End Times Prophecy Concerning the Dajjal

End Times Prophecy Concerning the Dajjal

By Timothy Spearman

If this really was the End Times, wouldn’t you be curious to know where the Dajjal or the Antichrist resided or who he was? So would I. That is why I made it my business to find out. Have I succeeded in identifying his place of residence? I believe I have identified his present and future residence. I believe he currently occupies Jananah Island in the Persian Gulf. But I strongly suspect he will take up residence in a facility that has been built in Kazakhstan when he assumes power and is installed as a global leader.

In order to understand this, let’s examine the evidence by first examining the meaning of End Times. What this alludes to is the end of the age or the end of the zodiac cycle of precession. The twelve zodiac signs are known to line up on the Earth’s elliptic, the Earth’s near perfect orbital plane around the sun. We can thank Marcus Marillius, poet, author, astrologer and astronomer for his book, Astronomica, in which he first splits cyclical time into astrological houses. He is not to be confused with Marcus Manlius, the martyr. A few missing letters here and there could create much confusion.

The zodiac wheel is known to shift 1° every 120 years. The zodiac wheel is 360°, which means that each zodiac sign forms 30° along its orbital plane. It takes roughly 2,160 years to pass from one zodiac sign to the next in the zodiac cycle of precession. We are purportedly at the end of the Age of Pisces, according to astrophysicists who measure the science of precession in relation to the Earth’s relationship to the galactic plane. They have confirmed that we passed out of the Age of Pisces in 1998 according to the astrophysical evidence. That means that the Age of Aquarius has already dawned and with it, a new cycle where the zodiac clock has been set to midnight once more. The symbol of the clock is very interesting, which we will further expound on later in this paper.

Sophocles’ play Oedipus the King contains the riddle of the Sphinx, which is, “What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon and three legs in the evening?” The answer to the riddle is ‘man’. Could the lionesque sphinx in the Nile valley is some way symbolize ‘man’? Could it represent the story of man? Could it in some way encapsulate the story of man’s origins and destiny? Recently in South America, three white lion cubs were born. Is this a sign of purity? The sphinx statue is part of the Giza plateau in the Nile valley in Egypt. It faces the eastern sky, where the sun rises each morning. Robert Bauval showed, using computer modelling, that the Giza pyramids line up perfectly with the belt of the constellation Orion, which the Egyptians identified with Horus, the son of the sun god Osiris. The three stars forming the belt of Orion are Zeta Orionis otherwise known as Al Nitak, corresponding to the Great Pyramid wrongly ascribed to the pharaoh Khufu or Cheops; Epsilon also known as Al Nilam corresponding with the second pyramid normally ascribed to Khafre; and Delta also known as Mintaka normally ascribed to the pharaoh Menkure. Computer modelling revealed that the Giza pyramids were aligned with these three stars forming Orion’s belt in the Age of Leo approximately 10,450 years ago around the timeframe given by Plato for the destruction of Atlantis, which he gives as 11,000 B.C.E.

Graham Hancock, Fingerprints of the Gods. New York: Three Rivers Press, 1996.

What is this star chart of Orion doing on the Giza plateau? On one level, it is a time capsule marking the date 10,450 B.C. That much is clear. It is made doubly and amply clear by the fact that the lionesque sphinx stares off into the distant horizon at the point where the sun rises in the east at the exact position where the zodiac sign ruling the age is situated. “The cradle of the sun” is what the zodiac sign ruling the age is called. This is because it cradles the birthed sun each morning when it rises over a period of 2,160 years. Appropriately, it was the astrological sign of Leo that ruled during the epoch when the Giza site was erected. This means that the lionesque sphinx was staring at its own image in the eastern sky as the sun rose each morning. Was there a special significance to this mirroring? The magic perfected at the height of the Egyptian civilization is still mysterious, but in the ritual which is pursuant to the belief, much wisdom can be extracted. Amazingly and not surprisingly, the constellation Leo fits snugly within the sphinx, suggesting that on some level the sphinx represents a star map of the constellation Leo. The Egyptian pyramid builders went to great architectural and engineering pains to erect a monument with clear references to constellations in the heavens. The project was clearly important enough to them to exhaust considerable resources, labour and time. Why? What could possibly have made the project so important? And why had so much effort gone into marking out certain key reference points in the heavens? Why create heaven above on the earthly plane. Here again, the mirror presents itself, “as above, so below.”

Further astronomical time fixes can be found in the orientation of the so-called ‘air shafts’ inside the Great Pyramid. One of the ‘air shafts’ rising out of the Queen’s Chamber is trained like a gun barrel directly on Sirius, the so-called Dog Star believed to be made up of a star system consisting of seven stars known as the Seven Sisters. The other ‘air shaft’ targets Zeta Orionis or Al Nitak, the first of the stars forming Orion’s belt and linked with the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau. Sirius of course was profoundly significant to the Egyptians and symbolized Isis. The Queen’s Chamber is appropriately named then since it represents the chamber of Isis. The fact that the ‘air shaft’ targeting Sirius is attached to the Queen’s Chamber is most apropos since its target in the Queen of Heaven, Isis. The fact that the ‘air shaft’ of the King’s Chamber should target Al Natak is equally appropriate since Al Natak is identified with the Great Pyramid itself and forms the belt of Orion, which to the Egyptians was Horus. Thus, the King’s Chamber most likely represents Osiris, the sun god. The Three Giza pyramids themselves also represent the Egyptian Holy Trinity of Osiris, Isis and Horus.

What then is the significance of these astronomical time fixes? What date of significance do they point to? It now looks as if the Giza pyramid complex was built around 10,450 B.C.E. But was it built as a time capsule intended to point to that date? In all probability, that would be the case. The pyramid builders probably wished future generations to know when their great work had commenced. Perhaps the Egyptians were mirroring the sky because they worshipped the sun and any opportunity to display the sun’s positions at specific times was not only beautiful and honourable, but a way to supercharge their environment. Perhaps this is because they were the survivors of Atlantis and wished to enshrine their phoenix-like rebirth in the Nile valley in a monument whose longevity would attest to their own. However, there is another date approximately 2,500 B.C. E. when the same correlative star map would have appeared directly above the Giza site in the sky.

It is logical then that the orientation of the pyramids and the calibration of their air shafts were ascribable to the date 2,500 B.C. Why? Perhaps because something had been initiated or birthed that would see its flowering at some later date, perhaps at the end of the age, the so-called End Times to which the signs in the heavens and on Earth seem to be pointing.

Peter Lemesurier. Gods of the Dawn. London: Thorsons, 1988, p.78-80.

Most scholars attribute the dawn of the Age of Kali and the birth of the Fourth World calendar of the Mayans to around 2,500 B.C. Such a date is also ascribed to the birth or rebirth of civilization in Mesopotamia, the Indus valley and other key ignition points of civilization. Perhaps this is why the pyramid complex at Giza points to this date on the timeline.

But the astronomical time fix does not end there. It also points to the end of the age, to the end of the zodiacal cycle of procession. How does it do so? Because of the pointed references and the training and calibration of the Great Pyramid’s gun barrel ‘air shafts’ at the bull’s eyes Sirius and Al Natak. It is obvious that the constellation Orion – Horus to the Egyptians – is being brought into relief or highlight. Why? Because it is a time fix intended to point to the end of the age or the End Times. How? It is because Orion-Horus is the handle of the pump that turns the mill wheel known as the zodiac cycle of precession. It takes 12,960 years for the handle of the pump, Orion, to descend from top to bottom and another 12,960 years to ascend from bottom to top. This movement coincides with one complete revolution of the zodiac wheel of procession totalling 25,920 years. This means that Orion-Horus is directly linked to the unfolding of the age. In fact, it could be said to be the locus or catalyst of its inception, the very impetus by which the zodiac wheel of procession is set in motion.

The book Hamlet’s Mill delves into this phenomenon and of course Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval have attached great import to this phenomenon. It is indisputable then the constellation Orion-Horus is directly linked to the zodiac cycle called an “Age” and that we are at the end of the present zodiac cycle of procession or alternatively at the beginning of the next at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Such is the cyclical nature of cosmology. It’s what’s happening in the metaverse.

What then is the significance of Orion-Horus to our present day reality? It seems that the Egyptian myth related to Osiris, Isis and Horus encodes cosmological phenomenon in a mythology and recounts the unfolding of a cosmological cycle over a time period. Could that time period by the present zodiac cycle of precession and the evolutionary process known as an Age? Well we know how the story ends.

We know, according to the Egyptian myth, that Horus loses an eye. We know that he enters into swordplay with Set and loses an eye in the wager. Is this the climax and ultimate finale of the story? Is Orion-Horus about to lose an eye? Is Horus, or Orion the hunter, which is depicted as an embattled warrior in both Classical Greek and Egyptian mythology about to suffer a rout in battle that will cause him to suffer the loss of an eye? Perhaps this is the significance of the references in Christianity and Islam to the Antichrist or the Dajjal who is referred to as the one-eyed one. Perhaps the appearance of such a personality will coincide with an astronomical event in which the constellation Orion-Horus, which marks the end of the age, is grievously wounded in one eye. If, as many in the astronomical field believe, Betelgeuse is about to erupt into a supernova, this may be the quintessential event that marks the end of the age and the birth of the new. In short, we may be at the very cusp of what biblical tradition refers to as the End Times, a time reference only now popularly understood as referring to the end of the zodiac cycle of procession, the so-called biblical End Times.

Rising Starshttp://www.math.nus.edu.sg/aslaksen/gem-projects/hm/0102-1-pyramids/page04.htm

What is equally compelling is the fact that the star Betelgeuse appears on the top left of the Orion constellation, while the star identified as Lumba on the top right is actually formed of three stars, one binary and the other lone. As pointed out previously, the Egyptians view Orion as a representation of the god Horus. This means that Betelgeuse corresponds to the left eye of Horus. According to Egyptian mythology, the Egyptian god Set engaged in sword battle with the sun god Osiris who was cut to pieces, thirteen pieces in fact. One of the body parts went missing, which was according to myth, the phallus of the sun god. Perhaps it was just temporarily loaned to the Hindu gods, Shakti and Shiva. The disassembled body parts were then collected by the sun god’s consort, Isis, the moon goddess, who performed a raising ceremony to allow Osiris to return from the dead. The twelve known zodiacal signs are represented by the Egyptian myth associated with the dismemberment of the sun god. Recently, it was announced on major network television that the thirteenth astrological sign known as Orphuchus was responsible for changing individual birth signs. Astrological charting has been a ritualistic practice for a long time, rooted in beliefs associated with the individual signs of the Zodiac.

The next stage in the myth is that Horus, the son of the sun god, chose to avenge his father’s death by going after his attacker, the Egyptian god Set. Horus would enter into swordplay with the god Set and in the wager would lose an eye, corresponding to the star Betelgeuse in the star constellation Orion whom the Egyptians venerated as Horus. What is the significance of the myth? Was it simply a story for entertaining the early Egyptian schoolchildren assembled within the pyramid to observe their lessons during the blazing heat of day? Was it simply to grant context to the stars they observed each night when the air was cool enough for them to assemble outdoors to enjoy the elements? Or was there something more to the myth, something that pointed to an event in the past or one in the future of which Egyptians were supposed to be cognizant? Perhaps in the darkness of the pyramids and its passages, ritualistic magic was practiced, sacred rites known only to the Kings and Queens of Egypt.

Astrophysicists have recently been doing extensive research on Betelgeuse, which is approximately 428 light years from Earth. There is a theory within the astrophysics-astronomy community that our planet may be on the cusp of witnessing Betelgeuse go supernova. Of course, if there is a supernova event associated with Betelgeuse, it would be wrong to speak of it as an event waiting in our future. It would in fact be an event already passed as it would have occurred 428 years ago, in our concept of light years, given its vast distance from the Earth. Such an event would mean in mythological terms that Horus would lose an eye, attributable in myth to a loss suffered in sword battle. The conjecture is therefore raised that the Egyptian myth of Osiris-Isis-Horus was not just a creation myth as has been assumed, but is in fact a story related to cosmology telling the entire story of the Egyptian holy trinity’s birth, creation and death. The wounding of Horus in battle may refer to an event occurring and to be witnessed in our own time, the imploding star Betelgeuse going supernova, an event that may herald the end of the age, the end of the zodiac cycle of procession, an event significant enough to our ancestors to have encoded it in myth as well as the Giza complex, which like so many acropolis-like structures to be found around our planet is a prophecy in stone.

The island believed to be the location of the Dajjal’s (Antichrist’s) home is Jananah Island off the coast of Abu Dhabi in the Persian Gulf. As has been mentioned, the Giza Plateau site plan was a map of Orion, which to the Egyptians is Horus. Horus, which represents the Egyptian son god’s incarnation on Earth, is the Antichrist. All Egyptian pharaohs are considered incarnations of Horus. Thus, the ultimate incarnation will be the One-eyed One represented in the heavens as Horus. When the Orion-Horus star Betelgeuse goes supernova, that would not only be the ultimate sign of the End Times, it would be a sign that the time of the Tribulation has begun, the time of the Antichrist’s rule on Earth being nigh. There is even more evidence that this is so.

The Prophet said, “This is Medina; the Dajjal is in the east.” This island is due east of Medina. The island has a figure carved in the middle of it visible from an aerial view. It is said to be a representation of Orion. To the Egyptians Orion represents Horus. Horus is the One-eyed Egyptian god. As above so below. The Antichrist may become known on Earth at this time and the Betelgeuse supernova event will coincide with him assuming his throne.

al-Masih ad-Dajjal (Arabic: المسيح الدجّال‎ al-Masīḥ ad-Dajjāl, Arabic for “the false messiah”), is an evil figure in Islamic eschatology. He is to appear pretending to be Masih (i.e. the Messiah) at a time in the future, before Yawm al-Qiyamah (Day of Resurrection), directly comparable to the figures of the Antichrist and Armilus in Christian and Jewish eschatology, respectively. Dajjāl is a common Arabic word (دجال) with the meaning “deceiving” or “the Placebo” or “impostor”. However, Al-Masīḥ ad-Dajjāl, with the definite article al- (“the”) included as a prefix, refers to “the deceiving Messiah”, a specific End Times deceiver.

According to hadith (Muslim books of the law that interpret scripture as case law might do in British Common Law), Muhammad is said to have prophesied that the Masih ad-Dajjal would be the last of a series of thirty Dajjal or “deceivers” (false prophets). Muhammad is reported to have said: “… Allah is not one eyed while Messiah, Ad-Dajjal is blind in the right eye and his eye looks like a bulging out grape.”

Abdullah bin Umar, (Arabic: عبدالله بن عمر بن الخطاب‎) (c.614-693) was the son of the second Caliph Umar ibn Khattab. He was a prominent authority in hadith and law. He purportedly said:

While I was sleeping, I saw myself (in a dream) performing Tawaf around the Ka’ba. Behold, I saw a reddish-white man with lank hair, and water was dropping from his head. I asked, ‘Who is this?’ They replied, ‘The son of Mary.’ Then I turned my face to see another man with a huge body, red complexion and curly hair and blind in one eye. His eye looked like a protruding out grape. They said (to me), He is Ad-Dajjal.” The Prophet added, “The man he resembled most is Ibn Qatan, a man from the tribe of Khuza’a.”

He is purported to have stood before a gathering on another occasion, when he announced, “I warn you against him (i.e. the Dajjal) and there was no prophet but warned his nation against him. No doubt, Noah warned his nation against him but I tell you about him something of which no prophet told his nation before me. You should know that he is one-eyed, and Allah is not one-eyed.”

Imam Ali was reported to have said in a lengthy description of the Dajjal and his characteristic facial features:

Island of Dajjal discovered Alhamdulilah!


Masih ad-Dajjal, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masih_ad-Dajjal.

Sahih al-Bukhari3:30:105.

Collected by Muhammad al-Bukhari Sahih al-Bukhari Sahih al-Bukhari9:88:242 quoted at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masih_ad-Dajjal.

Collected by Muhammad al-Bukhari Sahih al-Bukhari

Sahih al-Bukhari4:55:553

quoted at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masih_ad-Dajjal.

His right eye will be punctured, and his left eye would be raised to his forehead and will be sparkling like a star. Only the believers will be able to read the word ‘Kufr’ [disbelief], inscribed in bold letters, on his forehead. There will be big mountains of smoke at both front and backsides of his caravan. People will anticipate food within those mountains, during the severe famine. All rivers, falling in his way, will become dry and he will call upon people in a loud voice, ‘O my friends come to me! I am your lord who has made your limbs and given you sustenance.’

In addition, Anas B. Malik reported that Allah’s Messenger said: There is never a prophet who has not warned the Ummah of that one-eyed liar; behold he is one-eyed and your Lord is not one-eyed. On his forehead are the letters k. f. r. (Kafir).

What all of this shows is that there is ample scriptural import for identifying the Dajjal (Antichrist) by the unique feature of being afflicted in one eye. The fact that both the Egyptian myth of Osiris-Isis-Horus, in which the sun god Osiris is cut to pieces, thirteen in all though one goes missing, while Isis collects twelve of her consort’s body parts with the exception of the phallus, represented by the Egyptian obelisk, refers to the zodiac cycle of procession as already stated. The fact that Horus then avenges his father’s death becoming wounded in the right eye is symbolic of the event that will appear in the heavens at the time of the End Times when Betelgeuse goes supernova, which will be the sign in the heavens – as above so below – that that Antichrist’s reign on Earth has begun.

The fact that this the symbolism pointing to Orion is also found on Jananah Island, believed to be the home of the Dajjal, is remarkable confirmation of the theory that Giza points to both the End Times supernova event involving the star constellation Orion-Horus, but it also to the End Times prophecy pointing to the Tribulation and the rule of the Dajjal (Antichrist). The island appears to have a giant image of Orion-Horus on its surface, which is an obvious star chart of the constellation Orion. This youtube video link provides the best view of the design etched in to the surface of the island: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuB9TfgkT0c. This is striking confirmation that the ancient Egyptian myth is in fact an End Times prophecy and the island home of the Dajjal (Antichrist) is the fulfillment of Egyptian prophecy and Muslim scriptural prophecy.

For some time people have wondered what a pentagram is doing in a remote part of Kazakhstan. The area is known for its archaeological ruins and is in a quite remote location, with the nearest city (Lisakovsk) twelve miles away. Of course it is well known that this upside down pentagram shape has associations with the horned god and is normally seen as a satanic symbol. Recent attempts to explain away the anomaly have amounted to dismissive claims that it is the outline of a park dating back to the Soviet era that was never properly built or finished. Park or not, the shape is too controversial to simply dismiss and sweep the issue away so lightly.

Bilgrami, Sayed Tahir (2005). Essence of Life, A translation of Ain al-Hayat by Allama Mohammad Baqir Majlisi. Qum: Ansarian

Publications. p. 104 quoted at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masih_ad-Dajjal.

Collected by Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj Nishapuri Sahih Muslim Sahih Muslim41:7007

quoted at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masih_ad-Dajjal.

LiveScience’s Marc Lallanilla interviewed Emma Usmanova, an archaeologist with years of experience working in the area. “It is the outline of a park made in the form of a star,” Usmanova said, pointing out that the park was probably built during the Soviet era – the star was one of the U.S.S.R.’s symbols – and that subsequent neglect has resulted in trees growing along roads and pathways. English Russia has visited the area and reports that yes, it really is a park. But who built it and why it was allowed to fall into ruin isn’t exactly clear. A star it may be, but this is no Soviet star. This is an upside down pentagram, which is a well known satanic symbol. What status does Kazakhstan actually hold in the world with a symbol of this kind being set in place ostensibly for a park? Is that a cover story to hide the fact that the symbol was laid in order to mark the imminent arrival and installation of the dajjal on the throne of a palace ostensibly intended to unite the world religions in the capital city Astana?

end 1






The probable future palace of the dajjal is the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation in Astana, Kazakhstan. The reference to peace and reconciliation has an occulted meaning. One needs to know and understand scripture to understand the hidden meaning. Satan presumptuously hopes to reconcile himself with the Creator, which will of course never be permitted. His emissary the dajjal will be his means of attempting such an ambitious exploit. This palace represents the center of operations for such a futile endeavour.

Secret Behind Kazakhstan’s

Mysterious Google Earth

Pentagram Revealed,


Kazakhstan’s new capital city of Astana has been home to one of the world’s most impressive and visually futuristic pyramids, known as the palace of peace and reconciliation. Completed in 2006, it was designed by the British architectural firm Foster & Partners at a cost of 8.74 billion Kazakh tenge (approx. £35m) and was built to accommodate the triennial Congress of World and Traditional Religions. The effort to install the religion of the New Age of Lucifer must be prefaced by the effort to unite the world religions under one rubric. This is the headquarters intended to achieve that unity.

The word Astana in Kazakh literally means Capital, but the word itself originates from Persian Astane (Persian: آستانه‎ means “sublime threshold”, “royal porte” implying a royal capital city or a holy shrine town, (from the Persian verb Istadan (ایستادن) ‘to stand’ (in respect)), and literally means “threshold” (royal or sacred, where people stand in respect or awe), implying where the court is seated (the capital city) or the body of a sacred person is interred (a shrine town). Could this be the “sublime threshold” of the New Age or New World Order of Lucifer, the New Age and New World Order intended to replace the Old World Order of the Creator?

end 2






Above: The visible five-storey pyramid section of the palace is as high as its base is wide (203ft) and is to be the centrepiece of the country’s ‘presidential park’. The notorious Illuminati symbolism is apparent with the missing capstone depicted at the top.


end 3





Above: A plan of the pyramid, whose interior is just as impressive as the outer skin. Below the above-ground pyramid sits an enormous 1,500 seat opera house. Note the missing capstone at the top of the pyramid, the well known Illuminati symbol. The word Illuminati is derived from they who bear the torch of Lucifer and are therefore the bearers of the light.

end 4







Above: The pyramid’s two storey apex is home to the congress chamber, a space which has been surrounded by stained glass designed by British artist Brian Clarke.


end 5






Above: inside the congress chamber, possibly one of the smartest meeting rooms on earth.

end 6






Above: the dove-covered stained glass of the congress chamber. The doves represent Simiramis. They also represent the colum, Spanish for ‘dove’ but representative of the ‘virgin sacrifices’ in satanic rituals.

end 7





Above: The view as you look through the middle of the congress chamber’s circular table to the levels, taking you visually through a whole storey of potted plants, below which is the amazing atrium seen in the next photo.

end 8





Above: The atrium and one of the remarkable conference tables

end 9







Above: Looking up from the atrium towards the upper section, this enormous space is surrounded by walls of rooms, five floors high, to be used both for meetings and accommodations.

end 10






The opera house beneath the atrium boasts a domed ceiling, which sits below the enormous circular table belonging to the room above. This domed ceiling seems to depict the thousand points of light, one of the Illuminati’s most celebrated symbols.



end 11





Astana is the capital and second largest city (after Almaty) of Kazakhstan, with an officially estimated population of 750,700 as of November 2008. It is located in the north-central portion of Kazakhstan, within Akmola Province, though politically separate from the rest of the province. Represented in pictures above and below is Bayterek, meaning literally “tall poplar tree” represents the “Tree of Life”. The reference to the cabala is unmistakable.

Bayterek “Tall Poplar Tree” or the “Tree of Life”

end 12








Bayterek is a monument and observation tower in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. A tourist attraction popular with foreign visitors and native Kazakhstanis alike, it is a common symbol of the city and itself in turn symbolizes Astana’s new status as the capital of Kazakhstan. The monument is meant to embody a folktale about a mythical Tree of Life and a magic bird of happiness: the bird, named Samruk, had laid its egg in the crevice between two branches of a poplar tree. The 105m structure consists of a narrow cylindrical shaft enmeshed in flaring white branch-like girders, widening toward the top (the “tree”), where a gold-mirrored 22m-diameter sphere (the “egg”) containing the observation deck is supported.
Every three years the world leaders of the various religions meet to hold congress at the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation and pray around the Baiterek, a statue symbolizing Samruk, the magic bird who lays a golden egg (the sun) containing all of humanity’s wishes and desires in the branches of a poplar tree. Then a dragon named Aidakhar eats the sun/egg and the cycle repeats itself. The mythical Samruk bird is a disguised reference to the phoenix, the mythical bird used by the Illuminati to symbolize death and rebirth, symbolizing the rising of the New World Order out of the ashes of destruction following World War III or some great world disaster, in which the world rises phoenix-like out of the ashes in the form of world government, the long cherished dream of Illuminists or Satan’s illuminated ones.


All hail SAMRUK! your “new” ONE WORLD RELIGION! world leaders

meet in circle inside PYRAMID!


Washington’s Great Work of Ages


Washington’s Great Work of Ages

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The Art Troupe Gelatin staged its exhibition on the 91st floor of Building 1 of the World Trade Center. They left the definitive signature of the future 9/11 event. Their art exhibition was staged weeks before 9/11. There are 19 floors from the 91st floor to the 110 floor. 119 is the emergency code for the Middle East. The art troupe consisted of Israelis. The exhibition and the math show that the World Trade Center was built according to a preconceived and pre-planned scheme that factored in its own planned destruction. They must have planned it years in advance. Why not the “secret destiny” of the United States referred to by FDR and Manley P. Hall suggests that the destiny of the U.S. was planned centuries in advance. The Washington street plan proves that the construction of the capital city of the USA was undertaken according to a long-term construction plan. Did that plan anticipate future events that were incorporated into its design?

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A ceremony was held to commemorate the laying of the cornerstone for the U.S. Capitol the 200th Anniversary in 1993. Sen. Strong Thermit, a 33 degree Mason, presided over the ceremony. The Masons have laid the cornerstone for every major building in Washington D.C. George Washington laid the cornerstone for the Capitol Building and a bronze commemorative plaque exists inside the building stating the fact. The laying of the foundation stone ceremony involves the use of corn, oil and wine. “Corn is the symbol of plenty, wine the symbol involves the use of the symbol of refreshment and oil the symbol of joy and gladness.” They are portrayed as symbols of blessing. Dr. Robert Hieronimus claims there are as many as seven levels of meaning in Masonic symbolism. Corn is an important symbol in Masonry. In Hebrew, “Dagan” became the name of a Babylonian god. The Phoenicians worshipped him as “Dagan”. He was represented as the fish god, the god of corn. His son was known as Baal, who was called the Son of Dagan or the Son of Corn. His son was known as Baal, who was called the Son of Dagan or the Son of Corn. Yet in the Old Testament, the Israelites offer corn, oil and wine to Yahwey, the god of the Bible. As a result, YAHWEY is believed to have punished Israel for abusing the ritual and offering the sacrament to other gods: “She did not know that I have her corn, and wine and oil…which they prepared for BAAL.” Hosea 2:8 BAAL is depicted in ancient iconography as a strong masculine bearded figure. Similar iconography in stonework can be found on buildings in Washington D.C. Some images of the bearded persona carved in reliefs above arches and doorways of buildings have sheaves of corn lodged in the hair. According to legend, BAAL was slain by the god of death and taken to the underworld, but was resurrected or “awakened”. At Hains Point in Washington, there is a bronze statue of what looks like a demon trying to emerge from the Earth. A bearded giant is depicted rising up out of the ground. The statue is called “The Awakening”. Many believe that BAAL is the real god that Masons venerate and that offering of corn, oil and wine in foundation stone ceremonies is for the god BAAL. The Masonic god “Jubalon” is an amalgam of Jehovah, BAAL and On (Egyptian sun god). It is a password for gaining admission to the higher degrees. It is a satanic rite of passage unbeknownst to many of Masonry’s initiates until they arrive in the higher degrees. Jehovah forbade the Israelites from using his name, declaring it blasphemous. BAAL was the demonic god of the Canaanites, and On was the Egyptian sun god. (Riddles in Stone) There are many passages in the Old Testament idolatry and the worship of other gods. Occult symbols reveal to those “who have eyes to see with and ears to hear with” and they conceal to the uninitiated. In Hosea, Chapter 2, the prophet imparts YAHWEY’s profound displeasure on the subject of Israel’s BAAL worship and idolatry:

8 For she did not know that I gave her corn, and wine, and oil, and multiplied her silver and gold, which they prepared for BAAL.
9 Therefore will I return, and take away my corn in the time thereof, and my wine in the season thereof, and will recover my wool and my flax given to cover her nakedness.
10 And now will I discover her lewdness in the sight of her lovers, and none shall deliver her out of my hand.
11 I will also cause all her mirth to cease, her feast days, her new moons, and her Sabbaths, and all her solemn feasts.
13 And I will visit upon her the days of Baalim, wherein she burned incense to them, and she decked herself with her earrings and her jewels, and she went after her lovers, and forgat me, saith the Lord.
14 Therefore, behold, I will allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak comfortably unto her.
15 And I will give her her vineyards from thence, and the valley of Anchor for a door of hope: and she shall sing there, as in the days of her youth. And as in the day when she came up out of the Land of Egypt.
16 And it shall be at that day, saith the Lord, that thou shalt call me Ishi; and shall call me no more Baali.
17 For I shall take away the names of Baalim out of her mouth, and they shall no more be remembered by their name. (Hosea 2:8-17)

YAHWEY has made abundantly clear the fact that he is outraged with Israel for the god of her idolatry. The import of the passage is that YAHWEY gave the Israel the sacrament of corn, oil and wine for the purpose of consecration and anointing. However, Israel bastardized the consecration rites by carrying it out in the name of other gods, particularly BAAL, the demonic god of the Canaanites. Hosea announces that Israel has elicited the wrath of YAHWEY and that He has enacted a curse upon her for abusing the rites of consecration by honouring other gods:

13 Woe unto them! For they have fled from me: destruction unto them! because they have transgressed against me: though I have redeemed them, yet they have spoken lies against me.
14 And they have not cried unto me with their heart, when they howl upon their beds: they assembled themselves for corn and wine, and they rebelled against me.
15 Though I have bound and strengthened their arms, yet do they imagine mischief against me. (Hosea 7:13-15)

Hosea then links the craftsmen and masons to the abuse of the rites. This may be the historic link to the time when the craft guilds became corrupted by Satanism. Masonry today, therefore, like the Masonry of its forebears is corrupted by the worship of Satan and practice of Satanism and all of its accompanying black arts. The link is to be found in Hosea:

1 When Ephraim spake trembling, he exalted himself in Israel; but when he offended in Baal, he died.
2 And now they sin more and more, and have made them molten images of their silver, and idols according to their own understanding, all of it the work of the craftsmen: they say of them, let the men that sacrifice kiss the calves.

