Where did the name William Shake-speare come from?


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Where did the name William Shake-speare come from? Notice the hyphen? On the first Shakespeare Quartos and Sonnets the name “Shake-speare” was hyphenated! Why? The story is below. But there is a naughtier explanation! Don’t get your shorts in a knot now! Don’t get offended all you politically correct imbeciles! 

Shaking the spear


  1. The act of masturbating (rubbing your cock masterfully).

    2. Scouring the pipes of your penisin order to orgasm.

    3. the process of pleasing yourself sexually

    4. What you do when there is nothing to do

    5. What you do when your family is not home

    6. The reason peoplewatch porn.

    7. The reason old people are having more heart attacks.

Teacher : Class, anyone knows what William Shakespeare does in his free time ?

Daya : He shakes his spear.

Sister : Yu Chen can i come in your room ??

Yu Chen : Don’t come in here !!! I am indecent as i am shaking the spear.

William Shakespeare is a master at shaking the spear.


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