Fuelling Peak Oil Debate


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Fuelling Peak Oil Debate

By Timothy Spearman

A colleague recently pointed out that the best lie is the one that’s ninety percent true. There are lots of shills out there working for the enemy. Shills are those who get a lot of it right to lead the naïve and undiscerning astray. “Astray” is an interesting word because it is derived etymologically from the word for star, implying a fallen or wandering star, an unfortunate event like a cat-astro-phe – that word again – or dis-aster – oops, there it is again.Michael C. Ruppert, who ran a website obsessing over the problem of peak oil at www.fromthewildreness.com, later wrote a book implicating certain White House officials in the 9/11 scam. To sum up his thesis, Paul Wolfowitz authored a document called Project for a New American Century outlining how America was going to steal other people’s oil because we hit peak oil back in the 1980’s and the world wells would be plumbed dry within 20 years. The thesis statement of Wolfowitz’s document basically articulated the need to stage a false flag terror event like a New Pearl Harbour to launch America’s Project for a New American Century.In keeping with the adage that the bigger the lie the more people will believe it, the peak oil story all too opportunistically goes hand-in-glove with the 9/11 false flag terror scam. Is peak oil real? Furthermore, are hydrocarbons truly fossil fuels? Are they really formed through the breakdown of animal and plant matter, which form over millions of years as hydrocarbon fuel deposits?The moneys dolled out by the Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie Foundations alone could support the elite strata of education in the United States. Given the think tanks supported by funds like the Harvard Endowment, it would be natural for the intellectuals to wish to support the mandate of their philanthropists.

It wouldn’t do at all for a dog in need to nip the hand offering the gourmet dish. The White House needn’t worry about being inundated by floodwaters like New Orleans. The Rockefeller, Ford, and Bush families are swimming in oil, and as everyone knows, oil and water just don’t mix. They’re certain to weather the tide and keep the floodwaters at bay.Given their monopoly on oil, it would make sense that the scientific bodies at their disposal like the Royal Society would be in consensus on peak oil and hydrocarbons being in scarce supply. Harvard and other Ivy League intellectuals need not even overtly prostitute themselves to the mandate of fossil fuels and peak oil. They might even blindly trust the direction of their research and the generosity of the purse is certainly not going to encourage them to question their findings. Indeed, oil and gas reserves in short supply and fast running out would line the pockets of the Rockefeller’s, Bush’s and Ford’s, and let us not forget the Rothschild’s. In fact, the Seven Sisters oil companies are owned lock, stock and oil barrel by the Rockefeller and Rothschild families. Raising the price of these commodities on the international markets would serve the interests of both these Illuminati bloodline families and all the offshoots of the “ivy league” representing these bloodlines.We have been misled by science. Science has been masquerading as a soothsayer far too long. She is a whore in service to minions who have tried to persuade us that truth was confirmed by the five-sense evidence of the empiricists. They have convinced us that a cooling molten fireball hurling through space became the third rock from the sun. The truth could not be further from that orbit. Emmanuel Velikovsky, a friend and correspondent of Einstein’s, noted that the ancient stories of the gods accorded with the history of our planets and their origins, insisting that the comet born from the head of Jupiter became Venus as recorded in the ancient myth. In short, it is not that the planets are named after the gods, but rather that they are the gods. What I mean by that is that the ancients recognized that the planets were living beings, inhabited by a soul and a divine essence. This changes the whole concept of Mother Earth.My whole concept of the Earth mother Gaia changed the day I found a maple key sticking out of her navel in the garden of my family home. I immediately pulled the rooted maple key out of the ground and prized open the pod. Inside, I found a pod in a foetal position with the root emerging from a location corresponding to the navel of the human anatomy. In short, the foetus of what would become a maple tree had an umbilical cord connecting her to her mother –Earth.This reminds me how like our mother, Earth, we are in terms of organic chemistry. Just as she has molten magma beneath get crust, so we have a hot liquid substance inside the crust of our bone. The internal heat combustion within our bodies force minerals and oils to the surface of our skin, much like the minerals and oils find their way through the volcanic fissures to the surface of Gaia’s skin. And just as she has main river arteries and estuaries delivering mineral nutrients to the floodplain of her skin – and this we even call capillary action – so we have main arteries, veins and capillaries carrying essential minerals to the floodplains of our muscle and skin tissue. And just as she has telluric currents running beneath her skin surface through meridians known as dragon lines, so acupuncturists recognize that these same channels of Qi energy exist beneath the surface of our skin.

Should our bodies experience temperature imbalances, areas of desertification may form as they do on Gaia called eczema and psoriasis, where no vegetative growth takes place. Yes, like us even Gaia experiences hair loss and balding in old age. In short, oils are forced to the surface of Gaia’s skin naturally through volcanic activity just as oil deposits settle in the fissures and pores of our skin. And just as parasites feed on the oils, minerals and salt deposits that form on our skin, so do we human parasites feed on these same ingredients in Gaia’s skin as we burrow and dig deep within the surface of her planetary skin. No, she is more like us than we care to imagine. She is, in short, our mother as the more spiritually inclined have been insisting all along. Abiotic implies non-organic or non-living. In fact, if Gaia is the mother of all life, she is the propagator of these and every other substance in her biosphere. How dare we deny her organic, divine, and living essence as an organism?Instead of showing her our gratitude, we have denied Gaia her living status, referring to her as a lifeless rock, denying her organic essence and abusing her by ravaging, raping, bombing and poisoning her with industrial and chemical effluent. By failing to show gratitude and filial duty, we have shown ourselves to be ungrateful children of this Earth, who no more enjoy the privilege of suckling on her breast than the bacterial scourge that inflicts rashes and sores upon our skin. What do we do when we suffer at the hands of such parasites? We require a cleansing. Sadly, Gaia may be considering the same option.

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