Corn, oil and wine are sacraments honouring the sun and the sun god. Satanism and sun god worship have converged so that their rites have comingled and become confused. This confusion is deliberate because the Satanists endeavour to conceal their designs by disguising themselves in the garb of another faith. This was true of the Khazars whose king converted to Judaism, ostensibly so as to protect his kingdom from being slaughtered by Christian and Saracen hordes. In truth, it is probable that the worship of demonic gods is precisely what rendered he and his people vulnerable, making the conversion to Judaism an effective disguise to don in the face of crusading armies, who would have regarded Jews as their respective parent religion and therefore no threat. It would also serve to offer the Khazarians a mask behind which they might conceal their true religion.
The priests of Ancient Egypt taught the peasants that the sun was god, while the priesthood held the subtler belief that the spirit that flowed through the sun was god. However, the high initiates of the priesthood above them knew that is was really the Dog Star Sirius that was the Supreme Being. Sirius was considered the brightest star in the heavens to the Egyptians, many times brighter than the sun. The Great Pyramid was built to synchronize with Sirius so the light of the star would shine into the Queen’s Chamber in order to cast a beam upon an initiate during a ritual. When Sirius was in its ascendant in the “dog days” of summer, it was a time of drought and famine, so the star became associated with evil. Sacrifices were held to appease and gratify the principle of evil. In time, this became perverted so that evil became venerated and sacrifice was undertaken not to appease but to exalt and worship the god of evil.
The Declaration of Independence was signed when the sun was aligned with Sirius in July of 1776. When the Washington Monument cornerstone was laid in 1848, the sun had just passed over Sirius. Sirius would have been in the eastern sky rising over the Capitol Building during the ceremony. The monument was designed by Freemason architect Robert Mills. It was originally designed with a Roman-style colonnade around it and the original plan called for it to be erected just south of the White House. It was moved because the ground was not firm enough to support such a structure. It was not in perfect alignment with the White House in the new location, but was in perfect north-south alignment with the Masonic House of the Temple, which began later. It took thirty years till the aluminum capstone was finally set in place in 1884. George Perkins Marsh, founder of the modern environmental movement, was responsible for the final design modifications. He was the US Foreign Minister to Italy. While there, he undertook detailed study of the many obelisks brought there from Egypt. Traditional Egyptian obelisks were raised to be ten times the base, so he reduced the height from 600 feet to 555 feet. He decided to discard Mill’s original design and to build only the obelisk. A true obelisk is fashioned from one block of stone, but the Washington Monument is made up of many stones. It is supposed to represent E Pluribus Unum. The pyramidian at the top is composed of thirteen levels just like the Great Pyramid featured on the hind side of the American one dollar bill. The orientation of Masonic building structures toward the east places them in reference to the rising sun, but also the rising Sirius Star. Alleister Crowley belonged to the Lodge of the Silver Star, which is Sirius, which is at the heart of a lot of ceremonial magic. The 5-pointed star in Masonic Temples represents Sirius and the Pentacle thought by many to be a satanic symbol. “The Black Star” is an ancient Gnostic term for Sirius. The Black Star is a symbol prominently displayed as the symbol of the CIA. An upright pentacle star is said to represent the non-demonic branch of Freemasonry, while the downturned one represents the malevolent branch. Sirius rises in the east and is known as “the Eastern Star”. It was identified with the dog god Anubus, who guarded the gates of death and was the protector of mysteries and as the guard of hell. But Sirius was also connected with the Egyptian goddess Isis. The appearance of Sirius proceeded the annual flooding of the River Nile. This was the same time that Isis would give birth to Horus, the son of the sun god.
The recovery of the missing capstone symbolized the return of the Great Initiate, which obviously refers to the return of Christ. Albert Pike wrote, “The sun and moon…represent the two grand principles…the male and the female…both shed their light upon their offering, the Blazing Star, or Horus….” (Morals and Dogma, p.13, 14)
The 105th Congress on Jan. 5, 2007 introduced House Resolution 33 to honour Freemasons for the contribution throughout American history. It acknowledges that the majority of those who signed the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons. They intended to found a Masonic Republic on the basis of Plato’s model of centuries ago. Every socialist country has always called itself a Republic in order to legitimize itself. It was Plato who laid down the earliest known record of Ancient Atlantis. Francis Bacon later wrote the “New Atlantis”, which was thought to be a blueprint for the New World. Bacon apparently believed that the American continent was the actual site of Ancient Atlantis, a belief held by many esoteric researchers to this day. Some ancient maps show that the east coast of America was actually the west coast of Atlantis.
Manley P. Hall is honoured as Masonry most revered philosopher. He founded the Philosophical Research Society in California, which began in 1934 and was dedicated to studying all the world’s traditions. Much of Hall’s research was funded by a Baroness, and much of it was dedicated to discovering what was behind the founding of America. Hall believed America has a secret destiny that was known to the secret societies of the ancient world. Hall has secretive relations with the White House under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. FDR sent men to microfiche many of the books in Hall’s library. The Rosicrucian Nicholas Rourke was close to Hall and was a member of the Theosophical Society. He was said to be a spiritual mentor of Henry Wallace, the Secretary of the Treasury under FDR. Wallace was a 32 Degree Freemason and FDR’s vice-president. It was Rourke’s influence that compelled FDR to place the Great seal of the US on the back of the one dollar bill. Today, a statue of Nicholas Rourke exists at the PRS Library. The New Deal of FDR is a euphemism for the New World Order or the New order of the Ages. FDR envisioned his administration as being responsible for creating a new World order out of the Depression. The principles of “democracy” were the main agenda of Freemasonry down through history known as “the Great Work” or “the Great Work of Ages”. In “The Secret Destiny of America,” Manly P. Hall wrote, “World democracy was the secret dream of the great classical philosophers….The brilliant plan of the Ancients has survived to our time…and it will continue to function until the great work is accomplished.” (Secret Destiny of All Ages, p.15)
President Bush suggests the goal of the New World Order in his inaugural address in 2005: “when our founders declared a New World Order of the Ages, they were acting on an ancient hope that is meant to be fulfilled.” However the ancient philosophers all acknowledged that a true democracy was only achievable in a society of perfected men. This is the essence of Hegel’s concept of the “absolute Spirit”. It is the occult promise of democracy reflective of America’s seeming Christian roots? Why are there so many ancient pagan symbols adorning America’s institutions and buildings? Why did the Founding Fathers declare themselves Christians and at the same time erect so many buildings dedicated to pagan gods and goddesses? Perhaps it is because prosecution was so rife in Christian Europe that great secrecy was required for self-preservation for these men who subscribed to ancient pagan beliefs. Rosicrucianism has exerted a profound influence on Freemasonry. The rose is said to be symbolic of secrecy and the occult, while the cross is said to symbolize Christianity. It is therefore thought to be the unity of the two. Charles Thompson was famous for his English translation of the Old and New Testament, but was also responsible for approving the occult design of the Great Seal. Thompson was closely associated with peter Miller, a Rosicrucian adept and a member of the Ephitera Society based in Pennsylvania. The Ephitera Cloister is thought to be the first esoteric settlement in the New World. Benjamin Franklin asked Peter Miller to translate the Declaration of Independence into several European languages. The printing of these documents was done at Ephitera Cloister. Miller was connected to many of the Founding Fathers through the American Philosophical Society founded by Ben Franklin in 1743. Thomas Paine, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, the Marquis de Lafayette, George Washington, Charles Thompson and Peter Miller were all members. Charles Darwin and Thomas Edison would join in their day. It was modeled after Francis Bacon’s “Invisible College” and the “Pagan Society”. The Rosicrucians referred to themselves as the “invisible Brotherhood”, so Rosicrucian Francis Bacon founded the “Invisible College”. A pelican is seen feeding on the Great Seal for the State of Louisiana. It is found in a picture in Manley P. Hall’s “The Secret Teachings of All Ages”. The Temple Church in London is a Knight Templar Church. It contains many Rosy Crosses. The State Capital building of Louisiana features similar rose designs. Such reliefs are also found inside the old courtroom, and can be found throughout the Library of Congress. “Knowledge is power” was a maxim of Francis Bacon. His famous quote can be seen next to his statue in the Library of Congress. Pallas Athena was the patron goddess of Bacon and wore the mask of invisibility. She can be found decorating many paintings and decorative reliefs. A painter named Webber belonged to the salon de la Rose Croix designed many of the paintings in the Library of Congress. Dante was a Rosicrucian Grand Master and infused his writings with its themes. A statue of Dante holding his Divine Comedy can be found in Meridian Hill Park in Washington, located on the sacred 77th meridian upon which Washington D.C. is founded. There is one final emblem in the Library of Congress that is symbolically profoundly significant. It features a crucifix with a black double-headed phoenix in the background. The Latin inscription reads: “Under the shadow of thy wings, protect us.” (Psalm 17:8) Whose wings are being referred to in this cryptic allusion?
Enoch is the basis for the Greek Hermes, the Roman Mercury and the Egyptian Thoth. The Elizabethan sorcerer Sir John Dee was written by entities who passed on secrets of magic based on the Book of Enoch. The system is called Enochian Magic. Genesis 5:24 refers to Enoch. Hermes Trimegestis refers to “thrice greatest Hermes”. Hermes and Hermetic tradition is said to have created the zodiac. Hermes is also responsible for the craft of creating cities which Hermes taught. “The Divine Pymander of Hermes Mercurius Trimegistus” was the progenitor of the concept “as above so below”. The Square and Compass is a disguised Hexagram Star and symbolic as “above so below”. The reflecting pools in Washington symbolize this reflecting of what is above in what is below. Pierre L’Enfant was the major designer of the Washington D.C. street plan. Many arguments took place between L’Enfant and Thomas Jefferson. L’Enfant was later fired but George Washington preserved his contribution by calling it the “L’Enfant Plan”.
David Ovason wrote “The Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capital”. He argues that the real secret of Washington resides in Federal Triangle. There is a right angle triangle surrounding the constellation Virgo, which is reflected in the Washington street plan. It symbolizes the Pythagorean Theorum. The theorem states that the base of the right angle triangle squared and the perpendicular said of the right angle triangle squared and the perpendicular side of a right angle triangle squared are equal to the third side known as the hypotenuse. The Master mason candidate is asked to meditate on the 47th problem of Euclid, which is the 47th theorem of Pythagoras and it is the Pythogorum Theorum where the sum of squared hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides in a right triangle. The upright side symbolizes the male, while the base symbolizes the female and the hypotenuse the Divine Child. Federal Triangle, therefore, symbolizes the Egyptian Holy Trinity of Osiris (BAAL), Isis (Astarte/Ishtar), and Horus. The White House, Washington Monument and the Capitol Building are oriented to form a right angle triangle. The squared elements resemble the letter Y. The placement of Washington at the base of the Potomac River and the Eastern rivers form a Y shape. This is intended to harness the spiritual energies associated with Virgo. But for what purpose? Are the energies intended to bring forth the Divine Child. David Ovason refers to Pennsylvania Ave. as the spiritual center of Washington D.C. It is the hypotenuse of Federal Triangle. The Divine Child is supposed to be the New Age Messiah, the coming together of the cosmic masculine and feminine forces to produce synergy. Alchemy comes from the Arabic word meaning chemistry. It is about the transformation of the lower self to the higher self, or from base metal to gold, sometimes the chemical marriage or wedding. “The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz” is a book which explains that man, having lost his original Adamic state, is divided within himself. He regains his integral nature only when the two powers…are again reconciled with one another.”
The Buchanan monument placed Buchanan, a Mason, between a male and female god and goddess as the hypotenuse, where the perfected man would be. Daniel Canter Beard founded the Boy Scouts of America. The Boy Scout Memorial on 15th St. between East Street and Constitutional Ave. depict a Boy Scout as the Divine offspring between the male god and female goddess. The Meade Memorial commemorates the victory of Gen. Meade in battle and suggests he was helped by a heavenly throng of gods and goddesses and an angelic host. Esotericists agree that one must be helped from above by drawing down spiritual forces to the Earth plane. In the 30th degree, Masons drink wine out of a human skull, which they are told embodies the blood of Zoroaster, Buddha, Confucius, Jesus and all the venerable teachers of history, a form of Masonic transubstantiation.
The former Sovereign Grand Commander of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, C. Fred Kleinkinecht, was pictured with Ronald Reagan when he was made an honorary 33rd Degree Mason. Kleinkinecht wrote the foreword to David Ovason’s book. He writes “as above so below”. These words, attributed to Hermes Trimegistus, lie at the heart of Western esoteric tradition.
Albert Pike was the personage who recommended stellar constellations be placed on the ceilings of Masonic Lodges. He was given the task of rewriting the Degree rituals for the Scottish Rite. He was the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Southern Jurisdiction based in Washington, the same office later held by Kleinkinecht. Pike declared that “the definition of Freemasonry is an advance toward the light”. What light are the Masons referring to exactly? “Lucifer, strange and mysterious name to give to the spirit of darkness. Is it he who bears the light? Doubt it not!”
John Russel Pope, posing with the usual “hidden hand” of Freemasonry, is the designer of the Masonic House of the Temple, modelling it after the Mausoleum at Helicanarsus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The Temple is 13 blocks north of the White House and has 13 steps on its roof like the pyramid in the Great Seal. In the Library of Congress, it says, “The true Shekinah is man” or “Too low they build who build beneath the stars”. The number 13 represents the will to go beyond the zodiac. In the cabbala, Shekinah represents the manifestation of God’s glory.
Where are the earliest references to 13? In Genesis 14:4 it reads, “Twelve years they served Chedorlaomer, and in the thirteenth year, they rebelled.” It signifies rebellion, apostacy and revolution. When America was made up of 13 colonies, its rebellion against England occurred. Benjamin Franklin was responsible for the design showing a serpent on the ceiling of the Captitol Building with the words, “Join or die”, oddly echoed in George Bush’s post-911 speech, “you’re either with us or against us.” Franklin proposed the phrase for the Great Seal: “Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God”. Franklin’s serpent of rebellion is divided into 13 segments. The cornerstone of the White House was laid on October 13, 1792, October 13 being the date of the Templars dissolution in 1307.
The White House architect was an Irishman named James Hobin, who based his design on Langster House in Ireland, headquarters of the Irish parliament since 1922. Before that it was the first Masonic Temple in Ireland. Baron Karl von Hunt, Masonic author, says that some Templars went to Ireland before reorganizing to form their well known powerbase in Scotland. The knights had a foothold in Ireland since the 13th century through their banking operations. Langster House has connections to the Templars and used to be Killwinning Lodge No. 75 or the High Knights Templar of Ireland. James Hobbin was an Irish Freemason. October 13, 1792, when the cornerstone of the White House was laid, was the 485th anniversary of Black Friday when the Templars were dissolved as an order. The numbers 4+8+5=17, and the cornerstone was laid 17 years after America’s independence. Oct. 12, 1792 was the first celebration of Columbus Day in America.
Outside the House of the Temple, there are two Sphinxes, representing Wisdom and Power. The one with its eyes half closed is Wisdom, while the one representing Power has its eyes wide open and is looking heavenward. These two principles are said to embody Plato’s concept of “the perfected man”. The House of the Temple houses the remains of Albert Pike and there is an entire room dedicated to him. He lived to see the completion of the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument. Some claim that Pike’s radical brand of Freemasonry is the product of a tumultuous struggle that took place right after the revolution. Could this struggle have influenced many things including the design of Washington D.C. Weishaupt write a book titled “Pythagoras”. His order, the Bavarian Illuminati was founded in 1776. Washington’s design is based on Platonic solids and Pathagorean geometry. The Illuminati was founded by Freemason and Jesuit Weishaupt. Its purported goals were to achieve the separation of church and state, the imposition of controls on the power of the state, and the emancipation of women. It they were against the order of monarchs, then the date for the founding of America, the foundation of the Bavarian Illuminati, becomes important because they share the same ideals. Some believe Weishaupt’s order was disbanded after being outlawed by the Bavarian government in 1785, creating its demise in 1786.
Some point to a letter written by George Washington in Oct. 24, 1798 for evidence of Illuminati influence in America. Writing to Rev. G.W. Snyder, Washington acknowledged the presence of Illuminati in America. Snyder had sent Washington “Proofs of a Conspiracy against all the Religions and Governments of Europe” by John Robinson. Washington wrote, “It was not my intention to doubt that the doctrines of the Illuminati and the Principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the Unites States. On the contrary, no one is more truly satisfied of this fact than I am.” (The George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress, George Washington to George Washington Snyder, Oct. 24, 1789.
President Bush said in his inaugural address, Jan. 2005, “By our effort, we have lit the fire as well, a fire in the minds of men. It warms those who feel its power. It burns those who fight its progress, and one day this untamed fire of freedom will reach the darkest corner of our world.” Interesting that James J. Billington, author of “Fire in the Minds of Men,” was photographed with Laura Bush at the Library of Congress. His book title seems to have inspired Bush’s speech. He argued in his book that it was the Illuminati that put the fire in the minds of men and inspired them to change the world. Like Obama, Bush believes there are different religions and different routes to finding God and going to heaven. His beliefs adhere more to Ecumenicalism than Christianity.
The Jacobins were a front name for the Illuminati. It was the Jacobin, Citizen Jenai, who incited the Whisky Rebellion in 1794 in America as the French Ambassador. The Phrygian red cap was a symbol of the Revolution and was often worn by rebels or carried on a long staff. It is a prominent democratic symbol of the Library of Congress and is featured in other more revolutionary iconography. It can be traced back to Rome, where it was worn by slaves who had gained their freedom. It was worn by the dying god Mithras who was later resurrected. It was also worn by Ganemede. He was later given a place in the heavens by Zeus, where he became the constellation Aquarius.
Daniel was called “Rob Mag” meaning “Chief of the Magi”. He resided in Persia during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar. An angel appeared to Daniel and gave him a timeline of when to expect the King of Israel. Many scholars believe the Magi from Persia were following the prophecies of Daniel. However, Masons believe the Magi were Zoroastrians who followed the Eastern Star, Sirius, to the birthplace of the Lord. Zoroaster means “radiant one” and referred to the bright halo around the prophet’s head.
Eliphas Levi, the 19th century occultist, argued that the pentagram with one point up was a positive symbol, while the same symbol with the single point directed downward was malevolent. His writings inspired Blavatsky, Manley P. Hall, Albert Pike, and Aleister Crowley. Eliphas Levi’s concept of the Pentagram was likely the influence of Henricus Cornelius Agrippa. He published “Three Books of Occult Philosophy” in 1509. He is mentioned in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and the Harry Potter series. Today his works are published under the title “Foundation of Western Occultism” In his book, he features an inverted Pentagram and calls it “The Pentagram of Pythagoras”. According to Pythagoras, the inverted Pentagram symbolized “Tartarus”, one of the Greek words for Hell. Dante believed the descent into Hell would instruct the initiate and lead him to paradise.
Apologists for the street plan designers argue that the Pentagram in Washington found in the alignment of streets near the White House is incomplete or unfinished, but the “unfinished pentagram” has a place in the occult. Manley P. Hall writes in “The Secret Teachings of All Ages,” that “The pentagram is used extensively in black magic….The star may be broken at one point by not permitting the converging lines to touch…It may be inverted by having one point down and two up. When used in black magic, the pentagram is called the sign of the “cloven hoof”, or the footprint of the Devil.” (Secret Teachings, p.CIV) Goethe’s play Faust mentions “the unfinished pentagram” first published in 1890. The reference occurs in a scene between Faust and Mephistopheles:

Mephistopheles: Let me go up! I cannot go away! A little hindrance bids me stay.
Faust: The pentagram? That’s in your way? You son of Hell, explain to me, if that stays you, how come you in today?
Mehistopheles: Observe it closely. It is not well made. One angle on the other side of it, is just a little open, as you see.

Faust was published in 1890 and Pierre L’Enfant drew the initiate plan for the street map of Washington in 1791 and 1792. This might seem like coincidence except for the fact that Goethe was a Freemason and a prominent member of the Illuminati like L’Enfant. Michael Baigent points out that Goethe himself was a Faustian figure, an adjunct of his own hermetic quest. Could the unfinished pentagram in Washington have something to do with “as above so below”? David Oveson regards Washington as the “City of the Stars”. The “unfinished pentagram” design is actually reflected in the unfinished pentagram featured in Venus’ transits. Venus has a lot of retrograde motions because it’s between us and the sun. The Venus transits take eight years to complete. The five-petal flower is depicted throughout Washington and is an expression of Venus. The Pentagram Building references it as well.
The Golden Dawn saw the pentagram as a symbol of the “perfected man”. Eliphas levi believed the angels aspired to be men because the perfect man was above even the angels. The National Archives Building in Washington is surrounded by 72 columns. The average heart beats 72 times per minute. The sun drops back against the zodiac every 72 years. The pyramid on the back of the U.S. one dollar bill contains a pyramid 72 mason block stones. 7+2 =9, which is the number of finality, and 9 is a reversed 6, which is said to be the number of the “perfect man”. So it is hardly an accident that that an authority male figure should be found on the building overlooking Pennsylvania Ave., the hypotenuse of Federal Triangle adorned with 6 stars above his head. Beneath him on the ground are a male and female god and goddess with the “perfected man” in between. The figure above Pennsylvania Ave. looking down is called “Destiny”. Manley P. Hall spoke of “America’s assignment with destiny”, while FDR spoke of “America’s rendezvous with destiny”/ Is this the Masonic Christ? In New York, at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, there is a Zoroastrian-looking cap with rays of light emitting from behind him. Is the Christ of the New Age? Many believe such a figure is about to take his place on the world stage. Benjamin Creme, who he calls this figure “Matraya”, is standing by and is about to appear according to Creme. May 14, 1982 was the date of Creme’s first Matraya announcement. May 14 is also the birth date of the modern state of Israel. (Riddles in Stone)
There has been much written and discussed about Dec. 21, 2012. It is the winter solstice and hearkens back to the holidays of the pagan sun cults represented by the Babylonian trinity Nimrod, Simiramis and Tammuz and their Egyptian counterparts Osiris, Isis and Horus. After the Luciferians took over the Northern Kingdom of Egypt, following the influx of refugees from Land of Canaan known as the Hebiru or “Shepherd Kings,” the monotheistic religion of the Pharaoh Akhenaton came into being, which venerated the god of this world or Lucifer. The new religion and the older pagan cult then fused to produce the hybrid we know it as today and to which the elite Satanic cabal known as the Illuminati continue to subscribe. In light of this, December 21, 2012 – a date that will live in infamy because the world population has been brainwashed to welcome that date as one of great significance – is in fact a date with Lucifer. December 21 let us remember is the date that the sun god dies and goes to a dark place for three days until he is raised by the moon goddess three days later in a necromancy ceremony conceived to raise her consort from the dead. Thus, the date itself symbolizes the resurrection of the sun god, who is actually Lucifer since the cult of the sun god and the cult of Lucifer were actually fused in Egypt at the time of the Middle Kingdom. What this suggests is the rebirth of Lucifer, who will assume the world throne at the resurrected Temple in Jerusalem on December 21, 2012.
Astrological chart for December 21, 2012

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To understanding the above chart for December 21, 2012, it is necessary to offer some background on the concept of sacred geometry and the occult significance of the geometric shapes found within this uniquely singular chart. The concentration of planetary rulerships in the first three houses and the last five houses of the chart creates a semi-circle of planetary influence that is immediately noticeable and discernible. This produces a matrix of lines based on trines, squares, and oppositions that produce obvious and significant geometric forms. The sacred geometry produced from these matrices is of such occult significance that it cannot be dismissed, especially in light of the date December 21, 2012, and what it actually commemorates. Present within the above chart is a perfected pyramid factoring in the Golden Mean or Pi ratio.
To offer some background to our study of sacred geometry, let us begin by going back to the dawn of civilization, where we see a figure emerging from the mist of history known as Enoch, first referred to in Genesis 5:24. Enoch is the basis for the Greek Hermes (Mercury to the Romans) and the Egyptian Thoth. The system is called Enochian magic. Hermes Trimegistus means “Thrice Greatest Hermes”. Hermes and Hermetic tradition is said to have created the zodiac. Hermetic tradition is also responsible for the craft of creating cities, which Hermes taught. “The Divine Pymander of Hermes Mercurius Trimegistus” introduced the concept of “As above So Below”. The Square and Compass is a disguised Hexagram Star and is symbolic of “As above So Below”. The reflecting pools in Washington D.C. symbolize this reflecting of what is above in what is below.
David Ovason argues in “The Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capital,” that the real secret of Washington lies in Federal Triangle. There is a right angle triangle surrounding the constellation Virgo reflected in the Washington street plan. This is significant since the plan to usher in the Antichrist beings in mid-September 2009 when a stellium of planets comprised of Mercury, the Sun, Saturn and the Moon all appear in the 10th House relating to the public, conveying a strong commitment in terms of governance over health. This health initiative will be used to weaken the resistance of the people and to make them more susceptible to the influence of the Antichrist when he emerges on the world stage in 2012 represented as a Savior figure and the instrument of our planetary salvation.
Let us not forget that the right angle triangle is the geometric representation of the Pythagorean theorem. The theorem states that the base of the right angle triangle squared and the perpendicular side of a right angle triangle squared are equal to the third side known as the hypotenuse. The Master Mason candidate of Freemasonry is asked to meditate on the 47th problem of Euclid, which is the 47th theorem of Pythagoras, which also states that the sum of the squared hypotenuse is equal to the sum the squares of the other two sides in a right angle triangle. In occult circles, the upright side symbolizes the male, the base symbolizes the female and the hypotenuse symbolized the Divine Child. (Riddle in Stone) The Divine Child translates as the son of the sun god Tammuz/Horus, the product of the union of the sun god and his consort the moon goddess, but because of the fusing of the old sun god cults with the newer Lucifer cult, Osiris = Lucifer and the Divine Child Horus = the Antichrist.

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a2 + b2 = c2

The White House, Washington Monument and the Capital Building all line up as a right angle triangle. The occultists intended for this street plan to draw on the spiritual energies of Virgo. Are the energies intended to bring forth the Divine Child? David Ovason refers to Pennsylvania Avenue as the spiritual center of Washington D.C. It is the hypotenuse of Federal Triangle. The Divine Child is supposed to be the New Age Messiah, the coming together of the cosmic masculine and feminine forces to produce a synergy, which the Masons believe will create the so-called “Perfected Man” who is in fact the Masonic Christ or Antichrist.
The Buchanan monument in Washington D.C. placed Buchanan, a Mason, between a male and female god and goddess as the hypotenuse, where the perfected man is supposed to be. Daniel Carter Beard founded the Boy Scouts of America. The Boy Scout Memorial on 15th Street, between East Street and Constitution Ave. show the Boy Scout as the Divine offspring of the male god and female goddess statues he stands between. (Riddles in Stone)


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The Mayan calendar above displays a perfected pyramid embodying the Golden Mean formed by Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto at the base with an apex forming in Neptune. This pyramid, which perfects on December 21, 2012, heralds the arrival of the Antichrist on the world stage. This will be commemorated in symbolic terms by the capping of the Great Pyramid of Egypt with its missing capstone, an event depicted on the reverse side of the American one dollar bill. This in turn commemorates the ascension of the Masonic Christ or Antichrist to the throne in Jerusalem, an event symbolically conferred by the date December 21, 2001, the chart above confirming this to be the case with the esoteric geometry it invokes.
In addition, a right angle triangle drawing on the energy of Virgo, which is surrounded by a right angle triangle, can also be found in the matrix of lines found in the chart drawing for December 1, 2012, heralding the arrival of the Masons’ “Perfected Man,” the Masonic Christ or Antichrist. In keeping with the occult belief “As above So Below,” a right angle triangle is formed in the chart of the heavens on December 21, 2012, the malefic planets Saturn and Pluto forming the male energy of the upright line, Jupiter and Saturn forming the feminine energy of the base, and Pluto and Jupiter forming the hypotenuse representing the Divine Child, which in this case is the Antichrist.
It turns out that the International Swine Flu Conference August 19-21 Washington D.C. is being held in a place of due ceremony for the occultists. If you reread my article, you will be shocked to discover that the same street in Washington D.C. that they are holding their little Antichrist Swine Flu party – how to take out the goyim by their own unclean habit of eating swine – is the very same street that happens to be the hypotenuse of Federal Triangle, namely Pennsylvania Ave. And let’s not forget, to the occultists, the hypotenuse of the right angle triangle represents the so-called “perfected man”, the Masonic Christ, the Antichrist. So the swine flu conference in Washington D.C. is a date with the Antichrist. Remember also that the “Sylvania” in Pennsylvania refers to a wooded area or grove of trees where witchcraft rites are held.
Washington D.C. is home to an elaborate street plan, which employs ancient arts, which could be compared with the “strongholds” of the Old Testament described in such books as Exodus, Isiah, Daniel, etc. The street plan of Washington incorporates the Platonic solids into its elaborate design: Hexahedron (Earth), Octahedron (Air), Tetrahedron (fire), Icosahedron (Water), and Dodecahedron (Ether). The Platonic solids are the basis of all matter. Observation Circle is home to U.S. Naval Observatory and the Vice-president, currently Joe Biden. It represents the Moon Goddess Isis on the Washington street map. Observation Circle is 2160 feet while the moon’s diameter is 2160 miles across. Columbia Circle at Union Station is the sun Circle. The streets of Columbus circle form the sun’s rays of light: Massachusetts Ave., S St, E St., Louisiana Ave., Delaware Ave., 1st St., and to Massachusetts Ave. Meridian Hill Park St. Off 16th Ave. is located off 16th St., which is the meridian line for most of Washington’s sacred geometry. The Octahedron is one of the Platonic solids, symbolizing the air element. There is an Octahedron on 16th Ave. The points on the Octahedron are the White House, Logan’s Circle, the apex of the Octahedron (16th and U Street) and back to the White House. The Octahedron is symbolic of the union between the spiritual and physical like the 6-pointed star and the yin/yang symbol. They bring together all opposites, the highest attainable for all sorcery.
Tetrahedron is the CITGO Gas Station logo. In Washington, the shape is formed by Washington Circle, Mt. Vernon Square, and the apex at U and 16th St. The connecting streets are 16th St., K St., Newhampshire Ave, a line between U and 16th St. And Mt Vernon Square. The centre of the Tetrahedron is Scott’s Circle, which connects to the apex by 16th St., and the White House by Rhode Island Ave. and Mt. Vernon Square, by Massachusetts Ave. This sacred geometry forms a stronghold, empowering the sorcerers to impose their will on the physical plane. They do this by manipulating the element of fire, which is the element housed within the elemental shape. Beneath this Tetrahedron is the White House, the Jefferson Memorial, the U.S. Capitol Building, and the Lincoln Memorial, which forms a cross. The same cross was later mapped inside a 7-sided coffin-shaped configuration. Does this symbol represent the death of Christianity? The Jefferson Spear Stone, which corresponds to the Tree of Life called the Sephirah Yesod, which stands for “foundation”, as in the foundation of a stronghold. Sephirah means “spheres, “numbers” or “emanations”. The Sephiroth are the numbers 1 through 10 considered in their archetypal sense. Each Sephira is an archetypal idea. Also, the Sephiroth represents emanations of God and describes the process of Creation.
The Icasahedron represents the element water, so in the union of opposites, it represents the opposition of fire. The points for the Icosahedron are Mt. Vernon Sq., Washington Circle and the Jefferson Memorial. The White House is at the centre of the Icosahedron and is connected by the diagonal lines New York Ave. and Pennsylvania Ave. Inside the Icosehedron is a double square divided by 16th St. With four triangular areas. These symbols represent the square root of 5. This is the Golden proportion that opens the family relationships, which links the world of matter with the world of spirit. One square is formed from K St., U St., 7th St., and 16th Ave. Through the centre are P St. 13th St. This triangular shape opens the Golden Ratio, which represents Pi, the key to the geometry of the universe.
The Heptagon is a 7-pointed star. The sorcerer Sir John Dee used it in his occult rites as did Aleister Crowley. It is formed in Washington by Logan’s circle, Dupont Circle, Washington Circle, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the Hershen Sculpture Garden, and Mt. Vernon Square. These points correspond with the 7 classical celestial bodies: Jefferson Memorial with the Sun, Lincoln Memorial with Mars, Jupiter with Washington Circle, Dupon Circle with Saturn, Logan Circle with the Moon, Mt. Vernon Sq. with Mercury, and the Hershorn Sculpture Gallery with Venus. The sculpture at Dupont Circle shows a female figure holding a globe with a ring around the globe. The Jefferson Memorial aligns with the summer solstice via Maryland Ave. The sun would rise over the capitol Dome from this viewing vantage point. It is on a direct line from the Jefferson Memorial along Maryland Ave. to the National Arboritum, where a sacred grove is erected consisting of 22 pillars or columns of stone, which correspond with the 22 major arcane of the Tarot deck and the 22 paths of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Within the Heptagon is a five-pointed star called a Hexagram. The points of the Pentagram are the White House, Mt. Vernon Sq., Washington Circle, Logan Circle, and Dupont Circle. The pentacle star also represents Venus because of her 5-pointed transit points in her 8-year cycle. It is also employed as the sign for Virgo and the sign for Isis. There is also a Hexagram with the Heptagon formed of Logan Circle, Dupont Circle, Washington Circle, Mt. Vernon Sq., Freedom Plaza, Rawlings Park. It is used in ritual magic for evoking and banishing spirits. The Heptagon is not a platonic solid. It is a seven-sided star used in sorcery.
The Kabbalistic Tree of Life is formed of 3 pillars, 10 worlds and 22 paths. The 3 pillars are connected to the 10 worlds by the 22 paths. There is the Pillar of Severity, the Pillar of Mercy, and the Pillar of Mildness. These 3 pillars can be related to the 3 central channels of energy in yoga, the Pengala, the Shashumna, and the Ida, which are linked to the seven chakra points and other meridian points within the body. The 10 worlds are Crown (crown chakra), 2 wisdom, 3 understanding, 4 mercy 5 severity, 6 beauty, 7 victory, 8 glory, 9 foundation, 10 kingdom, and an optional 11th world referred to as knowledge.
Hegel’s dialectic can be seen as the 3 pillars of the Tree of Life. The thesis represents the Pillar of Severity, the Antithesis the Pillar of Mercy, leading to the Pillar of Mildness, which is madness. This corresponds with problem-reaction-solution. The Kabbalistic Tree of Life is laid out on the Washington street plan with the Crown at U and 16th St., Wisdom at Logan Circle, 3 Understanding at Dupon Circle, 4 Mercy at 13th St., and New York Ave., 5 Severity 19th St. And Pennsylvania Ave., 6 the White House Kabbalistic point Beauty, 7 Victory at Freedom Plaza, 8 Glory at Rawlings Park, 9 Foundation at Jefferson Peer Stone, and Jefferson Memorial the Kabbalistic point Kingdom. An optional Kabbalistic point 11 is Scott’s Circle, which is knowledge. The Pillar of Severity is found at 19th St. Between Dupont Circle and E St., Pillar of Mercy at 13th St. Between Logan circle and E St. And Pillar of Mildness at 16th St. Between U St. and Jefferson Memorial.
The Great Pyramid in Washington is located at the first point at Independence Ave. and 1st St., where the Cannon House Building is located, draw a straight line across Independence Ave. to Arlington Cemetery, forming the foundation of the Great Pyramid. Going back to Independence Ave. and 1st St., a straight line is drawn through the Capitol Dome, Logan Circle to the apex of the pyramid found at U St. and 16th Ave. Then from the apex, a line is drawn along New Hampshire Ave. through Logan Circle, Washington Circle to Arlington National Cemetery. The passage system of the Great Pyramid is also laid out in the street plan of Washington. The descending passage or well shaft is Maryland Ave. starting at the U.S. Capitol Building and ends at the Jefferson Memorial, which corresponds with the subterranean chamber of the Great Pyramid. The ascending passageway leading to the grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid is Pennsylvania Ave. ending at Freedom Plaza, the Queen’s Chamber passageway is Constitution Ave. The area between the ascending passage (Pennsylvania Ave.) and the Queen’s chamber passageway (Constitution Ave.) is Federal Triangle. The ceiling and the relieving stones in the King’s chamber of the Great Pyramid are composed of I St, K, St, L St, De Salle’s St, and M St. The ceiling of the King’s chamber forms into a pointed roof with Rhode Island Ave. between Connecticut Ave. and Scott Circle and Massachusetts Ave. between Scott Circle and Thomas Circle. The sides of the chamber are framed by 17th St., 15th St., and the meridian of the pyramid drawn through the apex of the King’s Chamber ceiling down to the subterranean chamber formed by the Jefferson Memorial up to the apex of the Great Pyramid, which is formed by 16th Ave, which passes through the Meridian Hill Park. Within this sacred geometry is Station Stone rectangle also found at Stonehenge formed from K St. between Washington Circle and the 13th St., 13th St. between K St. and Logan Circle, P St. between Logan Circle and 23rd St., and 23rd St. P St. and Washington Circle. The perimeter of Station Stone Rectangle in Washington corresponds with the length of one side of the Great Pyramid at Giza, the perimeter also equals the foundation line of the Great Pyramid formed in the street plan of Washington. The Nile River in Egypt forms a delta branching to the left and to the right. The Potomac River also branches to the left and to the right.
The Golden Rectangle is formed at 1st St. between Independence Ave. and P St., and Independence Ave. and Independence Ave. between Potomac St. and 1st St. with the Eye of the Golden Triangle being Washington Circle. The lines within the Golden Triangle form a diagonal line along Pennsylvania Ave. between the Capitol Building and Potomac St. and a second line is formed from Pennsylvania Ave. and 1st St. to Logan Circle, and a third line formed by 19th St. between Dupont Circle and Independence Ave., a fourth line by New Hampshire Ave. between Dupont Circle and Arlington National Cemetery, a fifth at I St. between Pennsylvania Ave. and the perimeter line of Potomac St., a sixth formed at 25th St., between New Hampshire Ave. and P St., a seventh at 23rd St. between 1st St. and L St., an eighth at L St. between 25th St. and 19th St.. and ninth at K St. between 25th St. and 19th St.
There is also a Golden Rectangle encoded in the American one dollar bill. The dollar bill was designed by Edwin Mitchell Weeks. It was discovered by NASA through the Wilconsin microwave probe that the universe was in the shape of a dodecahedron, which represents ether which is the energy of the universe, and within every dodecahedron is a Golden Rectangle. It is self-evident that the Black Magicians are trying to draw this ether energy from the universe through the Golden Rectangle found in the Washington street plan and the one in the U.S. dollar bill. It is a cabbalistic microcosm of the macrocosm. There is a Golden Rectangle in the Holy Land formed in the birthplace of the Lord Jesus in Bethlehem, which is at 31.68° N., which forms a Golden Rectangle based on the polar and equatorial diameters of the Earth. The key to this energetic template of the Golden Rectangle is Phi 1.618. Phi is encoded in the Eastern Star Lodge on New Hampshire Ave. New Hampshire Ave. connects the Eastern Star Lodge to Washington Circle, the Eye of the Golden Rectangle in the nation’s capital. The Eastern Star Lodge address is 1618 New Hampshire Ave., which is Phi.
The relationship between an icosahedron and a dodecahedron creates an inter-dimensional geometric figure and is also found in the center of Washington. This is a 3-D shape on a 2-D plane. It is formed by Jefferson Monument, the Lincoln Memorial. Washington Circle, Dupont Circle, the apex U St. and 16th Ave. and Logan Circle, Mt. Vernon Square. Merchuan Sculpture Garden, the White House and Scott Circle, formed by 23rd St. between Lincoln Memorial and Washington Circle, New Hampshire Ave. between Washington Circle and U St., a line between U St. and Mt. Vernon Sq., 8th St. between Mt. Vernon Sq. and Herchem Sculpture Garden, Pennsylvania Ave. between Washington Monument and the White House, New York Ave. between the White House and Mt. Vernon Square., Massachusetts Ave. between Mt. Vernon Sq. and Scott’s Circle, Rhode Island Ave. between Scott’s Circle and Washington Circle, 16th Ave. between U St. and the Jefferson Memorial, a line between the Jefferson Memorial and Hershel Sculpture Garden, a line between the Jefferson Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. This is connected with the geometry of the apex of the Washington Monument and the Beckers-Hayden Planetary Grid of 1983. The law of similar comes into play here, the microcosm in harmony with the macrocosm. The interplay between the icosahedrons and the dodecahedron is expressed in Washington in 1/20th of the icosahedron face and the dodecahedron face, where 1/12th of the face is seen in the Pentagon Building. These shapes tap into the resonance frequency of the planet.
Vesica Pisces is the archetypal expression of twoness. It expresses growth by division and is expressed in the layout of the nation’s capital. The two interlocking circles have an intersection point considered a portal between the physical and spiritual planes. The Vesica Pisces is in Washington. The dimensions of the Great Pyramid relate to the Vesica Pisces as do the dimensions of the pyramid in Washington. In the occult world, the Vesica Pisces is related to the pineal gland. The pineal gland is the Third Eye, which allows for direct communication with great spiritual beings. The astrophysicist Carl Schwarzchild showed a wormhole featuring the Vesica Pisces. The Washington Monument is located in the center of 2 interlocking circles at the center of the Vesica Pisces. The oval office in Washington is based on the Vesica Pisces and amplifies the biophysical energies of the human body. It is part of the greater whole of the interlocking circles, which form the flower of life. The flower of life allows for the formation of all the Platonic solids.
In the middle of the line where the M cuts the lesser line, the consort stone is found in Washington at Kentucky Ave. between Lincoln Park and Burney Circle, Tennessee Ave. between Lincoln Park and Maryland Ave., Pennsylvania Ave. between the Capitol Dome and Burney Circle and Maryland Ave. between Capitol Dome and where it intersects Tennessee Ave. At the National Shrine in Washington, there is a dedication to the Virgin Mary. It features an M with a horizontal line stretched between it, surmounted by a cross formed by Massachusetts Ave. between Lincoln Park and 15th St., South Carolina Ave. between south and 15th St., 14th St. between South C St. and North C St. East Capital is the street of demarcation between North Washington and South Washington, North Carolina Ave. between Lincoln Park and 14th St. and 19th St. The south side of the horizontal cross is formed by 18th St. between Independence Ave. and east Capital St. The north side is missing. That is where the treasure is likely located. The next clue is in the National Gallery of Art. It is the painting “Sacrament of the Last Supper by Salvador Dali. The painting forms a pyramid with the apex on the Adam’s apple of the floating figure. Who is the figure supposed to represent? Is this revelation by omission perhaps? Potomac River and Potomac Ave. are significant. “Potomac” means something brought or the place where something is brought” in the Algonquin language. An area east of Lincoln Park is where the treasure was brought, Eastern High School on East Capitol St., which is the demarcation street between the lettered streets in north Washington and North B St. or South B St. and South A St. There is north B St. or South B St. There are other letters to J, but no North J St. or South J St. There is a coffer in a Templar shrine in France. It is a clue to the city where the treasure is hidden, Washington. The missing head of the figure is that of John the Baptist. The treasure is the head of John the Baptist, which gives the city spiritual power to draw from.
The National Mall harnesses energies from popular demonstrations and also from cemeteries like Arlington National Cemetery, Congressional Cemetery and Fort Lincoln Cemetery in Maryland. In Congressional Cemetery, the spiritual energy is harnessed from the 166 cenotaphs, meaning “empty tomb”, monuments to the dead whose remains may be buried elsewhere. It represents the handle of the sword with the blade stuck in the ground to collect energy. Spiritual energies are being harnessed in Arlington Cemetery from the JFK Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. The assassinated presidents are linked in death by the Arlington Memorial Bridge. They were linked in life by the law of similars. They are linked in death through Washington Circle via 23rd Ave. and the Arlington Memorial Bridge and Washington Circle is the Eye of the Golden Rectangle. The Eye of the Circle of the Lincoln Memorial connects with the future, the Lincoln assassination with the future Kennedy assassination.
Qi or prana chakras in Washington correspond with body chakras and meridians. 16th St. represent the Shushumna. There are 7 chakra points: Jefferson Memorial (the root chakra), Jefferson Peer Stone (the sex chakra), the Zero Mile Marker (the navel chakra), the White House (the heart chakra), Lafayette Park (the throat chakra), Scott’s Circle (the brow chakra), U st. and 16th St. (the Crown Chakra), the apex of the Great Pyramid.
Check Isiah 10. Our deliverance is like exodus and the story of Gideon Judges 6. There are 29 stone obelisks from Egypt that have been moved to key positions around the world. It means “veil shaft” obelisk. Washington Monument is really a pyramid lifted up or exalted. Judges 6 describes the tearing down of the veil of Asherah, which is the obelisk. The Ashera is the Pentagon. Check out Corinthians 2:6. Daniel 9 is about the power of praying a prophecy. Praying for the end of sorcery can impede the black magicians from harnessing the power of their strongholds. Isiah 52 is about awakening and coming out of the spell and overcoming the “world” through faith. The only ones to do it are the “remnant” that is part of the body of Christ, as Leviticus 26:6-8 contends: “But you will chase your enemies, and they will fall before you by the sword; five of you will chase a hundred, and a hundred will chase ten thousand, and your enemies will fall before you by the sword.”

