Operation Rose, Operation Ore, Operation Snore

Operation Rose, Operation Ore, Operation Snore

Another Labour MP goes into hiding to avoid Teresa May’s child abuse inquiry

Gordon Brown’s recent announcement that he will soon step down is due to his confidence that former MPs have immunity and impunity from prosecution. Anyone grandfathered or dinosaured goes into the fossil bed and can’t be touched, until some resourceful palaeontologist dogs up their dirty deeds long after their internment. Something has got to give amid the relentless tide of paedophilia scandals coming out against the British government. It is clear that the deeply satanic intelligence services like MI6, featuring the All-Seeing Eye of the Sun God Lucifer on their logo at the top of a pyramid with a missing capstone, are behaving like extortion and protection rackets of the Vatican, for which they work. They trick politicians into participating in something sordid and then once they have them by the short and curlies, they force them into greater depravity under threat of ruining them with the goods they already have on them. Before long they are participants in satanic ritual abuse and even killings of young children, all so they can protect their filthy reputations and hide their dirty laundry. From laundered drug money to laundered paedophile racket money, they’re sterling is freshly laundered, dry cleaned, pressed and hung out to dry. Too bad they are not the ones hanging out to dry with their pants down and their asses swinging in the breeze. Operation Rose, Operation Ore and a host of other black operations have been designed to cover up the scandals and let the MP perps get off Scot-free. Operation Rose stems from the Roscicrucian satanic society’s practice of meeting under a rose-studded ceiling in a private room, where everything in the room stays in the room and cannot be repeated because they met under the rose of the Rosy Cross knighthood organization. Satanists run the world and Satanists run the show and we the goyim, whom they regard as the cattle, swine or rabble are at their mercy, or so they believe. However, what they don’t know is that there is a Judgement and the Judgement is swift because it is the people’s judgement. There’s nothing Divine or Holy about it. It’s the people’s choice and the people’s decision and when enough of them wake up to see what is going on in government, no national security law in the land will hold the people back from exercising Justice. The Excalibur will be pulled from the ground and wielded by some dauntless Knight of Liberty and it shall prevail and heads will roll such as has not been seen since the beginning of the world and as shall not be seen until the end. It is coming. The trumpets have already been sounded. The people’s march for Justice has begun.

Timothy Watson



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Top Tory MP invites paedophile business consultant to House of Commons for lunch meetings

  • Sir Edward Leigh, 64, held meetings in Westminster with businessman
  • Duncan Breeze was jailed after thousands of indecent images were found
  • He is now a consultant to a company of which Sir Edward is the chairman 
  • Meetings in parliament building are not thought to have broken any rules 
  • Sir Edward has defended relationship and said he believes in ‘redemption’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2846185/Top-Tory-MP-invites-paedophile-business-consultant-House-Commons-lunch-meetings.html#ixzz3KA0kOBmS
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High Diddly Dee the Diddler’s Life’s for Me: Pinocchio at Satanic Disney’s Pleasure Island

High Diddly Dee the Diddler’s Life’s for Me: Pinocchio at Satanic Disney’s Pleasure Island

The so-called Westminster Paedophile Ring is a satanic ring called the Ninth Circle. The number nine refers to the Seven Star system Sirius from whence the Fallen Angels hail. White Hall, the White House and the White Star Shipping line of Titanic fame all refer to the Dog Star Sirius. It is also known as Set, hence sunSET. It is the Morning Star. Lucifer means the Morning Star and he hails for Sirius the Dog Star, as do his minions, the Fallen Angels. There are 33 degrees in the satanic secret society Freemasonry honouring the 33% of or 1/3 of the angels who fell from Heaven. The Book of Genesis tells us they were taken with the daughters of men, whom they found beautiful and bred with them, producing the hybrid bloodlines known as the Nephilim. The bloodline descendants of Satan rule the world today and have taken over governments around the world in these End Times. It is time for another Arjuna to overthrow the inbred and corrupt ruling elite. They are raping and ritually abusing your children. It is time to put a stop to their New World Order of the Antichrist.

There’s a deeper reason you know.

Former Scotland Yard detectives say young boys were murdered by Westminster paedophile ring


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The highlighter pen is mightier than the sword or gun.

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Fresh claims: Vishal Mehrotra’s father Vishambar (right) recently claimed his son (left) was abducted, abused and murdered by a Westminster VIP paedophile ring which he said was linked to the Elm guest house

In separate claims Vishambar Mehrotra, whose son Vishal was eight when he vanished on the day of the Royal wedding in 1981, said he may have murdered by Westminster-based abusers.

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The newspapers were served with D notices to not report for national security. Two retired detectives said they were ordered not to look into the RING.

New laws for new times. Silence is golden.

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Terrorism laws: ‘Time is right’ for new police powers

24 November 2014 Last updated at 09:22 ET

Theresa May: “We are engaged in a struggle that will go on for many years”

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Police and security services will get new powers as the UK faces a terror threat “perhaps greater than it has ever been”, the home secretary says.

Unveiling a new counter-terrorism bill, Theresa May said the UK faced a security struggle “on many fronts”.

Schools, universities and councils will be required to take steps to counter radicalisation.

Internet providers will have to retain Internet Protocol address data to identify individual users.

Speaking at a counter-terrorism event in London, Mrs May told an audience “the time is right” for enhanced security measures.

She spelled out the scale of the threat to the UK, specifying that 40 planned terror attacks had been foiled since the 7 July bombings in London in 2005.

The terror threat level in Britain was raised from “substantial” to “severe” earlier this year in response to conflicts in Iraq and Syria.

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The new legislation includes:

Counter-radicalisation measures – requirements that schools, colleges and probation providers help prevent people being radicalised
Changes to TPIMs – Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures – to allow the authorities to force suspects to move to another part of the country
Raising the burden of proof for imposing TPIMs from “reasonable belief” to “balance of probabilities”
Greater powers to disrupt people heading abroad to fight – including cancelling passportsat the border for up to 30 days
Statutory temporary exclusion orders to control return to the UK of British citizens suspected of terrorist activity
Tighter aviation security – requiring airlines to provide passenger data more quickly and effectively
Banning insurance companies from covering ransoms
Forcing firms to hand details to police identifying who was using a computeror mobile phone at a given time.
But Mrs May warned that even the new powers in the bill would not fully address what she called a “capability gap” in the authorities’ ability to monitor online communications.

She said: “Unfortunately, there is no agreement in the coalition – or for that matter with the opposition – about the need for the Communications Data Bill.

“We are going to have to wait until after the general election to address fully this increasingly urgent problem. ”

She added that she remained “passionately convinced” police need access to more information about who is saying what online, in order to combat organised crime and networks of child abusers and terrorism.


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Authorities say more than 500 Britons have joined Islamic State

By Dominic Casciani, BBC home affairs correspondent

For a decade, British security and intelligence agencies have tried to counter threats from individuals inspired by al-Qaeda’s ideology.

They’re worried that the emergence of the so-called Islamic State has made that job far harder.

Twice before – in the wake of 9/11 and 7/7 – they asked ministers for more powers.

Each time there has been a difficult debate about the balance between those powers and personal liberties.

This coming bill – which is aimed at disrupting extremist activity – will face the same questions.

Against that background, a “Counter-terrorism Awareness Week” has something of a “Dig for Victory” spirit about it as the government and security chiefs seek public support ahead of potentially controversial legislation.

But PR tactics aside, the appeal is very squarely focused on the brutal fact that the police don’t believe they can do this job alone.

Labour leader Ed Miliband pledged that his party would co-operate with the government but added that it would seek to scrutinise Mrs May’s proposals.

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg praised the identification of IP address users as “sensible” but said that the home secretary “wants to go a lot further” by reviving what he called the “disproportionate” measures of “the snoopers’ charter”.

