lucifer fell. However, piecing the Biblical information together from Biblical and other occult sources, presents a time when Lucifer grew increasingly haughty and disobedient in his God-given position as a Morning Star, to the point where he became brazen enough to covet God’s throne and gather his Angels to go to war against God in Heaven.

Now is obviously the time for what Satanists hope is “Transcendence”, the bid to create a one world order and unite the world in open warfare against God through subservience to the Dove, who is to lead his minions and legions back to heaven to wage war upon the Creator. In truth, this is what “Hollywood” – representing a grove of trees composed of holly, the perfect place for devil worship – intends with its latest offering “Transcendence”. As a major occultist interested only in roles related to the occult, Johnny Depp covets such parts, portraying the hidden, secretive world of shadows from whence the Fallen Angels came. He is leading the march as the Pied Piper of the New Age of the Antichrist, leading his blind followers toward “Transcendence” in a rebellious bid to regain and conquer heaven under the auspices of the Antichrist and his legions.

Main Sources:

Micheal Snyder, “12 Pictures That Demonstrate How the New World Order Openly Mocks Us,” May 17th, 2012,

Al Barone, “Myths of Forbidden Knowledge” and the sequel at

Operation Rose, Operation Ore, Operation Snore

Operation Rose, Operation Ore, Operation Snore

Another Labour MP goes into hiding to avoid Teresa May’s child abuse inquiry

Gordon Brown’s recent announcement that he will soon step down is due to his confidence that former MPs have immunity and impunity from prosecution. Anyone grandfathered or dinosaured goes into the fossil bed and can’t be touched, until some resourceful palaeontologist dogs up their dirty deeds long after their internment. Something has got to give amid the relentless tide of paedophilia scandals coming out against the British government. It is clear that the deeply satanic intelligence services like MI6, featuring the All-Seeing Eye of the Sun God Lucifer on their logo at the top of a pyramid with a missing capstone, are behaving like extortion and protection rackets of the Vatican, for which they work. They trick politicians into participating in something sordid and then once they have them by the short and curlies, they force them into greater depravity under threat of ruining them with the goods they already have on them. Before long they are participants in satanic ritual abuse and even killings of young children, all so they can protect their filthy reputations and hide their dirty laundry. From laundered drug money to laundered paedophile racket money, they’re sterling is freshly laundered, dry cleaned, pressed and hung out to dry. Too bad they are not the ones hanging out to dry with their pants down and their asses swinging in the breeze. Operation Rose, Operation Ore and a host of other black operations have been designed to cover up the scandals and let the MP perps get off Scot-free. Operation Rose stems from the Roscicrucian satanic society’s practice of meeting under a rose-studded ceiling in a private room, where everything in the room stays in the room and cannot be repeated because they met under the rose of the Rosy Cross knighthood organization. Satanists run the world and Satanists run the show and we the goyim, whom they regard as the cattle, swine or rabble are at their mercy, or so they believe. However, what they don’t know is that there is a Judgement and the Judgement is swift because it is the people’s judgement. There’s nothing Divine or Holy about it. It’s the people’s choice and the people’s decision and when enough of them wake up to see what is going on in government, no national security law in the land will hold the people back from exercising Justice. The Excalibur will be pulled from the ground and wielded by some dauntless Knight of Liberty and it shall prevail and heads will roll such as has not been seen since the beginning of the world and as shall not be seen until the end. It is coming. The trumpets have already been sounded. The people’s march for Justice has begun.

Timothy Watson


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Top Tory MP invites paedophile business consultant to House of Commons for lunch meetings

  • Sir Edward Leigh, 64, held meetings in Westminster with businessman
  • Duncan Breeze was jailed after thousands of indecent images were found
  • He is now a consultant to a company of which Sir Edward is the chairman 
  • Meetings in parliament building are not thought to have broken any rules 
  • Sir Edward has defended relationship and said he believes in ‘redemption’

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Dutch Elm Disease Is Now Dutch Sex Disease

Dutch Elm Disease Is Now Dutch Sex Disease

In Canada, there was once a Dutch elm disease that killed many of the elm trees. Today in Britain there is an Elm House disease. The disease isn’t killing trees. It’s killing something far more valuable. It’s killing our future – our children. Vulnerable kids stolen from their parents in a 21st Century Lebensborn program are being buggered and abused in Elm House and the Sparticus Club by paedophiles in government, entertainment, law societies, brokerage houses, banking institutions, and the stock exchange. In short, the entire interlocking satanic elite of this country are subjecting innocent children to satanic ritual abuse and the criminals running the government, the privatized police force and the judiciary of this country are covering up their own dirty deeds. Not since Rome and Pompeii have we seen this level of sordidness and corruption. No broom on earth is big enough to sweep this mess up. You’d need a dustbin the size of the Grand Canyon to sweep this amount of refuse into the bin.