Main Source: “DC Street Sorcery”, http://archives.sfaw.org/video-03-2009.asp


Jesus Is Leo the Lion King

Jesus Is Leo the Lion King

By Timothy Spearman

I cast a Natal Chart for Jesus (Esu Immanuel) for August 8, 8 BC. Sacred Numerology 888. That’s right, it seems Jesus was a Leo according to authoritative sources. I did not have a birth time, so I went into meditation and asked about the time. I was given a clock face and the time 3:40 am. I cast the chart based on the place name Bethlehem.


jesus birth chart

Based on astrology, there are a number of reasons for believing this is the right chart for the man the majority of humanity know as Jesus. Pluto is nearly conjunct the Moon in the Second House. The Second House rules expenses. Jesus was sold for a few sheckles of silver. Pluto is the Scorpionic planet of death. Thus, death through sale or expenses. Pluto is conjunct his Moon. The Moon is associated with Cancer which rules the home. So his home and family are disrupted by a malefic planetary influence. The Moon and Pluto in the Second House are opposed by Saturn and Uranus which are nearly conjunct in the Ninth House under the rulership of Pisces. This is telling because these planets in opposition are complemented by the symbol of the Piscean fish swimming in opposite directions. Jesus’ religious and spiritual life was epitomized by spiritual warfare against two opposing drives. The Ninth House rules spirituality and religion. Jesus’ religious and spiritual life was all about Uranian freedom, but Saturnine restrictions were imposed on his bid for Uranian freedom from birth. It is interesting to note that both Saturn and Uranus are retrograde in his birth chart, which I tend to liken to a tarot card reversed. In other words, the influence the planet would normally have is reversed in a sense, so that if it is a malefic planet, its influence becomes less so; and if benefic, it will offer less of the benefic energy. The fact that Uranus and Saturn are conjunct suggests that their influences are neutralizing each other in the chart. As you know, Herod’s edict at the time of Jesus’ birth drove his parents to spirit the infant Jesus out of the Holy Land to Egypt, expressing the disruption caused by the planet Pluto on the home from the time of his birth. The fact that Mars and Venus are conjunct in the Twelfth House under the rulership of Cancer says it all because the Twelfth House is about the altruistic impulse to sacrifice oneself or the individuated ego for the good of the whole. Cancer rules the homeland and Jesus would make the ultimate sacrifice of giving his life in his homeland of Judea. The fact that the goddess of love should be conjunct the god of war in the Twelfth House speaks volumes about the Christian belief of “the Evangel suffering for our sins,” but the love cancels out or neutralizes the violence so that he can triumph over death and violence in the end. It is also interesting to note that his sun sign is in the Ascendant First House under the rulership of Leo in opposition to Jupiter in the Seventh House under the rulership of Aquarius. Let us remember that he is the promised Messiah, so his role is Aquarian. Jupiter rules kings and kingships in Aquarius. The opposition suggests that Esu, the Messiah/Christ or rightfully anointed king was born for this role, which we know to be the case since he was the promised Messiah. It is his Natal Promise that he will achieve Kingship under the planetary rulership of Jupiter in the Seventh House. The Moon and Pluto in the Second House are opposed by Saturn and Uranus in the Eight House under the sign of Pisces. This I take to imply that Jesus’ influence on the outside world is tempered by the legal restrictions that were imposed by Roman rule.
Now let us see what fruit is borne from a Sabian Symbol Reading of Esu
Immanuel’s Chart:
The Sun at 12 Degrees of Leo: Sabian Symbol of “An Evening Lawn Party of Adults.” Certainly the visitation by the Three Wise Magi could be seen as “An Evening Lawn Party for Adults” celebrating the birth of a child.
Mercury at 28 Degrees of Cancer: Sabian Symbol of “Indian Girl Introduces College Boyfriend to Her Assembled Tribe.” Given the story of the immaculate birth and Joseph’s paternal role in Esu’s birth, this is interesting.
The Moon at 4 Degrees of Virgo: Sabian Symbol of “Black and White Children Playing Happily Together”. It is likely that there was indeed a multicultural throng attending the home of the infant Jesus. The prophecies pertaining to the arrival of the Messiah would have attracted the wise Magi and others from various locales, not to mention the multicultural environment of Judea at the time.
Pluto at 6 Degrees of Virgo: Sabian Symbol of “A Merry-Go-Round.” Indeed, his life would have seemed like a merry-go-round under the influence of Pluto in the Second House, which would have acted as a disruptive force in his home life and homeland time and time again.
Neptune at 1 Degree of Scorpio: Sabian Symbol of “A Sightseeing Bus Filled with Tourists.” The traveling caravan headed west to Egypt with a throng of travelers endeavoring to escape the edict of King Herod against the first born of Israel might have seemed like “A Sightseeing Bus Filled with Tourists.”
Jupiter at 13 Degrees of Aquarius: Sabian Symbol of “A Barometer.” This is a fascinating Sabian Symbol as Jesus’ Messianic kingship was certainly akin to “a barometer” of the times. Jupiter rules kings and it would certainly be fair to say that what happened to him was “a barometer” of the degree to which Rome was exercising its iron fist upon the province of Judea.
Uranus at 1 Degree of Pisces in the Ninth House: Sabian Symbol of “A Crowded Public Marketplace.” Since the Ninth House rules spirituality, religion and philosophy, the significance of this Sabian symbol is that it could refer to the sermons and parables Jesus was wont to give in marketplace-like settings.
Saturn at 7 Degrees of Aquarius in the Ninth House: Sabian Symbol “Illuminated by a Shaft of Light, a Large Cross Lies on Rocks Surrounded by Sea and Mist.” Saturn is the ruler of death. It is undeniable that it is the malefic planetary influence in Jesus’ religious and spiritual life. The Sabian Symbol in question consists of a large cross fallen on rocks illuminated by a triumphant shaft of light over and above it is suggestive given the triumph over death the Savior is said to have experienced.
The Moon’s Node at 22 Degrees of Taurus: Sabian Symbol of “White Dove Flying over Troubled Waters.” We all know the significance of this symbol. The white dove represents the dove of peace which flies over the troubled waters of the Holy Land.
Venus at 3 Degrees of Cancer in the Twelfth House: Sabian Symbol of “An Arctic Explorer Leading a Reindeer through Icy Canyons.” The Twelfth House represents the aspirant’s ability to overcome the ego in an altruistic effort to serve humanity as a whole. Jesus’ sacrifice has led to us celebrating the Feast Day of Our Lord. St. Nicholas has become the symbol of that celebration. In recent days, St. Nicholas has become Santa Claus depicted here as an Arctic explorer guiding reindeer. Keep in mind that Sabian Symbols represent archetypes and we certainly see the relevance of this archetype in the Christmas story.
Mars at 4 Degrees of Cancer in the Twelfth House: Sabian Symbol of “A Cat Arguing with a Mouse.” Before Jesus performed the ultimate sacrifice, he was engaged in a cat and mouse game with the authorities, beginning with his arrest and culminating in the war of words with Pontius Pilate, which could be seen as a cat with some authority debating with a cornered and trapped mouse.
When you take the first Sabian Symbols of the chart and the archetypes they represent, it definitely tells a tale in a progressed fashion, whereby the astrological houses represent in some way the stages in Jesus’ life from his Nativity to the Crucifixion. These stages are analogous to the 12 stages of the Cross. Indeed, from an astrological point of you, they are indeed the Twelve Stages of the Cross in the life cycle of the Lord. We all carry the cross of the zodiac. Our Natal Chart is our Natal Promise and displays the Twelve Stages of the Cross we all must live.
The Natal Chart of Jesus does rather confirm the legitimacy of his true birth date given as August 8, 8 BC, at least it will among those who have not been completely jaded by the cynicism of the post-modern atheistic mindset.
God bless,
Timothy Spearman



Titanic Mass Murder Plot

Titanic Mass Murder Plot
There were a total of fifty-five cancellations before she set sail, somewhat reminiscent of the rumors surrounding 9/11 alleging that several people failed to show up for work at the World Trade Center that day seemingly as a result of some form of advance warning, or the Oklahoma Bombing, where several members of the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearm Bureau, which had an office in the federal building, stayed away from work the day of the bombing, having received prior warning. It seems hard to deny the fact that some kind of prior warning was issued to these highly prized members of the global elite in advance. Could it be because they were all members of the Sons of Balial cabal of Freemasonry? J.P. Morgan, being one member of this cabal to cancel, claimed that it was his wife‘s prescient dream that prompted him to cancel. There must have been a fair number of clairvoyant wives on extra duty since there were 55 cancellations all told. As for the elite members who went down with the ship, many of them were purportedly members of the Law of One cabal of Freemasonry, who are alleged by some researchers to have been the good guys, the opposite of the New World Order Masons. They allegedly wanted to found a friendly League of Nations and would have done so had they not ended up at the bottom of the sea. On one level, the Titanic plot can be seen as an effort to get rid of the good guys, and as usual, ritual played a big part in the plot. It is also alleged that there was a fire and explosion in the boiler room before she set sail, which certainly resulted in damage to the ship‘s hull at the bow below the waterline. The iceberg purportedly cracked the plates for 300 feet along the ship‘s side, but the hole near the bow looks more like it was the result of an internal explosion which blew the hull from the inside out. Coal bunker fires have been employed as a M.O. for sabotaging ships since the American Civil War. The ploy consists of inserting gelignite inside a piece of coal, so that when the coal is shoveled into the furnace, it causes an explosion powerful enough to tear a hole in the hull. Why would Captain Smith accelerate as he approached a dangerous ice field, which he had been warned about repeatedly to avoid? And why is the position of the wreck at odds with the coordinates taken at the time the ship issued its distress calls? All of these facts are documented in a book called The Riddle of the Titanic by Robin Gardener and Dan Van Der Vat. There is a record of an outbreak of fire in bunker number ten of the Titanic before she set sail. It could have been extinguished in port at Southampton before she set sail. There is no reasonable excuse for it not to have been with all the great port‘s fire-fighting facilities that would but little impede her departure
time. Instead of this, however, an additional twelve firemen were signed on to extinguish the blaze at sea. In addition, efforts were made to conceal the fire from Captain Maurice Harvey Clarke, the Board of Trade inspector. Why did Smith not have the fire put out before setting sail? Why would a captain of his sterling record risk passengers and crew, the greatest sea-going vessel in history along with his reputation and the opinion of history? Why did he hide the fire and behave so irresponsibly? Could the fire or some internal structural damage account for the ship‘s slight list to port in calm seas before the collision, as noted by several witnesses? Was there some undeclared damage to account for this, such as a leak? Had the ship already been taking on water before she hit the iceberg? Why after the collision with the iceberg did Smith run the engines slow ahead for several minutes, as attested by to by several witnesses, a move which would have certainly resulted in further flooding of the forward compartments? Why was ‗counterflooding‘ not attempted as a means of keeping the ship on an even keel for longer? Why did Robert Ballard find a bulkhead not on his plan of the Titanic when exploring the wreck? (The Vatican Assassins) The authors conclude that the American disaster hearings covered up the role of the ship‘s true owner, J. Piermont Morgan, while the British inquiry, dominated by an insider-dealing Attorney- General, whitewashed the government‘s complicity in the whole affair. Meanwhile, the White Star Line covered up its own gross negligence by bribing key witnesses and packing the helmsman off to South Africa before the hearings. (Robin Gardner and Dan Van Der Vat, The Riddle of the Titanic) The Jesuit Captain Smith was well acquainted with what was expected of him. He was under a sacred Oath, functioning as a virtual mind-controlled Manchurian Candidate. This accounts for the reported enigmatic and seemingly extreme absent- minded behavior he exhibited the night of the disaster. There is no opportunity to recant. The ship has been built for the enemies of the Order. He would have the bridge manned with only one pair of binoculars, and gives orders that the ship is to speed ahead under a full head of steam, a breakneck twenty-two knots, on a moonless, dark night through a gigantic ice field, nearly eighty square miles in size, despite receiving in excess of eight telegrams of warning as well as many other cautions. Deaf to reason and apparently hell-bent on destruction, First Officer and co-conspirator, William M. Murdoch, has been instructed by the Captain on what to do at the first sign of an approaching iceberg. He orders the engines to be thrown in reverse while swinging the ship sharply to the left, its starboard side. Had the captain not reversed his engines the Titanic would have turned much more quickly the greater the forward motion. This grievous error cannot be excused, especially by an experienced navigator, as it was a violation of one of the
cardinal rules of safety, which is to avoid turning a ship broadside to danger. Yet we are asked to believe there is a rational explanation for Captain Smith, the master of his profession, making such a basic blunder in addition to steaming full speed ahead through the up-and-coming icebergs he had been warned about. There appear to be other agents who play their part in ensuring the ship could not be saved. David Blair (1875 – 19??) was a British merchant seaman with the White Star Line, who had reassigned him from the RMS Titanic just before its maiden voyage. His date of death is not listed. What happened to him? Covert operatives often disappear and are never seen again following the completion of a mission.

He was not available to testify in the inquiry afterwards and yet the evidence would suggest that he is responsible for the binoculars being unavailable for the crew. Due to his hasty departure, he accidentally kept the key with him that was meant to grant access to a storage locker believed to contain binoculars intended for use by the crow‘s nest lookout. Blair, from Broughty Ferry, was originally appointed the Second Officer of the Titanic. He had been with the ship during its trial voyages to test its seaworthiness. The White Star Line, however, decided to have the Olympic‘s Chief Officer, Henry Wilde take the position, due to his superior experience with ships of the Titanic‘s class. Blair wrote about the disappointment of losing his position on the Titanic in a postcard to his sister-in-law days before the Titanic left for Southampton, remarking, ―This is a magnificent ship, I feel very disappointed I am not to make her first voyage.‖ When Blair left the Titanic on April 9, 1912, he took with him the key to the crow‘s nest locker, by accident so it is alleged. This is no excuse and the fact that his actions were never duly investigated points to another cover up. This mistake is the reason there were no binoculars available for the crew during the voyage. According to other versions, the binoculars were not in the locker, but were left behind in his cabin, or he took them along with him when he left the ship, as they were his personal set of binoculars. The absence of binoculars being a factor in the sinking of the Titanic became a point of investigation in the subsequent inquiries into the sinking. The lookouts at the time of the collision Frederick Fleet and Reginald Lee maintained during the inquiries that they were informed they were to have no binoculars during the voyage. Fleet, when asked by a commission of inquiry composed of members of the United States Congress whether or not they would have seen the iceberg from farther away, replied that he would have seen it ―a bit sooner‖. When asked ―How much sooner?‖ he responded: ―Well, enough to get out of the way.‖ (Daily Mail, 2009)

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Titanic’s Guilty Captain Smith About to Depart, 1912.

As the Jesuit Francis M. Browne disembarked from the Titanic in returning to the Black Pope’s Irish Province, he took this final snapshot of Captain Smith peering down from the bridge. The eye contact between the Jesuit and the Deathship’s pilot betrayed the oath-bound duty the Captain would fulfill. Secrets of the Titanic, (National Geographic, 1986) Video, 60 minutes.

In 1898, fourteen years before the Titanic sank, Morgan Robertson, a member of the Jesuit Order otherwise known as the Society of Jesus wrote a fictional book called Fidelity about the largest ocean liner ever built aptly named the Titan. It was also touted to be unsinkable like the Titanic. The Titan set sail on her maiden voyage in April just like the Titanic. And like the Titanic, the Titan was moving too fast in the night, struck an iceberg and sank. Many perished because the ship had too few lifeboats for a passenger list of 3,000. The Titan, additionally, matched the Titanic nearly exactly in terms of weight and tonnage. The extraordinary number of congruencies and correlations rather diminishes the possibility that the fictional Titan and the real-life
Titanic are twins by name and fate merely by chance and coincidence. It is worth noting that the governor of Oklahoma‘s brother would similarly write an equally prophetic novel about the ‗OK Bomb‘. Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating‘s brother, Martin Keating, wrote a manuscript in 1991, roughly four years before the OKC bombing. This manuscript, now a published book, is titled The Final Jihad. In this book, Martin Keating lays out a story of terrorists, based in OKC, who decide to bomb a federal building. Guess what the name of the one of the key ―terrorists‖ in the book is? Tom McVey. Even more remarkable is the fact that the novel appears to be the script for the real-life event, since the terrorists depicted in The Final Jihad are stopped by an Oklahoma highway patrolman for a broken tail light. Gov. Frank Keating is actually a former higher up in the FBI. His brother, Martin could not get this work published until after the bombing. (FBI reopens Oklahoma City bombing case by Michael Hampton Posted: August 21, 2005 8:12 pm, http://www.homelandstupidity.us/2005/08/21/fbi- reopens-oklahoma-city-bombing-case)

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Jesuit Coadjutors William M. Murdoch and Edward J. Smith, 1912 Captain Smith (right), posing with his First Officer privy to the plot, kept the Order’s wealthy Jewish targets from boarding the partially filled lifeboats.

Departing southern England from the port of Southampton at 12:00 noon on April 10, 1912, the Captain‘s master boarded. This was the agent at the personal beck and call of the most powerful Jesuit in Ireland, who in turn reported directly to the Black Pope in Rome, Francis Xavier Wernz. The Captain‘s master was a military operative of his Provincial-Superior of the Irish Province of the Society of Jesus. The man in question was Francis M. Browne made famous in the National Geographic video Secrets of the Titanic, released in 1986, one year after Irish Jesuit priest Edward E. O‘Donnell discovered Browne‘s photographic collection in a large metal trunk, bringing it to the attention of the editor of the London Sunday Times. Browne, for the purposes of deception and ―deep cover,‖ billed himself as a mere photographer for the Church, but was serving in the same capacity as 33rd Degree Freemason, Abraham Zapruder, the photographer of the Masonic Passion Play called the ―Killing of the King‖, in which John F. Kennedy, would die ritually at the hands of his assassins. (Phelps, Vatican Assassins)

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Francis Browne, Bishop Robert Browne, William Browne, 1920s
These are the savage killers, the merciless monsters fraught with deception and treachery, brainwashed with Ignatius Loyola’s Satanic Spiritual Exercises so as, in the name of “holy obedience,” to commit crimes against humanity. Orphaned in his teens and raised by his uncle, the Bishop of Cloyne Robert Browne, Francis Browne would enter the Jesuit novitiate in 1897 at the age of 17. By 1912, the Jesuit was in his first year of “Moral Theology.” Given a camera and a first class ticket by his uncle to photograph the Titanic, Browne spent a day and a night on the Deathship capturing the last movements of targeted first class passengers as well as the Dublin Provincial’s Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors required “for martyrdom,” including Captain Edward Smith, First Officer Murdoch and Chief Purser McElroy. (www.encyclopedia-titanica.org)
Arriving in the morning at the Order‘s commercial capital of the world, London, Francis Browne would pay a visit to his brother, Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Dr. James Browne. Following breakfast, he would depart at 9:45 am on the ‗Titanic Special‘ from Waterloo station to Southampton arriving at 11:30 am. As planned, Tom Brownrigg, another Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor under orders, is waiting for Browne at the railway station: they meet, exchange greetings and proceed to Titanic‘s first class stateroom, A- 37.

This room would function as the priest‘s ‗safe house‘. The Jesuit bid his assistant adieu before Titanic departs at twelve o‘clock noon. This is High Noon, the ideal time for an assassination plot to begin, a ritual M.O. that would be repeated with the arrival of President Kennedy‘s Air Force One at Love Field in Dallas, Texas, November 22, 1963. (The Vatican Assassins) High Noon is of ritual significance in Masonic assassination plots as it commemorates the murder of Hiram Abif, the legendary architect of Solomon‘s Sun Temple, who was murdered in the Temple at High Noon following a session of prayer. Jesuit Browne now begins the second phase of his assignment. Proceeding to the Chief purser‘s office, he enjoys the genial friendship of Herbert W. McElroy. Upon presenting the Bishop‘s ‗Letter of Introduction‘ to Brother McElroy, the latter gives the Jesuit access to every inch of Titanic over the course of April 10th and 11th, 1912.

Every room is photographed, every first class person is recorded and many in lower steerages were pictured, all for the benefit of the Black Pope in Rome. The final eye contact between Captain Smith and the Jesuit agent Browne is a picture that would make a thousand words a paltry sum. According to Jesuit Pietro Alagona, ―it is lawful to murder the innocent,‖ while Jesuit Luis de Molina, “Priests
may kill the Laity to preserve their goods,” both of these criminals were fully persuaded in their brainwashed minds that they were righteous in instigating their mayhem. Jesuit Browne boards Titanic, photographs the victims, most assuredly briefs Captain Smith concerning his Oath as a Jesuit, and the following morning bids him farewell. He takes a snapshot of the somber Captain peering down from the bridge along with two crewmembers probably involved in the plot, perhaps the two lookouts whose binoculars would later go missing. (Phelps, Vatican Assassins) Many people have tried to locate the ghost ship over the years. Some hoped to sell it for scrap metal. Others hoped to get rich off the valuables stored in the ship‘s safe. It was not until Robert Ballard‘s expedition in 1985 that the ship was finally located. A year later, Robert Ballard headed another expedition to photograph and explore the ill- fated liner. The robot camera that examined the wreck showed a bulkhead absent from the original plans for the Titanic.

The stern nameplate with embossed letters eighteen inches high announcing the name of the ship was never found. The authors of The Riddle of the Titanic have concluded that the Titanic was replaced by her sister ship the Olympic in a plot to recover the huge losses she ran up. Neither Robert Ballard nor anyone else who has visited the wreck‘s watery grave has produced a single shred of evidence that the wreck was the actual Titanic—except one reference to her name on the bow and on one luggage–tag. The name is shown on nothing else both built into the ship and recovered or recorded so far. We might infer from this that White Star‘s severely damaged Olympic was marginally repaired and sent to sea as the ‗Titanic‘, while the real Titanic was renamed the ‗Olympic‘, and would later be used in World War I, and that J. P. Morgan personally benefited from the wreck. (Phelps, Vatican Assassins) The theory that the Olympic and Titanic were switched and that the ship lying at the 12,000 foot level off Newfoundland‘s Grand Banks is actually the Titanic‘s sister ship and not the Titanic as believed is supported by the following facts:
 Photographs of the Titanic taken on April 10th 1912 in Southampton show hull plates which appear as faded and discolored as those of a ship that had been to sea for over 12 months, not those of a ship that had been recently painted.  There were remnants of white paint found on the hull of the wreck, a color that was the flag color of the Olympic and never the Titanic.  The Titanic was never opened for public view when she was docked in Southampton as was the custom.
During the American investigation, Senator Smith tried to establish the true age of the lifeboats on board the stricken liner, since many started leaking when lowered into the water, which was characteristic of older lifeboats, not new ones. In addition, the lifeboats lacked lanterns and other equipment, which was uncharacteristic of a ship on her maiden voyage.  A conversation took place on the MV Kooliga, an Australian vessel in 1971, in which a man claiming to be a surviving crew member of the Titanic, stated that when he boarded the ship in Belfast, he overheard rumors that the Olympic and Titanic had been switched and the truth about the disaster had been covered up.
There was only one opportunity to switch the ships, which if true would be the greatest April fool‘s day lark ever orchestrated. (Olympic and Titanic: The Truth Behind the Conspiracy by Steve Hall & Bruce Beveridge, Harverford, PA: Infinity Publishing, 2004, front matter, ii) What is the evidence for a possible Titanic-Olympic swap? Well, let‘s examine some of the evidence on that account. On the Olympic, the swan neck vent was shorter in profile than that fitted to the Titanic. However, after the Olympic‘s port side propeller blade had been replaced at Belfast in March 1912, the height of the swan neck vent suddenly matched that of the Titanic. While this could be explained as a modification, it is odd that the Titanic should depart from Belfast on April 2, 1912, just days before its ill-fated trans-Atlantic voyage, with the same vent appearing lower than the one it had been outfitted with originally. This move created a complete reversal of the sister ships‘ swan neck vents. The question must be asked and it is a provocative one. Why did the Belfast shipyard take the lower profile vent off the Olympic and replace it with a higher one, while taking the higher one off the Titanic and replacing it with the lower profile matching the Olympic‘s. By so doing, the two ships were made to take on one another‘s profile appearances, literally swapping identities in terms of looks. While it is true that ships are sometimes fitted to closely resemble their sister ships, one wonders why this wasn‘t done at the construction phase.

A shrewd mind and discerning intellect would also ask why now just before the Titanic‘s trans-Atlantic maiden voyage to New York, the location of the future UN that would replace the League of Nations with certain influential members on board that did not share the same vision of world government as their Rockefeller-backed counterparts? (Hall and Beveridge, p.48, 49) In any of the pictures taken of the Olympic within her first few voyages, one can see that her lifeboats are painted completely white. When the Olympic returned to
Belfast following hr collision with the Hawke, the lifeboats were all painted brown around the gunwales to match those of the Titanic. Why the decision to paint the Olympic‘s lifeboats the same color as the Titanic‘s at this time remains a total mystery. These lifeboats could easily have been painted at any time. It appears that the White Star Line wished to make the lifeboats on both ships appear identical. When the Olympic left Belfast on March 7, two additional portholes were added to her forecastle within the port side plating, matching those of the Titanic. The Olympic also now had the same cowl vents as the Titanic forward of the breakwater on the port side. The ships were now suddenly interchangeable to the casual observer. (Hall and Beveridge, p.48, 49) By the time the Olympic left Belfast on March 7, the two ships were virtually identical on the exterior.

The window arrangement on B deck was the only notable exception. The Titanic‘s forward A-deck screens had not yet been fitted by the time the Olympic left Belfast. If the ships had not been switched at that time, then when? They were never to meet again. If the two ships were switched, when was the widow of opportunity? There was really only one day it could have been orchestrated. Knowing the secret societies‘ penchant for choosing certain prescribed calendar dates for their covert operations as part of their signature, April 1 better known as April Fool‘s Day would be a fitting day to pull off what would have been at the time, the greatest deception in history, assuming that the switch of the two ships actually took place. So let‘s go back to the beginning. March 27, 1912 was the day that the Titanic was officially registered. On the ―Agreement and Account of Voyages and Crew‖ agreement signed in Belfast, Captain Haddock is listed as the original intended commander to oversee the trials of the Titanic.

He would then have handed the ship over to Smith, who would have been on board the Olympic in Southampton at the time. History tells us that Smith became the commander in charge of the Titanic‘s sea trials, but how could he oversee trials in Belfast if he were purportedly in Southampton aboard the Olympic? It is conceivable that Captain Smith might have brought the Olympic to Belfast. Haddock might have sailed the disguised Titanic back to Southampton to meet the April 3,1912 departure date, while Smith took charge of the Olympic from Belfast now converted to look like her younger sister ship. Quite literally, the two captains might have handed the two ships off to one another. (Hall and Beveridge, p. 58, 59) If we follow the theory through, the Olympic would have had to depart from Southampton on the afternoon of March 30, 1912, steam all the way to Belfast, some 570 miles, bringing her to port in the wee hours of April 1st. The schedule would have
been tight and timing of the essence. The disguised Titanic would then be required to depart from Belfast around dawn on April 1st in time to make it back to New York on April 3rd. Research shows that the Olympic would have been lighted in her journey up the Victoria Channel and the River Lagan by the light of a near full moon. It is known that the Olympic could only navigate through the narrow opening of the Victoria Channel and then the river Lagan with the assistance of tugs. So how could the four of five tugs be on hand? As it happens, the Titanic‘s sea trials had been scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on April 1, 1912. Harland & Wolff had booked the Alexander Towing Co. to supply for tugs for the occasion.

The tugs, which had been dispatched from Liverpool, probably arrived the evening before the trial was scheduled to take place. If this is the case, they could have been on hand to assist the Olympic into Belfast beforehand. (Hall and Beveridge, p.59, 60) It is documented that the Olympic had been reberthed several hours after her arrival in Southampton. The question is where? There is also a record showing that the Olympic‘s position at the dock had been reversed from March 30 to April 3, 1912. Ostensibly due to the high winds on the morning of April Fool‘s, the White Star Line opted to wave the trials, as this would have put the ship at risk. Could the actual reason for the cancellation have to do with the fact that the ships had already been switched? This would also have bought the White Star Line time to make additional internal and external changes to the ships to make the switch more foolproof. It may also be the case that the structurally compromised Olympic could not have held up to two days of extensive sea trials die to her crippled hull. It should also be noted that the finishing touches to the Titanic were completed by the evening of March 31st. 99% of the workforce would have been reassigned at that time to a different project at the yard and would not be required to board her again. There would have been a small selected crew to make last minute touchups and to provide a skeleton crew for sea trials and the voyage from Belfast to Southampton. It the ships had been switched before the yard workers had reported back to work on the morning of April 1st, who among the 14,000-strong workforce would have noticed that a swap had been made? It also noteworthy that very few people were allowed to visit the Titanic in Southampton.

She was not open to public view. Her paint and funnels were touched up and she was repainted on the port side only while at Southampton. The port side was her best side and was facing the dock. Why was this done to a new ship? Was this an effort to conceal something before the hordes of passengers arrived on Wednesday April 10th? (Hall and Beveridge, p. 60, 61) Had the Jesuit-owned White Star Line and the Freemason-owned Belfast shipyard chosen the date April 1 for this
switch for obvious reasons? It is a rather coincidental date to choose for the rumored swap to take place? At 11:25 a.m. on September 20, 1911, the Olympic departed from Southampton‘s White Star Dock to begin her fifth voyage across the Atlantic. To reach the open sea from the Southampton dock, the Olympic had to make the usual S reverse maneuver that led the ship into Spithead. During its maneuvers, the ship was approached by the HMS Hawke, a Royal Navy armored cruiser. Eventually the Hawke would bear down on the Titanic and enter the same channel, leaving very little navigation room between them. The Hawke slowly began to overtake the Olympic on the starboard side. The Olympic then caught up to and surpassed the other vessel, pulling away from the cruiser, when the Hawke suddenly swung to port toward the liner‘s third funnel. On the Bridge, Captain Smith, who would later captain the Titanic, noted that the Hawke was within striking range. Due to navigational errors on board the Hawke, it was lured into the Olympic‘s starboard quarter. With the Hawke powerless to navigate, a collision was unavoidable. (Hall and Beveridge, p.15, 16) The damage to the Olympic was quickly assessed. It was determined that all three standard manganese-bronze propeller blades were damaged beyond repair and required replacing. The starboard propeller boss armed plating had been twisted and fractured. The propeller shaft was bent out of alignment and rendered inoperable. Eleven hull plates were damaged above the waterline, eight of which had to be replaced. There was a hull breach of 7 feet with a 12-15 feet pear shaped hole rising from the waterline to D deck, and a gash 40 feet wide was incurred below the waterline.

The ship‘s frame was also bent out of alignment, and thousands of her hydraulically fitted rivets were no longer watertight. (Hall and Beveridge, p.16, 17) In other words, the prognosis for ship‘s future navigational life did not look terribly promising. The temporary repairs at Southampton took about two weeks. Some researchers believe that the damage was more extensive than the White Star Line let on. Given that the ship had to be emptied of all its cargo, surplus coal, perishable food stores, etc. a two week dry dock period for assessment and repairs was not an unreasonably long period for a layover. (Hall and Beveridge, p.17) On Wednesday Oct. 4, 1911, the crippled ship then left for the shipyard in Belfast for further repairs. The 570-mile run to Belfast was necessary for making further repairs. (Hall and Beveridge, p.19) There is one serious anomaly however. The damage from the Hawke collision was supposed to be in the vicinity of the ship‘s stern about 86 ft from the ship‘s sternpost. However, a bow schematic sent from Harland & Wolff showed that the Olympic had suffered hull damage around the waterline as far forward as the second
bulkhead from the bow. It showed that hull plating between watertight compartments 2, 3 and 4 may have been compromised. If this sustained damage had really occurred, why is it not mentioned in the in any of the reference materials? The schematic from Harland & Wolff appears to show that the Hawke first collided with the Olympic 100 ft forward of the bridge, causing damage to about 115 ft of the Olympic‘s hull plating below or near the waterline. Such damage would only have been visible when the ship was in dry dock. (Hall and Beveridge, p.19, 20) Even if the hull plating were repaired, the damaged area would never be as structurally sound as before unless all the structural ribs were replaced. By analogy, it would be like replacing the breastplates on a soldier‘s armor without mending his broken bones and internal structural damage and sending him out to fend for himself on the battlefield. In other words, the extent of the damage sustained was so extensive as to point to a mortal wound from which the ship could not recover. The White Star Line would naturally wish for their flagship to be restored to service as quickly as possible.