Human rights group Liberty condemned Mrs May’s programme as a “chilling recipe for injustice and resentment, closing down the open society she seeks to promote”.

The Counter-terrorism and Security Bill will be introduced to Parliament on Wednesday.

The speech coincides with the start of a week-long police initiative – Counter-terrorism Awareness Week – involving more than 3,000 officers, to remind the public how they can help.

British transport police have been raising awareness of a terror threat as Andy Moore reports

Speaking earlier, Britain’s counter-terrorism chief warned that police officers alone “cannot combat” the threat of extremism.

Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley – the Association of Chief Police Officers’ national policing lead for counter-terrorism – said: “So far this year, we have disrupted several attack plots and made 271 arrests but the eyes and ears of law enforcement and other agencies alone cannot combat the threat.”

The threat posed by violent extremists has “evolved” and is no longer a problem solely stemming from countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Now, they are home grown, in our communities, radicalised by images and messages they read on social media and prepared to kill for their cause,” he said.

He said “nearly half” of those from the UK joining Islamic State, a militant group which has taken control of large areas of Syria and Iraq, were “recently radicalised and weren’t previously on our radar”.

On Sunday, the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police told the BBC that four or five terror plots had been stopped this year.

Police have previously prevented on average one plot a year, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said.


Dutch Elm Disease Is Now Dutch Sex Disease

Dutch Elm Disease Is Now Dutch Sex Disease

In Canada, there was once a Dutch elm disease that killed many of the elm trees. Today in Britain there is an Elm House disease. The disease isn’t killing trees. It’s killing something far more valuable. It’s killing our future – our children. Vulnerable kids stolen from their parents in a 21st Century Lebensborn program are being buggered and abused in Elm House and the Sparticus Club by paedophiles in government, entertainment, law societies, brokerage houses, banking institutions, and the stock exchange. In short, the entire interlocking satanic elite of this country are subjecting innocent children to satanic ritual abuse and the criminals running the government, the privatized police force and the judiciary of this country are covering up their own dirty deeds. Not since Rome and Pompeii have we seen this level of sordidness and corruption. No broom on earth is big enough to sweep this mess up. You’d need a dustbin the size of the Grand Canyon to sweep this amount of refuse into the bin.



British MPs @ Councillors May 2015 Is Your Chance To Stop the Child Abuse or we the people will not vote for mainstream politics

British MPs @ Councillors May 2015 Is Your Chance To Stop the Child Abuse 

or we the people will not vote for mainstream politics

The People’s Vote on UK Child Abuse and the MPs and scum who help cover up the abuse.

My Opinion On Who I May Vote For In 2015 Election And My Views On The Child Abuse Cover Ups In The Uk
pollcode.com free polls


Vote Now MPs, Councillors of the United Kingdom of Great Britain The children are waiting for your answers and the voters are wanting to make a choice who they will vote for in the May 2015 general election.


Mps@Councillors Will You Stop Child Abuse In Your Area Before May 2015 Election Or Face Getting No Votes
pollcode.com free polls


British Mps @ Councillors May 2015 Is Your Chance To Stop the Child Abuse or we the people will not vote for mainstream politics or are you copying Hitler’s regime in a child’s best interest.


The UK have had enough of lying politicians http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2582730/Politicians-good-liars-convince-telling-truth-research-suggests.html who only care about their own and not the public they are paid to serve. Often people get, “You’re not in my area” or “Sorry, not allowed to comment on that”. The £100,000 pounds a year doesn’t and shouldn’t stop you from whistle-blowing on the independent forum, the Internet. Dying children in Africa, yes, really we all care, but children of 5 being told how to put condoms on a carrot and learn about sex, also babies being raped by the Kingsley Institute as well as the UK peadophile rings and the care children getting stolen, then raped, then trafficked should be at the forefront of any politician’s mind.

Editors opinion.

This isn’t what I planned today with my cornflakes and coffee in my Lincolnshire house. If it wasn’t bad enough, the rain, the drizzle, the dark November days and now the newspaper reports, more doom and gloom and more cover ups and injustices for abuse survivors.

Can I point out a fact that really annoys me with so-called UK journalists who are supposed to report fairly and have a slight care for everyone involved in the published stories.

WHY do journalists call Abuse Survivors Victims?  http://www.thefreedictionary.com/victim they are clearly abuse survivors in my opinion as they are alive still and survived their ordeals.  http://www.thefreedictionary.com/survivor.

Uk Revolution Overdue.

Why won’t the UK public get up and march in their thousands? Probably because they either don’t care or the government has restricted their movements by taking away their incomes through taxes and penalties and put them on drugs to keep them quiet.

We certainly need a revolution rather than a I’m not listening any more culture or it’s not my fault or it doesn’t affect me culture. Well sadly your brain dead. The UK government is in bits, the country in debt and the peadophiles are running the asylum. Wake up Britain!

This is a battle for British children and the next generation. Grandparents, activists and supporters of saving the nuclear family and the extended family should be campaining day and night.  https://belindammckenzie.wordpress.com/

We last had a revolution in 1642.

I believe http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_Civil_War There is no need to get the guns out, the missiles, the blades. It’s simpler than that. It can be done without saying a thing. The old saying “actions speak louder than words” is very true.

1 Do not vote for any party in the May 2015 UK Elections. If you do, Vote for a party with few big names. Even better add you or a friend to the list. You will be surprised if people this UK wide how the big parties would lose power.

2 Do Not pay for your council tax, road tax, TV licence, gas or electricity. Under common law and the Magna Carta, there’s no need. Its because you’re told you have to that you believe it. If a doctor says “Have a pill for farting would you take it, you old fart you?

Fuelling Peak Oil Debate

Fuelling Peak Oil Debate

By Timothy Spearman

A colleague recently pointed out that the best lie is the one that’s ninety percent true. There are lots of shills out there working for the enemy. Shills are those who get a lot of it right to lead the naïve and undiscerning astray. “Astray” is an interesting word because it is derived etymologically from the word for star, implying a fallen or wandering star, an unfortunate event like a cat-astro-phe – that word again – or dis-aster – oops, there it is again.Michael C. Ruppert, who ran a website obsessing over the problem of peak oil at www.fromthewildreness.com, later wrote a book implicating certain White House officials in the 9/11 scam. To sum up his thesis, Paul Wolfowitz authored a document called Project for a New American Century outlining how America was going to steal other people’s oil because we hit peak oil back in the 1980’s and the world wells would be plumbed dry within 20 years. The thesis statement of Wolfowitz’s document basically articulated the need to stage a false flag terror event like a New Pearl Harbour to launch America’s Project for a New American Century.In keeping with the adage that the bigger the lie the more people will believe it, the peak oil story all too opportunistically goes hand-in-glove with the 9/11 false flag terror scam. Is peak oil real? Furthermore, are hydrocarbons truly fossil fuels? Are they really formed through the breakdown of animal and plant matter, which form over millions of years as hydrocarbon fuel deposits?The moneys dolled out by the Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie Foundations alone could support the elite strata of education in the United States. Given the think tanks supported by funds like the Harvard Endowment, it would be natural for the intellectuals to wish to support the mandate of their philanthropists.

