Marilyn Monroe


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She was murdered obviously for multiple motives. It is interesting that the CIA and the Mafia have both been linked to the alleged murder. Marilyn is known to have spent her last night of life with Mafia boss Sam Giancana. Given the Mafia’s practice of warning their quary in advance of their death with the notorious “kiss of death”, it seems rather telling in its own right. The Mafia was found by Grand Orient Freemason, Guiseppi Mazinni, which was in turn founded by the Bavarian Illluminati, which in turn was founded by the Jesuit Order, which is the military wing of the Vatican. The CIA is known by the secret name “The Knights of the Holy See”. It is also known as “The Company” just like the Jesuit Order, which defines itself as being of “The Company of Jesus”. All roads point to Rome regardless. The Roman Empire never died and survived under the assumed names “The Holy Roman Empire”, “The Church of Rome” and the “Catholic Church”. “Catholic” means “universal” and is pretty ubiquitous, having its dirty hand in just about everything, including the entertainment industry, especially Hollywood. Marilyn was too brave, smart and cocky for her handlers and had to be bumped off as a liability and embarrassment for all concerned. She knew she was playing with fire and probably had a good idea it would end badly for her and it obviously did. God bless her soul.
Interestingly, we interviewed a musician named Sherrie Lea Laird, who believes she is the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe on our radio show The Truth Police at Freedom Talk Radio Network in the UK.

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