The longer the ship stayed in dry dock in Belfast, the longer it would divert its technicians and builders from completing the work on the sister ship Titanic. In addition, the lost revenues from not having the Olympic in service was extremely damaging as were the exorbitant costs of the repairs. Most likely the channel ribs were merely bent back into position with possible reinforcements. The hull plating was then repaired and the ship put back in the water. The six and a half week timeline for repairs in Belfast would provide time for such structural repairs. The price tag of for lost revenues and repairs came to $750,000, exorbitant indeed even by today‘s standards. (Hall and Beveridge, p.20) In all likelihood it was not just the Olympic that was hemorrhaging, but the White Star Line itself.

There may have been no alternative to declaring bankruptcy except to hatch some kind of scheme to reclaim the losses. Given that the Belfast shipyard was Freemason run and given that the White Star Line was Jesuit supported, the two wings of the New World Order could have solved an array of problems by orchestrating such a conspiracy in concert. In fact, it was an ideal opportunity to accomplish several agendas at once. On the one hand, it would be a Satanic ritual orchestrated by the Jesuit Order, a test run for the eugenics/depopulation initiatives planned for the year 2000. At the same time, it would allow J.P. Morgan a member of the Jesuit Order to fulfill the plans of the committee that met at his secret compound on Jekyll Island. The meeting had been attended by Nelson Aldrich and Frank Vanderlip of the Rockefeller financial empire as well as Paul Warburg, representing the Rothschild financial empire of Europe and purportedly a banking agent for the Jesuits. These men were opposed in their desire to found a
banking institution supported by the US government that would limit the growth and influence of smaller banks thus creating a cartel or monopoly by Benjamin Guggenheim, Isador Strauss and John Jacob Astor. The theory goes that Morgan arranged for these three powerful men to board the doomed liner, seducing them on board with the prestige, glamour and invincibility of the ship and the promise that they would be rubbing shoulders with the global elite. In short, the Titanic‘s maiden voyage was so built up in the popular imagination that anyone who was anyone had to be on board. The vanity factor and the need to be seen made it a virtual public relations necessity for the global elite.

Meanwhile, Captain Smith, the Jesuit tempore co-adjator, a Jesuit of the short robe, is believed by some conspiracy theorists to be complicit in the sinking. Under the pretext of wishing to set a crossing record, he would run the ship full speed into a North Atlantic ice field despite receiving multiple warnings about such dangers. However, it is only a theory that the iceberg caused the structural damage that sunk the ship just as it is only a U.S. government-sponsored theory that passenger airliners used as guided missiles caused the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York. If that were true, then what caused The Solomon Brothers Building a.k.a. Building Number Seven to collapse? The iceberg was merely implicated as probable cause, when the ship may have been so structurally compromised from previous collisions that an iceberg was all that was required to finish the job. There are additional allegations that the ship may have been sabotaged by a coal dust explosion within the boiler room. This explosion is said to have blown a hole in the hull below the waterline.

The testimony related to a coal bunker fire on board is indisputable based on the widespread witness testimony. What is questionable is the rumored coal dust explosion that occurred as a result. Coal bunker fires were not unusual on board coal-fired ocean-going vessels. Nor was it unusual to flag a ship off with a coal bunker fire not yet fully contained. The reason for this is that the fire can be easily contained within the bulkheads of the coal bunker. Furthermore, water is continually sprayed over the top of the coal pile while the burned material is raked out. This continual wetting would have prevented the buildup of any coal dust in the vicinity. (Hall and Beveridge, p.69) Skeptics argue that it is quite a stretch to believe that a coal dust explosion could be timed to coincide with the iceberg collision. However, it would not be so far-fetched if there were a timed explosion or detonation device involved. Those who dismiss this as whimsy might examine the wealth of support for a controlled demolition of the World Trade Center Towers in New York that were timed to coincide with the impact of the passenger airliners as corroborated by several eyewitnesses at the scene.

It is neither far-fetched nor dubious to imagine such a possibility. Secret societies and intelligence services have orchestrated such incidents repeatedly over the course of history. Titanic conspiracy theorists believe the Jesuit master, Father Francis Browne, boarded the ocean liner for the short trip between Southampton and Cherbourg, in order to give Captain Smith his navigational orders. The idea may have been to make it look like the iceberg administered the fatal blow, when in fact sabotage may have been initiated long before the ship even left port in Southampton. As with the strike on the World Trade Center in New York, in which an insurance scheme was hatched to reclaim the real estate losses, so a similar scheme was hatched in the case of the Titanic and by the same forces. In both cases, agents of the New World Order were involved and in both cases these Satanists would roll ritual, mass murder, assassination and insurance fraud all into one. For those wishing to laugh at the absurdity of this claim, it would be advisable for them to re-examine their own powers of judgment if they believe that an iceberg was the true culprit in this massacre of innocent men, women and children? Is the level of naivety so great as to believe that a barely felt bump against an iceberg was sufficient to bring down a Leviathan built solidly enough to be an icebreaker? By analogy, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were said to be built to withstand the impact of a passenger airliner. Since invincibility was the key component in the engineering of both giants, how is it that they were both taken down and totally destroyed by assaults that should have been no more compromising than a mosquito sting? The fact that Larry Silverstein purchased the World Trade Center property on a ninety-nine year lend lease agreement from the Port Authority of New York just months before the September 11 attacks and then insured the World Trade Center complex through the same insurance company that insured American Airlines and United, it is rather suggestive that the $3.5 billion insurance claim was not only honored by the district court, but doubled on the grounds that there two buildings were attacked rather than just one, while fraudster Larry Silverstein walked away with his original down payment of $25,000 as well, which the court awarded him, a paltry investment sum to say the least for a property complex of that size and value. It is obvious to say the least that Mr. Silverstein did rather well for himself, getting away with murder in more ways than one. Why was the Titanic replaced by the Olympic? To answer that is tantamount to taking the red pill to find out just how the rabbit hole goes. One of the most recycled occult M.O.s of the Illuminati-spawned intelligence services is the use of replacement
―doubles‖. A student of history should be aware of how many times doubles and lookalikes have been employed in intelligence operations down through the ages. The Illuminati appear to be obsessed with the deployment of lookalikes or doppelganger in the operations undertaken by the intelligence services they control worldwide. Just to give a brief catalogue of examples, William Shakespeare had a double named Will Shakspere from the town of Stratford. The real author was a member of Sir Francis Bacon‘s secret writing society, The Honourable Order of the Knights of the Helmet, named in honour of Pallas Athena, the patron goddess of the Greek theatre in Athens, and nicknamed the Spear-shaker, who always shook her spear at the twin serpents of ignorance and vice. The true author adopted a pseudonym derived from Pallas‘ own nickname of the Spear-shaker. H.M.S.S. founder, Francis Bacon, would co-found The Honourable Order of the Knights of the Helmet with half-brother, Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, another changeling child and concealed Tudor prince of Queen Elizabeth I through a different father. The earl‘s unmistakable autobiographical signature is written into every single Shakespeare play. The helmet referred to in the title of the order is the helmet of Pallas Athena, which rendered her invisible whenever she drew the visor down over her face. The knights of the order were therefore required to maintain invisibility, and after joining, kissed the helmet of Pallas, placed on their heads and were thenceforth known as ―the invisibles‖, writing anonymously or under pen names. A former U.S. Congressman, who once made a run for the presidency, Ignatius Donnelly, had another claim to fame in that he broke the cipher code of Lord Bacon and published a book titled, ―The Great Cryptogram: Francis Bacon‘s Secret Cipher Code in the So-called Shakespeare Plays‖. What this work reveals is that a series of coded ciphers were inserted in the plays that reveal the true authorship as well as the nature of the covert operation to conceal the author during his lifetime as part of an elaborate intelligence operation. In these coded insertions, we learn that Christopher Marlow was the first front man to pose as William Shakespeare, but that after he died in a tavern brawl, he was replaced by the other Shakespearean front man, Will Shakspere, a cousin of the true author Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, through the Arden family. Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, who sat for his self-portrait at the age of 36 bears a striking resemblance to the man dubbed William Shakespeare, featured in the famous portrait by John Taylor. My website www.shakesaspear.com features this portrait painting comparison of the two men or should I say the ‗one‘ man, since they are the ―two gentleman of Verona,‖ or ―two gentleman of one Ver(e)‖.
―A Comedy of Errors,‖ the first Shakespeare play to be performed gives the game away, as the plot is based on a play by the Latin playwright Plautus‘s ―The Menaechmi Brothers,‖ which like ―The Comedy of Errors,‖ features two twin lookalikes who resemble each other so closely that they are repeatedly mistaken for one another, initiating a series of misidentifications that produce the comedy of grievous errors. It should be abundantly clear then that Lord Bacon‘s H.M.S.S. set up the entire ruse from the outset by deploying a patsy front man sound alike double named Will Shakspere to play the part of the bard so that the real author could hide behind the stage curtain. Will Shakspere, as it turns out, was functionally illiterate and could not even affix his own signature to a document. The surviving signatures show a man unfamiliar with a pen, whose hand appears to have been guided by another. The comedy of errors concerning the wrongful identity of the author has lasted 400 years. The M.O., which could be referred to as ―Shakespeare‘s Codex,‖ is so far- reaching that it has been deployed throughout history, right down to the present age. The Illuminati seem obsessed with the M.O. of replacement doubles, patsy lookalikes and doppelganger, so much so that one is tempted to conclude that there must be some common cause to the M.O. deployed. We now know that Churchill had a lookalike double, who made a striking appearance during the London blitzkrieg, sporting a cigar. He also deployed a BBC radio actor as a sound alike double to play him on the air in the famous wartime addresses that he never gave. There are even documented reports stating that it was Hitler‘s doppelganger that died in a bunker and that Hitler was spirited away with about a dozen blond-haired blue-eyed agents by submarine straight to Antarctica. It is alleged that Hitler died there in 1887, the year of Harmonic Convergence. The actual true date of the start of the New Millennium is said to be that same year, August 18th to be exact, as our Earth calendars are way out of sync with cosmic time. One of Saddam Hussein‘s doubles is believed by some to have assumed his place at the execution. Osama bin Laden‘s alleged videos have circled the internet and feature several Osamas with marked facial differences.

Timothy McVeigh is known to have had a lookalike double on the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearm Bureau, which has been implicated by Jim Keith and others as playing a central role in the bombing, which explains why several members of the bureau with offices in the Murrah Building were told not to go into work the day of the bombing. This might account for how McVeigh would appear to implicate himself by making such absurd gaffs as asking directions to the Alfred P. Murrah Building, the very morning he supposedly intended to bomb it. A lookalike double of Lee Harvey Oswald would account for the equally absurd gaff of shooting his neighbour‘s target at a shooting range and making the absurd apology that
he thought he was shooting at that bastard Kennedy.

There are even researchers that allege that the Rothschild agent and 33 Degree Freemason, John Wilkes Boothe, actually survived the fire in the barn after being ostensibly cornered in the manhunt simply because it was not him but a lookalike double who would die in his stead. Joseph Mengele, the Angel of Death, researchers have shown was active after the war in both the United States and Canada, and even ran a branch of his sick trauma- based mind control operations out of Memorial College at McGill University, which involved placing Native children in electric chairs to measure their reactions to trauma. A mass grave of these victims exists very close to the location where these experiments were carried out. Mengele was obsessed with replacements and lookalike doubles. The concept of the doppelganger was sacrosanct to his demented Luciferian religious mindset. There is good reason for this. In fact, there is a spiritual reason for it that we are about to learn. Mengele is known to be an Illuminati agent. He was Luciferian to the core. By your works you will be known, and he is known to the extent that his reputation precedes him. It is possible, if not likely, that the Tavistock Institute experiment known as The Beatles may have involved Mengele‘s imput as part of the MK-ULTRA program. Rumours abound that Paul McCartney was murdered and replaced and that an elaborate plot involving British and Canadian intelligence contrived to replace McCartney with a lookalike and sound alike double, which was accomplished by expert plastic surgeons working for the intelligence services. Mengele would have derived sadistic delight from putting this one over on the British and world public. As with the Shakespeare plays, the artistic vanity of John Lennon would compel him to insert codes and ciphers relating to the truth about Paul on album covers and within the music. The White Album is for all intents and purposes the white paper on the case. So Paul had a ―twin‖ if you like who replaced him and went on to be identified in his first solo album under the name Paul McCartney as Paul McCartney II. It should not be forgotten that The Beatles were knighted, so it raises profound questions that Sir Paul would receive a second knighthood later in his career. Is there a cause under heaven for a why a citizen of the realm should be twice dubbed Sir Knight? A little known fact of history is that the Titanic also had a twin. Its sister ship, the Olympic, was made to be an exact replica of the Titanic. Both White Star Line ships are believed to have been lost to the sea. Theories abound that suggest the shipping tragedies were no accident and that there are several reasons for suspecting mass murder and crimes against humanity. For a start, the so-called Titanic perished on her maiden voyage, which is suspicious in itself. It is documented that there was an explosion and
fire in the boiler room before she set sail and she was allowed to leave port before the fire was even extinguished. Some researchers believe she was taking on water before she even left port. Lord Astor was on board and he was known to be a strong voice of resistance in Congress to the Aldrich Bill to create the Federal Reserve Bank. There is also the suspicion that the Titanic disaster was a test run for the depopulation program to come. The Third Class passengers by analogy correspond with the Third World and we know that they were in lockdown and were not permitted to reach the deck of the ship after she floundered and began to sink. The passengers of Second Class would correspond with the second class citizens of planet Earth or the Second World, which seems never to get a mention in the popular media. We only ever hear about the Third World and the First World. It was the First Class passengers who got the priority when the ship was being abandoned. They correspond with the First World and represented the global elite in the test run for world depopulation on board the doomed ocean liner. When the global elite‘s depopulation agenda reaches the endgame stage, be assured that the elite, the First World, the First Class occupants of the ship planet Earth will be thrown a lifeline and evacuated in lifeboats. But let‘s not lose sight of the central point of the discussion, which is that the Titanic had a lookalike double and theories abound that she was replaced. There are strong arguments put forward in books like ―The Olympic and Titanic: The Truth Behind the Conspiracy,‖ that point to a deliberate attempt to replace the Titanic with her sister ship as part of a scheme that even involved insurance fraud, in order to offset the costs of taking the Olympic permanently out of service due to the terminal injury she suffered to her ―Achilles‘ keel‖ in one of her early trans-Atlantic voyages. And now we come to those other infamous twins, the World Trade Center Twin Towers, located probably not by coincidence at the intersection of Liberty and Trinity right next to Church St. It is a timely juncture in the article to mention this as this leads to the why and the wherefore of all the ritual. This is spiritual warfare by the Illuminati and their occult signature points to a demonic agenda to wage war against the Judeo- Christian and Muslim worlds and the spiritual faith of humanity as a whole. This is the end times and they chose their various Luciferian MOs carefully and with great purpose and intent. The Twin Towers represent the Twin Pillars of the temple, Jachin and Boaz, meaning strength and foundation. These were the pillars of the temple in Jerusalem, the pillars of Solomon‘s Temple. The fact that they came crashing down on September 11, 2001 has added significance, since the number eleven is composed of the numerical twinning of two 1s. Jachin and Boaz represent the twin pillars of the temple in
Jerusalem, which are commemorated in every Masonic Temple throughout the world. The fact that the World Trade Center Twin Towers stand at the entry point to the New York financial district testifies to the fact that the entire financial district of New York is regarded as a Masonic Temple in its own right to the elite bankers who had them built. Their destruction on September eleventh in symbolic form could not send a more powerful spiritual message to the world. It was an act of spiritual warfare against all that is considered sacred in this world. Why are the Illuminati so obsessed with twins, lookalikes, doubles, mirrored images and congruency? A little known fact of history is that Jesus had a twin. The Gnostic Gospels reveal that Jesus‘ twin was a disciple named Judas Thomas, which means ―Twin of the Twin‖ in Hebrew. The Greek word didimus has resonances here, a word from which we derive the English word ―dido‖. There is a story recorded in ―The Gospel of Thomas‖ that Jesus was once mistaken for his twin and responded during the altercation with the remark, ―I am not Judas who is Thomas‖. Jesus and his brother Judas were in essence the twin pillars of the Temple in Jerusalem, Jachin and Boaz, strength and foundation. It comes as no surprise then that the astrological sign for Gemini resembles a temple with twin pillar support columns – . It should also be remembered that the early Christian symbol of the Church of Jerusalem was a fish as opposed to a cross. The fish is in part derived from the symbol of Pisces, featuring twin fish swimming in opposite directions. The symbol of Pisces is another sign featuring twins and has dominated the Christian era down to the present. George W. Bush delighted in using a mock effigy of himself, in which he was seen to lampoon the political debates by debating with himself. Sarah Palin recently performed a similar satirical tactic in a public appearance involving a lookalike double who appeared on the stage with her. Why do the Illuminati play the same hand so often? Why is it so important to play the card Twin so repeatedly that it appears to be a major arcana card in their deck? Could it be that the Illuminati, the Luciferians, are mocking the sacred portent of the twin birth of the Messiah, the Christ, the rightfully anointed King of Jerusalem with the demented Satanic rite of reinventing and recycling the same M.O.s of doppelgangers, lookalike patsies, replacement doubles and the like? The Illuminati do not do anything without a carefully conceived purpose. The repeated use of lookalike replacement doubles and front man dupes is a deliberate and malicious attempt to mock the Evangel and to commit blasphemy against all that is sacred and holy in this world. Jesus did have brothers, a sister, and a twin by the name of Judas Thomas. In the ancient world, the birth of twins was considered a sign and a portent that a great avatar
had arrived among men.

The birth of Jesus and his twin brother, Judas Thomas, was a recognized portent and a sign that the Messiah, the rightfully anointed Christos or King of the Temple had been born in that era. There is a long-standing tradition adhered to by the Gnostic Christians, the Coptic Church of Egypt, and even the Muslims , that Jesus did not die on the cross. Probably one of the greatest distortions and deceptions of religious history and spiritual teaching is that Judas betrayed Jesus and sold him out for 30 sheckles of silver. What was the advantage of switching the ships? What did the Jesuit conspirators hope to gain from this sleight of hand? Given that the secret societies that have controlled history have a penchant for replacement ‗doubles‘ taking the place of their hapless victims, it seems to be a black operations M.O. with these Orders.

The author refers to this M.O. as ―Shakespeare‘s Codex‖ as this M.O. of replacement doubles was turned into an art form, when the true author of the Shakespeare plays was replaced by a literary double who would pretend to be him so that the concealed royal princes, Francis Bacon and Edward de Vere could conceal their authorship of the plays. In fact, this enterprise is even made light of in A Comedy of Errors, the first of the Shakespeare plays to be staged. And it was this play that would inaugurate the enterprise by showing its audience the nature of the covert operation, which is to so confuse the public by the mixed appearances of the identical twins that it would throw everything into confusion, and so it has for at least four hundred years. It was Jim Keith who would alert the public to a replacement double being used to implicate the intelligence service patsies Lee Harvey Oswald and Timothy McVeigh in the respective covert operations for which they were to function as fall guys. And then there is the strange case of Paul McCartney, who appears to have been replaced by a musician who would go under the plastic surgeon‘s knife to pull off the conjuring trick. The bottom line is, if they could pull of a deception of such titanic magnitude as to replace the greatest living pop idol of the 1960‘s with a replacement double through the assistance of military intelligence, then what could prevent a deception of equally leviathan proportions involving the largest ocean going cruise vessel in history? Would it be so difficult to replace the Titanic by her sister ship, the Olympic, a twin so identical in physical makeup that it would require the intense scrutinizing of the ships‘ respective bulkheads to discern any noticeable difference? Some might ask, but why go to all the trouble? Black operations are black operations and intelligence services are adept at orchestrating deceptions in the form of decoy operations, disappearances and replacements as a matter of course. The purpose of these operations is to so muddy the waters that only the most adept researcher can get to the bottom of things, in this case
the ocean bottom many fathoms down and several leagues into the watery depths. The strategy consists of constructing so outlandish and complex an operation, involving so many convoluted depths of deception that even Lucifer himself might get confused by his own powers to deceive. Who’s Slated To Die Peremptorily and Why?
The death ship Titanic is built in a Freemason-owned shipyard in Belfast. The plan was to entice three hundred and twenty-five of the world‘s wealthiest merchants aboard a ship billed as unsinkable. With the first-class fare being fifty thousand Federal Reserve Notes by today‘s standard, only multi-millionaires can afford to travel in first class, three of them Jewish—Benjamin Guggenheim, Isidor Straus, the head of Macy‘s department stores, and Freemason John Jacob Astor, a frequent passenger on the White Star line and the wealthiest man on board. The naïve passengers are hapless and helpless in the face of such a brutal crew, who impose a lockdown on the third class passengers below deck, while the Jewish multi-millionaires Astor, Guggenheim and Straus are forbidden to board a lifeboat. All three are staunch opponents of the Federal Reserve Bank monopoly. Astor and Straus were both Congressmen lobbying against the bill in Congress, while Benjamin Guggenheim was represented by his brother Simon on Congress. A few hours later as the ship sank, the musicians play the inspirational Protestant hymn of the Welsh people, Nearer My God To Thee, the Titanic splits in half, and the ship plunges to its final resting point on the ocean bottom. Astor‘s young second wife survives and the Jesuits most likely acquire the use of her fortune through their ―Money Trust‖ in compliance with their Secret Instructions. The Jesuits it turns out did benefit indirectly when Harvard‘s Widener Library was built with a donation from Titanic survivor, Eleanor Widener. Both her husband George and son Harry perished in the disaster, leaving her conveniently in charge of the largest fortune in Roman Catholic Philadelphia. The Jesuits derived a simultaneous benefit from eliminating Astor, Guggenheim and Straus as they were in concert with the Jewish American Supreme Court Justice, Louis Brandeis, in opposing the passage of the Order‘s Federal Reserve Act, which would inaugurate the duplicitous, money-thieving institution of the New World Order.









The Black Pope’s key target John Jacob Astor IV, 1912
John Jacob Astor IV, with his pregnant young wife Madeleine, was targeted by the Jesuit Order manning the Titanic. Astor resisted the establishment of what became the American Empire’s J. P. Morgan backed socialist-communist, cartel-capitalist central bank. Privately controlled by Papal Knights of Malta and Shriner Freemasons on behalf of the Black Pope, it was the thieving “King’s Bank”—the Federal Reserve System. Masonic son Vincent inherited $200 million; joined the CFR and served the Jesuit Order’s FDR. Secrets of the Titanic, (National Geographic, 1986) Video, 60 minutes.
J. P. Morgan was the Jesuit Order‘s financial agent within the American Empire and the man who lured the Titanic‘s hapless multi-millionaires on board. He was the true sponsor of the Federal Reserve Act via the Aldrich Commission of elite bankers who would inaugurate ‗the monster from Jekyll Island‘. Skull and Bonesman and 33rd Degree Freemason President William Howard Taft was a loyal servant of Archbishop James Cardinal Gibbons, was an avid supporter of the Federal Reserve Act, urging the country to ―take up seriously the problem of establishing a central bank,‖ according to Jean Strouse author of Morgan: American Financier. There must have been far more than two Jesuit agents on board the doomed liner. There were probably at least ten of
the ship‘s officers and crew who were ‗Professed‘ and under ‗Extreme Oath‘. There were possibly several Knights of Columbus under the Oath of the Fourth Degree, as well as a few Freemasons loyal to the mark ‗IHS‘, the seal of the Black Pope. This explains why Jesuit Browne, the direct agent of his Jesuit Provincial and trusted nephew of the local Irish Bishop, boarded the vessel. He was in charge of finalizing the plan with his soldiers charging this select group of the ship‘s yeomen—hired at the last minute as a result of a contrived strike in England—who would upon Jesuit Captain Smith‘s order to abandon ship quickly lower an inadequate number of lifeboats half filled with women and children into the water while forbidding the men—particularly the targeted moneyed targets—from boarding. The poorer passengers within the lower levels were under lockdown most likely to prevent the Jesuit Order‘s wealthy victims from boarding a lifeboat amidst all the mayhem on deck. (Phelps, Vatican Assassins)
Who Benefited, Who Escaped?
J. P. Morgan, the real owner of the ill-fated ship, is the most outstanding absentee, topping the list as long as your arm of fifty-five passengers who cancelled their bookings at the eleventh hour. Along with Morgan, there were significant others who cancelled at the last minute, including Morgan‘s business partner and the outgoing Ambassador to Paris, Robert Bacon, American steel baron Henry C. Frick, railroad and shipping tycoon, George W. Vanderbilt; America‘s chocolate king, Milton Hershey, New York finance magnate, Horace J. Harding and Rev. J. Stuart Holden, rector of St. Paul‘s Anglican Cathedral in London. J. P. Morgan is reported to have arrived at the French resort after a Nile cruise and visits to Rome and Florence having doubtless paid a call on his masters in the Vatican and Borgo Santo Spirito. Fortunately a large part of his art collection, kept in Europe to avoid American import duty, happened to miss the ship ‗because of last-minute hold-ups in crating.‘ (Phelps, Vatican Assassins) J. P. Morgan, through his International Mercantile Marine (IMM) financed the White Star Line and thus the building of Titanic as the Jesuit banker, fitting for himself at great expense a cabin specially furnished and reserved. This was suite B52, previously assigned to steel baron Henry C. Frick, and reassigned to Morgan, his promised presence serving as bait for the elite targeted to go to a watery grave. And at the last moment just prior to the Titanic‘s departure from Southampton, this banking magnate would cancel his reservation in addition to fifty-four influential members of the global elite, and returned to New York on another ship.

The net worth of Titanic‘s passengers was over five hundred million dollars in 1912. It is small wonder that the
Vatican decided to cash in, through this Counter-Reformation plot of Titanic proportions, on the biggest ocean-going purse in history. Morgan claimed debilitating illness as his excuse for not joining the ship‘s first and last voyage. Two days after the Titanic sank he was caught red-handed by the American press at the Grand Hotel in the French spa of Aix-les-Bains in excellent health and in the company of his French mistress. J. P. Morgan is reported to have arrived at the French resort after a Nile cruise and visits to Rome and Florence. While there, he is thought to have paid a visit to his masters in the Vatican and Borgo Santo Spirito. Fortunately and conveniently for him, a large part of his art collection, kept in Europe to avoid American import duty, happened to miss the ship ‗because of last-minute hold-ups in crating.‘ (The Vatican Assassins) Another higher degree Freemason who also cancelled his reservation on the Titanic was Milton Hershey, Pennsylvania‘s chocolate maker. He had much to gain, as American soldiers would be issued ‗Hershey chocolate‘ on which they would fight the Jesuits‘ Second Thirty Years‘ War, which would be bankrolled by their Federal Reserve Bank. Other wealthy and powerful Freemasons who cancelled their reservations at the last minute were Robert Bacon, Morgan‘s former business associate; Henry C. Frick, an American steel baron; and George W.Vanderbilt, an American railroad and shipping tycoon, whose family‘s 1895 mansion in Newport, Rhode Island is now controlled by the Order via the Knights of Malta. (The Vatican Assassins) Years later, the Jesuits, controlling the Jesuit Theatre otherwise known as Hollywood—the wood from which magic wands are made—through their Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists, would release the most expensive and profitable movie of all time—commemorating their great sacrifice in the North Atlantic to their ―god‖ who sits in St. Peter‘s Chair—James Cameron‘s Titanic. 32nd Degree Freemason, Cameron would become a 33rd level Mason the eve of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science‘s Academy Awards in the Shrine Auditorium, an auditorium funded and built by the Knight of the Shrine, a brother order of Islamic origin of both the Freemasons and the older Order of Knights Templar. Cameron would appropriately declare himself ―King of the World‖ that night on the occasion of his 33rd Degree initiation to the New World Order‘s functioning crime syndicate Freemasonry.

If the Jesuit Order was to succeed in its Counter-Reformation attack on the West, private wealth had to be cleverly misappropriated from Protestants and given to the Order‘s Papal Knights and their military intelligence wing, the Freemasons, in order to found corporatism in America, another name for Jesuit-engineered fascism. The plot is much deeper than the Titanic‘s watery grave. The Jesuits and the military intelligence wing of the Jesuit Order, namely the Freemasons, know full well what really happened.
They built her and had every intention of sinking her. They exaggerated the story of how unsinkable she was, so that it would adversely affect the psyche of people who believed in her invincibility. This would allow them to gain even greater advantage over humankind by undermining the faith of world civilization in our vouchsafed institutions and our confidence in their indestructibility as part of a sinister and merciless plot to create the New World Order. Everything thought to be invincible will fall till the Sons of Balial, the evil cabal within Freemasonry, which had also infiltrated the Jesuit Order, achieve their long coveted goal of creating the world fascist dictatorship known as the New World Order. The names the Titanic and the Olympic could not be more significant. The pantheon of Titan and Olympian gods epitomizes most strongly what the Masons in fact are: the central pagan gods and goddesses worshipped and venerated by Freemasonry.

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The Pharmaceuticals Are Doctoring the Medicine

               The Pharmaceuticals Are Doctoring the Medicine

                     By Timothy Spearman

Four centuries ago, Francis Bacon invented modern empirical science, which depended on five-sense reasoning to prove a scientific proposition was valid. While this was necessary in order to invoke a certain scientific rigor in our pure sciences, it created a blind spot in scientific inquiry that has never really been resolved. It left no room for other modalities that could not be proven valid by five-sense empirical science. The benefits of yoga meditation could not be quantified and measured by scientific method. Yet its practitioners will maintain that they derive a great deal of scientific benefit from the practice. What the Indians call Prana and the Chinese call Qi – subtle energies found within the body whose flow can be manipulated by acupuncture and herbal medicine – cannot be confirmed by the empiricist who adheres to the pharmaceutical allopathic medical model. He will refer to these medical modalities as alternative medicine, when in fact it is his brand of medicine that is actually alternative, since it has only been in existence for just over a century, while acupuncture and herbal medicine are time-honoured traditions that have been practiced for millennia all over the world.

Allopathic or pharmaceutical medicine is regarded as a science by its adherants and practitioners, yet in many ways it is a pseudo-science. Medical experimentation is often shoddy and results are often engineered by doctors who have certain professional obligations to those dispensing the grant money. Results are often tailored to meet the demands of the end-user of the research and the findings are often shamefully disingenuous. Medical peer review is often influenced by fascist forces driven by eugenicists with a eugenics agenda like Bill Gates and the infamous Gates Foundation, which has been caught red-handed dispensing tainted vaccines, which the Indian government wishes to hold the genocidal Gates accountable for. In fact, Gates has long been in cohoots with the intelligence agencies controlled by the Vatican. Microsoft operating systems are notorious for their spyware capability. And Microsoft generated viruses like the conficker virus were meant to be part of a projection analysis to see how many hosts could be infected by biological agents which adhered to the same mathematical model in terms of infection vectors and contagion ratios.

George Soros is another major investor in the eugenics, depopulation and genocide program. In fact, he is responsible for funding the development of the very labs responsible for manufacturing disease agents like Ebola. George Soros, who funded the bioweapons lab in Africa where Ebola broke out and profits from destabilizing countries and wrecking their economies, is a murderous paedophile and satanist. He stands accused of conspiring to commit bio-terrorism, crimes against humanity, genocide and conspiracy to commit mass murder. It appears that Soros may have violated the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989.


According to the US-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a bioterrorism attack is the deliberate release of viruses, bacteria, or other germ agents used to cause illness or death in people, animals, or plants. These agents are typically found in nature, but using recombinant technology can be made more resistant to current medicines and to be more transmissible and contagious.

That law defines a biological agent as:


” …any micro-organism, virus, infectious substance, or biological product that may be engineered as a result of biotechnology, or any naturally occurring or bioengineered component of any such microorganism, virus, infectious substance, or biological product, capable of causing death, disease, or other biological malfunction in a human, an animal, a plant, or another living organism; deterioration of food, water, equipment, supplies, or material of any kind…

In a stunning piece of propaganda in establishment newspaper The Telegraph it seems the British public are being prepared for a false flag Ebola outbreak at the Commonwealth Games starting in Glasgow on July 23. The Telegraph buried a key aspect of the Story – the evidence that a US bioweapons lab in Sierra Leone with links to the Soros and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is likely the origin of the current Ebola outbreak. While The Telegraph buried facts about the existence of this hospital bioweapons research lab and also ignores information in the US Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Ebola fact sheet, which identifies hospitals as the place where an Ebola outbreak is most likely to occur, Washington Post reporter Terence McCoy has entered the realm of fairy tales by blaming the current Ebola outbreak on deforestation, another stunning example of pseudo-science. Even more stunning is blaming the Ebola virus on fruit bats, which is no less of a pseudo-scientific claim than blaming African green monkeys for the HIV/AIDS scourge.

Take this website as a for instance – http://vhfc.org/consortium. The website freely admits that Professor Robert F. Garry is “currently managing the consortium of scientists who are developing modern diagnostics for several biodefense pathogens.”


Consortium member, Dr. James E. Robinson, is named as “a collaborating investigator in four large consortia projects funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.”


Consortium member, Dr. Pardis Sabeti, has received fellowships from the Rhodes Scholarship, the Soros Fellowship, L’Oreal For Women in Science Fellowship, according to the website.


Scientist Stephen Gire has links to the CDC and US military. Do you mean the U.S. military as in the CIA’s bioweapons program? Most probably. He “spent time at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention researching vector-borne infectious diseases. He then moved on to complete a Masters of Public Health at Columbia University and a three-year fellowship with the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID). He has researched viruses such as West Nile, Dengue Fever, Monkeypox and Ebola, and he conducts on-site training in biological techniques to laboratory staff in the developing world.”


Given such credentialed eugenicists having myriad conflicts of interests, it is reasonable to ask for an investigation into whether this particular US bioweapons lab at the geographical epicentre of the current Ebola outbreak actually caused the Ebola outbreak.

In 2009, Baxter in Austria was caught contaminating 72 kilos of seasonal flu with the deadly bird flu virus in its biosecurity level 3 laboratory. It later emerged from documents posted on Wikileaks that Baxter was a US defense or military asset. As for Jane Burgermeister, the whistleblowing Austrian journalist responsible for the scoop as well as potentially saving the lives of thousands or even millions of people in Europe, she was nearly committed to a mental institution for taking on the medical mafia. And the brainwashed multitudes continue to make fun of conspiracy theorists, while heroes and heroines like Jane Burgermeister continue to save their undeserving bacon. In fact, documents as well as current mainstream media hype point to plans for false flag Ebola bioterrorism attacks in hospitals and clinics against US and UK citizens using occasions like the Commonwealth Games in Scotland to spread panic, but as usual the complacent public continues to be wooed by the bread and circuses, proving that we haven’t advanced one step since the Roman era and are as shallow as ever. The ultimate purpose of all this pseudo-science on Ebola is to implement martial law measures contained in epidemic and pandemic plans and so gain total control of the population at a time when the financial system is close to collapse.

Given that the pharmaceutical cartel is complicit in all this, one really needs to ask if it’s beneficial to rely on their so-called medicine. It doesn’t look like it to be fair and to be frank. In fact, the word ‘pharmacy’ is derived from the Greek pharmakon, which means ‘remedy’ and ‘poison’. How charming. The whole pharmaceutical medical paradigm is based on prescribing a poison to recommend a cure. And they have the audacity to call so-called “alternative” medicine practitioners snake oil salesmen, when Parlaselsis, the father of modern pharmaceutical medicine was an alchemist, who was experimenting with the same poisonous substances used in smelting – copper sulfide, zinc, lead, mercury, etc. – to remove impurities from the body.