It wouldn’t do at all for a dog in need to nip the hand offering the gourmet dish. The White House needn’t worry about being inundated by floodwaters like New Orleans. The Rockefeller, Ford, and Bush families are swimming in oil, and as everyone knows, oil and water just don’t mix. They’re certain to weather the tide and keep the floodwaters at bay.Given their monopoly on oil, it would make sense that the scientific bodies at their disposal like the Royal Society would be in consensus on peak oil and hydrocarbons being in scarce supply. Harvard and other Ivy League intellectuals need not even overtly prostitute themselves to the mandate of fossil fuels and peak oil. They might even blindly trust the direction of their research and the generosity of the purse is certainly not going to encourage them to question their findings. Indeed, oil and gas reserves in short supply and fast running out would line the pockets of the Rockefeller’s, Bush’s and Ford’s, and let us not forget the Rothschild’s. In fact, the Seven Sisters oil companies are owned lock, stock and oil barrel by the Rockefeller and Rothschild families. Raising the price of these commodities on the international markets would serve the interests of both these Illuminati bloodline families and all the offshoots of the “ivy league” representing these bloodlines.We have been misled by science. Science has been masquerading as a soothsayer far too long. She is a whore in service to minions who have tried to persuade us that truth was confirmed by the five-sense evidence of the empiricists. They have convinced us that a cooling molten fireball hurling through space became the third rock from the sun. The truth could not be further from that orbit. Emmanuel Velikovsky, a friend and correspondent of Einstein’s, noted that the ancient stories of the gods accorded with the history of our planets and their origins, insisting that the comet born from the head of Jupiter became Venus as recorded in the ancient myth. In short, it is not that the planets are named after the gods, but rather that they are the gods. What I mean by that is that the ancients recognized that the planets were living beings, inhabited by a soul and a divine essence. This changes the whole concept of Mother Earth.My whole concept of the Earth mother Gaia changed the day I found a maple key sticking out of her navel in the garden of my family home. I immediately pulled the rooted maple key out of the ground and prized open the pod. Inside, I found a pod in a foetal position with the root emerging from a location corresponding to the navel of the human anatomy. In short, the foetus of what would become a maple tree had an umbilical cord connecting her to her mother –Earth.This reminds me how like our mother, Earth, we are in terms of organic chemistry. Just as she has molten magma beneath get crust, so we have a hot liquid substance inside the crust of our bone. The internal heat combustion within our bodies force minerals and oils to the surface of our skin, much like the minerals and oils find their way through the volcanic fissures to the surface of Gaia’s skin. And just as she has main river arteries and estuaries delivering mineral nutrients to the floodplain of her skin – and this we even call capillary action – so we have main arteries, veins and capillaries carrying essential minerals to the floodplains of our muscle and skin tissue. And just as she has telluric currents running beneath her skin surface through meridians known as dragon lines, so acupuncturists recognize that these same channels of Qi energy exist beneath the surface of our skin.

Should our bodies experience temperature imbalances, areas of desertification may form as they do on Gaia called eczema and psoriasis, where no vegetative growth takes place. Yes, like us even Gaia experiences hair loss and balding in old age. In short, oils are forced to the surface of Gaia’s skin naturally through volcanic activity just as oil deposits settle in the fissures and pores of our skin. And just as parasites feed on the oils, minerals and salt deposits that form on our skin, so do we human parasites feed on these same ingredients in Gaia’s skin as we burrow and dig deep within the surface of her planetary skin. No, she is more like us than we care to imagine. She is, in short, our mother as the more spiritually inclined have been insisting all along. Abiotic implies non-organic or non-living. In fact, if Gaia is the mother of all life, she is the propagator of these and every other substance in her biosphere. How dare we deny her organic, divine, and living essence as an organism?Instead of showing her our gratitude, we have denied Gaia her living status, referring to her as a lifeless rock, denying her organic essence and abusing her by ravaging, raping, bombing and poisoning her with industrial and chemical effluent. By failing to show gratitude and filial duty, we have shown ourselves to be ungrateful children of this Earth, who no more enjoy the privilege of suckling on her breast than the bacterial scourge that inflicts rashes and sores upon our skin. What do we do when we suffer at the hands of such parasites? We require a cleansing. Sadly, Gaia may be considering the same option.

