Jesus Is Leo the Lion King


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Jesus Is Leo the Lion King

By Timothy Spearman

I cast a Natal Chart for Jesus (Esu Immanuel) for August 8, 8 BC. Sacred Numerology 888. That’s right, it seems Jesus was a Leo according to authoritative sources. I did not have a birth time, so I went into meditation and asked about the time. I was given a clock face and the time 3:40 am. I cast the chart based on the place name Bethlehem.


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Based on astrology, there are a number of reasons for believing this is the right chart for the man the majority of humanity know as Jesus. Pluto is nearly conjunct the Moon in the Second House. The Second House rules expenses. Jesus was sold for a few sheckles of silver. Pluto is the Scorpionic planet of death. Thus, death through sale or expenses. Pluto is conjunct his Moon. The Moon is associated with Cancer which rules the home. So his home and family are disrupted by a malefic planetary influence. The Moon and Pluto in the Second House are opposed by Saturn and Uranus which are nearly conjunct in the Ninth House under the rulership of Pisces. This is telling because these planets in opposition are complemented by the symbol of the Piscean fish swimming in opposite directions. Jesus’ religious and spiritual life was epitomized by spiritual warfare against two opposing drives. The Ninth House rules spirituality and religion. Jesus’ religious and spiritual life was all about Uranian freedom, but Saturnine restrictions were imposed on his bid for Uranian freedom from birth. It is interesting to note that both Saturn and Uranus are retrograde in his birth chart, which I tend to liken to a tarot card reversed. In other words, the influence the planet would normally have is reversed in a sense, so that if it is a malefic planet, its influence becomes less so; and if benefic, it will offer less of the benefic energy. The fact that Uranus and Saturn are conjunct suggests that their influences are neutralizing each other in the chart. As you know, Herod’s edict at the time of Jesus’ birth drove his parents to spirit the infant Jesus out of the Holy Land to Egypt, expressing the disruption caused by the planet Pluto on the home from the time of his birth. The fact that Mars and Venus are conjunct in the Twelfth House under the rulership of Cancer says it all because the Twelfth House is about the altruistic impulse to sacrifice oneself or the individuated ego for the good of the whole. Cancer rules the homeland and Jesus would make the ultimate sacrifice of giving his life in his homeland of Judea. The fact that the goddess of love should be conjunct the god of war in the Twelfth House speaks volumes about the Christian belief of “the Evangel suffering for our sins,” but the love cancels out or neutralizes the violence so that he can triumph over death and violence in the end. It is also interesting to note that his sun sign is in the Ascendant First House under the rulership of Leo in opposition to Jupiter in the Seventh House under the rulership of Aquarius. Let us remember that he is the promised Messiah, so his role is Aquarian. Jupiter rules kings and kingships in Aquarius. The opposition suggests that Esu, the Messiah/Christ or rightfully anointed king was born for this role, which we know to be the case since he was the promised Messiah. It is his Natal Promise that he will achieve Kingship under the planetary rulership of Jupiter in the Seventh House. The Moon and Pluto in the Second House are opposed by Saturn and Uranus in the Eight House under the sign of Pisces. This I take to imply that Jesus’ influence on the outside world is tempered by the legal restrictions that were imposed by Roman rule.
Now let us see what fruit is borne from a Sabian Symbol Reading of Esu
Immanuel’s Chart:
The Sun at 12 Degrees of Leo: Sabian Symbol of “An Evening Lawn Party of Adults.” Certainly the visitation by the Three Wise Magi could be seen as “An Evening Lawn Party for Adults” celebrating the birth of a child.
Mercury at 28 Degrees of Cancer: Sabian Symbol of “Indian Girl Introduces College Boyfriend to Her Assembled Tribe.” Given the story of the immaculate birth and Joseph’s paternal role in Esu’s birth, this is interesting.