As for the pseudo-science of AIDS treatment, it’s astounding how true it is that the blind are lead by the blind. There is no empirical evidence whatsoever that anyone is HIV-positive, since the virus is too microscopic to be detected so we are told. In fact, the test to verify if someone is HIV-postive tests for HIV-related antibodies, not the virus itself. However, there is no way of proving that the antibodies in question are HIV-related, when the virus is alleged to have an exceptionally high rate of mutation. If that is so, how can it be definitively shown that the virus is HIV-related when it could just as easily be there for some other pathogen as innocuous as the common cold? The cases of false positives are well documented. It has also been shown that the seven year period when AZT drug cocktails were the recommended treatment for HIV/AIDS patients was the peak period for AIDS-related deaths in Canada. AZT was a chemotherapy treatment that had been shelved back in the 70’s because it was found to be so reactive and dangerous that it was found to be unsafe. Yet when people were given the falsely grim prognosis of AIDS, they were willing to put up with the agonizing and harmful side effects of AZT under the false proviso that it would give them a fighting chance. It did no such thing. In fact, it is well known that chemotherapy weakens the immune system, and since this was such a reactive and dangerous brand of chemo, it literally destroyed the immune system of the patients it was meant to treat. In other words, the patients died of MIDS (Medicine Induced Immune Deficiency Syndrome). Yet the deaths were listed on the medical charts as AIDS-related.    

Today they prescribe anti-retroviral medications, which like AZT drug cocktails, prescribed in the 80s, patients are advised to take, even though they have no observable signs of being sick, since they have not yet developed AIDS. Instead, they are told that the drugs will delay the onset of AIDS. How can they ever empirically verify that this is the case, when the patient will at some point develop the full blown AIDS symptoms? Where is the evidence that the prescription has actually done what it was prescribed to do? And this is empirical science? Please.

Medicine needs to be liberated from the yoke of the eugenicists. They have created a three-tier system of medicine on the planet. The first tier elite have access to homeopathic and naturopathic remedies that they know are more beneficial to health. Meanwhile, the servile masses in the so-called First World developed countries are issued harmful allopathic pharmaceutical medicines, which are meant to shorten or even end their lives. The vaccines certainly due that, and by Bill Gates own admission, are meant to do just that. He is quoted as saying, “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that number by ten or fifteen percent.” This proves vaccines are not for keeping people alive, but for killing off as many as possible. Have you seen what’s in them? Visit the Center for Disease Control website and have a look. Whatever they’re supposed to prevent they give you. How can you ever prove they did or didn’t? All the pharmaceutical mafia has to say is that it didn’t work as effectively as they had hoped. Merck is in bed with the CIA’s bioweapons program and so is the Gates Foundation. Gates is a deep cover CIA operative. He is a genocidal monster worse than anything the AshkeNAZIs could cook up (pardon the pun). As for the Third World, they are relegated to the third tier of medicine, which isn’t medicine at all but poison. All the eugenicists’ poisons are tried out on the poor to see how successful they are at killing masses of humanity. If they work successfully, they try them out on the undesirable population segments in the so-called developed world, such as gays, who got the brunt of the Hepatitis B vaccine trials undertaken Stateside, which unleashed the scourge of HIV/AIDS on American homosexuals.

The world needs a new paradigm of medicine that embraces the metaphysician. What is meant by this term in this context? The word means “beyond the physic” so a metaphysician would be a physician of the human spirit and astral body. Healing must happen at both levels if it is to be effective: the physical and the spiritual. Children should be learning Tai Chi and Yoga in school and practicing it. They should be taught yoga meditation for peace of mind and clarity of perception. Would the narrow-minded so-called educators taught under their own limited worldview of western science even consider this? They might now that they are all dropping like flies from Ebola, AIDS and other diseases. Their arrogant dismissal of other medical paradigms may soon turn into a desperate appeal for help.

Gandhi: Illuminati Agent & Deception through Subterfuge

Gandhi: Illuminati Agent Deception through Subterfuge

By Timothy Spearman

The best person to bring on side in any political cause is a man of God or holy man. Nothing grants greater credibility to a cause than a man of God who swears by God to be a vessel of the truth and a proponent of righteousness. In the case of a Christian community, the mere sight of a collar, cross, ministerial garb and other accoutrements of the Christian leader inspire a certain reverence among his flock and a feeling of awe mixed with unease or even fear. The Satragraya movement would definitely have benefited from such an influential religious figure and certainly would have wished to recruit one to the cause. Reverend J.J. Doke, missionary and opportunistic converter of the multitudes would have jumped at the chance to serve a popular movement of the masses such as Satragraya. He would have equally wished to convert a figure like Mahatma Gandhi to his religion in order to initiate mass conversions under the leadership of a human rights proponent he would single-handedly portray as a saint in his own Gandhi biography. Gandhi never did convert to Christianity as Reverend Doke, the consummate religious opportunist, had hoped, but he did function, as Doke had wished, as a Christian paradigm of Doke’s own invention, a modern day saint who would give Christianity the hormone injection it required. In essence, Doke was a kind of Pygmalion who had fashioned a saint in his own image. Gandhi was an invention who would convince the Christian world that the miracle of Christ really had been possible. If the miracles of healing the lame and feeding the multitudes could be recapitulated in the form of a modern day miracle, people’s faith in Christ would be restored and the churches would be filled once more. Gandhi couldn’t walk on water, heal the lame and blind, or turn water into wine, but what the Satragraya movement would prove through the public relations campaign orchestrated by Doke is that he was capable of performing a modern day miracle: Defeating an imperialist power through passive resistance. The Satragraya movement would have with equal fervor wished to bring a man of God into its fold who would give its cause the legitimacy it sought, a man of the cloth whose reputation would precede him and with sufficient power to convince the masses that, his word being as good as gold, the movement for which he stood really was legitimate.

Doke’s letter to The Transvaal Leader on the “Immigrants Restriction Act” and “peace preservation permits” shows how politically savvy he actually is. The language he employs in his letter to the editor is calculating and manipulative. It is intended to elicit shame in the white rulers of South Africa by highlighting how reasonable the Asiatics and their demands really are. A certain degree of irony can be detected sufficient to inflict the appropriate sting. What in essence Doke implies in the letter is that the Asiatics are not protesting laws that violate their basic human rights, but only the practice of leaving the decision in the hands of officials subject to racial bias and questionable ethics. The letter implies that the Asiatics wish their cases to be referred to legitimate courts and that they be granted the right of appeal. The irony of course is that, if the Asiatics were actually to be given such entitlements, it would be tantamount to granting them the very human rights they see themselves as being denied. The strategy employed in Doke’s letter is admirably sophisticated, but not entirely genuine in import by being so:

The Asiatics claim simply the interpretation and protection of the Supreme Court. They do not resent the “Immigration Restriction Act”. They only claim that it be notinterpreted by any official, however exalted he may be, but by the recognized Court, and by that judgement they will stand.

They do not resent the rejection of Asiatics by Mr. Chamney, and their deportation, but but they claim that no official shall be made supreme. They ask for the right of appeal in such cases to the well-balanced judgement of a properly constituted tribunal.

(Rev. J.J. Doke’s Letter to “The Transvaal Leader”, July 4, 1908, p. 495, Appendix III in Vol. 8)

What the letter shows is that, while a man of the cloth, Doke is a political animal. His use of language is highly manipulative and far from genuine. Granted, the cause is just, but the language employed is conceived in the spirit of the ends justifying the means. He is not being entirely genuine. This in itself is no fault. The point we are making is that he is politically savvy and a master propagandist. He is also given to employing language in a manipulative and even coercive fashion. We present this as evidence that he is capable of being manipulative or even lying to get what he wants. From a means-ends standpoint this can be justified if the cause is just. This we do not dispute. We simply wish to show that there is no reason for believing that this man of the cloth is above lying. There is a tendency for scholars and the reading public to be persuaded that the good reverend’s biography of Gandhi is entirely genuine and aboveboard because it is written by a man of the cloth, but we intend to show that it is not written to be a genuine account at all, but rather as ‘an experiment with the truth’ to use Gandhi’s own language. Experimenting with the truth in essence is to experiment with a lie, since to employ disparate versions of the truth in order to witness their effect is tantamount to telling lies to observe their effect. Hitler’s maxim that the bigger the lie the more people will believe it is apropos in the case of Gandhi and that of Doke, the master manipulator.

There is another question to examine in relation to Doke’s Gandhi biography. Is it professional for a biographer to establish a friendship with his subject? Additionally, is it appropriate from the standpoint of professional ethics to associate oneself with the political movement of the biographical subject? Is it acceptable for a professional biographer to be part of the same political struggle as the biographical subject? Is there a conflict of interests in writing a biography on a subject with whom you are both a friend and a professional colleague? There are such instances of course, but is it ethical from a professional standpoint? One of the authors of this book knows of a case in which a chancellor of a Korean university commissioned a famous Indian diplomat and intimate acquaintance of his to write a biography on him. The Korean university chancellor it turns out was a political opportunist, who built a U.N. sponsored graduate institute of peace studies on land he had appropriated from local villagers, who ended up being displaced and in poverty at the price of his fame. Currying favor with the U.N. and American elite, he was maneuvering into position for a Nobel Peace Prize. If he wins, he will be in the good company of other corrupt laureates such as Henry Kissinger and Kim Dae Jung. Thankfully, the Indian diplomat eventually declined the offer to write a biography on the chancellor. He apparently regarded the biography as one too many conflicts of interest on the part of the chancellor.

Doke’s biography M.K. Gandhi: The Story of an Indian Patriot in South Africa is dated 1909, yet it can be established from the evidence of several letters written in the year 1908 that an intimate friendship and political alliance had been forged between Gandhi and Doke well in advance of the biography’s publication. The following letter by Gandhi to Rev. Doke dated Oct. 8, 1908 is a fine example:

Dear Mr. Doke,I received your note at Phoenix. The expected has happened. I think it is well. I

have arrived just in time. There were serious differences between two sections here. They are by no means over yet. You will say I have accepted the hospitality before the ‘settings’
were finished. I think it was better that I should do that than that the invitation should be rejected for the sake of the ‘settings’. After all I have done nothing. For six days I may carry on
correspondence. If you think I should answer any questions, you may write. I must now stop as I have
been called away to give digit impressions. Please excuse me to Olive for not writing. I am Yours sincerely,

(112. Letter to J.J. Doke, King Edward’s Hotel, Vokhurst,

Thursday, October 8, 1808, Vol. 9, p.193, 194)

What this letter reveals is that Gandhi has become a friend of the Doke family and is on intimate terms with husband and wife. It is also clear from the letter that Gandhi appeals to Doke for advice and counsel and that they are political colleagues. The fact that Gandhi invites Doke to write to him should he have any questions implies that the reverend has become so intimate an associate that Gandhi’s personal welfare has become a matter of greatest concern to his champion and defender. There is nothing cynical about the friendship and political alliance. What we question is the fact that such a relationship is a conflict of interest from the standpoint of a professional biographer. There is no way that the friendship and political alliance forged between the two men could fail to color the tone of the biography.

A letter from the same year reveals how close the relationship between the two men has become. Gandhi writes to Doke from the Court House. The letter is written in an attempt on Gandhi’s part to relieve his friend of any anxieties he might entertain on his account. The tone of the letter is most consoling:

Dear Mr. Doke, I am writing this from the Court House. I had hoped to be able to send you something before I was fixed up. But I I have been too busy otherwise. I thank you very much for your good wishes. My sole trust is in God. I am therefore quite cheerful.

(121. Letter to J.J. Doke, Volksrust, Wednesday 14, 1908, Vol.9, p. 204, 205)

There is another letter from Doke that shows the great depth of Doke’s friendship and love for Gandhi. The letter is dates September 30, 1908 well before the publication date of the biography. There is no doubt that the friendship has moved well beyond acquaintance and mutual self-interest. A bond has been forged between the two men that is lifelong, so deeply felt on Doke’s part that he would willingly lay down his life for Gandhiji:


Your beautiful present of the Song

Celestial I appreciate very much.

In every respect it is one of the

Choicest treasures which I have –

dainty in appearance – fascinating

in its contents – and of great

value and a momento of a friendship

which I shall always regard with

gratitude. Yes, even if the darling

wish of your heart is fulfilled and

I get into prison for it.

(Rev. J.J. Doke’s Letter to Gandhiji,

11 Sutherland Ave., Johannesburg,

September 30, 1908, Appendix XII, Vol. 9, p.482)


Then we have Rev. J.J. Doke’s letter to the editor of the Rand Daily Mail, in which he protests the arrest of Gandhi. What is clear from the letter is that he has received regular updates from Gandhi on the treatment he has received at the hands of the authorities. This means that no one member of the Satragraya is more concerned with the personal well being of Mahatma Gandhi than Rev. Doke. He has taken it upon himself to be his champion and defender. His good name and standing in the community as a reverend of untarnished respectability would make his letter to the editor both credible and morally persuasive. It is likely that both Gandhi and Doke would have recognized the political expediency of using the merits of a man of the cloth to influence public sentiment. There is no doubt from the tenor of the letter that it is intended to make the citizens raise up in moral outrage:


Yesterday it was necessary that he should

Appear in some case in the Magistrate’s

Court. I understand he was brought there

from the cells, dressed in civilian clothes,

but handcuffed!

Of course, there may be amongst us

those who will be glad to hear that

indignities are being heaped on this great

Indian leader; but I venture to hope that

The great majority of our colonies will

Feel ashamed and angry that a man of

the character and position of Mr.

Gandhi should be needlessly insulted in

this way.

(Marched in Handcuffs, Rev. J.J. Doke’s Letter to “Rand Daily Mail”

Johannesburg, March 11, 1909, Vol.9, p.489)


What emerges from the letter is the fact that Doke has risen to the stature of being Gandhi champion. No matter how politically and socially compromised he might be in the corrupt white establishment of South Africa, he is prepared to put his life and reputation on the line in defense of Gandhi. No higher level of commitment could be shown by one human being to another not in defense of their mutual cause than that shown by Doke to Gandhi and Satragraya.

How did they meet? How did they come to know each other? And under what compunction were they brought together? Was there a fraternity to which they both belonged that preceded Satragraya and the European Committee of which they were both active members? What force drew Doke from New Zealand to South Africa and to seize the hand of his confederate? There is an answer to this and the evidence for it rests with a speech Gandhi gave at a Masonic Hall of all places in Johannesburg. The description of the gathering given below reveals a great deal about the organizations to which Gandhi and Doke were mutually affiliated:


The Masonic Hall, Jepper Street,

Johannesburg, was the scene of a

brilliant mixed gathering of Europeans,

Chinese and Indians on the night of the

18th instant in honour of the British

Indian community. Mr. Hoskin was in

the chair. Mr. Doke was on his right

and Mrs. Doke on his left. Mr. Cachalia

occupied a seat to the right of Mr. Doke.

Mr. Quinn and his Chinese friends were

also present.


The first thing to observe about the preceding description of the banquet is that it was held in a Masonic Lodge and that Mr. Hosken, the leader of the European Committee to which both Gandhi and Doke belong, is the Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge on Jepper Street in Johannesburg where the banquet is being held. We know this because of what is stated in the above passage, that, “Mr. Hosken was in the chair.” This means that he is in the chair where the Worshipful Master or Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge presides. This means that he is a 33rd Degree Freemason and the supreme head of this particular Temple. The fact that Gandhi and Doke are present and that Gandhi is giving a speech in honour of Rev. Doke in a Masonic Lodge hosted by the Grand Master of the Lodge and leader of the European Committee, Mr. Hosken, is strong evidence supporting Gandhi’s and Doke’s Freemason affiliations. The fact that Mr. Hosken is both the Grand Master of the Temple and the leader of the European Committee of which all three are members suggest that the links between the three men go beyond the European Committee to another overriding organization, the very organization in whose Temple the current banquet it is being hosted, namely Freemasonry. We would go even further and suggest that the European Committee is a subcommittee set up by Freemasonry for vested political reasons and toward a defined political goal. The description of the content of Gandhi’s speech given below establishes the Masonic affiliations of all three men beyond doubt:


Speaking of Mr. Doke’s Asiatic work, it

is not possible to refrain from speaking

in praise of the work of the European

Committee of which the chairman (Mr.

Hosken) was the president. Mr. Gandhi

frankly confessed that passive

resistance might have broken down

without the magnificent support

rendered by the European Committee.

(Speech at Banquet to Rev. J.J. Doke,

Indian Opinion, 26-2-1910 and 5-3-1910, Vol. 10, p.420)


What the preceding passage reveals is what it doesn’t reveal, namely, the text of Gandhi’s speech. We only have a description of the speech made at the so-called banquet. While some might object that just because all three men are attending a meeting held in a Masonic Lodge in no way proves that they are Masons, the fact that this is an official meeting and Gandhi’s speech is not available because the meeting is official and secret proves that all three men are Masons. Again, some might argue that just because the meeting is held in a Masonic Temple does not mean that everyone present is a Mason, including possibly some of the Chinese delegates present, the fact that this is an official Masonic meeting is proven by the fact that the text of Gandhi’s speech is not available. We only have the minutes pertaining to the alleged content of Gandhi’s speech. This means that Gandhi’s speech and its contents are secret. Let’s not forget that Freemasonry in its modern form is based on the 33 Degree organizational model founded by Sir Francis Bacon, the founder of her Majesty’s Secret Service, and that like the intelligence organization that was formed under his leadership, Freemasonry is a secret society that is highly secretive. (Francis Bacon’s Personal Life Story) Strong affiliations remain between the world’s intelligence communities and Freemasonry to this day. According to a source formerly in U.S. Naval Intelligence, most of the higher-ranking officers in the American intelligence community are higher degree initiates of Freemasonry. What does this say about Gandhi’s real status? Is he a spy and intelligence asset of the British government assigned to be instrumental in the partitioning of India and Pakistan and that his Freemason affiliations would help him to sell out his own people? We think this very likely and shall endeavor to prove it. What has been shown if not proven beyond a reasonable doubt is that both Gandhi and Doke are Freemasons and that they are attending an official Lodge meeting in which the Lodge members are hosting a farewell dinner for one of their own members, J.J. Doke.

Proving that Gandhi is a Freemason is no easy task considering that the organization has endeavored to suppress the fact with religious zeal, just as it succeeded in suppressing the true authorship of the Shakespeare plays for 400 years. It is provable however. We have Gandhi to thank for revealing the fact in his own words, his own dairy in fact. The overwhelming majority of scholars have a tendency to take everything literally especially from a man whose word is considered as good as gold. The fact is however that much of what Gandhi wrote is in Masonic code. Much of it is to be taken figuratively rather than literally. The following passage is taken from Gandhi’s dairy at a time just before he leaves for London to sit the Bar. What Gandhi is describing here would be interpreted by most scholars as a literal account of a series of accidents that befell him while journeying from place to place. This would not be a correct interpretation. What Gandhi is in fact describing in coded language, which can only be understood by higher degree initiates of Freemasonry or by researchers of Freemasonry, is his initiation to the Third Degree of Freemasonry:


Amidst thoughts, I came unconsciously in

contact with a carriage. I received some

injury. Yet I did not take the help of

anybody in walking. I think I was quite

dizzy. Then we entered the house of

Maghjibhai. There I again came in contact

with a stone unknowingly and received

injury. I was quite senseless. From that

time I did not know what took place, and

after that, I am told by them, I fell flat on

the ground after some steps. I was not

myself for 5 minutes. They considered

I was dead. But fortunately for myself

the ground on which I fell was quite

smooth. I came to my senses at last and

all of them were quite joyful. The mother

was sent for. She was very sorry for me,

and this caused my delay though I told

them that I was quite well. But none

would allow me to go, though I

afterwards came to know that my bold

and dearest mother would have to go.

But she feared the calumny of other


(London Diary, London November 12, 1888, Vol.1, p.4, 5)


What Gandhi is recounting in this diary entry is for Masonic eyes only. Only a fellow Mason or a researcher in the field would be able to interpret the Masonic allusions and there is no doubt that the preceding passage is written in Masonic code. What Gandhi is describing is his own initiation to the Third Degree of Freemasonry. While some might argue that it is a literal description of an accident that befell him while traveling in India, a careful reading of the passage would make such conjecture absurd. Some might even argue that Masonic initiation in the place described would be impossible since no Masonic Temple could be found in such a location, but this is to impute that Gandhi is being as literal about the location as he is about the account itself. The diary entry was made on November 12, 1888 in London, which is revealing in itself. Had the event occurred in India, why would he not have made the diary entry at the time of the event, which had allegedly occurred in India?

First, Gandhi tells us, ‘I came unconsciously in contact with a carriage’. When the first mishap occurred, we are told that he ‘unconsciously’ received a blow to the head. We know he sustained an injury to the head because he says, ‘I think I was quite dizzy’. He would have been unconscious of the event were he blindfolded, which candidates for the Third Degree notoriously are. Then, he tells us that they entered the ‘house of Maghjibhai’, where he sustained another injury to the head, ‘There I again came in contact with a stone unknowingly and received injury.’ This time he uses the word ‘unknowingly’. To this point, he has sustained at least two blows to the head, this time ‘unknowingly’. Were he blindfolded it certainly would be ‘unknowingly’. He would not know what hit him so to speak. He certainly would appear not to be aware of the fact that a stone maul had struck him in the forehead, which would in fact be the case if he were a candidate for the Third Degree.

What is the Third Degree? Many will be familiar with the phrase, ‘They gave him the Third Degree’. Masons initiated to the Third Degree know its significance. It is a ritual death conceived in part to warn the candidate never to betray the Order. Any candidate who betrays the order is given the Third Degree, which in Masonic language means that he is subjected to a ritualized form of torture and assassination. Masons who betray the oath taken in the Third Degree to safeguard the secrets of Freemasonry and not reveal any of its arcane beliefs and practices will be given the Third Degree in fact and not in ritual. The Third Degree has a long history. It is ultimately based on a ritual reenactment of the murder of Hiram Abif, the alleged architect of King Solomon’s Temple. According to the legend, Hiram Abif was confronted by three ruffians in the Temple. The three ruffians are known in Masonic lore as the three Juwes. The three Jewes are Jubelo, Jubela and Jubelum, the alleged assassins of Hiram Abif. According to the story, upon completing his prayers, Hiram Abif prepared to leave the Temple when he was confronted by the three Juwes. The first of the assailants demanded that Hiram reveal the secrets of the Master Mason, but the Master refused. This set into motion such jealous rage in the three aspirants that their anger turned violent with deadly consequences. The story of what occurred is here recorded by researchers with Masonic affiliations:


His devotions being ended, he prepared to retire

by the south gate, where he was accosted by

the first of these ruffians, who, for want of a

better weapon, had armed himself with a plumb

rule, and in a threatening manner demanded of

our Master…the genuine secrets of (Grand

Geometrician), warning him that death would be

the consequence of his refusal; but true to his

obligation he replied that those secrets were

known to but three in the world and that without

the consent of the other two, he neither could,

nor would divulge them…

This answer not proving satisfactory, the

Ruffian aimed a violent blow at out Master’s

forehead, but startled by the firmness of his

demeanour, it only glanced down the right

temple. Yet with sufficient force to cause him

to reel and sink to the ground on his left knee.

Recovering himself from this situation, he

rushed to the west gate where he stood

opposed by the second ruffian, to whom he

replied as before, yet with undiminished

firmness when the ruffian, who was armed

with a level struck a violent blow on the left

temple which brought him to the ground on

his right knee.

Finding all chances of escape in both

these quarters cut off, our Master staggered,

faint and bleeding, to the east gate where

the third ruffian was posted and who, on

receiving a similar reply to his insolent

demand…struck him a violent blow full in

the center of the forehead with a heavy

stone maul, which laid him lifeless at his


(The Hiram Key, p.175)


It is clear from the preceding passage that Hiram Abif was given three blows to the head, the first to either temple and the third and fatal deathblow to the forehead with a stone maul. To review the passage from Gandhi’s diary entry, he states that it was inside the ‘house of Meghjihai’ that he received a blow from a stone, ‘There I again came in contact with a stone unknowingly and received injury’. We are certain the reader will agree that to receive a blow from a stone inside the ‘house of Meghjibhai’ is a rather unusual place to suffer from such a mishap, unless of course you are a Freemason undergoing the third in a succession of ritual blows in the Third Degree of initiation inside a Masonic Temple. Nor would it be so unheard of if the stone were in fact a stone maul used to administer the ritualistic fatal blow to the forehead in ritual of the Third Degree. Following the blow received from the stone (or stone maul), Gandhi stumbles and falls ‘flat on the ground’ we are told. We are then informed that he was unconscious for five minutes. ‘I was not myself for 5 minutes,’ he informs us, adding, ‘They considered I was dead.’ Since the candidate for the Third Degree is undergoing his own ritual death, it would be natural for his brethren to regard him as symbolically dead at this point in the ritual. Then Gandhi informs us that he escapes serious injury because of the smoothness of the floor, ‘But fortunately for myself the ground on which I fell was quite smooth.’ Indeed, the floor would have been quite smooth had he fallen on solid masonry, which the floor of a Masonic Temple would most assuredly be. Then he informs us that his brethren were overjoyed when he regained his senses, ‘I came to my senses at last and all of them were quite joyful.’ The relevance of this is that the Third Degree ceremony culminates with the Worshipful Master removing the blindfold so the candidate of the Third Degree can gaze upon his own burial shroud containing the skull and crossbones. He would then be raised from the dead in a raising ceremony at which point his fellow Masons who raise a cheer of rejoicing. Following this, Gandhi informs us that, ‘The mother was sent for.’ It is no accident that he uses the definite article ‘The’ before ‘mother’. Why would he not say, ‘My mother was sent for’? This is because the language is intended to be ambiguous. To the uninitiated, ‘mother’ is an allusion to his mother. Thus, it is his mother who is being sent for. To the initiated, ‘The mother’ refers not to Gandhi’s own mother, but to ‘The Widow’ of which all Masons claim to be the sons. According to Masonic lore, Hiram Abif was the Widow’s son. Many Masons even refer to themselves as ‘the Widow’s sons’ or ‘the sons of the widow’. Gandhi informs us that, ‘she was very sorry for me’, as of course the widow would most assuredly be for her martyred son. He then informs us, ‘But none would allow me to go, though I afterwards came to know that my bold and dearest mother would have allowed me to go.’ This is in fact all Masonic code for the Widow wishing to set her son, Hiram Abif, at liberty, since ‘liberty, fraternity and equality’ are said to be the motto Masons swear by. The passage ends with Gandhi telling us of his mother entertaining fears on account of her son: ‘But she feared the calumny of other people,’ which the Widow most assuredly done having a portent of what awaited her martyr son.



Is there any evidence that Lord Ampthill had any connection with the European Committee? Well, as the president of the South African British Indian Committee, he would have most certainly had dealings the European Committee, of which Mr. Hosken was the head, since the record attests to his dealings with another European Committee member, namely Gandhi. In one letter, Gandhi actually appeals to Lord Ampthill to meet with the South African politicians, which suggests that at some point the esteemed member of the House of Lords, probably came into contact with several prominent political figures in South Africa:


At the same time, I respectfully venture

to think that, if somehow or other you

could come in personal contact with the

South African politicians, it will be

useful for future action in connection

with the Imperial work that you, as

President of the South Africa British

Indian Committee, are engaged in.

(Letter to Lord Ampthill #247,

London July 21, 1909, CWMG, Vol. 9, p.431)


Is there any evidence that Lord Ampthill knew or had ever met Doke, though he denies it? Considering that Doke was so strong a supporter of Gandhi’s, a committed proponent of Satragraya, the editor of Gandhi’s own newspaper the Indian Opinion, and an activist for the Indian cause in the Transvaal, it stands to reason that Doke would be connected with the delegation accompanying Gandhi to London to present a deposition before Parliament on the question of Indian immigration to the Transvaal. As the President of the South African British Indian Committee, Lord Ampthill had taken personal charge of the deposition opposing the Act of 1907, a Bill that enforced strict restrictions on Indian immigration to the Transvaal. In the following letter, Gandhi thanks Lord Ampthill for his continued support for the Indian cause to which he has made his own to use Gandhi’s own phraseology:


I am extremely obliged to Your Lordship

for the very great trouble you are

taking over the Indian cause in the

Transvaal which you have made your own.

(Letter to Lord Ampthill #260, London,

July 29, 1909, Vol.9, p.447)


Gandhi then informs Lord Ampthill that he has prepared a deputation letter to place before parliament, but that he will appeal to the Lord’s judgment before sending it:


I am enclosing statement in proof from

because, in anticipation of Your

Lordship’s approval, it was sent to

the printer’s yesterday, but it will

not be published or submitted without

consultation with Your Lordship.



Then, in response to Lord Ampthill’s concerns that Gandhi’s movement of “passive resistance” might have ties with radical organizations in India, Gandhi flatly denies any such affiliation, referring to Rev. Doke for vindication:


The test of passive resistance is

self-suffering and not infliction

of suffering on others. We have,

therefore, not only never received

a single farthing from “the party

of sedition” in India or else-where,

but even if there was any offer, we

should, if we were true to our

principles, decline to receive it.

We have hitherto made it a point

not to approach the Indian public

in India for financial assistance.

The accounts of the British Indian

Association are open to the world.

A statement of income expenditure

is published from time to time and

is advertised in Indian Opinion.

Mr. Doke, Mr. Philips, and the

Other notable men who are working

in the Transvaal for us, know this

fact most intimately…

(Ibid. p.448, 449, Vol. 9)


In Lord Ampthill’s foreword to Doke’s biography, he denied having any connection to Doke, claiming not to know him personally. One wonders how this is possible if Gandhi is seeking vindication through the good reverend’s character. Why would Gandhi even refer to Rev. Doke unless he was known to Lord Ampthill personally and sufficiently for him to act as a meaningful character witness on Gandhi’s behalf? It is interesting to note that the preceding letter to Lord Ampthill is dated July 29, 1909, exactly 11 days before Gandhi would send another letter to the esteemed Lord asking him to write the foreword for the Doke biography. Gandhi’s letter of request appears below:


Dear Lord Ampthill,

I have now received the somewhat

delayed proof of the Rev. Mr. Doke’s

book, which I am very anxious to see

published as early as possible. I

might mention in passing that I have

received a number of subscriptions

in advance.

I know you are very busy and I have

hesitated to burden you further

with the writing of the introduction,

which you were good enough to promise,

if the proof should meet with your

approval. Nevertheless you will I

hope, find time – as I am sure you

have the desire – to give this matter

your very kind attention.

I am forwarding the proof under

separate cover.

(Letter to Lord Ampthill # 9,

London, August 9, 1909, p.15, Vol. 10)


Later, Gandhi would refer to Doke yet again, this time in a letter following the preceding one requesting a foreword from Lord Ampthill. The letter is dated October, 14, 1909, some two months after the preceding letter. Here, Gandhi mentions Rev. Doke so casually one must question Lord Ampthill’s claim not to know the reverend:


Mr. Doke, in a letter to me, says

that passive resisters have never

been so strong as they were when

his letter left South Africa.

(Letter to Lord Ampthill # 109,

London, Oct. 14, 1909, p.106, Vol.10)


It is undeniable that the reference to Doke is of so casual a description that one is forced to recognize the open familiarity Gandhi has in alluding to their mutual acquaintance. Doke cannot, as Lord Ampthill alleges, be unknown to him.


Indeed, the tale just keeps getting taller. Not only do the letters Gandhi exchanges with Lord Ampthill catch the esteemed Lord out in a lie, but they entrap Gandhi in one of his own. We will now explore this as it is central to the question of Gandhi’s truthfulness and reliability as a witness offering sworn testimony. When questioned about his connections with radical groups in India, Gandhi defends himself against such charges in several letters to Lord Ampthill. In one such letter dated August 4th, 1909, just five days before he would write to Lord Ampthill requesting that he write a foreword for the Doke biography, Gandhi is obviously anxious to win vindication and for good reason. The concluding part of the letter reads as follows:


I am fully aware of the allegation

that we are acting in co-operation

with the extremist party in India.

I however give Your Lordship the

emphatic assurance that the charge

is totally without foundation.

Indian passive resistance in the

Transvaal had its rise in that

Colony and has been continued

absolutely independent of anything

that is being said or done in

India; indeed, sometimes, even in

defiance of what has been said or

written to the contrary in India

or elsewhere. Our movement is

absolutely unconnected with any

ex(tremist movement in India). I

do not know the extremists

per(sonally)… is the Moslem League

and some time Secretary in London

of the Pan-Islamic Society, and

this correspondence has been carried

on with a view to interesting Indian

opinion in our matter and arousing

public sympathy.

(Letter to Lord Ampthill # 256

London, August 4, 1909, p.457, 458, Vol.9)


Gandhi equivocates on the issue. He claims not to know any extremists personally and then indicates at the end of the letter that he has some acquaintance with an individual affiliated with the Moslem League and the Pan-Islamic Society, but justifies his correspondence with this individual by claiming to desire to gain intelligence on Indian opinion concerning his cause and also with a view to arousing public sympathy. Now if that isn’t double talk, we would like someone to advise us on what is.


Gandhi’s double talk doesn’t end there, since we have an actual letter he personally wrote to the London Branch of the Indian Moslem League. Gandhi cannot escape the charge of being guilty of double talk on this question. He states unequivocally that he and his organization have no association with any radical organizations operating in India or outside and yet the following letter proves that correspondence does take place between his organization and one of those deemed radical and violent, namely, the Indian Moslem League. Gandhi’s letter to the London branch of this organization reads as follows:


Dear Sir,

The Transvaal deputation have received

The following cablegram from Johannesburg:


Meeting held yesterday enthusiastic,

determined continue, resolutions

congratulating released, reaffirming

complete confidence delegates, efforts

greatly appreciated, afresh pledging

their support, protesting Vernon’s

statement which until Government

repudiates Asiatics interpret disclosure

Government policy. Request imprisoned

Mohammedans special meal Ramzan refused.


I draw your particular attention to the

last paragraph of the cablegram, which

shows that the Transvaal Government have

deeply hurt the religious susceptibilities

of British Indian Mohammedans who have

settled in the Transvaal, who have felt

called upon, on religious and conscientious

grounds, to disregard what is known as the

Asiatic Act and to suffer imprisonment for

their so doing.

That under the British flag, which is

supposed to respect all religions,

Mohammedan passive resisters should be

prevented from performing a religious

observance of the highest importance is a

very serious matter. I hope that the

League will take prompt action.

I may point out that last year, at

Volkhurst, facilities were given to

passive resisters during the month of

Ramzan. (Draft Letter to London Branch

Of Indian Moslem League # 72, p.100, 101, Vol.10)


The duplicitous nature of this letter could not be more obvious. The tone of the letter is clearly inflammatory and specifically designed to provoke and instigate. Gandhi’s manipulative reference to human and religious rights violations of Mohammedans by the Transvaal Government is calculated to provoke a violent response. Not only does he mention the imprisonment of Mohammedans, but the denial of their rights to religious practice and diet. Gandhi adds, “I hope that the League will take prompt action.” To instigate conflict and incite a radical organization to prompt and decisive action is none other than to call for and incite violence. And this is the true face behind the mask of divinity. This is the quintessential Gandhi, the two-faced Gandhi, the duplicitous double talker. While posturing outwardly as a pacifist with no appetite for blood whatsoever, he was covertly acting as a man of war and instigator of terrorism. Col. G.B. Singh’s book, Gandhi: Behind the Mask of Divinity has already implicated Gandhi in a bloody suppression of African Zulus. A shrewd investigator might also ask why photos of Gandhi in his British colonel uniform have not been as easy to come by as those depicting the Hindu saint in a loincloth.


Now, if Gandhi did have Freemason affiliations as we allege, this would explain his duplicitous Orwellian doublespeak and double talk. The Masons have always employed such tactics. It is their modus operandi to present a good outward façade, while concealing the shady and criminal underworld activities of the world’s largest and most powerful crime syndicate. This is what is symbolized by the black and white squares found on the floors of every Masonic Temple and on the police caps of so many of the world’s police forces. It symbolizes the fact that the Masons control both sides, the light and the dark forces, that they supply arm to both sides in wars, play both sides of the fence, and engage in black operations as their basic modus operandi.