The Age of Pisces, Congruency and Gemini

The Age of Pisces, Congruency and Gemini

By Timothy Spearman

Illuminati bloodline royal and concealed Tudor prince, changeling son of Queen Elizabeth I, Sir Francis Bacon, the originator of the phrase “New World Order,” is responsible for founding the intelligence services of the European continent that become so instrumental to the All-Seeing Cult of the Illuminati. We can see the pervasiveness of that All –Seeing Eye of Big Brother Lucifer in the logo for MI6, featuring the same pyramid, missing capstone and All-Seeing Eye of the Egyptian sun god Horus as is found on the Great Seal of the United States oft cited on the hind side of the American one dollar bill. With so all-pervading a spy network throughout the world, it would be naïve to imagine that the military-intelligence services of our nation states are in place to protect the security and sovereignty of our respective states. Far rather, they are there to spy on us through a coordinated game of surveillance and data collection so that we are reduced to a state of subject slavery, and with the imminent introduction of the biometric ID, achieving the full status of bonded slaves.We have been duped, but more than that, we have allowed ourselves as a global population to be the targets of a malicious campaign of mind control and ritual abuse at the hands of sorcerers little different from those who practiced the arts of wizardry in ancient Medea, the name from which the techno-shamanism and silicon sorcery of the modern era’s mass “media” is derived.One of the most recycled occult M.O.s of the Illuminati-spawned intelligence services is the use of replacement “doubles”. A student of history should be aware of how many times doubles and lookalikes have been employed in intelligence operations down through the ages. The Illuminati appear to be obsessed with the deployment of lookalikes or doppelganger in the operations undertaken by the intelligence services they control worldwide. Just to give a brief catalogue of examples, William Shakespeare had a double named Will Shakspere from the town of Stratford. The real author was a member of Sir Francis Bacon’s secret writing society, The Honourable Order of the Knights of the Helmet, named in honour of Pallas Athena, the patron goddess of the Greek theatre in Athens, and nicknamed the Spear-shaker, who always shook her spear at the twin serpents of ignorance and vice. The true author adopted a pseudonym derived from Pallas’ own nickname of the Spear-shaker. H.M.S.S. founder, Francis Bacon, would co-found The Honourable Order of the Knights of the Helmet with half-brother, Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, another changeling child and concealed Tudor prince of Queen Elizabeth I through a different father. The earl’s unmistakable autobiographical signature is written into every single Shakespeare play. The helmet referred to in the title of the order is the helmet of Pallas Athena, which rendered her invisible whenever she drew the visor down over her face. The knights of the order were therefore required to maintain invisibility, and after joining, kissed the helmet of Pallas, placed on their heads and were thenceforth known as “the invisibles”, writing anonymously or under pen names.A former U.S. Congressman, who once made a run for the presidency, Ignatius Donnelly, had another claim to fame in that he broke the cipher code of Lord Bacon and published a book titled, “The Great Cryptogram: Francis Bacon’s Secret Cipher Code in the So-called Shakespeare Plays”. What this work reveals is that a series of coded ciphers were inserted in the plays that reveal the true authorship as well as the nature of the covert operation to conceal the author during his lifetime as part of an elaborate intelligence operation. In these coded insertions, we learn that Christopher Marlow was the first front man to pose as William Shakespeare, but that after he died in a tavern brawl, he was replaced by the other Shakespearean front man, Will Shakspere, a cousin of the true author Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, through the Arden family. Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, who sat for his self-portrait at the age of 36 bears a striking resemblance to the man dubbed William Shakespeare, featured in the famous portrait by John Taylor. My website www.shakesaspear.com features this portrait painting comparison of the two men or should I say the ‘one’ man, since they are the “two gentleman of Verona,” or “two gentleman of one Ver(e)” “ w.“A Comedy of Errors,” the first Shakespeare play to be performed gives the game away, as the plot is based on a play by the Latin playwright Plautus’s “TheMenaechmi Brothers,” which like “The Comedy of Errors,” features two twin lookalikes who resemble each other so closely that they are repeatedly mistaken for one another, initiating a series of misidentifications that produce the comedy of grievous errors. It should be abundantly clear then that Lord Bacon’s H.M.S.S. set up the entire ruse from the outset by deploying a patsy front man sound alike double named Will Shakspere to play the part of the bard so that the real author could hide behind the stage curtain. Will Shakspere, as it turns out, was functionally illiterate and could not even affix his own signature to a document. The surviving signatures show a man unfamiliar with a pen, whose hand appears to have been guided by another. The comedy of errors concerning the wrongful identity of the author has lasted 400 years.The M.O., which could be referred to as “Shakespeare’s Codex,” is so far-reaching that it has been deployed throughout history, right down to the present age. The Illuminati seem obsessed with the M.O. of replacement doubles, patsy lookalikes and doppelganger, so much so that one is tempted to conclude that there must be some common cause to the M.O. deployed. We now know that Churchill had a lookalike double, who made a striking appearance during the London blitzkrieg, sporting a cigar. He also deployed a BBC radio actor as a sound alike double to play him on the air in the famous wartime addresses that he never gave. There are even documented reports stating that it was Hitler’sdoppelganger that died in a bunker and that Hitler was spirited away with about a dozen blond-haired blue-eyed agents by submarine straight to Antarctica. It is alleged that Hitler died there in 1887, the year of Harmonic Convergence. The actual true date of the start of the New Millennium is said to be that same year, August 18th to be exact, as our Earth calendars are way out of sync with cosmic time. One of Saddam Hussein’s doubles is believed by some to have assumed his place at the execution. Osama bin Laden’s alleged videos have circled the internet and feature several Osamas with marked facial differences. Timothy McVeigh is known to have had a lookalike double on the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearm Bureau, which has been implicated by Jim Keith and others as playing a central role in the bombing, which explains why several members of the bureau with offices in the Murrah Building were told not to go into work the day of the bombing. This might account for how McVeigh would appear to implicate himself by making such absurd gaffs as asking directions to the Alfred P. Murrah Building, the very morning he supposedly intended to bomb it. A lookalike double of Lee Harvey Oswald would account for the equally absurd gaff of shooting his neighbour’s target at a shooting range and making the absurd apology that he thought he was shooting at that bastard Kennedy. There are even researchers that allege that the Rothschild agent and 33 Degree Freemason, John Wilkes Boothe, actually survived the fire in the barn after being ostensibly cornered in the manhunt simply because it was not him but a lookalike double who would die in his stead.Joseph Mengele, the Angel of Death, researchers have shown was active after the war in both the United States and Canada, and even ran a branch of his sick trauma-based mind control operations out of Memorial College at McGill University, which involved placing Native children in electric chairs to measure their reactions to trauma. A mass grave of these victims exists very close to the location where these experiments were carried out. Mengele was obsessed with replacements and lookalike doubles. The concept of the doppelganger was sacrosanct to his demented Luciferian religious mindset. There is good reason for this. In fact, there is a spiritual reason for it that we are about to learn. Mengele is known to be an Illuminati agent. He was Luciferian to the core. By your works you will be known, and he is known to the extent that his reputation precedes him.It is possible, if not likely, that the Tavistock Institute experiment known as The Beatles may have involved Mengele’s imput as part of the MK-ULTRA program. Rumours abound that Paul McCartney was murdered and replaced and that an elaborate plot involving British and Canadian intelligence contrived to replace McCartney with a lookalike and sound alike double, which was accomplished by expert plastic surgeons working for the intelligence services. Mengele would have derived sadistic delight from putting this one over on the British and world public. As with the Shakespeare plays, the artistic vanity of John Lennon would compel him to insert codes and ciphers relating to the truth about Paul on album covers and within the music. The White Album is for all intents and purposes the white paper on the case. So Paul had a “twin” if you like who replaced him and went on to be identified in his first solo album under the name Paul McCartney as Paul McCartney II. It should not be forgotten that The Beatles were knighted, so it raises profound questions that Sir Paul would receive a second knighthood later in his career. Is there a cause under heaven for a why a citizen of the realm should be twice dubbed Sir Knight?A little known fact of history is that the Titanic also had a twin. Its sister ship, the Olympic, was made to be an exact replica of the Titanic. Both White Star Line ships are believed to have been lost to the sea. Theories abound that suggest the shipping tragedies were no accident and that there are several reasons for suspecting mass murder and crimes against humanity. For a start, the so-called Titanic perished on her maiden voyage, which is suspicious in itself. It is documented that there was an explosion and fire in the boiler room before she set sail and she was allowed to leave port before the fire was even extinguished. Some researchers believe she was taking on water before she even left port. Lord Astor was on board and he was known to be a strong voice of resistance in Congress to the Aldrich Bill to create the Federal Reserve Bank. There is also the suspicion that the Titanic disaster was a test run for the depopulation program to come. The Third Class passengers by analogy correspond with the Third World and we know that they were in lockdown and were not permitted to reach the deck of the ship after she floundered and began to sink. The passengers of Second Class would correspond with the second class citizens of planet Earth or the Second World, which seems never to get a mention in the popular media. We only ever hear about the Third World and the First World. It was the First Class passengers who got the priority when the ship was being abandoned. They correspond with the First World and represented the global elite in the test run for world depopulation on board the doomed ocean liner. When the global elite’s depopulation agenda reaches the endgame stage, be assured that the elite, the First World, the First Class occupants of the ship planet Earth will be thrown a lifeline and evacuated in lifeboats.But let’s not lose sight of the central point of the discussion, which is that the Titanic had a lookalike double and theories abound that she was replaced. There are strong arguments put forward in books like “The Olympic and Titanic: The Truth Behind the Conspiracy,” that point to a deliberate attempt to replace the Titanic with her sister ship as part of a scheme that even involved insurance fraud, in order to offset the costs of taking the Olympic permanently out of service due to the terminal injury she suffered to her “Achilles’ keel” in one of her early trans-Atlantic voyages.And now we come to those other infamous twins, the World Trade Center Twin Towers, located probably not by coincidence at the intersection of Liberty and Trinity right next to Church St. It is a timely juncture in the article to mention this as this leads to the why and the wherefore of all the ritual. This is spiritual warfare by the Illuminati and their occult signature points to a demonic agenda to wage war against the Judeo-Christian and Muslim worlds and the spiritual faith of humanity as a whole. This is the end times and they chose their various Luciferian MOs carefully and with great purpose and intent.The Twin Towers represent the Twin Pillars of the temple, Jachin and Boaz, meaning strength and foundation. These were the pillars of the temple in Jerusalem, the pillars of Solomon’s Temple. The fact that they came crashing down on September 11, 2001 has added significance, since the number eleven is composed of the numerical twinning of two 1s. Jachin and Boaz represent the twin pillars of the temple in Jerusalem, which are commemorated in every Masonic Temple throughout the world. The fact that the World Trade Center Twin Towers stand at the entry point to the New York financial district testifies to the fact that the entire financial district of New York is regarded as a Masonic Temple in its own right to the elite bankers who had them built. Their destruction on September eleventh in symbolic form could not send a more powerful spiritual message to the world. It was an act of spiritual warfare against all that is considered sacred in this world.Why are the Illuminati so obsessed with twins, lookalikes, doubles, mirrored images and congruency? A little known fact of history is that Jesus had a twin. The Gnostic Gospels reveal that Jesus’ twin was a disciple named Judas Thomas, which means “Twin of the Twin” in Hebrew. The Greek word didimus has resonances here, a word from which we derive the English word “dido”. There is a story recorded in “The Gospel of Thomas” that Jesus was once mistaken for his twin and responded during the altercation with the remark, “I am not Judas who is Thomas”. Jesus and his brother Judas were in essence the twin pillars of the Temple in Jerusalem, Jachin and Boaz, strength and foundation. It comes as no surprise then that the astrological sign for Gemini resembles a temple with twin pillar support columns.It should also be remembered that the early Christian symbol of the Church of Jerusalem was a fish as opposed to a cross. The fish is in part derived from the symbol of Pisces, featuring twin fish swimming in opposite directions. The symbol of Pisces is another sign featuring twins and has dominated the Christian era down to the present.George W. Bush delighted in using a mock effigy of himself, in which he was seen to lampoon the political debates by debating with himself. Sarah Palin recently performed a similar satirical tactic in a public appearance involving a lookalike double who appeared on the stage with her. Why do the Illuminati play the same hand so often? Why is it so important to play the card Twin so repeatedly that it appears to be a major arcana card in their deck? Could it be that the Illuminati, the Luciferians, are mocking the sacred portent of the twin birth of the Messiah, the Christ, the rightfully anointed King of Jerusalem with the demented Satanic rite of reinventing and recycling the same M.O.s of doppelgangers, lookalike patsies, replacement doubles and the like? The Illuminati do not do anything without a carefully conceived purpose. The repeated use of lookalike replacement doubles and front man dupes is a deliberate and malicious attempt to mock the Evangel and to commit blasphemy against all that is sacred and holy in this world.Jesus’ actual name is Esu Immanuel, meaning “of the light of the Father.” He did actually survive the crucifixion, slipping into a death-like coma, side pierced with a lance. He was then taken down from the cross and with the help of several healer friends, whom he had known from his days in India as a youth, was able to recover and was seemingly aware “to rise from the dead”. He took his mother Mary and beloved brother John with him and began his mission to spread the “good word”. The persecutions of the first Christians continued. One story recounts that Mother Mary died en route and is purportedly buried somewhere in the Himalayas. Esu met and married a young woman in India, lived and taught for many years in the Kashmir region, had a family of his own of which Joseph was the firstborn. Esu lived to well past the age of one hundred and died an earthly death without the much touted divine assumption. The true teachings of Esu were recorded on parchment by firstborn son Joseph. Many years later they came into the hands of Issa Rashid. He and his entire family were murdered for them. However, before his death, Rashid was able to get the texts into the hands of the real Billy Eduard Meier, who managed to publish them in German and English under the title, “The Talmud of Jmmanuel”. The true birth date of Esu was August 8, 8 BC. The true date of the crucifixion was April 7, 33 AD, which would have made Esu 41 rather than the claimed age of 33.To return to the theme of twins, Jesus or Esu did have brothers, a sister, and a twin by the name of Judas Thomas. In the ancient world, the birth of twins was considered a sign and a portent that a great avatar had arrived among men. The birth of Jesus and his twin brother, Judas Thomas, was a recognized portent and a sign that the Messiah, the rightfully anointed Christos or King of the Temple had been born in that era. There is a long-standing tradition adhered to by the Gnostic Christians, the Coptic Church of Egypt, and even the Muslims , that Jesus did not die on the cross. Probably one of the greatest distortions and deceptions of religious history and spiritual teaching is that Judas betrayed Jesus and sold him out for 30 sheckles of silver.