The Moon at 4 Degrees of Virgo: Sabian Symbol of “Black and White Children Playing Happily Together”. It is likely that there was indeed a multicultural throng attending the home of the infant Jesus. The prophecies pertaining to the arrival of the Messiah would have attracted the wise Magi and others from various locales, not to mention the multicultural environment of Judea at the time.
Pluto at 6 Degrees of Virgo: Sabian Symbol of “A Merry-Go-Round.” Indeed, his life would have seemed like a merry-go-round under the influence of Pluto in the Second House, which would have acted as a disruptive force in his home life and homeland time and time again.
Neptune at 1 Degree of Scorpio: Sabian Symbol of “A Sightseeing Bus Filled with Tourists.” The traveling caravan headed west to Egypt with a throng of travelers endeavoring to escape the edict of King Herod against the first born of Israel might have seemed like “A Sightseeing Bus Filled with Tourists.”
Jupiter at 13 Degrees of Aquarius: Sabian Symbol of “A Barometer.” This is a fascinating Sabian Symbol as Jesus’ Messianic kingship was certainly akin to “a barometer” of the times. Jupiter rules kings and it would certainly be fair to say that what happened to him was “a barometer” of the degree to which Rome was exercising its iron fist upon the province of Judea.
Uranus at 1 Degree of Pisces in the Ninth House: Sabian Symbol of “A Crowded Public Marketplace.” Since the Ninth House rules spirituality, religion and philosophy, the significance of this Sabian symbol is that it could refer to the sermons and parables Jesus was wont to give in marketplace-like settings.
Saturn at 7 Degrees of Aquarius in the Ninth House: Sabian Symbol “Illuminated by a Shaft of Light, a Large Cross Lies on Rocks Surrounded by Sea and Mist.” Saturn is the ruler of death. It is undeniable that it is the malefic planetary influence in Jesus’ religious and spiritual life. The Sabian Symbol in question consists of a large cross fallen on rocks illuminated by a triumphant shaft of light over and above it is suggestive given the triumph over death the Savior is said to have experienced.
The Moon’s Node at 22 Degrees of Taurus: Sabian Symbol of “White Dove Flying over Troubled Waters.” We all know the significance of this symbol. The white dove represents the dove of peace which flies over the troubled waters of the Holy Land.
Venus at 3 Degrees of Cancer in the Twelfth House: Sabian Symbol of “An Arctic Explorer Leading a Reindeer through Icy Canyons.” The Twelfth House represents the aspirant’s ability to overcome the ego in an altruistic effort to serve humanity as a whole. Jesus’ sacrifice has led to us celebrating the Feast Day of Our Lord. St. Nicholas has become the symbol of that celebration. In recent days, St. Nicholas has become Santa Claus depicted here as an Arctic explorer guiding reindeer. Keep in mind that Sabian Symbols represent archetypes and we certainly see the relevance of this archetype in the Christmas story.
Mars at 4 Degrees of Cancer in the Twelfth House: Sabian Symbol of “A Cat Arguing with a Mouse.” Before Jesus performed the ultimate sacrifice, he was engaged in a cat and mouse game with the authorities, beginning with his arrest and culminating in the war of words with Pontius Pilate, which could be seen as a cat with some authority debating with a cornered and trapped mouse.
When you take the first Sabian Symbols of the chart and the archetypes they represent, it definitely tells a tale in a progressed fashion, whereby the astrological houses represent in some way the stages in Jesus’ life from his Nativity to the Crucifixion. These stages are analogous to the 12 stages of the Cross. Indeed, from an astrological point of you, they are indeed the Twelve Stages of the Cross in the life cycle of the Lord. We all carry the cross of the zodiac. Our Natal Chart is our Natal Promise and displays the Twelve Stages of the Cross we all must live.
The Natal Chart of Jesus does rather confirm the legitimacy of his true birth date given as August 8, 8 BC, at least it will among those who have not been completely jaded by the cynicism of the post-modern atheistic mindset.
God bless,
Timothy Spearman



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