Before going underground and changing their name, the modern day Freemasons were known as the Knights Templar. An early Templar family known as the House of Guise and Lorraine had a unique Coat-of-Arms consisting of a “double cross”. This Coat-of-Arms came to be associated with their modus operandi, which consisted of betraying or double-crossing both sides in wars by covertly arming both sides. Supplying gold and arms to one king to which they pretended to be loyal, they would simultaneously turn around and arm his opponent. Duplicity and double-dealing came to be so closely associated with this family that the “double cross” came to mean betray, cheat, or deceive someone. (David Icke, And the Truth Shall Set You Free) As a probable heir by succession to crooks in a criminal organization of longstanding, Gandhi was probably well trained in the arts of deception, duplicity and intrigue, and pulled it off with masterful precision.


While denying any affiliation to radical organizations in several letters to Lord Ampthill, Gandhi later confesses to having limited contact with the Moslem League, but employs more double talk in an effort at self-justification.


Opposed as I am to violence in any

shade or form, I have endeavoured

specially to come into contact with

the so-called extremists who may be

described as the party of violence.

This I have done in order if

possible to convince them of the

error of their ways. I have noticed

that some of the members of this

party are earnest spirits,

possessing a high degree of morality,

great intellectual ability and lofty

self-sacrifice. They wield an

undoubted influence on the young

Indians here. They are certainly

unsparing in their efforts to impress

upon the latter their convictions.

One of them came to me with a view to

convince me that I was wrong in my

methods and that nothing but the use

of violence, covert or open or both,

was likely to bring about redress of

the wrongs they consider they suffer.

(Letter to Lord Ampthill,

London Oct. 30, 1909, p.201, Vol.10)


We quote the passage in full in order to give it fair and objective reading. We have no intention of misleading anyone. Notice the diplomatic tone of the letter entirely lacking in the letter to the London Branch of the Moslem League. Gandhi ends by referring to “the wrongs they consider they suffer,” ‘they’ being the Moslems. While diplomatically alluding to such wrongs as a matter of perspective in the letter to Lord Ampthill, Gandhi is unequivocal and rather highhanded in condemning such behavior in the letter to the Moslem League. Gandhi is highly skilled at playing both sides of the fence. In this letter, he endeavors to convince Ampthill that there are high-minded members of this Moslem terrorist organization, individuals with which he can both converse and reason with. This begs the question of course, since he claims to be incommunicado with any such organizations yet appears to know those in the command structure of at least one terrorist organization well enough to describe their characters and thinking.


Suffice to say that Gandhi and Ampthill are not putting all their cards on the table. Suffice to say both men have something hidden up their sleeves. Lord Ampthill appears to wish to conceal his association with Rev. Doke, while Gandhi appears to want to conceal his associations with radical pro-independence terrorist organizations in India. Why all the secrecy? Why all the doubletalk, duplicity and lies? Well, In Gandhi’s case, it is essential that Gandhi conceal his affiliations to terrorist organizations back home if he is to win Lord Ampthill over to the cause. The tone of his letters to Lord Ampthill seem somehow obsequious and overly deferential. The fact that Gandhi cuts off all correspondence with Ampthill after getting what he wants only highlights the insincere nature of the correspondence.


Probably the most influential figure of the pro-independence drive in the post-colonial period is M.K. Gandhi, more famously referred to as the Mahatma. In the 1890’s, the young Gandhi set off to London to study law. His London Diary recorded the events of this time in his life, but despite the painstaking efforts of scholars to preserve his writings for posterity, all but 20 pages of The London Diary went missing. The surviving pages describe Gandhi’s initiation to the Third Degree of Freemasonry. It is apparently his Freemason diary. It in all probability describes his initiation through the several degrees of the organization. Why has the volume been suppressed? Is it to conceal Gandhi’s Freemason affiliations? Gandhi is a far more complex figure than anyone seems to have imagined. The recent book Gandhi Under Cross-examination exposes the fact that Gandhi lied about the racial train and coach incident, where he was purportedly thrown off a train at Pietermaritzburg Station. The Editor-in-Chief of Gandhi’s own Indian Opinion newspaper, Rev. J.J. Doke, wrote the biography, opportunistically turning Gandhi into a martyred saint for political motivations. By comparing the four biographical and autobiographical accounts of the incident, the authors of Gandhi Under Cross-examination discover the fraud Gandhi committed on the world’s citizens. Under cross-examination, Gandhi is exposed as a fraudster, who has lied about his past in order to exploit the politics of victimization to gain political advantage. This is an effective counterpoint to the later real-life trail of Gandhi’s assassin, Natharam Godse. In the 1890’s in South Africa, Gandhi addressed a body of fellow Indians in a town hall in Johannesburg. He raises a motion for a permanent Indian militia in South Africa. He proposes forming a volunteer ambulance corps of Indian stretcher-bearers to convince the British that they are loyal followers of the British Empire, in order to gain the permission of His Majesty’s government to found a permanent India militia. Gandhi becomes a sergeant major in the British Army. His ambulance team joins the British in their effort to suppress a “Kaffir” uprising in South Africa. Gandhi acts as a recruitment officer for the British Army in the Boar War, WWI and WWII and as an apologist for the British Empire in his Indian Opinion newspaper. We also know that Gandhi had secret meetings with arms dealers and a Muslim terrorist organization known as the Muslim League. Two attempts on the life of Gandhi are made in close succession. Assassins are dispatched from Lincoln’s Inn in London, one of the Inns of Court and law schools for the elite. The first murder attempt fails, but the second succeeds. Gandhi is assassinated and Natharam Godse is arrested in the square before hordes of onlookers. He surrenders, compliantly raising his hands over his head in surrender and hands his weapon over to the authorities. Gopal Godse, brother of Gandhi assassin, Natharam Godse, wrote a book called May It Please Your Honour based on the courtroom testimony of his brother, which the world never got to hear. Natharam Godse conducted his own defence in the hope that he might present his true motivations to the world. He conducted his own defence, but the Congress Party of India ensured that not a word of Godse’s testimony was published in any of the Indian newspapers. The police steal the notebooks out of the reporters’ hands and destroy them on the spot, issuing a stern warning not to print a single word of Godse’s testimony in any of the national newspapers. Godse’s courtroom testimony brought tears to the eyes of the packed gallery. Sobs conveying the deep emotion of those present could be heard throughout the court according to the testimony offered by Natharam Godse’s brother. Godse testified that Gandhi was in regular correspondence with known terrorists, including the head of the Muslim League, a terrorist organization responsible for slaughtering thousands of innocent civilians, especially in Calcutta. He also alleges that Gandhi conspired with the Amir of Afghanistan to front an invasion of India in order to found a Muslim caliphate, but the plot was somehow thwarted before it could be realized. Gandhi welcomed the Ali Brothers as he would his own brothers. He welcomed them and their planned invasion. He welcomed the Amir of Afghanistan and his army. He welcomed the establishment of a permanent Caliphate in India. He believed it would make India a more orderly society, disciplined while enforcing high standards of morality, along with stability and peace. This is the same reason Gandhi promoted Hindustani as the lingua franca of India. This is the tongue that would bind both Hindus and Muslims together. Hindustani is Urdu under a different name. Godse understood that this was subterfuge. It was communalism of the worst kind. It amounted to the Islamizing of India. He accused Gandhi of lacking the courage to call for the adoption of Urdu as the national language, hence the subterfuge of smuggling Urdu in under another name. To bolster up a language in the school curriculum and grant a bastard tongue a pedigree is insanity of the highest order. Forcing a foreign tongue upon a great nation like India was seen as treasonous to Godse and one of the prime motivations for the assassination. Mr. Shastri, Mr. C.Y. Chintamani, the editor of Allahabad and even the Mahatma’s lifelong friend, the late C.F. Andrews, confirmed that Gandhi’s speeches and writings added up to an open invitation to the Amir of Afghanistan to invade India. It was de facto high treason. Is there another word for a leader plotting to have his country invaded by an alien power? The only explanation is that he had formed a secret pact with Shiekh Abdullah. Under his orders, the administrative power of Kashmir would be placed in the hands of Muslims. For this reason and this reason alone, Gandhi consented to armed resistance by the Indian forces to the Pakistani raiders of Kashmir. It was a coup d’etat and in the process he had signed Kashmir away. The motherland was destined to lose half its territory. It was the most monstrous act of treason in the history of the world, yet the perpetrator continues to be celebrated around the world as a martyr and saint. Instead of fasting to stem the tide of the Pakistani invasion or practicing Satyagraya in the face of an armed Muslim invasion, Gandhi instead fasted because a handful of Muslims did not feel safe in Delhi. All of his fasts were orchestrated to coerce Hindus, but never once did he show the courage to stand up to the more aggressive Muslim population. He persistently embraced a policy of appeasement. His collusion with Muslim forces knew no bounds. How else could he have allied himself to the Ali brothers and their treasonous plot to bring ruin to India through the invasion of the Amir of Afghanistan? In 1919, the Government of India Act was overshadowed by the Jallianwalla Bagh Tragedy. Though the incident happened long ago, it is fresh in the minds of the people who lost loved ones and have hearts enough to know what it must feel like to lose a loved one. Hundreds of men, women and children were shot dead that day at the orders of General Dyer for the mere crime of holding a peaceful demonstration against the Rowlatt Act. Sir Michael O’Dwyer became notorious for his callous and unscrupulous reprisals against anyone who denounced or opposed the Rowlatt Act. The apologists have lost the argument in excusing these acts as those of misguided fanatics in breach of the proper chain of command. This man was a ‘Sir’, a knight and a peer of the realm. This means that he and his policies had the endorsement of the British establishment and the blessing of the King. Twenty years later he would pay for his crimes, when he was shot dead in London by Udham Singh. While terrorism can never be condoned or endorsed, it is necessary to recognize that the actions of the Chafekar brothers of Maharashtra, Shamji Krishna Verma, Lala Hardayal, Virendranath Chatapadhyaya, Rash Behari Bose, Babu Arvind Ghosh, Khudiram Bose, Ulhaskar Datta, Madalal Dhingra, Kanhere, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdeo, and Chadrashekhar Azad were all done in response to government-sponsored terrorism under the yoke of foreign occupation. There is a subtle distinction to be made between pro-independence freedom-fighters and “terrorists”. Bhagat Singh successfully disrupted the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly in the 1929 bombing incident. Does this make him a “terrorist” or a pro-independence freedom fighter? The Hindu-Muslim unity Gandhi claimed to covet so strongly was now a fleeting mirage. If Godse’s defence were on public record, everyone would know the truth. If the press had not been muzzled, the word would be out. Instead, the treasonous Congress Party suppressed the truth and prevented the face behind the mask of divinity from being revealed. Perhaps most notably, he accuses Gandhi of leaving his own Hindu population to be helplessly slaughtered in the streets by the Muslim League, the infamous terrorist organization without recourse to a militia or the dispatch of a civil defence unit. Any sane and competent leader would call for the impeachment of a government that allowed such outrages as the slaughter of innocent women and children to go on under its own nose. But what did Gandhi do according to Godse? He went to Calcutta not to oppose the violence and speak out against it, but to enter into a strange contractual friendship with the author of these massacres. He even went so far as to defend Premier Suhrawardy’s government and the Muslim League, a notoriously brutal terrorist organization. During the three-day massacre, when both person and property were being violated in the most brutal fashion, Gandhi did and said nothing. Is it non-violence to let innocent civilians be put to the sword, sliced up under the blade and thrown to the dogs for meat? Passivism is not the answer clearly. Maintaining a balance of power and assuring the peace through a system of checks and balances and an armed militia in the hands of all defensible populations is the best was to secure the peace. Leaving people defenceless through an enforced policy of non-violence leaves them vulnerable paradoxically to the very violence one seeks to avoid. Innocent men, women and children were cut down in the streets of Calcutta because there was not even the presence of an armed guard to offer a defence against armed terrorists, let alone a proper response to their violent outrages. Godse also cited speeches in which Gandhi absurdly encouraged Hindu refugees to return to Pakistan during the pro-Muslim independence drive and face their fates, even if it meant being cut down by their Muslim brothers. He even made absurd references to Hindu scripture to justify this logical fallacy. Godse also implicated Gandhi in the partitioning of India and Pakistan, another act of high treason according to Godse. Amazingly, Godse further argued that Gandhi’s Satragraya campaign of non-violent resistance to British rule only succeeded in forestalling independence by forty years by taking all the steam out of the militant movement to create home rule. The Rowlatt Report went on at great length about the strength of the independence movement. The revolutionaries had gained the upper hand and the British knew it. From 1906 to 1918, one Brit after another, along with several Indian collaborators, met their untimely ends at the hands of revolutionary nationalists. The British were shaking in their boots. It was practically murder by numbers. They were being picked off one by one by the pro-independence revolutionaries the British called “terrorists”. Ever the consummate hypocrite, from 1920 onwards, Gandhi put his foot down on the use of force, crushing any armed resistance with his non-violence stance, even though he had carried on an active campaign of recruiting soldiers for Britain in the First World War and before that during the Boar War in South Africa. Gandhi’s non-violence movement died a death only a few weeks after the start of the ‘Quit India’ campaign. Gandhi’s position was rejected outrightly by members of the Congress Party. Nowhere was non-violence preached or practiced. Virtually everyone was committed to “do or die”. No one wanted to follow Gandhi’s methods and sit in jail. On the contrary, they wished to avoid jail at all costs. Rather than stewing in jail, they were committed to action, inflicting the maximum harm to British rule by cutting communications, committing arson, looting and other acts of violence, assassinations not excluded. Government administration was brought to a standstill. They set fire to police stations and postal offices, while communications were disrupted with firebombs and other forms of sabotage. In north Bihar and other locales, nearly 900 railway stations were burnt to the ground or destroyed. At the very moment the smell of freedom could be detected in the air, Gandhi was calling for non-violence, when only a few short years before he had advocated violence as a recruitment officer for the British Army. This begs the question: Whose side was he really on? Godse noted how Hindu women and children were offered no defence in the face of their Muslin terrorist foes. It was the heroic fight put up by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj that checked and destroyed Muslim tyranny in India. It was absolutely correct and just, according to Godse, for Shivaji to kill Afzul Khan, since the latter had already broken the Vedic sanction against attacking the innocent and unarmed. Conversion by the sword is irreligious and unHindu. Condemning Shivaji, Rana Pretap and Guru Govind as deluded and misguided patriots was extremely presumptuous of Gandhi. Each of these heroes was unrelenting in his defence of the country, protecting the people against the atrocities and outrages of alien invaders, and prizing the motherland free from the foreign yoke. Under thirty years of dictatorship by the Mahatma, what does he have to show us, asked Godse, but the desecration of temples and our women’s bodies, forced conversions at the hand of a sword, and even the rape of the own motherland, one third of the nation stripped away to become a permanent neighbour, black sheep and exiled family member, ever on our doorstep as a watchful enemy? For Godse, Gandhi was a dwarf before the likes of Shivaji, Rana Pretap, and Guru Govind. His condemnation of these illustrious heroes was presumptuous at best. These were the martyrs whose blood formed the mortar that built the temple of independence. In truth, Gandhi’s policy of ahimsa was an abject failure from the word go. The more the Mahatma condemned the use of violence in the nation’s battle for independence, the more popular it became. This fact became abundantly clear in the Karachi Session of Congress in March 1931. From 1921-22, Gandhi became the ideologue of the Congress and it was under his leadership that the first Non-Cooperation movement was launched. When Gandhi abruptly ended the movement, the revolutionaries became disillusioned with the creed of non-violence espoused by him. During 1924-25 Gandhi became involved in an extended polemical argument on the use of violence. The brunt of Gandhi’s arguments lay in what he called the ineffectiveness of violence, the added expenditure it cost the government to curb it and the insane pressure of anger and ill-will that started it in the first place. In fact so opposed was he to the revolutionaries that when the Viceroy Lord Irwin missed a narrow escape on his life, Gandhi wrote an article called the “Cult of the Bomb” where he thanked god for the Viceroy’s escape and condemned his bete noire, the revolutionaries. In 1925 Sachindanand Sanyal sent an open letter to Gandhi in which he said,

…(the) Non-Violent non-cooperation movement failed not because there was (a) sporadic outburst of suppressed feelings here and there but because the movement was lacking in a worthy ideal. The ideal that you preached was not in keeping with Indian culture and traditions. It savoured of imitation. Your philosophy of non-violence… was a philosophy arising out of despair.

By 1929 the revolutionary movement in India had developed and in December of that year, Bhagwati Charan and Chandra Shekhar Azad wrote an article defending the Delhi Bomb Case revolutionaries from Gandhi’s scathing criticism, in which they argued,

The revolutionaries believe that the deliverance of their country will come through revolution… (This) revolution will not only express itself in the form of an armed conflict between the foreign government and its supporters and the people, it will also usher in a new social order. The revolution will ring the death knell of Capitalism and class distinctions and privileges. It will bring joy and prosperity to the starving millions who are seething under the terrible yoke of both foreign and Indian exploitation.

In 1931 in a note to the party, the great pro-independence revolutionary, Bhagat Singh, wrote about Gandhism as the dominant ideology in the Congress, which is unable to take a stand against the British and instead wants to become a partner in power… (the Congress) is working as a centrist party and has always been so. It is embarrassed to face reality. The leaders who run it are those people whose interests are associated with the party… If revolutionary blood does not succeed in giving it a new lease of life… it will be necessary to save it (the party) from its allies. Interestingly although Gandhi insisted on the acceptance of non-violence dogmatically, younger members were not so averse or critical of the revolutionaries. Subhas Bose and Jawaharlal Nehru were the two prominent Congressmen who supported the revolutionaries. Chandra Shekhar Azad used to receive money regularly from Motilal Nehru. Money to the revolutionaries was also supplied by Puroshattamdas Tandon and Shiv Prasad Gupta. Even leaders like Maulana Shaukat Ali and Krishna Kant Malviya supplied revolvers to Sanyal. “The non-violence of the Mahatma was by-passed by the Congressmen and they were not found wanting in their moral, financial and other support to the revolutionaries,” say Irfan Habib and S.K. Mittal. That there was public sympathy for the revolutionaries and support from within the Congress must have been known to Gandhi. It may well have been a fact that Gandhi, sensing a threat to his leadership, became increasingly bitter towards the revolutionaries and when he could have negotiated a release for some of them he chose not to. And what is it to keep perceived “dissidents” who pose a threat to one’s leadership, but the very definition of dictatorship? And still today at a time when we consider ourselves so enlightened, we continue to fall for the propa-gandhi that the Mahatma was the ultimate democrat. We should make a distinction here between a “pro-independence freedom fighter” and a “terrorist”. If one is trying to liberate one’s country and its people from the yoke of a brutal foreign occupation, and is targeting the military and top political brass of the foreign occupier, how does that make one a “terrorist” in any reasonable sense of the word?



Probing Doke-Gandhi Connection




A few words on the background of Reverend Doke are helpful. Based upon what is reported in the popular Gandhian literature, he was born at Chudleigh, South Devon in England on November 5, 1861, about eight years before Gandhi. With little early education to his credit he became a pastor at the age of seventeen and three years later he moved to Capetown in South Africa. With some more foreign travels as a missionary, he returned to South Africa in 1903 and in 1907 a pastoral opening brought him to Johannesburg.1, 2, 3 The ongoing Satyagraha campaigns brought the two personalities closer together, their relationship strengthened by Gandhi’s convalescence in the Doke family home.


The best person to bring on side in any political cause is a man of God or holy man. Nothing grants greater credibility to a cause than a man of God who swears by God to be a vessel of the truth and a proponent of righteousness. In the case of the Christian community, the mere sight of a collar, cross, ministerial garb and other accoutrements of the Christian leader inspire a certain reverence among his flock and a feeling of awe mixed with unease or even fear. The Satyagraha movement would definitely have benefited from such an influential religious figure and certainly would have wished to recruit one to the cause. Reverend J. J. Doke, missionary and opportunistic converter of the multitudes, would have jumped at the chance to serve a popular movement of the masses such as Satyagraha. He would have equally wished to convert a figure like Mahatma Gandhi to his religion in order to initiate mass conversions under the leadership of a human rights proponent he would single-handedly turn into a saint in his own Gandhi biography. Gandhi never did convert to Christianity as Reverend Doke, the consummate religious opportunist, had hoped, but he did function, as Doke had wished, as a Christian paradigm of Doke’s own invention, a modern day saint who would give Christianity the hormone injection it required. In essence, Doke was a kind of Pygmalion who had fashioned a saint in his own image. Gandhi was an invention who would convince the Christian world that the miracle of Christ really had been possible. If the miracles of healing the lame and feeding the multitudes could be recapitulated in the form of a modern day miracle, people’s faith in Christ would be restored and the churches would be filled once more. Gandhi couldn’t walk on water, heal the lame and blind, or turn water into wine, but what the Satyagraha movement would prove through the public relations campaign orchestrated by Doke is that he was capable of performing a modern day miracle: Defeating an imperialist power through passive resistance. The Satyagraha movement would have with equal fervor wished to bring a man of God into its fold who would give its cause the legitimacy it sought, a man of the cloth whose reputation would precede him and with sufficient power to convince the masses that, his word being as good as gold, the movement for which he stood really was legitimate.


Doke’s letter to The Transvaal Leader on the “Immigrants Restriction Act” and “peace preservation permits” shows how politically savvy he actually is. The language he employs in his letter to the editor is calculating and manipulative. It is intended to elicit shame in the white rulers of South Africa by highlighting how reasonable the Asiatics and their demands really are. A certain degree of irony can be detected sufficient to inflict the appropriate sting. What in essence Doke implies in the letter is that the Asiatics are not protesting laws that violate their basic human rights, but only the practice of leaving the decision in the hands of officials subject to racial bias and questionable ethics. The letter implies that the Asiatics wish their cases to be referred to legitimate courts and that they be granted the right of appeal. The irony of course is that, if the Asiatics were actually to be given such entitlements, it would be tantamount to granting them the very human rights they see themselves as being denied. The strategy employed in Doke’s letter is admirably sophisticated, but not entirely genuine in import by being so:


The Asiatics claim simply the interpretation and protection of the Supreme Court. They do not resent the “Immigration Restriction Act”. They only claim that it be not

interpreted by any official, however exalted he may be, but by the recognized Court, and by that judgement they will stand. They do not resent the rejection of Asiatics by Mr. Chamney, and their deportation, but but they claim that no official shall be made supreme. They ask for the right of appeal in such cases to the well-balanced judgement of a properly constituted tribunal.

(CWMG Vol. 8, Appendix III, p. 495, July 4, 1908)


What the letter shows is that, while a man of the cloth, Doke is a political animal. His use of language is highly manipulative and far from genuine. Granted, the cause is just, but the language employed is conceived in the spirit of the ends justifying the means. He is not being entirely genuine. This in itself is no fault. The point we are making is that he is politically savvy and a master propagandist. He is also given to employing language in a manipulative and even coercive fashion. We present this as evidence that he is capable of being manipulative or even lying to get what he wants. From a means-ends standpoint this can be justified if the cause is just. This we do not dispute. We simply wish to show that there is no reason for believing that this man of the cloth is above lying. There is a tendency for scholars and the reading public to be persuaded that the good reverend’s biography of Gandhi is entirely genuine and aboveboard because it is written by a man of the cloth, but we intend to show that it is not written to be a genuine account at all, but rather as “an experiment with the truth” to use Gandhi’s own language. Experimenting with the truth in essence is to experiment with a lie, since to employ disparate versions of the truth in order to witness their effect is tantamount to telling lies to observe their effect. Hitler’s maxim that the bigger the lie the more people will believe it is apropos in the case of Gandhi and that of Doke, the master manipulator.


There is another question to examine in relation to Doke’s biography of Gandhi. Is it professional for a biographer to establish a friendship with his subject? Additionally, is it appropriate from the standpoint of professional ethics to associate oneself with the political movement of the biographical subject? Is it acceptable for a professional biographer to be part of the same political struggle as the biographical subject? Is there a conflict of interests in writing a biography on a subject with whom you are both a friend and a professional colleague? There are such instances of course, but is it ethical from a professional standpoint?


Doke’s biography M. K. Gandhi: An Indian Patriot in South Africa is dated 1909, yet it can be established from the evidence of several letters written in the year 1908 that an intimate friendship and political alliance had been forged between Gandhi and Doke well in advance of the biography’s publication. The following letter by Gandhi to Rev. Doke dated October 8, 1908 is a fine example:


Dear Mr. Doke,

I received your note at Pheonix. The expected has happened. I think it is well. I have arrived just in time. There were serious differences between two sections here. They are by no means over yet. You will say I have accepted the hospitality before the ‘settings’ were finished. I think it was better that I should do that than that the invitation should be rejected for the sake of the ‘settings’. After all I have done nothing. For six days I may carry on correspondence. If you think I should answer any questions, you may write. I must now stop as I have

been called away to give digit impressions. Please excuse me to Olive for not writing.

(CWMG Vol. 9, # 112, pp. 193-94)


What this letter reveals is that Gandhi has become a friend of the Doke family and is on intimate terms with husband and wife. It is also clear from the letter that Gandhi appeals to Doke for advice and counsel and that they are political colleagues. The fact that Gandhi invites Doke to write to him should he have any questions implies that the reverend has become so intimate an associate that Gandhi’s personal welfare has become a matter of greatest concern to his champion and defender. There is nothing cynical about the friendship and political alliance. What we question is the fact that such a relationship is a conflict of interest from the standpoint of a professional biographer. There is no way that the friendship and political alliance forged between the two men could fail to color the tone of the biography.


A letter from the same year reveals how close the relationship between the two men had become. Gandhi writes to Doke from the Court House. The letter is written in an attempt on Gandhi’s part to relieve his friend of any anxieties he might entertain on his account. The tone of the letter is most consoling:


Dear Mr. Doke,

I am writing this from the Court House. I had hoped to be able to send you something before I was fixed up. But I have been too busy otherwise. I thank you very much for your good wishes. My sole trust is in God. I am therefore quite cheerful. (CWMG Vol. 9, # 121, pp. 204-05, October 14, 1908)


There is another letter from Doke that shows the great depth of Doke’s friendship and love for Gandhi. The letter is dated September 30, 1908 well before the publication date of the biography. There is no doubt that the friendship has moved well beyond acquaintance and mutual self-interest. A bond has been forged between the two men that is lifelong, so deeply felt on Doke’s part that he would willingly lay down his life for Gandhi:


Your beautiful present of the Song Celestial, I appreciate very much. In every respect it is one of the choicest treasures which I have–dainty in appearance–fascinating in its contents-–and of great value and a memento of a friendship which I shall always regard with gratitude. Yes, even if the darling wish of your heart is fulfilled and I get into prison for it.

(CWMG Vol. 9, Appendix XII, p. 482, September 30, 1908)


Then we have Rev. J. J. Doke’s letter to the editor of the Rand Daily Mail, in which he protests the arrest of Gandhi. What is clear from the letter is that he has received regular updates from Gandhi on the treatment he has received at the hands of the authorities. This means that no one member of the Satyagraha is more concerned with the personal well being of Mahatma Gandhi than Rev. Doke. He has taken it upon himself to be his champion and defender. His good name and standing in the community as a reverend of untarnished respectability would make his letter to the editor both credible and morally persuasive. It is likely that both Gandhi and Doke would have recognized the political expediency of using the merits of a man of the cloth to influence public sentiment. There is no doubt from the tenor of the letter that it is intended to make the citizens rise up in moral outrage:


Yesterday it was necessary that he should appear in some case in the Magistrate’s Court. I understand he was brought there from the cells, dressed in civilian clothes, but handcuffed! Of course, there may be amongst us those who will be glad to hear that indignities are being heaped on this great Indian leader; but I venture to hope that the great majority of our colonies will feel ashamed and angry that a man of the character and position of Mr. Gandhi should be needlessly insulted in this way.

(CWMG Vol. 9, p. 489, March 11, 1909)


What emerges from the letter is the fact that Doke has risen to the stature of being Gandhi’s champion. No matter how politically and socially compromised he might be in the corrupt white establishment of South Africa, he is prepared to put his life and reputation on the line in defense of Gandhi. No higher level of commitment could be shown by one human being to another in defense of their mutual cause than that shown by Doke to Gandhi and Satyagraha.


How did they meet? How did they come to know each other? And under what compunction were they brought together? While we have addressed these questions based upon what has been reported, more importantly we need to ask: Was there a fraternity to which they both belonged that preceded Satyagraha and the European Committee of which they were both active members? What force drew Doke from New Zealand to South Africa and to seize the hand of his confederate? There is an answer to this and the evidence for it rests with a speech Gandhi gave at a Masonic Hall of all places in Johannesburg. The description of the gathering given below reveals a great deal about the organizations to which Gandhi and Doke were mutually affiliated:


The Masonic Hall, Jepper Street, Johannesburg, was the scene of a brilliant mixed gathering of Europeans,

Chinese and Indians on the night of the 18th instant in honour of the British Indian community. Mr. Hoskin was in

the chair. Mr. Doke was on his right and Mrs. Doke on his left. Mr. Cachalia occupied a seat to the right of Mr. Doke.

Mr. Quinn and his Chinese friends were also present.

(CWMG Vol. 10, # 249, p. 420)


The first thing to observe about the preceding description of the banquet is that it was held in a Masonic Lodge and that Mr. Hosken, the leader of the European Committee to which both Gandhi and Doke belong, is the Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge on Jepper Street in Johannesburg where the banquet is being held. We know this because of what is stated in the above passage, that, “Mr. Hosken was in the chair.” This means that he is in the chair where the Worshipful Master or Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge presides. This means that he is a 33rd Degree Freemason and the supreme head of this particular Temple. The fact that Gandhi and Doke are present and that Gandhi is giving a speech in honour of Rev. Doke in a Masonic Lodge hosted by the Grand Master of the Lodge and leader of the European Committee, Mr. Hosken, is strong evidence supporting Gandhi’s and Doke’s Freemason affiliations. The fact that Mr. Hosken is both the Grand Master of the Temple and the leader of the European Committee of which all three are members suggest that the links between the three men go beyond the European Committee to another overriding organization, the very organization in whose Temple the current banquet it is being hosted, namely Freemasonry. We would go even further and suggest that the European Committee is a subcommittee set up by Freemasonry for vested political reasons and toward a defined political goal. The description of the content of Gandhi’s speech given below establishes the Masonic affiliations of all three men beyond doubt:


Speaking of Mr. Doke’s Asiatic work, it is not possible to refrain from speaking in praise of the work of the European

Committee of which the chairman (Mr. Hoskin) was the president. Mr. Gandhi frankly confessed that passive resistance might have broken down without the magnificent support rendered by the European Committee.

(CWMG Vol. 10, # 249, p. 420)


What the preceding passage reveals is what it doesn’t reveal, namely, the text of Gandhi’s speech. We only have a description of the speech made at the so-called banquet. While some might object that just because all three men are attending a meeting held in a Masonic Lodge in no way proves that they are Masons, the fact that this is an official meeting and Gandhi’s speech is not available because the meeting is official and secret proves that all three men are Masons. Again, some might argue that just because the meeting is held in a Masonic Temple does not mean that everyone present is a Mason, including possibly some of the Chinese delegates present, the fact that this is an official Masonic meeting is proven by the fact that the text of Gandhi’s speech is not available. We only have the minutes pertaining to the alleged content of Gandhi’s speech. This means that Gandhi’s speech and its contents are secret. Let’s not forget that Freemasonry in its modern form is based on the 33 Degree organizational model and is a highly secretive secret society. What has been shown, if not proven beyond a reasonable doubt, is that both Gandhi and Doke are Freemasons and that they are attending an official Lodge meeting in which the Lodge members are hosting a farewell dinner for one of their own members, Rev. J. J. Doke.


Gandhi’s obituaries to the late Rev. J. J. Doke in 1913 reveal a great deal about the reverend’s motives for writing the biography. Gandhi’s own words imply that the primary aim of the biography was not to glorify the Indian leader, but to promote the cause of Satyagraha, Indian home rule, and independence from the yoke of British imperial rule. Gandhi’s first obituary to the late Rev. Doke reveals the book’s true raison d’etre:


He wrote an Indian patriot in South Africa-–a popular history of the story of Indian passive resistance. Lord

Ampthill wrote a very flattering introduction to it. To Mr. Doke it was purely a labour of love. He believed in the Indian cause and the book was one of the many ways in which he helped it.

(CWMG Vol. 13, # 166, p. 258)


The express purpose for Doke writing the Gandhi biography, as Gandhi himself admits, was to promote the cause of passive resistance first and foremost. Why would Gandhi misquote the title of the book? Moreover “M. K. Gandhi: An Indian Patriot in South Africa” is really a biographical sketch of Gandhi and the issue of Indian passive resistance is only subservient to the greater issue of Gandhi himself. Gandhi states unequivocally that, rather than a simple biography, Doke’s book was written as “a popular history of the story of Indian passive resistance” to use Gandhi’s own words. Gandhi, the leader of the movement, was just a means to an end, a rallying cry, a means of mustering a throng of supporters toward a common cause. By turning Gandhi into a martyr figure, by fictionalizing his early life by depicting him as a martyred saint who had miraculously risen from defeat after being beaten down by his oppressors would give the cause the locus and impetus it required to get off the ground, to take wing, and to fly if not soar. What is also evident from Gandhi’s first memoir and obituary to the late reverend is that he is on such intimate terms with Doke that he knows his personal and family history nearly as well as his own, i.e.:


The late Rev. Doke had very little schooling, owing to delicate health. At the age of 16 he lost his mother.

At the age of 17, on the resignation of his father from the pastorate, he became pastor. At the age of 20 he came to South Africa, where he was in Cape Town for a short time….

(CWMG Vol. 13, # 166, p. 260)


What is revealing about the preceding memorial account is the fact that the writer of the first major biography on Gandhi was on such intimate terms with the subject of the biography as to have been a confidante, best friend, and virtual family member. In addition to being a friend of intimate acquaintance, colleague and brother-in-arms, he was a strong supporter of the same political struggle. This intimacy of association violates the professional ethics of the biographer who is supposed to maintain a certain objectivity and professional distance from his subject. For a biographer, any historian of personages, to be too close to the subject he is memorializing is bound to distort the figure and color the portrait.


To add to this memoir, we have the second of Gandhi’s obituaries to the late reverend also written for the Indian Opinion. Gandhi’s second obituary in honor of Doke demonstrates beyond doubt that Doke was a proponent of Gandhi’s cause of passive resistance and had been so practically upon arrival to South Africa:


When Mr. Doke came to the cause, he threw himself into it heart and soul and never relaxed his efforts on our behalf.

It was usual with Mr. Doke to gain complete mastery over the subject he handled. He, therefore, became one of

best informed men on the subject in South Africa. He loved passive resisters as they were his own congregation. The

poorest Indian had free access to this pious Englishman. His pen and his eloquence were continually used by him

during the troublous times through which the community has passed. He missed no opportunity of visiting passive resistance prisoners in gaol. And at a critical period in the history of the community and this journal, he

magnanimously and at no small inconvenience to himself, took charge of the editorial department, and those

who came in contact with him during that period know how cautious, how painstaking, how gentle and how

forebearing he was.