A Pound of Flesh by Timothy Spearman

A Pound of Flesh
by Timothy Spearman


Ever read “The Merchant of Venice”? Well, imagine Uncle Sam is Shylock and Iran is Antonio. And imagine Portia is the World Court.
There is much wisdom to be found in books. Take “The Merchant of Venice” for example. In this play, Antonio has taken a loan of 3,000 ducats from Shylock, the moneylender. The loan has been taken out on merchant cargo ships laden with minerals extracted abroad. Let us for our purposes imagine the commodity to be oil. The ships are then lost at sea and Antonio defaults on his loan. As collateral, Shylock has extracted a loan on exactly one pound of Antonio’s flesh.
By analogy, Saddam Hussein also received many usurious gifts from the former U.S. president, George Bush Sr., when he was head of the CIA, including oil kickbacks, which they split to the tune of $250 billion a year each, through the Pennzoil Oil Company, this revealed in the book by former CIA agent, Russell S. Bowen, The Immaculate Deception: Bush Crime Family Revealed. This prefaced the sale on credit of chemical, biological and nuclear agents that could be used in weapons of mass destruction. For this, Shylock has demanded his pound of flesh in bond.
In the play, Shylock does not want his loan to be paid in interest even when reparation is offered at three times its value. He prefers to have his pound of flesh. To him, it is justice to have Antonio suffer for the many insults he has received at his hands, but this is justice based on revenge.
Analogously, Bush does not want the sale of arms to be repaid. Iraq may present its inventory of weapons three times over and still Shylock will not be discouraged from his course. Iraq may open its borders to UN inspectors and turn every missile, warhead, and chemical weapon over and still Shylock will insist upon his pound of flesh.
Now the bond has come to court, Portia presiding not as a young doctor of law, but as the United Nations. She has come to hear the case. At first, she consents to the bond and agrees that Antonio’s chest should be laid bare that Shylock might lay hold of his pound of flesh. But Shylock is in for a surprise as the most learned judge has stipulated that while he is entitled to his bond of one pound of flesh, if even so much as a single drop of blood is allowed to spill, he will be compelled to forfeit all his property.
Let the UN invoke the same wisdom with the United States, consenting to the bond of invasion –since America insists upon having its pound of flesh, so long as not a single drop of blood is spilled in Iran or North Korea—both slated to be the next targets in the war on terrorism—the terms being that the United States be forced to forfeit all its political and diplomatic power by the International Court should it fail to meet these terms.
Next, Portia stipulates that Shylock is to extract the exact sum of one pound of Antonio’s flesh and not a single ounce more or once again his lands and properties will be held forfeit. Shylock has even brought his balancing scales along to weigh the morbid article that is to be cut away. Observe how the weapon’s inspectors are now weighing the cache of weapons in their scales to determine whether or not there is cause to go to war.
So let Portia, in the guise of the UN, insist that the invading allied force strike only such installations as weapons silos and weapons caches. Should so much as a single tomahawk missile stray from its course and hit a civilian residence, water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, or telecommunications installation as occurred in the first Gulf War, the UN must insist that the United States be forced to forfeit its diplomatic and military power through the jurisdiction of the International Court.
Having been forced to capitulate on his bond, Shylock then requests that the debt of 3,000 ducats be paid with interest. Portia refuses to grant his request on the grounds that he had previously refused such an offer, having insisted instead on a pound of flesh without compromise. Instead, he is told that he will receive no collateral whatsoever on his bond.
So let it be said to the American president that his unprovoked preemptive strike on Iraq is unlawful and hypocritical since his father had already employed weapons of mass destruction on Iraq in the form of tomahawk missiles and bombs laced with depleted uranium, 87,000 tons of bombs, equivalent to seven and one half Hiroshimas, according to Ramsay C. Clark, Former Attorney-General of the United States. In addition, 100,000 cluster bombs have been scattered all over the Iraqi and Kuwaiti deserts, undetonated and waiting to go off.
Then Portia invokes Venetian legal precedent in order to exact a penalty on Shylock for deliberately threatening the life of a fellow citizen, for which all his lands are held forfeit, and at the mercy of the plaintiff to dispose of as he sees fit.
So let the International Court insist that the offended party, Iraq, be compensated by being permitted to refuse trading relations with the United States, while the International Court be empowered at the same time to force the U.S. government to forfeit all its political and military power, to be disposed of as the offending party Iraq sees fit.
Portia’s justice is not based on revenge or “might is right”, but upon appeal to higher wisdom. Let us be reminded of her words and address them to the U.S. president in the hope that he will heed her words:The quality of mercy is not strain’d;
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath: it is twice blest;
It blesseth him that gives, and him that takes:
’Tis mightiest in the mightiest: it becomes
The throned monarch better than his crown;
His scepter shows the force of temporal power,
The attribute of awe and majesty,
Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings;
But mercy is above the sceptred sway;
It is enthroned in the hearts of kings,
It is an attribute to God himself;
And earthly power doth show likest God’s
When mercy seasons justice.