Fuelling Peak Oil Debate

Fuelling Peak Oil Debate

By Timothy Spearman

A colleague recently pointed out that the best lie is the one that’s ninety percent true. There are lots of shills out there working for the enemy. Shills are those who get a lot of it right to lead the naïve and undiscerning astray. “Astray” is an interesting word because it is derived etymologically from the word for star, implying a fallen or wandering star, an unfortunate event like a cat-astro-phe – that word again – or dis-aster – oops, there it is again.Michael C. Ruppert, who ran a website obsessing over the problem of peak oil at, later wrote a book implicating certain White House officials in the 9/11 scam. To sum up his thesis, Paul Wolfowitz authored a document called Project for a New American Century outlining how America was going to steal other people’s oil because we hit peak oil back in the 1980’s and the world wells would be plumbed dry within 20 years. The thesis statement of Wolfowitz’s document basically articulated the need to stage a false flag terror event like a New Pearl Harbour to launch America’s Project for a New American Century.In keeping with the adage that the bigger the lie the more people will believe it, the peak oil story all too opportunistically goes hand-in-glove with the 9/11 false flag terror scam. Is peak oil real? Furthermore, are hydrocarbons truly fossil fuels? Are they really formed through the breakdown of animal and plant matter, which form over millions of years as hydrocarbon fuel deposits?The moneys dolled out by the Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie Foundations alone could support the elite strata of education in the United States. Given the think tanks supported by funds like the Harvard Endowment, it would be natural for the intellectuals to wish to support the mandate of their philanthropists.

It wouldn’t do at all for a dog in need to nip the hand offering the gourmet dish. The White House needn’t worry about being inundated by floodwaters like New Orleans. The Rockefeller, Ford, and Bush families are swimming in oil, and as everyone knows, oil and water just don’t mix. They’re certain to weather the tide and keep the floodwaters at bay.Given their monopoly on oil, it would make sense that the scientific bodies at their disposal like the Royal Society would be in consensus on peak oil and hydrocarbons being in scarce supply. Harvard and other Ivy League intellectuals need not even overtly prostitute themselves to the mandate of fossil fuels and peak oil. They might even blindly trust the direction of their research and the generosity of the purse is certainly not going to encourage them to question their findings. Indeed, oil and gas reserves in short supply and fast running out would line the pockets of the Rockefeller’s, Bush’s and Ford’s, and let us not forget the Rothschild’s. In fact, the Seven Sisters oil companies are owned lock, stock and oil barrel by the Rockefeller and Rothschild families. Raising the price of these commodities on the international markets would serve the interests of both these Illuminati bloodline families and all the offshoots of the “ivy league” representing these bloodlines.We have been misled by science. Science has been masquerading as a soothsayer far too long. She is a whore in service to minions who have tried to persuade us that truth was confirmed by the five-sense evidence of the empiricists. They have convinced us that a cooling molten fireball hurling through space became the third rock from the sun. The truth could not be further from that orbit. Emmanuel Velikovsky, a friend and correspondent of Einstein’s, noted that the ancient stories of the gods accorded with the history of our planets and their origins, insisting that the comet born from the head of Jupiter became Venus as recorded in the ancient myth. In short, it is not that the planets are named after the gods, but rather that they are the gods. What I mean by that is that the ancients recognized that the planets were living beings, inhabited by a soul and a divine essence. This changes the whole concept of Mother Earth.My whole concept of the Earth mother Gaia changed the day I found a maple key sticking out of her navel in the garden of my family home. I immediately pulled the rooted maple key out of the ground and prized open the pod. Inside, I found a pod in a foetal position with the root emerging from a location corresponding to the navel of the human anatomy. In short, the foetus of what would become a maple tree had an umbilical cord connecting her to her mother –Earth.This reminds me how like our mother, Earth, we are in terms of organic chemistry. Just as she has molten magma beneath get crust, so we have a hot liquid substance inside the crust of our bone. The internal heat combustion within our bodies force minerals and oils to the surface of our skin, much like the minerals and oils find their way through the volcanic fissures to the surface of Gaia’s skin. And just as she has main river arteries and estuaries delivering mineral nutrients to the floodplain of her skin – and this we even call capillary action – so we have main arteries, veins and capillaries carrying essential minerals to the floodplains of our muscle and skin tissue. And just as she has telluric currents running beneath her skin surface through meridians known as dragon lines, so acupuncturists recognize that these same channels of Qi energy exist beneath the surface of our skin.

Should our bodies experience temperature imbalances, areas of desertification may form as they do on Gaia called eczema and psoriasis, where no vegetative growth takes place. Yes, like us even Gaia experiences hair loss and balding in old age. In short, oils are forced to the surface of Gaia’s skin naturally through volcanic activity just as oil deposits settle in the fissures and pores of our skin. And just as parasites feed on the oils, minerals and salt deposits that form on our skin, so do we human parasites feed on these same ingredients in Gaia’s skin as we burrow and dig deep within the surface of her planetary skin. No, she is more like us than we care to imagine. She is, in short, our mother as the more spiritually inclined have been insisting all along. Abiotic implies non-organic or non-living. In fact, if Gaia is the mother of all life, she is the propagator of these and every other substance in her biosphere. How dare we deny her organic, divine, and living essence as an organism?Instead of showing her our gratitude, we have denied Gaia her living status, referring to her as a lifeless rock, denying her organic essence and abusing her by ravaging, raping, bombing and poisoning her with industrial and chemical effluent. By failing to show gratitude and filial duty, we have shown ourselves to be ungrateful children of this Earth, who no more enjoy the privilege of suckling on her breast than the bacterial scourge that inflicts rashes and sores upon our skin. What do we do when we suffer at the hands of such parasites? We require a cleansing. Sadly, Gaia may be considering the same option.