(CWMG Vol.13, # 167, p. 262, August 23, 1913)


Not only is Doke an active proponent of Gandhi’s cause of passive resistance. He is deeply committed to it as an adherent. From the standpoint of a professional biographer, his Gandhian biography would be regarded as little more than a propaganda and public relations exercise rather than a genuine biography. As Gandhi says of the reverend, “He loved passive resisters as they were his own congregation.” His mission then was to champion the cause of his congregation. One wonders whether his sermons were geared toward liberating their immortal souls or their minds and bodies from the material bondage to which they were subject. Gandhi adds of the good reverend that, “His pen and his eloquence were continually used by him during the troublous times through which the community passed.” There is no equivocation here. Gandhi states explicitly that the pen and the eloquence of the good reverend “were continually used by him,” that is continually, unremittingly used by “him” i.e. Gandhi. Gandhi leaves us in no doubt that he has used the reverend as a propaganda agent in promotion of the cause, “continually” implying from the beginning and without interruption. Gandhi then informs us his colleague took charge of the editorial department, which suggests that Doke was in complete charge of the P.R. machine behind the Satyagraha movement as the Editor-in-Chief of the Indian Opinion, controlling what got printed and by whom. The fact that he functioned as Editor-in-Chief of the Indian Opinion only makes the conflict of interest in writing the Gandhian biography that much more self-evident. How can an advocate of the cause and an editor of the propaganda vehicle of the movement, the Indian Opinion, be expected to write an uncolored, unbiased and objective biography of the leader of the movement?


Should any doubts remain about the level of commitment demonstrated by Reverend Doke to the cause, Gandhi tells us unreservedly in his final tribute to Rev. Doke written for the very newspaper the reverend himself headed that he had been committed to the Indian cause practically from the day he arrived:


In 1907, when preparations for the Satyagraha campaign were in full swing, Mr. Doke had recently come to the

Transvaal from New Zealand. He began taking a keen interest in the Indian problem from the very day he arrived,

and continued to help till he died. With the exception of one or two, no other Englishman, and hardly any Indian,

had such (a) clear grasp of our problem as Mr. Doke.

(CWMG Vol. 13, # 168, pp. 263-64, translated from Gujarati)


Doke’s loyalty to the cause was as unrelenting as his faithfulness to its leader. As Gandhi himself states, Satyagraha became his raison d’etre from the day he arrived until the time of his death. There is no doubt then that the 1909 biography of Gandhi is colored by an emotional investment on the part of the biographer to the subject and the cause to which both subject and biographer are committed. The biography by Doke is neither scholarly not professional but is colored by the biographer’s own biases and commitment to the cause. It does not maintain any of the professional detachment, distance, dispassionate objectivity that a bona fide biography is required to maintain. Should there be any question then about the authenticity of Doke’s account of the racial train incidents in South Africa, let us remind ourselves of the purpose of the biography. The purpose of the biography as Doke explicitly stated to Gandhi was to promote Gandhi as the martyr figure and hero of the Indian passive resistance movement.


There is another suspicious circumstance concerning Doke’s biography of Gandhi. The foreword is written by Lord Ampthill. In the foreword, Lord Ampthill takes care to distance himself from the author. He even goes so far as to deny even knowing him:


The writer of this book is not known to me personally, but there is a bond of sympathy between him and me in the

sentiments which we share in regard to the cause of which he is so courageous and devoted an advocate.

(CWMG Vol. 10, Appendix 1, p. 485, August 26, 1909)

(Also check chapter “introduction” in the book, M. K. Gandhi: An Indian Patriot in South Africa).


Why does this passage from Lord Amptill’s foreword peek our curiosity? Why does it raise our doubts? We invite the reader to employ our methodology and scrutinize the passage for himself before reviewing our analysis. A perceptive reader will have his own suspicions aroused after rereading the preceding passage carefully. The first suspicious element is that Lord Ampthill begins the foreword with a denial of any firsthand acquaintance with the author, “The writer of this book is not known to me personally….” Why deny knowing someone, especially at the outset, unless you desire to distance yourself from having any association with the person in question. While some might argue that this is probably because Lord Ampthill did not want to be politically compromised by association with Satyagraha or the movement for home rule, his own words show this not to be the case, for he adds, “…but there is a bond of sympathy between him and me in the sentiments which we share in regard to the cause….” It is self-evident that Lord Ampthill feels no need to distance himself from the cause. So why distance himself from the personage of Rev. Doke? It is rather odd that he should seek to do so, since the reverend is obviously respected, of good standing in the community and wears a collar. Is Lord Ampthill being genuine in his claim not to know the reverend “personally” as he puts it? This is hardly likely, since his own words in reference to Doke’s character give him away, “…the cause of which he is so courageous and devoted an advocate.” How is Lord Ampthill able to vouch so strongly for the character and commitment of a man he has never met? Why deny knowing someone unless you wish to disassociate yourself from the individual in question for some reason? Were Lord Ampthill to have a clandestine association with Doke, Gandhi and others, there might be a very good reason to deny his having any association with the good reverend. Were he a fellow Freemason or a member of the European Committee or in some way more intimately tied to the political struggle to which both Gandhi and Doke are committed, there might be a very good reason for denying any association with the good reverend. Based on a cable sent by Gandhi to Lord Ampthill on December 24, 1913, there is evidence that such an intimate political association would have and actually did exist. The cable from Gandhi reads, “Hosken issued public appeal supporting our letter.” (Cable to Lord Ampthill, Durban, Dec. 24, 1913, Colonial Office Records: 551/52, Vol.13, p. 439) Hosken, our reader will recall, was presiding as the Worshipful Master at the farewell dinner for Rev. Doke held at the Masonic Lodge meeting in Johannesburg. Hosken was also the head of the European Committee. The fact that Gandhi mentions Hosken in the cable without any honorific title before his name suggests that he is a well known member of the old boy’s network and an intimate associate of them both. This suggests either that Lord Ampthill was an active member of the same Masonic Lodge or intimately associated with its members and some of those associated with the European Committee. In short, it is highly doubtful that Doke would not have been known to Ampthill personally. So why deny knowing Doke? Were there a clandestine association and accompanying agenda between Ampthill and Doke or even Ampthill, Doke and Gandhi, there would be a very good reason for concealing their connection. Were the connection to be exposed as the conflict of interest it most probably was, it would do serious damage not only to the reputations of all three men, but to the possible hidden agenda to which they were all secretly committed. Gandhi’s connection to Freemasonry must be investigated and carefully evaluated knowing fully that his literature is scant on these matters.4












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  1. Proving that Gandhi is associated with Freemason is no easy task considering that the organization has endeavored to suppress the fact with religious zeal. We have Gandhi to thank for revealing the fact in his own words, his own dairy in fact. The overwhelming majority of scholars have a tendency to take everything literally, especially from a man whose word they take to be as good as gold, this notwithstanding the fact that he openly admits to being experimental with the truth. The fact is however that much of what Gandhi wrote is in Masonic code. Much of it is to be taken figuratively rather than literally. The following passage is taken from Gandhi’s “London Dairy” dated November 12, 1888, at a time just before he leaves for London. What Gandhi is describing here would be interpreted by most scholars as a literal account of a series of accidents that befell him while journeying from place to place. This would not be a correct interpretation. What Gandhi is in fact describing in coded language, which can only be understood by higher degree initiates of Freemasonry or by researchers of Freemasonry, is his initiation to the Third Degree of Freemasonry:


Amidst thoughts, I came unconsciously in contact with a carriage. I received some injury. Yet I did not take the help of anybody in walking. I think I was quite dizzy. Then we entered the house of Maghjibhai. There I again came in contact with a stone unknowingly and received injury. I was quite senseless. From that time I did not know what took place, and after that, I am told by them, I fell flat on the ground after some steps. I was not myself for 5 minutes. They considered I was dead. But fortunately for myself the ground on which I fell was quite smooth. I came to my senses at last and all of them were quite joyful. The mother was sent for. She was very sorry for me, and this caused my delay though I told them that I was quite well. But none would allow me to go, though I afterwards came to know that my bold and dearest mother would have allowed me to go. But she feared the calumny of other people…

(CWMG Vol.1, # 4, pp. 4-5) [London Diary must be evaluated carefully. The editors of CWMG confess that this diary was of about 120 pages. Accordingly, Gandhi handed over this diary to Chhaganlal Gandhi, his cousin, in South Africa, who too was going to London in 1909. Only 20 pages of this diary are available in the CWMG. The rest are unaccounted for.]


The preceding passage has been interpreted naively as a plain account of a mishap occurring during a coach journey. What Gandhi is in fact describing is his initiation to the Third Degree of Freemasonry. The Third Degree of Freemasonry has a long history. It is based on the Masonic legend of the murder of Hiram Abif, the alleged architect of King Solomon’s Temple. According to the story, Hiram Abif was confronted by three ruffians in the Temple known as the three Juwes, by name Jubilo, Jubila and Jubilum. Their ostensible aim was to acquire the occult secrets of the Craft from Hiram Abif, the Master Mason. When he refused to reveal the secrets, the three ruffians blocked the three exits of the Temple. Hiram Abif made three alleged attempts to escape, but was attacked by one of the ruffians at each exit point of the Temple, being struck in the temples and forehead with architectural devices employed as weapons by each of his assailants. The account of what took place during the legendary murder is given below:


His devotions being ended, he prepared to retire by the south gate, where he was

accosted by the first of these ruffians, who, for want of a better weapon, had armed

himself with a plumb rule, and in a threatening manner demanded of our

Master…the genuine secrets of the

(Grand Geometrician), warning him that death would be the consequence of his

refusal; but true to his obligation he

replied that those secrets were known to but three in the world and that without the

consent of the other two, he neither could, nor would divulge them… But as for

himself, he would rather suffer death than betray the sacred trust reposed in him.

This answer not proving satisfactory, the ruffian aimed a violent blow at our

Master’s forehead, but startled by the firmness of his demeanor, it only glanced

down his right temple. Yet with sufficient force to cause him to reel and sink to the

ground on his left knee. Recovering himself from this situation, he rushed to the west

gate where he stood opposed by the second ruffian, to whom he replied as before,

yet with undiminished firmness when the ruffian, who was armed with a level struck

a violent blow on his left temple which brought him to the ground on his right knee.

Finding all chances of escape in Both quarters cut off, our Master staggered, faint

and bleeding, to the east gate where the third ruffian was posted and who, on

receiving a similar reply to his insolent demand – for our Master remained true to his

obligation even in his most trying moment – struck him a violent blow full in the

center of the forehead with a heavy stone maul, which laid him lifeless at his feet.

(Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, The Hiram Key, London: Arrow Books. Ltd., 1977, p. 175)


This then in essence is what the Third Degree of Freemasonry is based upon. The Third Degree is thus a ritual reenactment of the assassination of the Masonic hero, Hiram Abif. Gandhi’s diary account of what took place that day in Rajkot (in India) is written in Masonic code. The two blows he describes receiving were in fact blows to the head, which rendered him senseless. Regarding the first blow, he states, “I came unconsciously in contact with a carriage.” He certainly would be unconscious of such a fate if he were blindfolded, which of course all initiates to the Third Degree of Freemasonry are. After the first blow, we are told that he entered the “house of Maghjibhai.” It is in this house that he tells us, “There I again came in contact with a stone unknowingly and received injury.” Again, he uses the word ‘unknowingly’ quite inexplicably unless we decode the Masonic language and the intended allusions made. He would quite naturally ‘unknowingly’ come in contact with the stone maul or hammer that administered the ritual deathblow inside the temple if he were blindfolded, and he is clearly inside a building structure he describes as the “house of Maghjibhai.” He then tells us that he was out for the space of five minutes and that “they” thought he was dead. The “they” he is referring to are his fellow Masons, who would regard him as dead after receiving the ritual blow to the head, a reenactment of the final fatal blow that killed Hiram Abif in the Temple. But Gandhi tells us that he did not sustain injury because he landed on a smooth surface, “But fortunately for myself the ground on which I fell was quite smooth.” So he would have done if he landed on the smooth surface of solid Masonry, which of course is the case with all Masonic Temples. He then tells us that he came to, “I came to my senses at last and all of them were quite joyful.” The Third Degree of Freemasonry concludes with the Worshipful Master leading the candidate to his burial shroud to behold the skull and crossbones, thereby confronting his own death ritually. Following the ceremony, the initiate rises to receive cheers and rejoicing from his fellow Masons. This accounts for the joy experienced by Gandhi’s brethren on the occasion. We are then informed that, “The mother was sent for.” An interesting and unmistakable meaning is here implied. He does not say “My mother was sent for.” He clearly states, “The mother was sent for.” While some might argue that this is an easy mistake for a non-native speaker of English to make, we have to remember that Gandhi was a master of the English language and was not given to making mistakes with articles such as “the.” “The mother” is a pointed reference to Hiram Abif’s mother, who Masons refer to as “The Widow.” Hiram Abif is in fact referred to as “the widow’s son” in Freemasonry. And Masons themselves often refer to themselves as “the sons of the widow.” Gandhi then tells us that she, the Widow, was quite sorry for him and that she “feared the calumny of other people.”

To explain the import of “the widow’s son” and its significance to Freemasonry, we must turn to the Bible for a scriptural reference to Hiram Abif, who was the son of the widow of Naphtali. References to Hiram Abif occur in two passages from the Holy Scriptures. In the first, he is called the widow’s son, of the tribe of Naphtali, and in the other, he is called the son of a woman of the daughters of Dan. However, in both scriptures, we are told that his father was a man from Tyre. In other words, Hiram Abif’s mother was of the daughters of the city of Dan, in the tribe of Naphtali, and is referred to as the widow of Naphtali, as her husband was a Naphtalite and only a man of Tyre by habitation. (Robert Macoy, A Dictionary of Freemasonry, NY: Gramercy Books, 1989, p.696) Hiram Abif was the chief architect of the king of Tyre, and was dispatched by his king to serve in the construction of King Solomon’s Temple. In Hiram Abif, Speculative and Craft Freemasonry are reunited. He was an alleged master in all forms of architecture and design, ranging from architecture, statuary, founder to designer. Masonic and non-Masonic researchers alike believe that the Freemason legend of Hiram Abif is a cover story or cipher story alluding to some other personage from history, some say he is a cipher for Jacques de Molay, the martyred Grand Master of the Templars, or a cipher for a personage or divinity from ancient Egyptian legend and mythology.


We believe that Gandhi while openly confessing to being Hindu, he is also a Mason, or closely associated with it. There is no mistaking the arcane import of the diary entry. The fact that he is describing an incident that allegedly took place in India in a diary entry made in London on November 12, 1888 reveals a great deal. The Indian setting is a cover for an initiation that took place in London’s Temple Bar contemporaneously with the diary entry and not the record of a biographical event from some years earlier as is implied. Higher Degree initiates of Freemasonry would not be fooled by the references, while uninitiated scholars and researchers would naively overlook the hidden import of the diary entry.


Gandhi’s autobiography has another strange facet. Astonishingly, he claims in the introduction that his intention is not to write a real autobiography. Rather, he speaks rather amazingly about his experiments with truth. There is no other way of taking these words than to see his autobiography as an acknowledged fiction. To admit to his reader that he is not attempting to write a real autobiography, but merely experimenting with the truth is tantamount to confessing that his autobiography orients itself toward truth rather as Dostoyevsky’s and Dicken’s novels do. In short, it is a work of fiction and cannot be seen otherwise because of his own words on the subject. One wonders how such a startling admission could have been overlooked by the previous generation of scholars. But then it is our observation that scholarship itself should come under the microscope of skeptical inquiry, since the scholarly community has found itself in error on a whole plethora of subjects over the centuries. Just to offer some early examples, Columbus had to discover the New World to promote his new paradigm; Copernicus withheld his discoveries for thirty years before daring to propose his heretical heliocentric solar system to the monastic pedants of his day. Luckily, he managed to escape the purifying rituals of the Inquisition’s torturers by dying. Copernicus was then forced to recant for reiterating the theory; Bruno was burnt to a cinder for reiterating the already reiterated; Galileo was martyred for being the patron saint of an already accepted truth; Descartes was mercilessly persecuted by the monastic scholars of Holland only to narrowly escape trial by fire; As for Shakespeare, the scholarly community has embarrassingly overlooked the obvious: That Will Shaksper from Stratford-upon-Avon is a mere front man or mask for the true author, a ruse orchestrated by Francis Bacon’s secret fraternities not least of which was Freemasonry. The famous Droeshout engraving appearing on the Frontispiece of the First Folio of 1623 makes it plain that the face appearing on the Frontispiece is merely a mask. Then there are Ben Jonson’s words accompanying the portrait engraving: “This shadow is renowned Shakespeare’s? the soul of th’age? The applause? delight? the wonder of the stage….” (Charlton Ogburn Jr., The Mysterious William Shakespeare: The Myth and the Reality, McClean, Virginia: EPM Publications, Inc., 1984. p.237) Why all the question marks unless he is questioning the authenticity of the artist’s portrait? Then there is the incredible likeness between the subjects appearing in the Marcus Gheeraedts portrait of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, and the John Taylor portrait of William Shakespeare that four hundred years of scholarship has somehow overlooked. In fact, it was not until Dr. Timothy Watson spotted the likenesses in February of 2003 that one of the most important discoveries ever made pertaining to the Shakespeare mystery came to light.

In the last century Percey Bysshe Shelley was expelled from Oxford for merely suggesting that there might not be a Creator in a paper distributed among the faculty called “The Necessity of Atheism”. And just to catalogue some of the things the scholarly community has gotten wrong in the 20th century, they found themselves in gross error over the psychoanalytic theories proposed by Freud. Geographers and geophysicists could not have been more in error concerning continental shift and earth plate tectonics, a discovery they attempted to suppress for over fifty years through their notoriously criminal conduct. And since one of the authors of this book has personally experienced such criminal conduct at the hands of a university in the U.K., he has something of an axe to grind with the corrupt academic establishment that is in cahoots with the corrupt political and legal establishments, each of which vaccinates the others to enhance their immunity against censure and criticism.

Later in the century, social scientists found themselves committing a litany of errors in the realm of geopolitics, misjudging the situation in Vietnam, East Timor, Central and South America, the Balkans, and a host of other places that came under the gun of Uncle Sam, NATO or the UN’s so-called peacekeeping forces. In addition, they were largely in error about Cuba, the Bay of Pigs, the JFK coup d’etat, and more recently September 11 and the war on terrorism. Given the appalling record of oversight and the skill they exhibit at missing the obvious, it amazes us that anyone should be amazed by the attenuated vision, myopia and ignorance of the tunnel-visioned pedants that stake their claim over the archives only to collect more dust from neglect and redundancy than the books we see them pouring over.

So what is Gandhi playing at? Does he take us for fools? Is there any reason why he shouldn’t? It seems fair in hindsight for him not to expect much inquisitiveness from the scholarly community. There is certainly no reason for him to have had higher expectations. The history of scholarship marked would have confirmed in his mind that he had nothing to fear from posterity. Their ineptitude and incompetence would leave him unscathed and unmolested. Prior to the release of Col. G.B. Singh’s much acclaimed Gandhi: Behind the Mask of Divinity, there was barely an attempt to penetrate the façade. In fact, people took the mask for the real McCoy. In fact, the word ‘persona’, referring to the mask worn by actors upon the stage, is the same as that worn by the consummate actor Mahatma Gandhi, the mask people take for his true face. When are scholars going to wake up to what many in India already know, that it was all a ruse, a charade, theatrical revels and of Academy Awards standards? Gandhi himself tells us in the introduction:


[It] is not my purpose to attempt a real

autobiography. I simply want to tell the

story of my numerous experiments with

truth…But I should certainly like to

narrate my experiments in the spiritual

field which are known only to myself, and

from which I have derived such power as

I possess for working in the political



So there, we have it. He is admitting unequivocally that he is not even attempting a real autobiography, but merely experimenting with the truth, which means that he is free to opportunistically play with the facts in whatever form he chooses in order to produce whatever effect he likes. If anyone has a different interpretation of his words, we invite him to suggest one. The facts could not be plainer. Gandhi admits that he is not giving a factual account of events. In fact, he is not even attempting to do so. By his own admission, he is experimenting with the truth, which at best means that he is not telling the truth and at worst lying. But since he is on record in the introduction admitting that he is making no attempt at a real autobiography but merely experimenting with the truth, we cannot call him a liar since he is an admitted liar. An admitted lair has the virtue of being honest about his lies. Of course we are being facetious and have our tongues firmly implanted in our cheeks, but irony is unavoidable on this point. It is simply laughable that the provocative introduction to a work with an even more provocative title could have been overlooked for so long. An Autobiography or The Story of My Experiments With Truth is a title selected by a man who is having a good joke at the world’s expense. He has chosen the title confident in the knowledge that only a few initiates who are in on the scheme know his true face and have seen behind the mask. And he is equally confident that the rest of the world is so in the dark that they cannot see the face behind the mask even though he has taken the trouble to tell everyone that he is wearing one. The Story of My Experiments With Truth is a provocative title that makes it clear to anyone with eyes that he is not revealing his true self in a ‘real autobiography’, but is employing a mask, a façade, a persona in a self-confessed attempt at political opportunism.

On page 158, it is clear that it is the Solomon Commission that manages to obtain a release for Gandhi from jail. The Solomon Commission is a rather strange name for an organization designed by Indians to protect Indians. Look for a Theosophical Society and Masonic connection here. King Solomon and Solomon’s Temple are central to Freemasonry and figure in much of its mythology and esoteric teachings. There is no doubt that the Solomon Commission is a Mason front organization. Also note your own quote on page 194 “Under the auspices of the Johannesburg Theosophical Lodge, Gandhi delivered sermons at the Masonic Temple on Hinduism.”


Gandhi: The Illuminati’s Duplicitous Double Agent 


Shakespeare and Tribal History of Anglo-American Empire

Shakespeare and Tribal History of Anglo-American Empire

By Timothy Watson, Ph.D.

The Tribe of Dan was the Tribe of Judges. It is a known prophecy that the Tribe of Dan will one day judge the Tribe of Judah. The two tribes have been in historical contention. Jacob warned his sons, “Dan shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel. Dan shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path that bites the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backward. I have waited for your salvation, O Lord.” Genesis 49:16-18.

What has this got to do with Shakespeare and English history? Maybe everything. Let’s begin with the Bard’s true pedigree.

Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, is the real Shakespeare. He and Francis Bacon, Viscount of St. Albans, were both illegitimate sons of the Queen farmed out to different families.

Paul Streutz argued convincingly in Oxford: Son of Queen Elizabeth I that Queen Elizabeth was raped by her stepfather, Thomas Seymour, and gave birth to illegitimate son Edward in 1550.

The Queen met Francis Bacon’s father, Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester, when they were both confined to the Tower during her sister Queen Mary’s brief reign, as Alfred Dodd asserted in Francis Bacon’s Personal Life Story.

The half brothers co-founded the secret propaganda ministry Fra Rosi Cross also known as the Honourable Order of the Knights of the Helmet.

Upon initiation, members kissed Pallas Athena’s helmet of invisibility and became known as “the invisibles”. They then wrote under pen names or anonymously.

The research and writing team recruited from Oxford and Cambridge University was seventy strong and were known as both the Wild Goose Club and the Team of Good Pens.

Francis Bacon, Edward de Vere and Bacon’s brother by adoption, Anthony, founded Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

They used the illiterate actor Will Shakspere as the “False-staff” or “False-spear” front man, thus Falstaff.

William Shake-speare was hyphenated on the first folio of Sonnet poems because the poet’s pen name was derived from the goddess of Greek drama, Pallas Athena, the Spear-shaker. She shook her spear at the twin serpents of ignorance and vice, driving them off by educating the masses.

The concealed princes were of the line of the Rose. Obviously, the balcony speech refers to the fact that, though the author cannot bear the name of the rose, he still smells as sweet because he carries the Tudor royal bloodline, whose family symbol is the Red Rose.

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;
So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call’d,
Retain that dear perfection which he owes
Without that title.

Francis Bacon was the Grand Master of the Rosicrucian Society and the Freemasons. The rosy cross of the Rosicrucians and the red rose of the Tudors holds family connections. Most likely the serpent rouge or red bloodline is the “issue”, pardon the Elizabethan pun.

The War of the Roses, representing a conflict between the Red Rose of the House of York and the White Rose of the House of Lancaster, was a feud between rival bloodlines. The Tribe of Judah is represented by the Lion and the Tribe of Dan by the Unicorn in the British Royal Coat-of-Arms.

tribal 1



Unicorn chained and in bondage by Lion oppressor

In Romeo and Juliet, Queen Elizabeth I is referred to as Roseline, referring to the line of the rose. Romeo was having an affair with Roseline before he met Juliet. Shockingly, there is evidence Elizabeth I and her concealed prince son, the 17th Earl of Oxford, were not only lovers, but Henry Wriothesley, the 3rd Earl of Southampton, appears to be their son.

The film “Anonymous” by Roland Emmerich addresses this theme. While irreverent, the argument finds scholarly precedent in Shakespeare’s Lost Kingdom: The True History of Shakespeare and Elizabeth, by Charles Beauclerk.

This is shocking to us, but not so to the ancient royal bloodline families, who secretly practice inbreeding to this day just as their bloodline did in Egypt when the Great Royal Daughter, the first born daughter of the pharaoh, married the first born son.

This explains why Oxford dedicated the narrative poems Venus and Adonis (1593) and The Rape of Lucrece (1594) to Southampton. The content of Shakespeare’s Sonnets also points to Wriothesley being the Earl of Oxford’s son.

This accounts for why King James confined both the Earl of Oxford and his son Wriothesley to the Tower of London the moment he assumed the throne.

King James then faked the Earl’s death, staging several of his plays at a sham funeral in 1604. Oxford was then exiled to the Isle of Mersey off the coast of Colchester in Essex County. It is a known penal island surrounded by a toxic bog. There is no way off the island.

The rivalry between the two English royal houses is between the Tribe of Dan and the Tribe of Judah.

The royal line of Ireland has the Haplotype R1B1 genetic. The Irish king line has the Cohen Haplotype, the genetic line of the Jewish priesthood, the Cohenim. The Tribe of Dan (Tuatha Dé Danann) is known to have gone to Ireland. Jesus was of the Tribe of Dan. His uncle was Joseph of Arimathea. “Arimathea” is a royal Danite title.

In the Holy Land, the Danites hail from the Danite mountain stronghold known as Mount Hermon. Mount Hermon is in the Golan Heights. It is the traditional site of the Danite settlement, where they undertook Druidic practices as Druids.

The Tribe of Dan are not Jews apparently, but Celtic and Jesus is a Celt and the bloodline has been traced to a common ancestor in the Caucus Mountain region 9,500 B.C.

Jesus and his uncle traveled to England and Ireland. Jesus’ uncle Joseph had tin mines in Cornwall. Joseph established the birthplace of Freemasonry in England at St. Albans in 63 A.D.

The oldest king line of Ulster, Ireland is the McNea family. They descend from Egyptian and Danite royal lines. They later migrated to the county of Westmoreland in Scotland. Scotland is really Scota-land, named after Pharaoh Akhenaten’s daughter Scota.

The McNea family changed their name to Nevill when they settled in Westmoreland, Scotland. They later moved to England. The king lines of both the House of York and the House of Lancaster took assiduous pains to marry Nevills or related families like the Poles.

Many of the true claimants to the throne on both the Lancastrian and York sides were hunted down and killed by Tudor King Henry VIII, since they had a greater claim to the throne since his own line had been tainted through the marriage of his ancestor Edward IV to commoner Elizabeth Woodville.

Elizabeth, the daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville, married Henry VII and gave birth to future King Henry VIII. Henry VII murdered rivals to the throne, killing Edward V and Richard Duke of York after 1485, as well as Edward Earl of Warwick.

Henry the VIII continued his father’s work by murdering Sir Richard Pole, Edmund de la Pole, Henry Pole B. Montague, since the Poles all shared a family connection to the Nevills, having married into the true royal line.

Sir Geoffrey Pole escaped assassination by fleeing into exile, while John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln, heir presumptive of Henry VII was killed in battle as was Richard de la Pole, whether by design or accident cannot be firmly established.

Henry Pole was imprisoned in the Tower of London by Henry VIII, while Arthur Pole and Henry Pole suffered the same fate under Elizabeth I.

Sir Edward Nevill was also executed by Henry VIII, while Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Days Queen, was executed by Henry VIII’s daughter Mary I in 1553, who also executed Thomas Stafford, son of Henry Stafford, a baron who had also married a Pole.

“Hamlet” is autobiographical and is a declaration that the royal court would return to the Stuart line of King James the VI of Scotland. Mary Queen of Scots and James VI are represented by Old Fortinbras and Young Fortinbras in the play.

Queen Elizabeth had murdered Robert Dudley’s wife to pave his way to the throne as her royal consort. Her son Lord Oxford forced them to confront their royal murder re-enacted on the stage.

Oxford made it clear in “Hamlet” that a curse had befallen his family and that succession would go to the Stuart Line of Scotland. He set the play in Denmark to disguise the references to the royal court of England.

The rival bloodlines are represented by the red and white rose. The Tudor family holds the red rose pedigree of the York line, while the House of Lancaster embodies the rival white.

There is no arguing the point that the Kennedy clan in America has been the target of a vindictive plot to prevent them from entering public life. Since they are direct descendants of the true royal line of Ireland and by extension Egypt, the symbolism of the ritual of the “Killing of the King” cited by researcher James Shelby Downward begins to make sense.

The fact that an Egyptian obelisk with lighted torch at the top marked the location of JFK’s assassination in Dealey Plaza and that an aerial view of Dealey Plaza resembles a pyramid with a missing capstone, the Egyptian symbolism appears more potent in hindsight. The pharaonic king line that was the true claimant to the American throne chair had to be removed by the Illuminati.


tribal 2


Dealey Plaza obelisk marking location of JFK’s assassination 

tribal 4a


Also, “Lincoln” means “Line of Cohen”. That means Lincolnshire in England is where the Line of Cohen settled. He descends from the priesthood of the Cohenim. He was a prophet and very spiritual and shamanistic. Naturally, the Illuminati sought to take him out.

Interestingly, Lincoln was shot when the Moon was on the Ascendant at 9° of Sagittarius at 10:15 pm April 14th, 1865 and died the next morning when the Sun was on the Ascendant at 25° of Capricorn at 7:22 am on the April 15th, 1865.

tribal 5a tribal 6 a




This suggests he was a sacrifice of the Sun god Osiris and Moon goddess Isis, making him Horus, the son of the Sun god.

Alan Pinkerton was Honest Abe’s personal bodyguard. He founded Pinkertons, which supplies security for the U.S. Secret Service to this day. Interestingly, the logo for the Pinkerton Security company is the All-Seeing Eye of Horus, the Illuminati logo.

This suggests the fox is guarding the henhouse. It’s probably a safe bet that the Illuminati control security for prime ministers and presidents around the world. Any leader who steps out of line gets whacked by his own security detail.

Timothy Watson is the author of Must I Remember published XoXoPublishing.com, a true story about an Afghani refugee family.

Visit Tim’s website www.shakesaspear.com

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Obama bin Osama Cause Osama bin Lyin’

Obama bin Osama Cause Osama bin Lyin’
By Timothy Spearman
Cognitive dissonance being what it is the average TV viewer has no idea how brainwashed they really are. The fact that the authorities chose the word TV “program” as a synonym for TV “show” and no one noticed the implications of the word “program” or TV “programming” highlights how deep the psychological programming and mind control actually go. The public is even brainwashed to not recognize they are brainwashed by Orwellian double-speak like “TV program”, which places the mind in psychological denial mode by dismissing the notion that TV viewing has anything to do with programming the mind. “It’s just a word for heaven’s sake,” the TV viewer will argue. “TV program is just another word for TV show.”
No one seemed to notice when Michael Jackson turned from black to white. No one paid the slightest attention when Britney Spears went from good girl to bad. No one paid any heed to Hannah Montana going from nice girl to naughty girl Miley Cirus. How deep does the programming go? I guess we will have to ask the Monarch slaves and Montalk test subjects who have been through the CIA’s MK-Ultra program, stars and superstars who like Katy Perry, have not just gone to the dark side, but actually admit they sold their souls to the Devil.
It is rather amazing that one of the major global terrorists modeled after George Orwell’s “Goldstein”, the character featured in 1984 as the international terrorist the Ministry of Peace would have us all focus our hate, bears a striking resemblance to role played by Osama Bin Laden in the international media.
Amazingly, Osama bin Laden’s personal handler is Zbigniew Brzezinzki, the man who personally credits himself with creating the Mujihadeen, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda with 3.5 billion in CIA funding, ostensibly with the aim of toppling the Soviet Empire by bankrupting it through an interminable war on terror. Exactly the same M.O. is now being deployed on the United States with the aim of bankrupting it the last great superpower, before ushering in the New World Order of the Antichrist worldwide.

obama 1










obama 2













Notice the clean right temple on the forehead. In later photos, we see the scar and the mark. Is this a micro-chipped Manchurian Candidate president? What is remarkable is that Zbigniew Brzezinzki is the personal handler of Obama too. There is even a video clip on youtube showing Obama turning to Mr. Brzezinzki to thank him for his years of mentorship. In this same interview we see an interview with Brzezinzki, in which Brzezinzki denies a relationship of Obama prior to September of 2007, claiming to have met him only in the summer. Yet Obama refers to his years of mentorship in more than one speech. What is being hidden about their relationship and why? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ho0gffrca4)
You will also notice a long scar along the jaw bone that wasn’t there when Osama was younger. Is this the result of plastic surgery?


obama 3








You will also notice a long scar along the jaw bone that wasn’t there when Osama was younger. Is this the result of plastic surgery? Notice how the Maxillary lateral incisor in Obama’s million dollar smile is tucked behind the maxillary central incisors. Then take a look at Osama’s incisors and once again we are left in little doubt that we are dealing with doppelganger biometric ID. Obama’s teeth exhibit the same trait in the upper photo. For clarity the maxillary lateral incisors are in red. The central are in the middle of these as shown.

obama 4






George Freund, “The Ears Have It,” http://www.conspiracy-cafe.com/apps/blog/show/7002039-the-ears-have-it

No wonder people are mixing up Obama and Osama as they make repeated Freudian slips. Does the Freudian slip betray a deeper knowledge of facts beneath the programming, brainwashing and psychological denial? This is the nature of cognitive dissonance. Like the word TV “program” being used as a synonym for TV “show”, the public is being programmed not to see the word “program” for what it is – “programming”. Thus, they are inclined to dismiss the notion that they are being systematically brainwashed and programmed because the word is used in a different nuance so they fail to see the true implications of the TV programming. This is like Jacque Derrida’s difference, in which he explains that just by changing the ‘e’ in difference to a ‘a’, it becomes a non-word and a non-concept, which ‘deconstructs’ the programming and leaves the subject utterly deprogrammed outside language, reason and sense. This is the very essence of cognitive dissonance.
As a Shakespeare scholar, I am reminded of the similarities in the names “Will Shakespere” and “William Shakespeare”. “Will Shakspere” was the name of the front man who pretended to be the author and took credit for the plays, while “William Shakespeare” was the pen name adopted by the concealed royal princes Francis Bacon and Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, who were the Queen’s bastard children and named their author after Pallas Athena, the goddess of Greek drama, who dispelled the serpents of ignorance and vice by educating the masses through drama, and was thus known as the Spear-shaker, Hasti-vibrans in Latin. The same cognitive dissonance exists in the similarity between the two names “Will Shakspere” and “William Shakespeare” that exists between the names Obama and Osama.
Timothy Spearman, “Shaking a Spear at Ignorance,” www.shakesaspear.com


obama 12

Now we’re getting somewhere. Biometric ID doesn’t lie. That’s why security and the banking industry are moving into biometric ID. The Japanese banks were the first to introduce cardless ATMs, but now the government of British Columbia has implemented them. It won’t be long before the technology goes global. Now if we examine Obama’s and Osama’s biometric IDs,  featuring their respective palm characteristics, we can see we have a pretty remarkable match. If this is verifiably true, then we have clear evidence the president is not only a chameleon but a “karma chameleon” to use an old Boy George coinage, since he is able to play both sides of the fence, pretending to be good on the Stars and Stripes side, while being downright evil as the CIA agent code named Tim Osmond, who is playing the international terrorist.
(“Is Obama Really Osama bin Laden,” http://www.conspiracy-cafe.com/apps/videos/videos/show/18190979-is-obama-really-osama-bin-laden-)

As you all know, Donald Trump made a big deal about Obama’s birth certificate. Then the White House released the birth certificate in response to Trump’s protests.
There are a number of anomalies with the birth certificate that require scrutiny and attention. First of all, the birth certificate that the White House released lists Obama’s birth as August 4, 1961. It also lists Barack Hussein Obama as his father. No big deal, right? At the time of Obama’s birth, it also shows that his father was twenty-five, and that Obama’s father was born in Kenya, East Africa. This wouldn’t seem like anything of concern, except for the fact that Kenya did not even exist until 1963, two whole years after Obama’s birth, and twenty-seven years after his father’s birth. How could Obama’s father have been born in a country that did not yet exist? Up and until Kenya was formed in 1963, it was known as the “British East Africa Protectorate”.
The other discrepancy concerns the hospital that Obama was born in. On the birth certificate released by the White House, the listed place of birth is “Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital”. This cannot be, because the hospital(s) in question in 1961 were called “KauiKeolani Children’s Hospital” and “Kapi’olani Maternity Home”, respectively. The name did not change to Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital until 1978, when these two hospitals merged. How can this particular name of the hospital be on a birth certificate dated 1961 if this name had not yet been applied to it until 1978?
George Freund, “The Trouble with Fake ID,” http://www.conspiracy-cafe.com/apps/blog/show/6974540-the-trouble-with-fake-i-d-
If that isn’t enough deception for you, consider the so-called raid in Abbattobad, Pakistan, where the US Navy Seals supposedly took out Osama bin Laden. The raid never took place, as Nobel Laureate Seymour Hersh has correctly claimed. The entire operation is a fraud from start to finish, and all the US Navy Seals who were purportedly involved in the raid were later killed in a helicopter crash. I have eyewitness testimony from Pakistanis who used to live in the area and they said there is no way Osama bin Laden lived there. They claim it was a CIA safe house and not a hideout for the world’s most notorious terrorist.
It may be the most brilliant psy-op in history for Obama to have eliminated his own alter ego, Dr. Jekyll taking out Mr. Hyde in apparent raid that never even took place. Now in the minds of most lamestream media viewers, Osama is officially dead and there’s no way he can ever be identified now with the man in the White House. The public mind through TV programming has been brainwashed to accept that Osama is dead. Not only has Osama-Obama benefitted from the mid-term benefits of a major military victory in the so-called “war on terror”, but he has taken out his own alter ego at the same time, so that people are unlikely to see the link between the two men, including the fact that they shared the same handler, Zbigniew Brzezinzki.


obama 13


President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, along with members of the national security team, receive an update on the mission against Osama bin Laden in the Situation Room of the White House.
The head of the CIA admitted yesterday that there was no live video footage of the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound as further doubts emerged about the US version of events. The live footage is a lie and the staged nature of the above photo should be obvious for anyone with eyes to see with that it is a patent hoax.
Leon Panetta, director of the CIA, revealed there was a twenty-five minute blackout during which the live feed from cameras mounted on the helmets of the US Special Forces was cut off. Therefore, the contention that the raid was streamed live is simply physically impossible. No doubt Panetta made this announcement as a deliberate effort to embarrass the president and the White House. If anyone thought Watergate was a scandal, this makes Nixon look like a babe in the woods.
A photograph released by the White House appeared to show the president and his aides in the situation room watching the action as it unfolded. In fact, they had little knowledge of what was happening in the compound. The intense look of Obama seems artificial, forced and fake in hindsight. As for the hand-to-mouth look of shock and awe on the face of Hillary Clinton, all one can say is ‘Yeah right’. Feminine delicacy in a ruthless warmonger and CIA deep cover covert operative? Are you kidding me?
In an interview with PBS, Mr. Panetta said: “Once those teams went into the compound I can tell you that there was a time period of almost twenty or twenty-five minutes where we really didn’t know just exactly what was going on. And there were some very tense moments as we were waiting for information.
“We had some observation of the approach there, but we did not have direct flow of information as to the actual conduct of the operation itself as they were going through the compound.”
Mr. Panetta also told the network that the US Navy Seals made the final decision to kill bin Laden rather than the president.
He said: “The authority here was to kill bin Laden. And obviously, under the rules of engagement, if he had in fact thrown up his hands, surrendered and didn’t appear to be representing any kind of threat, then they were to capture him. But they had full authority to kill him.
“To be frank, I don’t think he had a lot of time to say anything. It was a firefight going up that compound. And by the time they got to the third floor and found bin Laden, I think it – this was all split-second action on the part of the Seals.”
The president purportedly only knew of the mission’s success after the Navy Seals commander heard the word “Geronimo” on the radio, a code word from commandos reporting that they had killed bin Laden.
The absence of footage of the raid has led to conflicting reports about what happened in the compound. According to Pakistani authorities one of bin Laden’s daughters, who was present during the raid, claimed that her father was captured alive before he was killed.
There was also growing doubt about the US claims that Pakistan’s intelligence agencies were involved in the raid, another patently bogus claim, only one of the many Seymour Hersh is referring to, when he says that not one word of the White House’s account of the raid in Abbattobad is true.
Lieutenant General Asad Durrani, former head of the ISI, Pakistan’s intelligence service, said it was “inconceivable” that his government was unaware of the US raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound. He claimed his country was forced to deny any knowledge of the raid to avoid a domestic backlash. The ISI’s official line has been that bin Laden’s compound had “slipped off our radar” after it raided the building looking for him in 2003.