Welcome to the Hotel California by Timothy Spearman

Welcome to the Hotel California
by Timothy Spearman


The New World Order of God has been replaced by the New World Order of Lucifer. Have you noticed your place in the scheme of things has been shrinking a bit? Do you feel a little cramped and closed in? Do you feel a little like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, and the princess in the garbage compactor?
It’s nice to know that we don’t have to die anymore to go to hell. I mean why not save yourself the trip, right? You don’t have to contact a travel agent, in this case the angel of death.You don’t have to book any airline tickets. You don’t have to worry about collecting air miles or getting discounts on your flight. You don’t have to make a reservation at any hotels. You don’t even have to pack your bags. The New World Order of Lucifer has made things very convenient for you. Life itself has become a living hell. It’s like the Hotel California: “You can book in anytime you like, but you can never leave.” The world has now officially gone to hell in a hand basket.
I know, I know, you don’t believe in Lucifer. You don’t have to. And furthermore, they don’t want you to. How else would he come as a thief in the night? Through a slow incremental process, he has entered your life through stealth and taken over. You have a social insurance number. Can you work without it? Have you been asked to go for a medical checkup with blood work by your employer? Have you tested positive in a bogus HIV test? Have you been pressured to go on poisonous antiretroviral AIDS drug cocktails formerly prescribed for cancer patients but later banned because of dangerous side effects? Have you been perfectly healthy before the drug regime, but now find yourself experiencing pain, discomfort, headaches and more recently complications including immune dysfunction and organ failure? Do you feel that the drugs made you a full-blown AIDS patient rather than the virus? But none of the medical professionals are listening, right? Welcome to the Hotel California. What would you like the medical records to show as the cause of death? Drug-induced AIDS? Not very likely, I’m afraid. Like it or not you will probably be another AIDS statistic. Welcome to the New World Order of Lucifer. Still looking for the exit? So is Sartre.
Can your child go to school without up-to-date vaccine records? Can your child go to school without submitting to a highly toxic schedule of vaccines containing the sterilizer thimerosal with the active ingredients mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde? Can your child be suspended from school until the vaccine schedule is brought up to date? Can you be considered an unfit parent and have your children taken away from you by child services if you don’t get them vaccinated or worse attempt to home school them? Do you think life without your child is a living hell? If you think having your child taken away and raised by strangers in an orphanage is not your worst nightmare, consider this.Your child is raised as an orphan by Kindercare, an Illuminati front organization, whose logo consists of a schoolhouse resembling the pyramid and All-seeing Eye. Your orphaned child is subjected to Satanic ritual abuse and mind programming as part of the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program. Your child grows up with DID (dissociative identity disorder). He or she is now a mind-controlled sex slave of the Illuminati and may even grow up to become an entertainer or celebrity for the global elite like Jane Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, Loretta Lynn, or Madonna.
More and more services are on-line and require a credit card. Can you order the service without one? Don’t worry about not believing in Lucifer. The Illuminati don’t really believe in him either even though they worship him in all his guises, Osiris, Aton, Apollo, Prometheus, Malech, Baphomet, Baal, etc. What they are really doing is venerating a principle of evil. Why else would they meet to hold their childish rituals at Bohemian Grove? Dressing up in robes before the statue of a great horned owl named Molech? Offering mock human sacrifices to a stone god? You must be kidding, our leaders? Reagan, Nixon, Ford, Clinton, Bush, the bin Ladens, the House of Saud, you can’t be serious? You can’t believe the Grovers take any of this to heart, do you? You don’t really think they believe in this stuff surely? Would it be any less scary if they did? Either way they are off the chain.Placing the destiny of the world in the hands of individuals who would sooner get their rocks off in aCalifornia redwood forest than address the international emergencies of war, climate change, endemic food and water shortages and famine should be incentive enough for riots, rebellion and uprising.
Personally, I’m glad I don’t have to go to hell. Why are people always telling me that? Can’t they see that I don’t have to go anywhere? The Old World Order of God has been replaced by the New World Order of Lucifer. Don’t believe me? Pick up the phone and try paying your utility bill or your cell phone bill. Phone any government agency and try to get information. You don’t hear a human voice at the other end, do you? You hear an automated voice recording instructing you to choose from various options. But none of the options apply to you, do they? But you can’t explain this to the automated service agent, can you? Despite your appeals, protests, invectives and expletives, none of your questions are answered, none of your concerns addressed and none of your problems solved, right? Ever see the Sartre play, No Exit? I feel like that sometimes too.
I am a professor who has taught twelve different university-level courses in South Korea. I have published in several academic fields. I have experience as a newspaper journalist and radio show host. I have been active in every field of the arts. You would think that with this wealth of experience living and working abroad, I would be a shoe-in for a faculty position in a North American university. Think again. The New World Order of Lucifer has its gatekeepers in place. I applied for a university position at two universities in Florida. I went through a three-month recruitment process. I was even asked to have my grades from my matriculation in Canada and the UK translated to the American system at a cost of $300. At the end, I was told that I would have to obtain a work permit before I could be hired when the institution knew full well that they had to sponsor me for such a permit. When I closed my bank account and returned to Canada, my Canadian bank froze my assets for two months and left me without rent and food money till the branch manager finally freed up enough funds to allow me to make minor transactions. Two checks bounced in the interim because they neglected to inform me that my newly opened account had been frozen. All this because the bank draft from my closed account at the American bank in Melbourne, Florida was considered a risk. This put my money in the freezer for two whole months. I am still thawing out the bills. Sir Wilfred Laurier is still wearing a snow white beard and moustache.
I booked myself in at the hotel naturally. I was told it was a five star and had state of the art security and I would be safe. The concierge was pleasant enough. At first, it seemed like a first rate hotel. There were plenty of towels, washcloths, complimentary soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and razors. There was a TV, VCR, a wide selection of channels. There was a sauna, swimming pool, whirlpool, games room and free access to the Internet. I almost thought I’d died and gone to heaven. It was only after this fake terrorist attack in New York that I saw the truth. Only later did I realize my phone was being bugged while my internet communications were being monitored. My cell phone in turns out had a tracking device. I also had a curfew to maintain.I had to be back in my room like Cinderella by midnight. Even if I left my glass slippers in the dining room, I had no way of retrieving them. Hotel access was severely restricted. The sauna, pool and games rooms were off limits in the evening. Then it hit me. Despite the opulent décor and the fancy plates and linen, my hotel room may as well have had bars. And then I remembered the odd comment made by the concierge when I first arrived: “Welcome to the Hotel California. You can book in any time you like, but you can never leave.”

Royal Bloody Murder by Timothy Spearman

Royal Bloody Murder
by Timothy Spearman

The British Royals are at the top of the Masonic establishment that orchestrates events around the world that we call history, including Royal bloody murder.Jack the Ripper. JACK_THE_RIPPERIt is said that the British intelligence services have the sworn duty of protecting the British Royal Family at all costs.At what cost? How far would they be willing to go in carrying out their duty of protecting the royals and why? The logo for MI5 features a pyramid with a missing capstone, not unlike the Masonic pyramid, missing capstone and All-Seeing-Eye featured on the hind side of the American dollar bill. Why? Are the same controllers in charge on both sides of the Atlantic? What is Masonic symbolism doing on the American one dollar bill and the logo for MI5? Is it not suggestive of overriding control of both these groups by the Masonic fraternity? It is known that a member of the Royal Family of Great Britain has presided as the Worshipful Master over the Grand Lodge of England – currently the Duke of Kent – for generations.