The agency claims it was unaware that bin Laden was hiding there. How could a domestic agency not know and a foreign agency know? It’s a ridiculous claim. The fact is that ISI was set up and trained by the CIA – whose covert ops really work for the Vatican (House of Cain) and are called “The Knights of the Holy See” – and work under their rubric and control.
Lieutenant General Durrani, however, said that the denial was a “political” manoeuvre by the intelligence services to avoid claims that they were working too closely with the US. This statement by the Lieutenant may be the only true statement in the entire pack of lies.
He said: “It is more likely that they did know [about the raid]. It is not conceivable that it was done without the involvement of Pakistani security forces at some stage. They were involved and they were told they were in position.
“The army chief was in his office, the cordons had been thrown around that particular place. The Pakistani helicopters were also in the air so that indicates that it was involved.
“[There are] political implications back home. If you say that you are involved there is a large, vocal faction of Pakistani society that will get very upset because we are carrying out repeatedly these operations with the Americans.”
“CIA admits that there is no live footage of the raid on Osma bin Laden’s compound,” posted originally by EU Times, May 5th, 2011, http://www.conspiracy-cafe.com/apps/blog/show/6986404-cia-admits-that-there-is-no-live-video-footage-of-the-raid-on-osama-bin-laden-s-compound-)
Abbattobad Raid Is a Lie
Not one word of official account of raid that killed Bin Laden is true, was the recent claim made by award-winning journalist Seymour Hersh. The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist says that raid which killed Osama Bin Laden in 2011 is ‘one big lie’, which of course it is from start to finish. He says the US media is running scared and is too timid to pick on Obama. Hersh, 76, says the solution is to shut down news networks like NBC and ABC as corrupt entities. He also suggested firing 90 per cent of mainstream editors.

obama 14

‘Not true’: Journalist Seymour Hersh says the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden in 2011 was all a fabrication

obama 15

The compound: The Pakistan home of the al Qaeda leader was in flames after it was attacked by Navy Seals
He said the Navy Seal raid that supposedly resulted in the death of the Al-Qaeda terror leader, Hersh said, ‘not one word of it is true’.
Hersh first gained worldwide recognition in 1969 for exposing the My Lai Massacre and its cover-up during the Vietnam War, for which he received the 1970 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting. The problem as Hersh sees it is that the US media is allowing the Obama administration to get away with lying. ‘It’s pathetic. They are more than obsequious, they are afraid to pick on this guy [Obama].’ Meanwhile, the White House has refused to publicly release images of Bin Laden’s body, fuelling suspicion they are withholding information.

obama 16

Aftermath: Part of a damaged helicopter is seen lying near the compound after US Navy SEAL commandos supposedly killed bin Laden

obama 17

Destroyed: The purported grounds of the Bin Laden’s compound after the raid
Although the White House said the corpse was immediately ‘buried at sea’ within twenty-four hours of his death in line with Islamic tradition, it quickly emerged that this was not standard practice. Muslims bury their followers in the ground. A burial at sea is in violation of Muslim practice and would be forbidden. It has also been suggested that the White House has changed its story multiple times on several points, according to infowars.com, a pattern we have seen before with the Oklahoma Bombing, 9/11, Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon, etc. The later claim was made that they did not want Osama’s gravesite to turn into a holy shrine, being visited by faithful jihadists.
They initially claimed that pictures from the ‘situation room’ show Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Hilary Clinton and the rest of the security team watching the raid live, when in fact there was a blackout on the feed. Neighbors close to the Pakistani compound in Abbottabad also said they had never seen Bin Laden in the area.

obama 18

Hersh claims the US media is too scared to challenge Obama
Hersh said the American press spends ‘so much more time carrying water for Obama than I ever thought they would’. In his opinion, the solution would be to shut down news networks like NBC and ABC and fire ninety per cent of mainstream editors and replace them with ‘real’ journalists who are not afraid to speak truth to power. ‘The republic’s in trouble, we lie about everything, lying has become the staple,’ he said.

(Marie-louise Olson, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2436610/Pathetic-Award-winning-journalist-Seymour-Hersh-slams-American-press-challenging-US-governments-LIES-Bin-Laden-raid.html#ixzz2gI8qKbaB)

Seymour Hersh has saved the day. This is the best news those in the conspiracy exposure culture have heard in years. He has exposed the mainstream media in America as an Orwellian Ministry of Peace propaganda mouthpiece of the White House. The CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, a CIA covert operation to infiltrate the corporate media to control the message, has received the ultimate mocking it deserves.

As for Osama being dead forget it. Fox News announced his death from kidney disease back in 2001, so we can clearly see how credible the corporate media is. Osama is in the White House. In the best psyops operation in history. Obama killed off his own alter ego, so that Dr. Jekyll could hide Mr. Hyde. Obama is Osama. I have been saying this for months. As usual no one listens to the messenger. They both had Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski as their mentor (handler). What are the odds? Osama-Obama – Cognitive dissonance to create confusion in the public mind. Will Shakspere-William Shakespeare. It’s an old game. They’ve been at it for a long time. And the public, which they call the profane rabble of goyim are as dumb as pegs.

Charting the Course of the Antichrist

Charting the Course of the Antichrist

Timothy Spearman

There has been much written and discussed about Dec. 21, 2012. It is the winter solstice and hearkens back to the holidays of the pagan sun cults represented by the Babylonian trinity Nimrod, Simiramis and Tammuz and their Egyptian counterparts Osiris, Isis and Horus. After the Luciferians took over the Northern Kingdom of Egypt, following the influx of refugees from Land of Canaan known as the Hebiru or “Shepherd Kings,” the monotheistic religion of the Pharaoh Akhenaton came into being, which venerated the god of this world or Lucifer. The new religion and the older pagan cult then fused to produce the hybrid we know it as today and to which the elite Satanic cabal known as the Illuminati continue to subscribe. In light of this, December 21, 2012 – a date that will live in infamy because the world population has been brainwashed to welcome that date as one of great significance – is in fact a date with Lucifer.

December 21 let us remember is the date that the sun god dies and goes to a dark place for three days until he is raised by the moon goddess three days later in a necromancy ceremony conceived to raise her consort from the dead. Thus, the date itself symbolizes the resurrection of the sun god, who is actually Lucifer since the cult of the sun god and the cult of Lucifer were actually fused in Egypt at the time of the Middle Kingdom. What this suggests is the rebirth of Lucifer, who will assume the world throne at the resurrected Temple in Jerusalem on December 21, 2012.


charting 1

Astrological chart for December 21, 2012
To understanding the above chart for December 21, 2012, it is necessary to offer some background on the concept of sacred geometry and the occult significance of the geometric shapes found within this uniquely singular chart. The concentration of planetary rulerships in the first three houses and the last five houses of the chart creates a semi-circle of planetary influence that is immediately noticeable and discernible. This produces a matrix of lines based on trines, squares, and oppositions that produce obvious and significant geometric forms. The sacred geometry produced from these matrices is of such occult significance that it cannot be dismissed, especially in light of the date December 21, 2012, and what it actually commemorates. Present within the above chart is a perfected pyramid factoring in the Golden Mean or Pi ratio.
To offer some background to our study of sacred geometry, let us begin by going back to the dawn of civilization, where we see a figure emerging from the mist of history known as Enoch, first referred to in Genesis 5:24. Enoch is the basis for the Greek Hermes (Mercury to the Romans) and the Egyptian Thoth. The system is called Enochian magic. Hermes Trimegistus means “Thrice Greatest Hermes”. Hermes and Hermetic tradition is said to have created the zodiac. Hermetic tradition is also responsible for the craft of creating cities, which Hermes taught. “The Divine Pymander of Hermes Mercurius Trimegistus” introduced the concept of “As above So Below”. The Square and Compass is a disguised Hexagram Star and is symbolic of “As above So Below”. The reflecting pools in Washington D.C. symbolize this reflecting of what is above in what is below.
David Ovason argues in “The Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capital,” that the real secret of Washington lies in Federal Triangle. There is a right angle triangle surrounding the constellation Virgo reflected in the Washington street plan. This is significant since the plan to usher in the Antichrist beings in mid-September 2009 when a stellium of planets comprised of Mercury, the Sun, Saturn and the Moon all appear in the 10th House relating to the public, conveying a strong commitment in terms of governance over health. This health initiative will be used to weaken the resistance of the people and to make them more susceptible to the influence of the Antichrist when he emerges on the world stage in 2012 represented as a Savior figure and the instrument of our planetary salvation.
Let us not forget that the right angle triangle is the geometric representation of the Pythagorean theorem. The theorem states that the base of the right angle triangle squared and the perpendicular side of a right angle triangle squared are equal to the third side known as the hypotenuse. The Master Mason candidate of Freemasonry is asked to meditate on the 47th problem of Euclid, which is the 47th theorem of Pythagoras, which also states that the sum of the squared hypotenuse is equal to the sum the squares of the other two sides in a right angle triangle. In occult circles, the upright side symbolizes the male, the base symbolizes the female and the hypotenuse symbolized the Divine Child. (Riddle in Stone) The Divine Child translates as the son of the sun god Tammuz/Horus, the product of the union of the sun god and his consort the moon goddess, but because of the fusing of the old sun god cults with the newer Lucifer cult, Osiris = Lucifer and the Divine Child Horus = the Antichrist.

charting 2

a2 + b2 = c2


The White House, Washington Monument and the Capital Building all line up as a right angle triangle. The occultists intended for this street plan to draw on the spiritual energies of Virgo. Are the energies intended to bring forth the Divine Child? David Ovason refers to Pennsylvania Avenue as the spiritual center of Washington D.C. It is the hypotenuse of Federal Triangle. The Divine Child is supposed to be the New Age Messiah, the coming together of the cosmic masculine and feminine forces to produce a synergy, which the Masons believe will create the so-called “Perfected Man” who is in fact the Masonic Christ or Antichrist.
The Buchanan monument in Washington D.C. placed Buchanan, a Mason, between a male and female god and goddess as the hypotenuse, where the perfected man is supposed to be. Daniel Carter Beard founded the Boy Scouts of America. The Boy Scout Memorial on 15th Street, between East Street and Constitution Ave. show the Boy Scout as the Divine offspring of the male god and female goddess statues he stands between. (Riddles in Stone)


charting 3














The chart cast for the Mayan calendar date of Dec. 21 2012 above displays a perfected pyramid embodying the Golden Mean formed by Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto at the base with an apex forming in Neptune. This pyramid, which perfects on December 21, 2012, heralds the arrival of the Antichrist on the world stage.

This will be commemorated in symbolic terms by the capping of the Great Pyramid of Egypt with its missing capstone, an event depicted on the reverse side of the American one dollar bill. This in turn commemorates the ascension of the Masonic Christ or Antichrist to the throne in Jerusalem, an event symbolically conferred by the date December 21, 2001, the chart above confirming this to be the case with the esoteric geometry it invokes.
In addition, a right angle triangle drawing on the energy of Virgo, which is surrounded by a right angle triangle, can also be found in the matrix of lines found in the chart drawing for December 1, 2012, heralding the arrival of the Masons’ “Perfected Man,” the Masonic Christ or Antichrist. In keeping with the occult belief “As above So Below,” a right angle triangle is formed in the chart of the heavens on December 21, 2012, the malefic planets Saturn and Pluto forming the male energy of the upright line, Jupiter and Saturn forming the feminine energy of the base, and Pluto and Jupiter forming the hypotenuse representing the Divine Child, which in this case is the Antichrist.
It turns out that the International Swine Flu Conference August 19-21 Washington D.C. is being held in a place of due ceremony for the occultists. If you reread my article, you will be shocked to discover that the same street in Washington D.C. that they are holding their little Antichrist Swine Flu party – how to take out the goyim by their own unclean habit of eating swine – is the very same street that happens to be the hypotenuse of Federal Triangle, namely Pennsylvania Ave. And let’s not forget, to the occultists, the hypotenuse of the right angle triangle represents the so-called “perfected man”, the Masonic Christ, the Antichrist. So the swine flu conference in Washington D.C. is a date with the Antichrist. Remember also that the “Sylvania” in Pennsylvania refers to a wooded area or grove of trees where witchcraft rites are held.

OK Bomb Far From Okay

OK Bomb Far from Okay
Timothy Spearman
The first thing to note about the chart is that there are two Squares in close aspect. The first Square is formed by Mars at 16° of Capricorn in the Third House, the Moon at 25° of Sagittarius in the Seventh House, and Venus at 26° of Pisces in the Tenth House.

This suggests an act of war through business activity that will affect the homeland through travel or a vehicle of travel affecting humanity and goodwill in the public domain. It also points to a homeland operation by a homeboy, a local. The other Square is formed by Mars at 16° of Capricorn, Jupiter at 14° of Sagittarius in the Seventh House, and Saturn at 20° of Pisces. This suggests an act of war through business activity as a result of travel from abroad that will have a destructive and debilitating effect.

The two Squares in close aspect suggest that there are two covert operations, one foreign and one domestic. They Squares also appear to be like arrowheads aimed at the DC (Descendant) Seventh House as though it were the outcome of the energy of the AC (Ascendant), which is under the rulership of Gemini. Since Gemini rules communications, the message being sent into the public domain is through an act of terror or war.

The basis of the message is that Uranian freedom is being undermined by Neptunian deception, symbolized by the conjunction of the two planets in the Eighth House, while humanity and goodwill are concurrently undermined in the public domain by violence and death, symbolized by the conjunction of Saturn and Venus in the Tenth House under the rulership of Pisces.

The AC (Ascendant) is at 9° of Gemini. The Sabian symbol for 9° of Gemini is “Aroused strikers around a factory”. Sabian symbols are based on archetypes invented by an astrology practitioner who meditated on the significance of each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. Gemini rules communications and the message conveyed by the media was that Timothy McVeigh was a member of an anti-government militia group. “Aroused strikers around a factory” would represent the sentiments of such a group, a grassroots movement of blue collar activists who see their cause as a just one aimed at fighting those who hold a monopoly on power.

Jim Keith and other researchers later exposed the fact that Timothy McVeigh was working for the CIA and was a member of the Confederate Lodge of Freemasonry. These shadowy connections call into question the official line promoted by the mainstream media depicting him as being affiliated with an anti-government militia group. In hindsight, he appears to be more like an agent provocateur meant to infiltrate a militia group as part of a counterintelligence operation. 9° of Aquarius, which is one Sabian symbol over from the AC represents “A quiver filled with arrows”. This suggests a weapon or an arrow poised for deployment like a bomb set to explode based on a detonation timing device.

The DC (Descendant) is located at 8° of Sagittarius. The Sabian symbol for 8° of Sagittarius is “Deep within the depths of the earth, new elements are being formed”. Seismic readings taken at the time of the explosion noted that there were two major explosions occurring ten seconds apart. This behavior accords with that of a high tech device requiring military clearance known as a Simtex explosive device. The explosion was of such force that it caused a seismic disturbance large enough for the anomaly to be detected, resulting in a reaction deep within the earth causing “new elements to be formed,” as is the case with violent reactions like a seismic disturbance.

The Sabian symbol for Mars at 16° of Leo is “Brilliant sunshine just after a storm”. A storm is an apt description for a bomb explosion. The reference to “brilliant sunshine” is symbolic of the fiery bomb blast that would have filled the sky the morning of the bombing. The planet aspected at the 16° mark is the one associated with the god of war, showing that the storm is an act of war and the super-effulgent brilliance comparable to “brilliant sunshine” was the result of an act of aggression, a blitzkrieg, a lightning strike, an act of war.

Chiron at 20° of Virgo reveals the Sabian symbol depicting “A caravan of cars headed for Promised Land”. In the wake of the explosion, many motorists fled the downtown core in panic just as an escape crowd will flee the site of danger. The fact that Chiron is the heavenly body aspected here is significant because Chiron is a mythological figure who suffered injury and debilitating illness due to the infliction of a wound. A bomb inflicting a wound on the downtown core of Oklahoma at 9:02 am, when most people are starting work, would have induced a panic resulting in an exodus from the downtown core in a bid to escape the danger and get out of Dodge. Escaping extreme danger is comparable to an escape from bondage and deliverance to a Promised Land, so the related Sabian symbol seems apt in light of the events of that morning.

Moon Node at 5° of Scorpio reveals the Sabian symbol of “A massive rocky shore resists the pounding of the sea”. Scorpio represents death and renewal. The fact that the Moon Node is aspected here suggests a fleeting and transitory act of violence, not long-lasting.

The resultant damage was not as extensive as it might have been. The Alfred B. Murrah Building withstood the assault to some degree. Photographs of the wreckage left in the aftermath of the bomb show a damaged building with outer facade destroyed.

The evidence points to a blast originating from within the building, sending debris across the street, as opposed to an external blast being the cause of destruction as the mainstream media claimed. The local news services in Oklahoma reported that two undetonated bombs had been discovered by bomb squad officials inside the building. It is also known that the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Bureau had explosive materials deployed in its work stored in the Federal Building, which only added to the magnitude of the explosion. It is also worth noting that the ATF Bureau staff received prior warning of the blast insofar as they were told not to come into work that day. Despite the magnitude of the assault, much of the building remained intact.

Interesting also is that the degree point next to 5° of Scorpio at 6°, pointing to the Sabian symbol of “A gold rush tears men away from their native soil”. Was it the lure and promise of money as payment for a covert operation that lured Middle Eastern terrorists away from their native land? In light of the fact that Mercury is at 4° of Taurus in the Twelfth House, which represents the Sabian symbol of “The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,” it would suggest that the covert ops walked away with their weight in gold in terms as reward and payment for pulling off the operation.

Witnesses who worked for a local property management company in Oklahoma said the company had hired a group of foreign refugees to do painting and construction work. This group had allegedly fled from Iraq to escape Saddam Hussein’s regime. An employee told the reporter that he saw these “refugees” cheering the Oklahoma terror attack and vowing to die in Saddam Hussein’s service. Was it the lure of money that enticed these poor Iraqi refugees to take part in a covert operation?
Pluto at 0° of Sagittarius has no associated Sabian symbol. Sagittarius rules travel and vehicular movement. The bomb responsible was said to be an ammonium nitrate bomb planted in a Ryder truck vehicle parked outside the building. The vehicle was not in motion, but stationary. The story is highly suspect, however, as there is no bomb crater in the street from the explosion. Dr. Frederic Whitehurst’s allegations against the FBI crime lab sparked a Justice Department investigation that found the lab had provided “inaccurate pro-prosecution testimony in major cases including Oklahoma City.” Retired Air Force General Benton K. Partin, an explosives expert, disputed the FBI’s theory that the damage to the Murrah Building was caused by a single truck bomb. His analyses were later endorsed by numerous physicists, physical chemists, and experts in structural mechanics as well as a series of live tests conducted at Eglin Air Force Base.

Subsequent research exposed the fact that the amount of ammonium nitrate needed to inflict the required level of damage would have to be one ton’s worth of fertilizer bomb material. This meant that the Ryder truck vehicle would have been too small to house such a bomb. The FBI consequently changed its story twice, increasing the size of the vehicle each time till it eventually turned into a moving van. The Sabian symbol for 1° of Sagittarius depicts “Retired veterans gather to reawaken old memories”. The first obvious conclusion is that this symbol alludes to Timothy McVeigh and his accomplice Terry Nichols, since they were both ex-military. Their participation in a covert operation would have been right up their street and would have seemed like old times. But given that the operation also involved covert operatives posing as bomb squad officials, who entered the facility the morning of the bombing ostensibly to participate in an anti-terrorist bomb drill, the symbolic allusion is quite suggestive. Were they retired army veterans as well? Was the intention to deploy decommissioned ex-military as covert operatives who would be hard to trace? Many witnesses testified that they saw several bomb squad officials entering the Federal Building that morning. Jim Keith and others exposed the fact that a bomb drill had taken place early that morning and that people had been evacuated from the building during the drill.
One of the suspects who fit the John Doe 2 profile was Jose Padilla. It was either during or after serving ten months in the Broward County Jail that the man raised as a Roman Catholic converted to radical Islam with his fiancé, Cherie Maria Stultz. Following Padilla’s release, he and fiancé Stultz worked at a Taco Bell restaurant in Davie, near Fort Lauderdale, close to about twenty Islamic centers or mosques. Padilla disappeared after two years, and the couple later divorced. By 1998, Padilla had moved to Egypt. This explains the Sabian symbol for Jupiter at 14° of Sagittarius, which is “The pyramids and the Sphinx”. There is no greater cultural symbol of Egypt than the Giza pyramids, so the reference to this archetype in the Oklahoma Bombing chart seems a clear reference to Padilla’s activities in Egypt prior to the Oklahoma Bombing. His goal in going to Egypt was ostensibly to further explore Muslim teachings and traditions. He stayed about two years, aligning himself with illegal underground extremist mosques while there.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 25° of Sagittarius is “A chubby boy on a hobby horse”. The Moon rules the home and homeland and Padilla is a homeboy. Born in Brooklyn NY, he moved to Chicago at age five. All the sketches of him show him to be a heavyset and puffy-cheeked man with jowls. As for him having a “hobby horse”, that would have to be his penchant for crime. As a teenager, he was a member of a street gang. He spent time in a juvenile detention center in 1985 for an armed robbery that left one victim dead of stab wounds. Later, armed with a baseball bat, Padilla and his accomplice held up three men. One man fled, but the two thieves gave chase, and Padilla’s accomplice stabbed him in the stomach. As a juvenile, Padilla was convicted of aggravated battery, armed robbery and attempted armed robbery and was incarcerated in Illinois from November 1985 to May 1988. After serving time for murder and assault, Padilla moved to Florida, where he got into trouble again.

This time he was charged with aggravated assault with intent to commit a felony and discharging a firearm from a vehicle. Despite his already lengthy criminal record, he was sentenced to a year’s probation. In 1992, one year after his probation ended, Padilla was convicted in Florida of aggravated assault with a firearm. While serving time in the Broward County Jail, Padilla was accused of battery on a jail officer and resisting without violence in January 1992. He settled the charges with guilty pleas after spending ten months behind bars. All of these light sentences for felony charges indicate he had a guardian angel within the criminal justice system.

Probably his CIA or CIA connections through an affiliate subcontracted intelligence cell like al-Qaeda made him immune to the true rigors of the corrections system, so that he invariably received a slap on the wrist as opposed to a punishment matching the charge.

The next Sabian symbol over from 25° of Sagittarius is 26° of Sagittarius, which depicts “A flag-bearer in a battle”. Given the sideline role he performed, he is more of a flag-bearer than a participant, cheering team members more directly involved from the benches. In many ways, he seems to have been more of a decoy whose function it was to lead investigators away from the true trail and those more directly involved in the operation.

Uranus at 0° of Aquarius suggests that the Uranian-Aquarian energy of freedom is doubly aspected, but Uranus at 0° suggests that the Aquarian-Uranian freedom energy is being held in restraint. Certainly if the operation to implicate the anti-government militia movement by employing McVeigh and Nichols as patsies is true, then the bombing of the federal building did much to restrain the impulse of liberty.

The fact that it also helped the gun-banning initiative and provided inducement for the founding of the security state would have only hampered the Uranian freedom factor even more. Another interesting aspect is the nearby Sabian symbol of 1° of Aquarius, which is “An old adobe mission”. Given the Hispanic roots of Padilla, this could be an important marker in the chart as well, alluding to the ethnic connections of one of the more significant covert operatives employed in the mission.  2° of Aquarius may be another telling marker if we can stretch the chart references that far, since it points to the Sabian symbol of “An unexpected thunderstorm”. A bomb detonation is comparable to a sudden storm as previously mentioned.

The evidence that the Oklahoma City Bombing involved a larger conspiracy, employing several accomplices or covert operatives with Middle Eastern connections is compelling. And the trail begins with a mysterious FBI All Points Bulletin. In the week following the bombing in Oklahoma City, a reporter at a television station received a tip about some suspicious activity and began an investigation of a local property management company.

The reporter had been told by several former employees of the management company that they had seen a pickup truck at the office, a truck that matched the description in the FBI APB. The reporter discovered that the owner of the property, a Palestinian expatriate, pled guilty in 1991 to several counts of insurance fraud and served eight months in a federal prison. Court papers indicated that the FBI had investigated the suspect for alleged connections to the Palestine Liberation Organization. Former employees told the investigator that, six months prior to the bombing, the owner of the property management company hired the foreign refugees to do some work.

This group had allegedly fled from Iraq to escape Saddam Hussein’s regime. An employee told the reporter that he saw these “refugees” cheering the Oklahoma terror attack and vowing to die in Saddam’s service. The reporter used surveillance equipment to photograph these foreign refugees, and focused on one man who seemed to match the last FBI profile sketch and description of John Doe No. 2. The reporter later interviewed witnesses who said they saw McVeigh in the company of a foreign-looking man in the days and hours before the bombing. Witnesses also said they saw several of the refugees moving large barrels around in the back of an old white truck. The barrels, they alleged, emanated a strong smell of diesel fuel, one of the key ingredients used in the Oklahoma City bomb. Who was this man, the one who resembled John Doe No. 2? His name was Al-Hussaini Hussain who later filed a defamation lawsuit in Oklahoma County District Court against the television station and the reporter, charging that the news station had falsely accused him of being John Doe No. 2. The lawsuit was later dropped since the station had never directly targeted him as John Doe No. 2. However, Al-Hussaini Hussain is just one of many who were mentioned as a possible John Doe No. 2. Some would suggest that Hussain was given up as a target to deflect attention from the real John Doe No. 2. This is a typical M.O. employed in military intelligence operations, in which a lookalike double is employed to confuse investigators either to set someone up as a patsy or to lead investigators off the scent of a key agent.
These Middle Eastern covert operatives may be what the Sabian symbol for Neptune at 25° of Capricorn signifies: “An oriental rug dealer in a store filled with precious ornamental rugs”. Neptune rules deception and illusion, which points to a duplicitous plot involving “oriental” businessmen, who under the lure of money have agreed to take part in a covert operation to bomb an American federal building. Perhaps one or more of them were employed as rug dealers in their former homeland. Perhaps that’s what gave them the expertise needed to do the decorative renovation work for the property management company.

Despite attempts by the Clinton-Reno Justice Department to enforce the official line that the Oklahoma bombing was a purely domestic terrorist act, Oliver Revell, former FBI Assistant Director in Charge of Investigation and Counterterrorism, was quoted in news accounts as saying, “I think it’s most likely a Middle East terrorist. I think the modus operandi is similar. They have used this approach.” According to court documents filed in the McVeigh trial, an FBI communiqué on the day of the bombing suggested the attack may have been in retaliation for the prosecution of the bombers in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing attempt. The communiqué was clear: “We are currently inclined to suspect the Islamic Jihad as the likely group.” Terrorist expert Neil C. Livingstone stated in The Globe on May 16, 1995 that, “There is a remarkable similarity between the methods used by Islamic terrorists in the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut, the attack on the World Trade Center, and the bombing in Oklahoma. The truckload of explosives is almost a signature or calling card, and it is the weapon of choice among these groups.” Livingstone, the author of several books on terrorism, continued: “Very typically, these terrorists have found home-grown radicals to use as dupes in the actual bombings.

They have supplied the money and the technical expertise and highly skilled operatives to guide a project and then get out of town before they can be apprehended.” One investigator found direct ties linking suspects from the Oklahoma City bombing to an Islamic Jihad cell in Florida.

He believed the Florida cell was tied to the network of Osama bin Laden. Padilla’s whereabouts are unknown from 1994 to 1998. In all likelihood, he was still living somewhere in Florida and could have been involved with some of the Middle Eastern terrorist organizations that had possible ties to the Oklahoma City bombings. Additionally, according to a report from the Associated Press filed on Tuesday, June 11, 2002, Padilla was a protégé of a top lieutenant of Osama bin Laden, where he met other terrorists through his handler and conducted research on how to build a radioactive weapon. The Iraqi terrorists along with Padilla probably all had ties to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, but since Osama was a CIA agent code named Tim Osmond, it is possible to see the entire operation as a subcontracted al-Qaeda operation, which is essentially a branch of the CIA. Zbigniew Brzezinzky, National Security Advisor under President Jimmy Carter, publically boasted about the fact that the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and the CIA were created with 3.5 billion in CIA funding to create a security problem in Central Asia capable of toppling the former Soviet Union.

The fact that there are these unremitting links between foreign and domestic agents and agencies shows inside complicity and the fact that the CIA was subcontracting its covert operations to foreign agents and agencies to hide their hand in domestic as well as international false flag terror attacks. This suggests that the fox was guarding the hen house, which of course it was. The MC (Midheaven), which is an expression of public reputation and public influence, is an especially important factor in this chart considering that the MC is at 17° of Aquarius representing “A watchdog standing guard, protecting his master and his possessions”.

The fact that Saturn is in Pisces means that a malefic planet is aspected in Pisces, the zodiac sign ruling weakness, debility and ill health. The Sabian symbol for Saturn at 20° is “A large white dove bearing a message”. The presence of Saturn under the rulership of Pisces at the MC suggests that the effect of the bombing operation in the public sphere is to undermine the message of peace dispatched by the bird species traditionally associated with peace. In contradistinction, if the occult meaning of the dove is considered, then the dove is a symbol of Isis or Simaramis, which is a dark goddess like Kali, suggesting that the message being sent is of malevolent intent.

Venus in Pisces suggests that the energy of good will and humanity has been weakened in the 10th House. The Sabian symbol for 26° of Pisces is “A garage man testing a car’s battery with a hydrometer”. This suggests that the detonation device may have been rigged to the truck battery in the decoy operation designed to make the Murrah Building Bombing look like an “outside” job as opposed to an “inside” one, the meaning here being both literal and figurative.

The Sun at 29° of Aries shows that the Sun sign is in under the rulership of the god of war. The Sabian symbol for 29° of Aries is “The music of the spheres”. This suggests that the bombing was disruptive of harmony and ushered in an era of disharmony and chaos.  However, there is also the thought that, in keeping with the motto of these Machiavellian organizations ordo ab chao (order out of chaos), greater harmony has been induced for the controlling elite out of this act of chaos and warfare. In near aspect to 29° of Aries is 28°, whose Sabian symbol is “A large disappointed audience,” an apt description for the dismayed crowd of onlookers in Oklahoma who were surely horrified and disillusioned with their world in the aftermath of the bombing.

Mercury at 4° of Taurus suggests “A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,” an apt allusion to the rewards and payouts received by the covert operatives who would take their money and run. In near aspect is 5° of Taurus, whose Sabian symbol is “A widow at an open grave”. The blown out shell of the building is itself analogous to an open grave, but then there are the grieving widows and other relatives who lost loved ones as a result of this terribly unnecessary tragedy. But then aren’t all tragedies unnecessary, for why else would we conceive of them so?

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