The Grand Lodge is the central or premier Masonic Lodge in the world, to which all other Lodges owe their loyalty and their charters. What precisely is the extent of the British Royal Family’s control over Freemasonry and how far is their influence likely to extend? People often ask me to define Freemasonry.What is Freemasonry? I have researched their role in world history enough to know that the Masons and their parent organization, the Knights Templar, have controlled international banking since its foundation in the 13th century. They were also behind the slave trade and the opium trade. If that is not a scandalous enough connection to confirm they are a crime syndicate that has committed grave crimes against humanity, perhaps the fact that their occult symbolism is found on most of the military uniforms of the world, including the Maltese cross, skull and bones insignia, and double-headed phoenix found on the Nazi officer’s uniform will make the case clearer. Would it not be even more shocking to learn of their connection with royal bloody murder, in particular the Jack the Ripper slayings and the murder of Princess Diana? It sounds incredible, but there is evidence to suggest that in the case of Jack the Ripper and the assassination of Princess Diana, there is both a royal and Masonic connection. In observance of the timeline, let’s go back to the Victorian Period to revisit the first of these cases.

It is known that all the victims had their throats cut, in most cases from ear to ear. One of the victim’s tongues had been removed. One of the murdered prostitutes had her breast torn open and her heart and vitals removed. Four of the victims had their abdomens cut open and their bowels removed, and in one case burned to ashes. Despite the denials of Masonic apologists, the M.O. here described corresponds with the punishment befalling anyone who fails to uphold the blood oath of the First Degree of Freemasonry.

To make the case clear, let us examine these words taken directly from the First Degree oath of Freemasonry: “To all of which I do solemnly and sincerely promise and swear, without any hesitation, mental reservation, or secret evasion of mind in my whatsoever; binding myself under no less a penalty than that of having my throat cut across, my tongue torn out, and with my body buried in the sands of the sea at low-water mark, where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four hours, should I ever knowingly or willfully violate this, my solemn Obligation of an Entered Apprentice. So help me God and make me steadfast to keep and perform the same.” Some have claimed that there is no evidence of Masonic involvement in the killings. True, the evidence is only circumstantial, and in the absence of hard evidence, it would be difficult to obtain a post-mortem conviction. Still, to say there is no evidence, when there is actually a mountain of circumstantial evidence is misleading and highly inaccurate.

The murder of the final victim, for instance, was committed on the final evening of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge #2076, the premier lodge of research in Speculative Freemasonry.The Grand Master of that Lodge was the head of Scotland Yard, who resigned as chief of police immediately following the last Ripper slaying. There may have been a good reason for him doing so, since researchers have identified him as the man who tampered with evidence at the last crime scene. The evidence in question was actually a message scrawled on the wall near the victim’s body, which read, “The Juwes are not the men who will be blamed for nothing.” Masonic apologists have denied that the reference to “the Juwes” has anything to do with Masonic tradition. That claim is shamefully false however. The scrawled message referring to the Three Juwes – Jubila, Jubilo, and Jubulum by name – is a direct reference to the Third Degree of Freemasonry – from which we get the expression “They gave him the Third Degree – and specifically relates to the three assassins of Hiram Abif, the said architect of King Solomon’s Temple.

The three ruffians are said to have cordoned off the exits of the temple, demanding that the master mason reveal to them the secrets of the Third Degree. When he refused, each of the ruffians in turn leveled a violent blow to the architect’s head, the first two to the “temples” and a final fatal blow to the forehead. It is highly probable that there are in fact three Jacks involved rather than just one and that these are the three ruffians referred to in the scrawled message found at the last crime scene. Having examined the case report from the British Archives, the letters ostensibly sent by “Jack” to Scotland Yard, show three very distinct hands at work, certainly three different writing hands and indisputably three different voices. One “Jack” uses high English and is probably university educated.The second employs middling English and is probably a commoner of the middle class. The third “Jack” is indisputably working class, employing the Cockney East End London vernacular throughout the letter. Stephen Knight’s investigation of the Jack the Ripper case led him to the conclusion that it was the Queen’s physician, high degree Freemason William Gull, who organized the murder conspiracy in accordance with Masonic ritual. The ostensible motive for the killings was to protect the royal family. ‘What from?’ One might ask. Given the royal family’s penchant for scandal, one might ask why one might ask. According to Knight’s hypothesis, the murders were carried out to protect Prince Albert, the grandson of the Queen, and second in line to the throne, from scandal.

The scandal involved his secret marriage to a young Catholic woman, who had given birth to his child. The royal scandal probably had less to do with her being Catholic and more to do with the child being conceived out of wedlock, followed by a secret marriage between the woman and the prince. Such actions would not have carried the stamp of royal respectability, and were unwelcome given the political climate of the time. As for Princess Diana, there may have been a motive for the murder never before considered.The Mason-controlled intelligence service MI5 may have been called upon to protect the British Royal Family for very similar reasons. The former Princess of Wales was allegedly pregnant with the child of Dodi Fayed. The scandalous nature of this revelation seems lost on the general public, but should be clear. It would further humiliate the already much cuckolded Prince of Wales, and cause further embarrassment to an already disaster ridden P.R. department at Buckingham Palace. The irony is that when the truth comes out, the erupting scandal will be the worst in British history and is certain to consign the scandal-ridden Royals to the dustbin of history.The first thing to note about the assassination of the princess is that it took place in a tunnel with a very similar M.O. to that used in another failed MI6 assassination attempt. The fact that Henri Paul has been linked to French intelligence, and that questions have been raised about the blood tests that confirmed high alcohol readings in the driver’s bloodstream raises still further questions. There is evidence emerging that certain intelligence services may have been involved. In another recent revelation, Diana entertained concerns about her safety, believing that “her husband” was planning a murder he hoped would appear like a car accident. Of all the miles of open road in Paris, a car accident in a tunnel away from the prying eyes of the general public does seem rather convenient. The fact that the surveillance cameras were down for the first time in their history and conveniently failed to film the final moments of the crash is also rather telling. It is also highly irregular that the police channel would fail to broadcast for a whole hour leading up to the fatal crash until just after the accident, when it suddenly burst into frenetic life. Were the Masons involved? Is there any evidence that Mason-controlled elements within the intelligence services of Britain and France might have been involved in the murder of the princess? First, let us examine the presence of the three motorcycle paparazzi that were present at the accident scene and later blamed for the fatality. From a Masonic ritual standpoint, they represent “the three Juwes”. It would not be the first time this Masonic M.O. would be used in a political assassination of a major figure. At the time of the JFK assassination, for instance, three railway hoboes would be apprehended and carted away by police.

Yet none of these suspected felons would be cuffed and the officers in charge merely carted them away with their guns at port arms. This is highly irregular protocol for a major arrest to say the least. The M.O. would pop up again with the murder of William Morgan, a figure apparently murdered for revealing the secrets of Freemasonry he was assigned to keep. Morgan was actually abducted from jail by three Masons prior to his murder. This is Masonic M.O. related to the Third Degree of Freemasonry specifically targeting victims who have revealed secrets in some way threatening to the Freemason establishment. Morgan, JFK and Princess Diana were all whistle-blowers. Each of them posed a threat to the Mason-controlled establishment and each of them planned to reveal damaging secrets before their deaths. It was natural and calculated that the M.O. employed in their specific murders was directly related to their crimes of indiscretion. It should also be noted that the murder of JFK is said to have conformed to the Masonic “Killing of the King” ritual, a fertility rite honoring the sun god of ancient Egypt, Osiris. At the site of the killing, Dealey Plaza, Dallas, stands a stone obelisk comprised of twelve stone blocks with a lighted torch at the top. This commemorates the killing of the sun god Osiris by the Egyptian god Set, who armed with sword, cut the sun god down, scattering his thirteen body parts to the winds. Isis, the consort of Osiris, would reclaim his body parts and hold a necromancy ceremony to raise him from the dead. But the missing thirteenth body part, Osiris’ phallus would never be recovered and is represented by the Egyptian stone obelisk, one of which is found at Dealey Plaza.The killing of the moon goddess Diana would occur exactly thirty-three years, nine months and nine days after the killing of the king in Dallas, who died at the 33-Degree parallel line of latitude on November 22, 1963. She would die inside a tunnel beneath Pont de l’Alma hill, the traditional site of Diana worship for generations of pagans. At the site marking her death lies a lighted torch within a pentacle star, another Masonic calling card. The fact that a member of the Royal Family presides as Grand Master over the central and premier Lodge of world Freemasonry does create disturbing implications in light of the fact that the Masons have left their fingerprints had so many of the world’s great crime scenes.


They Cap-It-All By Timothy Spearman

They Cap-It-All By Timothy Spearman

An examination of the American one dollar bill is really quite revealing. The first thing to notice is the spider web woven around the outside of the bill. What could this possibly represent? Could it be that a cabal of black magicians akin to black widow spiders has actually woven a web of control around us in the form of the money system and international finance? The evidence is suggestive.Take the dollar sign for example “$”. Would you have guessed that this is actually the sign for the moon goddess Isis? We even trade in paper “mooney” based on silver, the “moon element”, which is actually the color of the moon. Where did the distinctions First, Second and Third World come from? Do you ever hear any references to the Second World in any mainstream discourse? We hear of the First World, supposedly designating First World developed countries. But what is the actual meaning of First World?
The First World is the Illuminati. They control the gold supply and trade in gold. Why is that? Because they are the capitalists or “cap-it-all-ists” and they “cap it all”. They cap the entire social pyramid of our world whose hierarchy is based on the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt, a truncated version of which is featured on the hind side of the American one dollar bill. They are the missing keystone or capstone of the Great Pyramid featured in the Great Seal of the United States seen on the one dollar bill. Here we see the All-Seeing Eye of the sun god peering out of the missing capstone surrounded by the thousand points of light referred to in so many of George Bush Sr.’s speeches. The Illuminati trade in gold, the sun element, which is the color of the sun.

They cap-it-all from the national cap-it-alls using financial cap-it-all because it is their cap-it-all gain. If you look at the first letter of the alphabet “A”, you will see that it is the keystone of capstone of the alphabet. It even resembles the pyramid and missing capstone of the Great Pyramid. We can see who is in control. The evidence is all around us if we can read the signs, the “logos”, which are the Illuminati LOGOS, Greek for the word, sign or logic through which they communicate with their initiated members.
So who is the Third World? The world’s poor of course. They trade in the Earth element which is bronze. They get paid pennies a day so that the product brand makers in the Illuminati cap-it-alls can get rich off their poor backs through a hierarchical pyramid-based money system designed to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Those being paid in the earth element at 17 cents an hour make the rich richer so that they can afford to purchase and trade in the sun element on the international money markets, ensuring that they remain the “invisibles” at the top of the pyramid, the “missing” capstone, where they cap-it-all through financial cap-it-all.
The pyramid of control is also seen in the Illuminati Games also known as the Olympic Games, where we see those who demonstrate the heroism of the gods – for ‘gods’ read Illuminati – being awarded the sun element associated with the sun god Osiris in the form of the gold medal. Those of us who demonstrate the heroism of the gods, while not being equal to the gods, will receive the moon element associated with the moon goddess Isis and will be recipients of the silver medal. Those poor earthlings among us who are unequal to the gods or their heroes will not receive the victory laurel of Pallas Athena’s heroes, but will have to settle for the Earth element associated with GAIA, the Earth mother and will receive the bronze.
Of course we can go further and see that the illuminati have established their control over our education system as well through the university matriculation system based on the first three degrees of Freemasonry: Entered Apprentice corresponding to Bachelor’s Degree, Fellow Craft corresponding with Master’s, and Master Mason corresponding to Ph.D. To ascend the ladder of these higher degrees is no challenge so long as one conforms to the establishment that established the degrees in the first place. At the B.A. level, being a novice or entered apprentice, you are free to explore the world and read anything, say anything or write anything you like.This will instill in the novice the firm conviction that he lives in a free society that grants him freedom of thought and speech. But by the time the novice rises to become a Fellow of the Craft, he must learn what all Masters of Arts and Sciences must learn. He must learn to conform.

He must learn to submit to submit to convention and tailor his thesis to the views and opinions of his predecessors, referring to them in his academic papers as his authorities, because he must bend and submit not stand straight on his own two legs. By the time he aspired to be a Master Mason, he will have to submit to the rigors of a Ph.D. supervisor and a team of reviewers who will insist that he has become an expert in the small area or box to which they have seen him consigned and that he will show no originality or vision what so ever, but will conform to the establishment ‘norm’ he has been ordered to uphold.
This perfect mind control operation mistakenly referred to by the global elite as higher education is based simply and solely on programming of the world’s population by those who cap-it-all. They tried to keep us out and had succeeded until the 20th century, but finally decided to allow the citizens of the Second World to participate in the university education system as long as they continued to mind their place.This became apparent to them when they saw those soldiers who had participated in the First World War coming home and calling for a greater voice and a greater place in society as a reward for serving their countries and the sacrifices they had made.

The Illuminati had no choice but to concede and grant them the illusion of greater participation and freedom of speech. Instead however, the citizenry were merely being programmed by a hierarchical degree system that ensured that they would uphold the ideology and ‘invented’ history the Illuminati had decided to feed to a naïve and unassuming population of the uninitiated. And it worked and has continued to work up till the present day with a curriculum in force to ensure the “educated” population believes such nonsense as the Shakespeare from Stratford nonsense, the Oswald Kennedy assassination, the 9/11 Osama operation, AIDS of the African green monkey, and the coming Avian Flu H5N1 scourge.
If our education system is not about mind control than how can you explain why supposed trained medical experts are diagnosing AIDS through bogus HIV blood tests, based on the detection of HIV-related antibodies in the blood stream. These so-called medical experts are diagnosing patient as being HIV positive with not a shred of empirical evidence. Proper scientific evidence calls for empirical proof of something. The detection of HIV-related antibodies in the bloodstream of a patient is not empirical evidence of HIV infection. The antibodies could be related to other blood borne pathogens. Scientists have already admitted that HIV is a virus subject to extreme mutation, so how do the medical practitioners identifying the HIV-related antibodies know that they are really HIV related? In addition, how can they go on to prescribe highly reactive and poisonous AZT drug cocktail treatments for patients diagnosed as HIV positive when there is no clinical proof they are sick? In fact, some experts feel that many of the deaths listed as AIDS-related are in fact drug induced. Is medical school really about schooling or is about mind control and submission to authority and unquestioning subordination to convention and the prevailing view?
It should be clear to anyone with a brainwave that the military is no different. The so-called stripes on the uniform are not stripes but ashlars or cubes of the pyramid designating the first three degrees of Freemasonry, Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason.There is a reason George Washington (33rd Degree Freemason), General MacArthur (33rd Degree Freemason) and so many other high-ranking military men had a comparable high rank within Freemasonry. It was their ticket to success, which is why most of the men of high rank within the intelligence units of the Anglo-American empire are high degree Freemasons or Rosicrucians. It is their ticket.
So if you really want to succeed be like George W. Bush and go to an Ivy League university (the poison “Ivy” representing the vine or the branches of the Illuminati bloodlines) and join a secret society fraternity like the Skull and Bones and have a daddy who is the former head of the CIA because he was a fellow bonesman and a 33rd Degree Freemason, and invest in gold because it’s the sun element and the only element to never lose its value in the changing times, and become a president for heaven’s sake because your bloodline en-“titles” you to it because you have a royal pedigree and bloodline as one of the Eastern Establishment families, and join an elite military unit even if you fail drug tests, go AWOL and deserve a dishonorable discharge.That’s my prescription for success. Now doesn’t that just cap it all?